0017393: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MM's UpperW DB function has massive memory leak causing catastrophic failure
0016633: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Artist with / become multi-value on scan of MP3
0016407: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Rip: Rip dialog shows wrong CD info
0015120: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Shift+Select works inverted in Properties fields on selection
0012414: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Saving Properties of Played file resets Play History
0007553: [Podcasts] Podcast download UI tweaks
0012483: [Player] MM doesn't play the original samplerate on some soundcards (WASAPI)
0011072: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Album art assigned to podcast
0016434: [Synchronization] Sync: MM4 freeze on device connection
0016402: [Synchronization] Sync: Interrupted sync can crash MMW in some cases
0014245: [Tracklist] Sorting: We should expand ignoring "The" to other fields
11 issues View Issues
0017704: [Burning / Disc Handling] Invalid pointer on sync
0017651: [Podcasts] Accented Characters fail to show in Podcast Subscriptions
0017586: [Codec] Codec: For WAV Files Disable crossfade is ignored
3 issues View Issues
0017525: [General] MM doesn't update IP addresses of allowed clients
0017524: [General] Some videos played over DLNA fails to stream
0017290: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Opening MM4 always overrides MMIPs association from MM5->MM4
0017260: [General] Remote server added manually fails to browse
0017039: [DB/FileMonitor] DB: MM4 crash on maintenance MM5 DB when ignoring warning
0017340: [Burning / Disc Handling] Duplicate content functionality is broken in certain scenarios
0016929: [DLNA/UPnP] UPNP Search shows empty results for Albums and Artists
0016942: [Synchronization] iOS devices not syncable after update to iTunes 12.10.9
8 issues View Issues
0016838: [Synchronization] Sync: Sync Fail After Moving SDcard to new phone
1 issue View Issues
0016752: [Synchronization] iOS 14 support
0016553: [Playlist / Search] Original Date matches are off by 1 year
0016584: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP Search: UPnP search do not return correct results
0016749: [Burning / Disc Handling] MusicBrainz audio CD lookup fails for CD-Extra (audio+data session)
0016738: [DB/FileMonitor] Non Media Files should not be calculated as skipped (regression)
0016710: [DB/FileMonitor] Hidden Files marked as Missing on Rescan
0016745: [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio CD: MusicBrainz Audio CD lookup import Artist for Compilations wrongly
0016722: [Burning / Disc Handling] Some specific MusicBrainz 'Audio CD' lookups fails
0016748: [Player] WASAPI Plugin volume sets max volume sometimes
0016715: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Freedb lookup no longer works
0016727: [Burning / Disc Handling] Incorrect Disc# from CD-Text
0016122: [DLNA/UPnP] Casting fails in some specific network environments
0016608: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics often appear with tag
0016605: [Synchronization] Old iPod Touch (iOS 4.3.4) might stuck on scanning
0016574: [Playlist / Search] Playlist: Refresh of Playlist in 1905 is more then 5x slower than in 1897 (on some databases)
0016599: [Codec] Some ALAC files do not play.
0016596: [DB/FileMonitor] Limit artwork files to be assigned to a single file during scan
0016572: [Codec] WAV: in_WAV plugin Crashes and closes MM when playing some overlength path/filenames
18 issues View Issues
0016514: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Songlist Object: Multiple disk return wrong SongList sorted object
0016515: [DB/FileMonitor] CPU Utilization always at 25% when Autolookup is enabled
0016496: [Synchronization] Playlists level deeper than 4 fails to sync
0016513: [Conversion/Leveling] Converting from WAV or MP3 fails after installation of the new version - regression
0016454: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging nonMP3 files with ID3 Tag may cause file corruption
0013784: [Synchronization] iOS13: Lyrics not shown in the Music app
6 issues View Issues
Released 2020-02-07
0016345: [Other] Artwork and lyrics lookup issues/regressions
0016369: [DLNA/UPnP] Casting to UPnP/DLNA renderer fails in some specific environments
2 issues View Issues
Released 2019-10-08
0016096: [DB/FileMonitor] DB: DB initialization/Upgrade fail MM can't start
0016242: [Install/Config] Update year to 2020 / fix certificate timestamp
0016075: [DB/FileMonitor] iTunes DB import: Last played date fails to import
3 issues View Issues
Released 2019-04-10
0016036: [DB/FileMonitor] Too large iTunes library cannot be imported
0016007: [Synchronization] iOS 13 sync issues
0015583: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Navigation with keyboard can trigger crash
0015665: [Synchronization] iPhone XR fails to sync at certain state
0015167: [Playlist / Search] Search: Toolbar search miss results where search dialog return correct one
0015913: [Player] Playback: MM Player skips to next if playback set on seek bar in <10 seconds from end
0015280: [Synchronization] iTunes reports corrupted device after sync with MM (iPhone XR and XS)
0016015: [Playlist / Search] Importing m3u8 created by iTunes skips files with international characters in the path
0015871: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync can fail in some very specific scenarios
0015847: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: Track pairing can silently fail for a batch when a track is 'application/octet-stream' type
0015637: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Episodes are missing tags after the download (sometimes)
0015839: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Volume Leveling: inline edit of Volume Level index do not work
0015816: [Synchronization] Sync: I phone Sync Crashes MMW
0016031: [Framework: Tagging] DUnit tests fail on reading some tags from MP4 (regression 4.1.25)
0016017: [Synchronization] Sync: Iphone7 iOS 13.1.2 do not finish Scanning device
0012266: [Synchronization] iOS5+ sync: Read device content rather from MediaLibrary.sqlitedb
0016003: [Synchronization] Multiple instances of iPhone appear on connection
0014711: [Synchronization] iPhone Sync: MMW created duplicate profiles
0015743: [Synchronization] iOS13 Beta is not added into supported versions
0015828: [Synchronization] Sync: Volume leveling of tracks breaks Auto-Convert rules
0015714: [Framework: Tagging] When M4A/MP4 file contains multiple artists in multiple tags, only last is read, but first written.
0015747: [Synchronization] USBMass Plugin offers sync back of metadata option
0015581: [Other] Crash on close of MM4 if MM5 isn't closed correctly
23 issues View Issues
Released 2018-10-19
0015136: [Synchronization] Sync: Deleted tracks from MMW are not removed from device (Fiio X1)
0015236: [Podcasts] Podcast updating is unnecessarily slow
0015499: [Codec] FLAC: Supported Sample rate missing in FLAC conversion
0015309: [Synchronization] Sync: M3U playlists for album/artist are not created on Android devices
0015388: [Burning / Disc Handling] Enter password dialog is not shown when NAS is accessed first time after install
0015262: [DB/FileMonitor] DB: Criteria Disk # can result in SQL error
0015323: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Default VCD and preview directory cannot be set back to the default
0015352: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize Monitor: MMW reports unorganized tracks for thracks that ar e already organized
0015379: [Other] Update Year to 2019
0015404: [Framework: Tagging] MediaMonkey reads Title incorrectly
0015420: [Player] Playback Stops if playing file is tagged close to end of playback
0015498: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: Mask <Track #> do not work
0012440: [Synchronization] No feedback to user that temp drive has insufficient free space
0015216: [Framework: Tagging] ID3v2.x Genre TAG: Numeric Genre Tags in TCON frame could be Translated according to Genre Table
0013227: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn: can fail due the media incompatibility
0015271: [Conversion/Leveling] Ripping more CDs simultaneously: some tracks are missing (in non-default config)
0015266: [Synchronization] Sync Apple: iPod show only one track if two tracks with same metadata are synced
0015303: [Synchronization] Files with duplicate album/artist/title not appearing on iPod (for non-library tracks)
18 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-19
0011855: [Install/Config] Update checker doesn't work for beta builds
0015153: [Install/Config] Manual update check fails if done subsequent to a previous update check
0015172: [Install/Config] Fresh install of 4.1.22 => SQL errors
0015168: [DB/FileMonitor] Initiall Startup after Portable Install
4 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-19
0014884: [Synchronization] Sync: External HDD is detected as new device on each connection
0014865: [Synchronization] iOS12 Beta is not added into supported versions
0014808: [Synchronization] Sync: Timeout due the Auto Convert
0014599: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Track Properties: We should trim start/end TAB character from Metadata
0014687: [Synchronization] Sync: <Playlist> can't be used as Mask for Playlist destination path
0014931: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] "Media transfer process appears to be frozen" message while scanning large USB drive
0014820: [Other] Loading time is 60 seconds when Real time protection is active (Windows Defender)
0014382: [DLNA/UPnP] MM doesn't recognize Sony SRS-X88 as Player
0014949: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging fails FLAC (regression)
0014951: [Player] Playing a network track can cause freeze (when auto-dj is enabled)
0014927: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion to FLAC 32khz is not possible
0014898: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Startup issues with some specific scripts/addons (regression 4.1.21)
0014915: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Service leaks MM.exe in processes whenever an addon prevents MM from closing
0014879: [DLNA/UPnP] Artwork isn't served via UPnP (Wi-Fi sync) for tracks with inaccessible duplicates
0014867: [Synchronization] Sync: Failed or corrupted SDCard can throw errors on sync
0014875: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AutoTag From Filename: Fail completely on Some Masks
0011412: [DLNA/UPnP] 'Play to' feature: On some clients, only one track is played
0014842: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Context menu is gone from inline editing and Properties dialog (Windows 10 update)
0014824: [Synchronization] Album Art: Metadata update fail on some Album Art upload
0014709: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Some Images are incorectly presented
0014821: [DLNA/UPnP] Media server: sorting tweaks
0014651: [Other] Windows timer resolution
0014827: [Playlist / Search] Track editing can corrupt auto-playlist criteria in some specificic cases
0014660: [DLNA/UPnP] Some TVs cannot open media items served by MediaMonkey server
0014704: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize Rule: Selecting All Collection as Auto-Organize Rule Fail Always
0014694: [DLNA/UPnP] Media server can stuck on serving content when there are image URL artwork deadlinks in library
0014619: [Framework: Tagging] Update libmatroska and libebml to the latest versions, leaks in MKV plugin
0014642: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging of some APE files lasts too long and bloats the file
0014628: [Install/Config] Virtual CD: Path issues
0014620: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Tracks on VCD/preview are skipped when playing to a DLNA/UPnP renderer
30 issues View Issues
Released 2017-12-19
0015000: [Synchronization] Sync: Device scan do not find MMW server
0015054: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Add .jfif as supported format
0015053: [Codec] WAV: 48khz 32Bit files do not play correctly in MMW
0015065: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: Crash MMW on the end of Auto-Organize (or saving properties sheet)
0014960: [Codec] Common Extension issues
0015105: [Podcasts] MediaMonkey can freeze during extensive podcasts updating
0015018: [Main Panel] Playlist doesn't remember Columns on Startup (regression)
0015132: [Other] MP4 with video stream renamed to M4A does not play and is not decoded as audio.
0015126: [Other] Freeze when caching artwork files (when artwork cache is large enough)
0015037: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album art is wrong in Win Aero for some tracks
0014990: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Corrupted Ini can cause bad UI Views
0015102: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys: add Action or Find More Explorer and My computer
0011849: [Main Panel] MM can freeze in Art & Details view for some users
0015091: [Framework: Tagging] Rating track(s) in 'Show Art with details' or 'Show Art' views can lead to freeze
0015090: [Player] Auto-DJ can be slow and can cause freeze on some databases
0015069: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging does not work for some MP4 files purchased from Xtendamix
0014888: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] AV error on (GroupBox|Panel).Common.DestroyControl
0014889: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] (GroupBox|Panel).Common.ControlName displayed as Caption
0015046: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Popup: Track Info Popup Value is Byte
0015041: [Playlist / Search] Can't sort with Random Album results
20 issues View Issues
Released 2017-07-25
0013261: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaServer: Some Components are still blocked by firewall
0014344: [DLNA/UPnP] Auto advancing to next track fails when playing to Onkyo renderer
0014306: [Synchronization] iPod Nano 7: Playlist deleted directly in iPod cannot be re-synced
0010725: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Network: Navigating, Network Shares is too slow, confusing and outdated
0014350: [Synchronization] Artwork getting added to users photos
0014251: [Other] Taskbar Thumbnail Distorted on Windows 10 Creators Update
0014433: [Other] Help Check for update detects wrong version (regression)
0014415: [Other] Crash log isn't generated during startup in some cases
0014357: [Player] Playing some MP3s from the network triggers a crash (regression?)
       0014414: [DB/FileMonitor] Crash when upgrading database to the newest version (regression)
0007755: [DB/FileMonitor] Cannot easily access non-browsable networks
0007795: [DB/FileMonitor] Add/rescan shows no subfolders on root server
0008341: [Playlist / Search] Find more from same Computer fails for CIFS network using IP address
0012882: [Other] Artwork off center in Windows 10 Thumbnail Preview
0014367: [Synchronization] USB Browsing: multiple-attribute fields displays incorrectly for MMA devices
0014360: [Codec] WAV: Junk zero pad Byte on file end file breaks TAG reading
0014361: [Codec] WAV: MMW fail to read non Standard ID3v2.3 TAG
0014221: [Codec] AAC: Some AAC do not play in MMW
0014333: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: "Sync incomplete" error occurs in some environments
0014319: [Main Panel] Ghost DB folders remains and cannot be removed on some databases
0013109: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Download fails if feed has space before Episode URL
0014304: [Main Panel] Mouse click on player does not change focus
0014309: [Synchronization] USB sync doesn't work for readonly storages
23 issues View Issues
Released 2017-07-25
0014493: [Other] Reduce UI freeze timeout in Eureka from 300s to 30s
0014487: [Framework: Tagging] MP3 file may be deleted by tagging when locked (with the new id3lib)
0014490: [Other] CPU utilization at 50%
0014492: [Now Playing] Album Art sometimes fails to display in Art and Details window (when overlayed by lyrics)
0014466: [Player] MM Crashing on playback (regression)
0014472: [Codec] MM crashes while ripping (when accessing MP3 files being ripped via My Computer node)
0014485: [Framework: Tagging] CPU utilization jumps to 35% when tagging a track during playback
0014479: [Synchronization] USB sync: "ParentID is less than zero" assert in some specific scenarios
0012838: [Player] Play from Windows Explorer takes long time
0014454: [Codec] MP4: AC3 Audio Stream in MP4 fail to play
0014437: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Organize: File Not found dialog Tweak
0014432: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash on Tagging Playing tracks (regression)
12 issues View Issues
Released 2017-07-25
0014594: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync fails in some cases (related to temporal network dead links)
0014505: [Player] Network Playback: Non Accessible tracks block Playback
0014617: [Other] Update Year to 2018
0014612: [Other] UAC and VirtualStore makes changes to MMW install folder unusable
0014601: [Framework: Tagging] Date detection issues
0014535: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: If DLNA server is accessed on close MMW throw background task warning
0014539: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Rename folder with trailing dots in Location
0012849: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Allow Lyrics to be edited for multi-file selection
0014596: [Other] High CPU utilization during playback (regression)
0014609: [Playlist / Search] OPML: OPML Export containg " Character do not export correctly due the format standard
0014613: [Codec] Video Bitrate: Alow Video Bitrate to be >100000
0014590: [Synchronization] Paths for synchronization with invalid characters
0007383: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MediaMonkey shouldn't force IE7 compatibility mode
0014583: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Editing of multiple files can freeze UI
14 issues View Issues
Released 2017-07-16
0011522: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Artwork lookup no longer works
0014266: [Synchronization] iOS 11 support
0014228: [Synchronization] Some MKV files cannot be set as supported for sync
0014286: [Synchronization] Artwork is mixed up on iPod Classic after upgrade to 4.1.16
0014285: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Enhance default mask set for "Auto-tag from filename" and "Auto-organize"
0014277: [Burning / Disc Handling] Corrupted files without actual audio data can freeze burn process
0014242: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Music Video: Album info is falsly detected
0014248: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Occasional "An error occured while moving file" during auto-organize (seen by some users)
0014247: [Framework: Tagging] ID3 tag reading is slow
0014252: [Properties/Auto-Tools] ID3Lib: Tagging Files with filname >255 chars can crash MMW
0014246: [Main Panel] Delete key sometimes doesn't work (for some users)
11 issues View Issues
Released 2017-05-21
0014079: [Synchronization] iPod Video 5G models shows artwork only for the first track on an album
0014218: [DLNA/UPnP] Some users cannot install/start MM as service until they edit Local Policy settings
0014092: [Synchronization] Sync: Album Art isn't updated when album is named
0014192: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tagging: Tagging Files with large Album Art can freeze MMW and Whole System
0014150: [Synchronization] MMW syncs with deprecated paths over USB
0014222: [Codec] WMA: Some files crashes MMW when Burn is initiated
0014223: [Framework: Tagging] Some MKV tags are not read as expected
0008411: [DB/FileMonitor] iTunes Data Import doesn't work (for non-default iTunes config)
0014205: [DLNA/UPnP] MM server browsing fails using some specific DLNA clients
0014196: [DLNA/UPnP] MM server disappears & re-appears in Windows Explorer (after Windows 10 Creators update)
0014198: [Synchronization] iPod Nano 7G: MP4 video is reported as unsupported
0014180: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Active IP should be shown even Automatic Server IP is selected
0014002: [Player] Playback: Track cut off if bookmarking is enabled
0013787: [Tracklist] FMFS: Playlist should be moved on the end of Contekst menu
0013586: [Burning / Disc Handling] RIP: Ripping Dialog do not check if Destination drive letter is accessible
0014162: [Player] Pause still updates Last Played
0014194: [Synchronization] Sending non-library tracks to iPod results in duplicates
0014200: [DB/FileMonitor] Possible deadlock while scanning tracks to library
0014191: [Podcasts] Podcast: Podcast subscription and download SSL return connection error
0014149: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP: Playback anomalies when 'Continuous' is enabled in MMW
0014143: [Install/Config] Temp Folder: Clicking OK if temp folder is empty throw Crash report
0014157: [DB/FileMonitor] DROP TABLE _TempPlaylistContent_392_Th_2068": database schema has changed (6,6)
0014145: [Synchronization] Non iOS iPod detected as requiring iTunes to be installed
0014129: [Playlist / Search] Sort by actor in Auto-playlist throws SQL error
0014066: [Synchronization] Sync: Multiple Audio streams force conversion
0014067: [Codec] Audio Codec FOURCC A52 is associated with AC3 correctly
0014080: [Conversion/Leveling] Certain auto-convert rules are trying convert FLAC > OGG as video and hangs
0014094: [DB/FileMonitor] Incomplete (corrupted) DB can remain if MM is killed while DB optimization
0014091: [Podcasts] Character encoding with foreign characters in Podcast (Regression)
0014087: [Player] MediaMonkey crashes on attempt to play some URL links (AV in in_wmp3.dll)
0013970: [Codec] Codec Missing: Add encv/enca to DRM protected codecs and show apprpriate dialog
31 issues View Issues
0013578: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Previews are not created (regression)
0014041: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties Dialog do not follow skin colors (Regression)
0013882: [Synchronization] iOS10 sync can fail when there is already 15.000 tracks on the device
0013564: [Synchronization] Grouping and comments fields aren't synced to iPhone/iPod/iPad
0013699: [Other] SSL Connections: We should update to latest OpenSSL libraries
       0013696: [Podcasts] Podcast: Incorrect URL representation in podcasts
0013565: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics contain incorrect data
0013864: [Synchronization] Users often don't realize that iTunes needs to be installed for the iOS device sync to work
0013496: [General] WMA and WMV encoding isn't working after Windows 10 Anniversary build 1607 upgrade
0013664: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey fails to read iPhone purchases (regression)
0013926: [Main Panel] Large Font slows Lyrics display in Art & Details window
0013046: [Synchronization] MMW doesn't update lost artworks during sync
0013071: [Podcasts] Penny Arcade Podcast fails with SSL error
0011635: [Synchronization] SQL error when working with Device Profile (overcomplex SQL issues)
0013070: [DB/FileMonitor] SQLite parser stack overflow for overcomplex SQL created by complex (nested) auto-playlists
0012406: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync: Artwork isn't updated for already synced files
0014038: [Install/Config] MediaMonkey may lose config settings / fails to run (regression)
       0014037: [Player] Playback fails with Jammix enhancer plugin - permissions problem (regression)
0013968: [Synchronization] Sync can crash/stuck when auto-converting ALAC -> MP3
0013993: [Install/Config] Wrong windows version detected (skinless mode only)
       0014036: [Install/Config] Incorrect OS validation (regression)
0013946: [DLNA/UPnP] Play Now feature for directories on a media server
0013954: [Hotkeys] 'Page Up' is shown as 'Num 9' in Options > Hotkeys
0013925: [Burning / Disc Handling] Trying to play video stream fails
0013927: [Codec] ALAC: MMW should detect ALAC extension as M4A and play it.
0013917: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics: Tracks with bad Line feed show wrongly in MMW and MMA
0013911: [Synchronization] Tracks including % char in device filename can fail to auto-sync
0013862: [Properties/Auto-Tools] FLAC: in case of File Properties --> Details missing bitrate Show verbose info
0013551: [DB/FileMonitor] Device scan should be terminated once the device profile is set to hidden/disabled
0013867: [Conversion/Leveling] New WMA encoder, used from Win10 build 1607, does not support progress and termination
0013886: [Conversion/Leveling] WMA encoding to CBR creates VBR file - regression
0013889: [Other] Popups: Sync Devices list popups looks like persistent without timeout
0013865: [DB/FileMonitor] Maintain DB: Crash with Freeze
0013883: [Synchronization] iOS sync cannot be terminated in some cases
0013874: [Other] Update year to 2017
0013860: [Properties/Auto-Tools] FLAC: Incorrect number of channels and/or bitrate in the File Properties --> Details
0013828: [Install/Config] Install: Folder selection is missing in install wizard (Regression)
0013693: [DB/FileMonitor] Some users are experiencing crash after scan
0013682: [Framework: Tagging] Crash during FLAC tagging
0013683: [Synchronization] Prefer loading iTunes x64 mobile device support (when also 32-bit version exists)
0013740: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tab text color is bold white [Regression in 1818]
0013720: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi Sync: Updated Album Art is not synced even track is synced
0013713: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Error dialog: Save to Playlist button is too small
0013386: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Track on Non Connected HDDs can throw error on album art edit
0013709: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn Wizard: Burn dialog is not scaled correctly
0013684: [Codec] Video conversion to MKV or MP4 fails, if Haali splitter is installed.
0013655: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Renderer stop after current track do not work
0013653: [Framework: Tagging] Wrong handling of udta.name tag in MP4/MOV
0013638: [Synchronization] Playlists including apostrophe are deleted by MMA after USB sync
0013633: [Main Panel] Possible AV when editing track properties
0013632: [Main Panel] Edit Artwork Properties fails for single file Albums
0013626: [Synchronization] GUID of playlist is null on delete operation during USB sync
0013625: [Framework: Tagging] M4A tags fail to update if ftyp is "dash"
0013590: [Synchronization] WiFi sync incomplete may appear when an over-complex auto-playlist is on sync-list
0013475: [Codec] WMA and WMV encoding isn't working after Windows 10 Anniversary build 1607 upgrade
55 issues View Issues
Released 2016-09-24
0013480: [Synchronization] Some users reports that sync fails after upgrade from iOS 9.3.2 to iOS 9.3.3
0013415: [Synchronization] iOS 10 sync support
0013430: [Conversion/Leveling] Change default for Level Playback / Sync volume from "per Album" to "per Track"
0012157: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP server stops after a while
0013495: [DLNA/UPnP] Play to: Switching player stops playback
0013191: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanned external HDDs in MMW should be excluded from Portable devices list
       0013546: [DB/FileMonitor] MediaMonkey freezes when scanning/monitoring external drive after Windows 10 anniversary update
0013408: [Synchronization] Device Profiles: Suffix should be added in case profile name already exist
0013513: [Framework: Tagging] MM sometimes do not read track and disc number tags udpated by other tagging apps from M4A/MP4
0013520: [Synchronization] MM Crashes after iPhones "Trust this computer" Message (First use of device)
0013526: [Synchronization] iTunes removes ringtones once a sync with MM was in between
0013517: [Codec] Provide useful error message when WMA/WMV encoding fails due to Windows 10 Anniversary Update
0013460: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Shortcuts: Raw Input can throw errors in some cases
0013486: [Framework: Tagging] Alternating editing of M4A/ALAC tags in MM and Tag&Rename application can cause file damage
0013515: [Framework: Tagging] Possible tag miss (based on code revision)
0013494: [DLNA/UPnP] Play to: Bookmark sometimes not set when playing to specific renderers
0013491: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Playing AVI file from PLEX server can cause freeze
0013493: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Display: Improve Icon scaling on high res diplays and DPI
0013483: [Now Playing] Large number of tracks clear and add to now playing stalls and freeze UI
0013484: [Codec] Some ALAC files are not playable from version 4.1.13
0013488: [DLNA/UPnP] Playing HTTP streams with known content length can throw AV
0013425: [Synchronization] WiFi: Improve handling when sync-list loading takes long time
0013452: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Optimize database (complete)' fails on custom FTS3 tokenized tables (created by addons)
0012997: [Synchronization] USB Sync do not get correct Storage names
0013410: [General] Installing: Ability that Installer force close MM Service and started processes
0013423: [Synchronization] Possible AV when WiFi sync is unexpectedly terminated by MMA
0013416: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] OnTrackProperties: Not called when syncing files via WiFi
0013393: [Burning / Disc Handling] Hotkeys: Edit Assign do not work when hidden config PreferLLKeysHook=1 is added
0013381: [Player] Seekbar is sometimes jumping backwards and forwards, when seeking MP3 or M4A by numpad keys
29 issues View Issues
Released 2016-06-01
0013333: [Player] Distorted sound while seeking MP3 or M4A
0013344: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Artwork lookup fails terribly when Album Artist is missing
0013378: [Synchronization] 'Album artist' value is not shown in device subnodes in some cases (Android devices)
0013379: [Synchronization] Track may re-sync needlessly when build was used and track folders were re-scaned
0013353: [Other] Version Number: About Dialog is not updated
0013375: [DLNA/UPnP] Playback may skip to next track randomly (for http streams with known content length)
0013373: [Podcasts] Double-clicking podcast episode freezes MM (regression 4.1.12)
0013372: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging MP4/ISO files containing QuickTime meta tags could corrupt moov header
0013340: [Synchronization] USB sync: Tracks with 'album artist' value " " fails to sync to MMA
0013321: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging Album can remove Album Artist
0013339: [Player] Playback of some audio streams fails for some users
0013341: [DLNA/UPnP] Wrong images can be served via DLNA (and for WiFi sync) once MM.DB is deleted/re-created
0013332: [Player] Audio playback fails on Windows XP 32-bit (regression 4.1.12)
0008251: [Other] Stream URLs not corectly handled
14 issues View Issues
Released 2016-02-03
0013247: [Synchronization] Change the way how MMW process path in MMA DB
0013119: [Synchronization] Duplicate profiles can occur due to deletion of storageInfo.xml
0013198: [DLNA/UPnP] Hama DIR3000 as renderer fails to show song info when date is in year format only
       0013300: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: some files sync with year as 1/1/xxxx
0013192: [Conversion/Leveling] Max audio bitrate not persistent for supported format configuration
0013126: [Synchronization] Tracks from Wi-Fi synced 'Random' playlists aren't deleted by USB sync (for write-limited KitKat devices)
0013283: [Synchronization] Display error message when MTP failure would result in a duplicate profile
0013235: [Codec] Include ALAC support within MMW
       0013249: [Synchronization] Auto Convert: Apple devices lossless conversion profile
0013280: [Synchronization] Show error message when MTP is frozen
0013305: [Synchronization] WiFi sync: Auto-converted tracks are needlessly re-downloaded (after adding the ALAC plugin)
0009913: [DB/FileMonitor] Win 8: CPU utilization goes to 70-80% when external USB drive connected
0013265: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey server is not browseable by some Samsung models (regression)
0012955: [Synchronization] Users are reporting that iPhone 4 (iOS 7.1.2) fails to sync in 4.1.9
0013310: [Main Panel] Possible "'A' is not a valid integer value" exception in Album Art views
0008250: [Player] Some MMS:// video streams do not play
0013296: [Synchronization] Scanned folders shouldn't be deleted
0013293: [Synchronization] Sync error messages should be localized
0013307: [Synchronization] USB sync: Auto-converted tracks are re-uploaded only on "converted" state change (not on target format change)
0013295: [Synchronization] Add [Help] button to the sync summary dialog
0013291: [Other] In some enviroments the version checking is performed on each MM start (instead of once per week)
0013238: [Synchronization] Device removal: MMW can crash on USB cable disconnect
0013302: [Main Panel] MediaMonkey or its service can crash on closing
0010802: [DLNA/UPnP] MMW client occasionally plays few seconds of track before skipping to next
0013234: [Synchronization] Using "Auto-organize files" on device files (iOS9) results in freeze
0013153: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey fails to sync replay gain to iPod Shuffle 4G
0013132: [Synchronization] iPhone: Volume level lost during sync for FLAC -> M4A auto-converted files in some cases
0013284: [Burning / Disc Handling] RIP: Blue-screen-of-death when Secure Ripping audio CDs to flac
0013182: [Synchronization] Sync: Windows 10 Phones do not sync Playlists
0013123: [Synchronization] USB: Synchronization reports not enough space
0013263: [Synchronization] Small incompatibility re duplicate tracks handling between USB and WiFi sync
0009977: [Synchronization] Certain android devices aren't recognized over MTP but are by WMP
0013236: [Podcasts] Podcast Handling: ITMSS iTunes podcast link handling
0012774: [Synchronization] iOS 8.3+ device reboots unexpectedly during long sync tasks (more than 5000 songs)
       0013254: [Synchronization] Sync is broken on some iOS6 and iOS7 devices (regression in 4.1.12)
0013195: [Synchronization] WMDM: Removable Storages with Long file paths >260 characters can crash/freeze MMW
0013243: [Framework: Tagging] Some ALAC files have incorrectly detected format
0013171: [Install/Config] Failed Codec install still shows in Extensions
0013220: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Devices: Available devices for sync not shown in Toolbar Send to
0013205: [DLNA/UPnP] Media server: when device client is removed from devices list then access dialog is not re-shown
0012680: [Player] Muzyka instrumentalna - Radio Chrzescijanin shoutcast stream fails to play (Windows 10)
0013143: [Podcasts] Tribulation Now Podcast fails to download episodes
0013138: [Synchronization] Disk can get out of space in some specific cases
0013146: [DB/FileMonitor] Library re-scan can produce double Podcasts entries in some cases
44 issues View Issues
Released 2015-12-21
0013026: [Other] Update Splashscreen and About dialog
0013048: [Synchronization] iPod Video: sync fails when there is more than 30.000 songs with artworks on the iPod
0012166: [Podcasts] Can't subscribe to Podcast (possibly long URL)
0012944: [Podcasts] Soundcloud Podcast fails to subscribe
0013047: [Framework: Tagging] Incorrect lyrics / artwork downloaded for many tracks
0013075: [Playlist / Search] Double Space search in Path (Advanced Search) causes SQL error/AV
0013089: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Art Browser: Some GPUs do not fully support Art Browser
0012850: [Main Panel] Album art Caching crashes MMW
0013083: [Synchronization] UBS track pairing added in 4.1.10 can fail in some non default configs
0012396: [Synchronization] iPhone content not read when iTunesCDB is larger than 4194304 bytes
0013042: [Synchronization] Sync: Error dialog shown on sync (when a very old build of MMA was uninstalled in the middle of USB sync in the past)
0013043: [Synchronization] iOS sync get stuck for some users
0013049: [Synchronization] AAC/ALAC files not played/visible by iPod Shuffle 4G
0013007: [Synchronization] Bookmarks not syncing with iPod Shuffle 4G
0013062: [Synchronization] WiFi sync fails for write-limited KitKat device when it is connected over USB at the same time (regression 4.1.10)
0013068: [Main Panel] Tree: Artists are duplicated when Artist is not in same order in Multi Artist (when artist names have UNICODE BOM chars inside)
0013027: [Other] Version string and portable mode indicator missing separator
0013039: [Conversion/Leveling] f_video: AVI file conversion fail even playback works
0013082: [Synchronization] USB sync failure to android device when a default auto-playlist was synced prior to MMA install (regression in MMA 1.1.3)
19 issues View Issues
Released 2015-09-25
0012973: [Synchronization] Enforce sync mask causes artwork to be lost in MMA
0012954: [Synchronization] MMW crashes when connecting 'Samsung Galaxy Note 2' rooted to AOSP
0012082: [Synchronization] Some tracks occasionally sync repeatedly / unnecessarily
0012860: [Player] Some tracks do not show correct playing time
0011842: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: in some cases MMW returns HTTP 202
0012958: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync shouldn't degrade album art resolution
0013005: [Synchronization] MWM Create double Profile each MMW Start (when info file cannot be written)
0013028: [Synchronization] Sync: Multiple USB Thumb Drives of same type get same profile
0012962: [Synchronization] MMA fails to update playlists synced via USB
0012948: [Synchronization] USB Sync: certain devices running MMA no longer recognized
0013022: [Synchronization] Tracks fail to delete on USB sync (though playlists delete successfully) on KitKat write limited devices
0013023: [Synchronization] For some podcasts episodes are splitted to double headings in iPod
0013021: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from filename reformat DATE even mask for date is not used
0013004: [Synchronization] Access confirmation are shown for all storages, even only one is selected
0012101: [Synchronization] Duplicate names of playlists fail to sync correctly
       0012986: [Synchronization] Sync list config broken in MMA 513 / MMW 1771 (regression)
0012985: [DLNA/UPnP] Duplicate names of playlists fail to show content correctly over DLNA
       0012986: [Synchronization] Sync list config broken in MMA 513 / MMW 1771 (regression)
0012979: [Synchronization] When playlist hierarchy is changed in MMW, it is not updated for already synced playlists in MMA (over USB)
0013008: [Synchronization] Failure to sync content to SD card using SAF on Lollipop
0013019: [Synchronization] MTP Refresh/freeze can crash MMW
0012981: [Synchronization] Crash on disconnect of USB cable
0012984: [Synchronization] USB Sync of playlists to Android device fails to display playlists in MMW (when MMA uninstalled)
0012097: [Playlist / Search] Device Playlists: Are not sorted but loaded in order on Device Library.
0012967: [Synchronization] USB Sync and Wi-Fi sync should copy content to the same location
0012966: [Synchronization] USB sync prompts for the deletion of Parent playlists unnecessarily
0012959: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging OGG files could cause crash
0012837: [DLNA/UPnP] Transcoded tracks served via UPnP may not match
0012931: [Other] Non Debug MMW version Crashes WordWeb and Chrome
0012903: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP: Artist & Album Artist node: tracks are missing for compilation albums
0011993: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Enhance SDBDevice class
30 issues View Issues
Released 2015-07-08
0012759: [Main Panel] Minimize and MiniPlayer button overlayed on Windows 10
0012814: [Synchronization] iOS8: Tracks deleted in iPhone music app are still visible by iTunes and MM
0012780: [Synchronization] Deleting tracks from iOS8 using MM is slower comparing to iTunes
0012794: [Synchronization] HTC One: USB device profiles for 'SD Card' and 'Internal storage' are swapped sometimes (when MMA is not installed)
0012806: [Synchronization] iOS8: In some cases audio doesn't match title on iPhone
0012853: [Synchronization] Empty M3U files should be deleted during auto-sync
0012817: [Player] Playback of tracks from Media Servers can fail sometimes
0012823: [DLNA/UPnP] Tracks are not playable when MMW server is browsed outside of LAN
0012815: [Synchronization] iOS 8.3+ sync can fail because of a timeout on some devices
0012813: [Synchronization] iOS 8.4 sync fails for some users
0012826: [DLNA/UPnP] Automatical port mapping using UPnP (for internet access to media server)
0012866: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging some MP4 video could cause file damage.
0001797: [Install/Config] Add empty winamp.exe and winamp.ini files to /MediaMonkey directory (Norton security issues)
0012856: [DLNA/UPnP] Build 1758+ does not start for some users (Play to MM renderer crashes MM)
0012229: [Synchronization] iOS8/9: iTunes is wiping out artwork when syncing apps
0012861: [Synchronization] AV in MediaMonkey64Helper.exe process (when more than one instance of MediaMonkey is running)
0012819: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey can freeze when scanning large iPod database
0012820: [Synchronization] StorageInfo.xml is created even if the device has not been ever synced
0012842: [Synchronization] StorageInfo.xml.MMW is sometimes overwritten
0012843: [Main Panel] Remove Director sub-node from Genre node for Type = Video Collections
0012811: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] UI Issues with Windows 10
0012829: [DLNA/UPnP] MM UPnP rendered sends zero duration when playback is starting
0012822: [Player] in_wmp3: Streams are not decoded
0012810: [Codec] Media Foundation Fail to play tracks after upgrade to Win 10
0012818: [Skins] Favicons folder is shown as Skin in List
0012563: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP Search returns partial results
0012781: [DLNA/UPnP] ChildCount and MM_TracksCount is always zero when browsing UPnP
0012805: [Synchronization] Improve track pairing algorithm
28 issues View Issues
Released 2015-04-27
0012779: [Synchronization] iOS 8.4 support
0012715: [Synchronization] iOS 8.3 sync is very slow for some users (and can crash on sync end)
0012775: [Synchronization] iOS9 support
0012750: [Synchronization] iOS sync: Upload iTunesCDB more often (not only on the sync end)
0012778: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Removing tracks from virtual CD can set file size to zero in some cases
0012751: [Synchronization] Unexpected iPhone disconnection during sync can cause AV
0012761: [Tracklist] Track List: XML files are shown
0012738: [DB/FileMonitor] MM can import images from WMP
0005703: [Other] Automatic podcasts update shows error log (regression)
0012733: [Player] Undocking player outside of main window results in error after MM restart
0012698: [Other] MediaMonkey64Helper.exe is launched with bInheritHandles set to TRUE (and leaks handles)
0012726: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Too many open Tabs makes MMW unusable
0012728: [Main Panel] Tabs duplicate after restart (regression)
0012712: [Other] When MM service is running, only the first tab is restored after restart (regression in 1738)
0012719: [Main Panel] When user configure Music collection to not have any subnodes then AV appears (until restart)
0012718: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Sync Tags: Errors when trying to sync Tags (when user configure Music collection without subnodes)
0012720: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Memory utilization is very high (when converting some specific files to specific WMA formats)
0012621: [Main Panel] # Column doesn't stick in Now Playing node
0012725: [DLNA/UPnP] MM can crash on attempt to play to Denon AVR-X4000
19 issues View Issues
Released 2015-02-05
0011911: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update translation to 4.1
0012689: [Synchronization] A lot of files in /MediaMonkey/artworks/ directory slows down MTP transfer
0012638: [Synchronization] Some files can fail to sync because of very long target paths
0012701: [Synchronization] iOS 8.3 sync often fails (hangs)
0012706: [DLNA/UPnP] Allowed DLNA/UPnP client devices may need re-approving after MM restart
0012063: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Get Info/Buy: Providers do not have correct Icons
0012697: [Player] External Player: Playing to Winamp 2/5 references to old Paths
0012693: [Synchronization] Playlist Title not stored in ASX Playlist
0012684: [Synchronization] iPod Touch 1G or iPhone the first generation fail to auto-sync (regression in 4.1.6)
0012690: [Other] Possible freeze when sorting lists on background
0012675: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Too many album arts can freeze MMW
0012668: [Other] Opening files with MediaMonkey fails when the Service is running
12 issues View Issues
Released 2014-11-12
0012205: [Synchronization] Two distinct SD cards are recognized as same device profile
0012545: [Synchronization] iTunes 12.1 update on 64-bit OS results in Apple device no longer being recognized
0012509: [Synchronization] Sync of Playlist with stream URLs has sync fail
0012433: [Framework: Tagging] ID3: In case that one of tags are too long MMW gets unresponsive
0012365: [Synchronization] Unexpected "The operation has been completed successfully" error message
0012533: [DLNA/UPnP] Track skips on seek when playing to Denon X 4000
0009963: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey (client) doesn't see ReplayGain tags over DLNA/UPnP
0012512: [Other] Update year to 2015
0012347: [Synchronization] USB Sync to external SD Card fails to update database (regression)
0012437: [Synchronization] Synchronization of video files fails in some cases (regression)
0012609: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: terminates prior to completion
0011833: [Synchronization] Adjust default supported video profiles for iPhone 5
0012383: [Synchronization] d_USBMass1.dll: is outdated
0012623: [Install/Config] First section in MediaMonkey.ini is duplicated by installer
0012381: [Synchronization] Multi-select allows editing in Properties for iOS device
0012482: [Main Panel] Publisher node can be renamed in Media Tree
0012264: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Find Updates improvements
0010734: [Main Panel] Ctr+Alt+Del is not disabled in Party mode (Windows 7+)
0012546: [Podcasts] Podcast download crashes MediaMonkey
0012572: [Codec] MP3Tags: Incorrect Tags crashes MMW
0012531: [Synchronization] Omit drive letter from playlists on sync
       0012571: [Synchronization] Playlists are not synced to devices without drive letter (regression in build 1728)
0012530: [DLNA/UPnP] Keep PC awake during USB sync
0012471: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Issue with SDB.Device.HandledDeviceList
0012459: [Other] Locate Moved/Missing: Full filename and path larger than 260 chars can result in MMW crash
0012505: [Other] WEB tree Node: eMusic Offer link is expired
0012513: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Local access from same PC should be automatically granted
0012518: [Codec] M4P: Optimize Detection of DRM protected tracks
0012502: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey crashes when Wifi sync contains unreachable CDA track
0012506: [Other] WEB tree Node: AllMusic.com number of incorrect downloads
0012504: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MP4 Tagging: MMW correctly Saves Tags but on Re-add to library misses Episode Number
0012435: [Playlist / Search] Editing old Auto-Playlists (created by MM 2.5) can throw an exception
0012385: [Synchronization] Auto-conversion fails for OGGs in some cases
0012340: [Synchronization] Optimize USB sync with Androids
0012411: [Synchronization] Playlist analyze and changes update takes too long
0012361: [Synchronization] Sync Apple devices: Delete all content do not work
0012366: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey doesn't see changed IP on known UPnP client
0012286: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Codec pack is indicated as installed, even after installation error.
0011485: [Synchronization] Sync: Various Regressions USB Sync
39 issues View Issues
Released 2014-08-18
0012195: [Synchronization] iPhone 6 sync fails
0012146: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics retrieval gets wrong info
0012247: [Synchronization] iOS8 sync crashes after syncing several thousands of tracks for some users
0012168: [Synchronization] Sync to MMA read-only external SD cards: MMW doesn't append storage path during USB sync
0012221: [DB/FileMonitor] Removing tree node in one collection removes all tracks in all other collections
0006156: [Synchronization] iPod Synchronization: Lyrics sometimes truncated when updating already existing track in iPod
0012225: [Framework: Tagging] MM cannot read tags from some FLAC files, MediaInfo can.
0012216: [Other] Assertion failure when calling SDB.IniFile.Apply from external Plugins
0012145: [Player] 24/96 wav fails to play
0012210: [Synchronization] iOS6 sync does not work (regression 1715)
0012184: [Codec] 24bit 192kHz WAV/FLAC fail
0012179: [Synchronization] Enable iOS8
0012185: [Framework: Tagging] MediaMonkey fails to pickup changed Mood from TMOO if XXX MusicMatch_Mood is present
0012188: [Framework: Tagging] Tags from MKV files larger than 4GB are not read.
0012183: [Synchronization] iOS8 sync fails for some users
0011868: [Install/Config] Error Code 5 on upgrade
0012115: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context Menu: Find More from same do not work when a collection has no subnodes
0012167: [Other] Delphi buffer overflow
0012159: [Framework: Tagging] Rating zero stars sets incorrect standard tag property
19 issues View Issues
Released 2014-06-17
0012099: [Player] WASAPI: Event Mode do not work after 1708 upgrade (Regression)
0012091: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Add SDB.IniFile.Path
0012114: [Synchronization] Duplicate files when browsing folder of an USB stick with > 10 files
0012126: [DB/FileMonitor] Corrupted Database on Update
0012132: [Codec] High quality WAV 96khz 24bit fails
0012133: [Codec] AAC/M4A: Some Files when editing Tag info they get corrupted
6 issues View Issues
Released 2014-06-13
0003613: [Conversion/Leveling] CD Rip: The last track on an enhanced CD can show error although ripped fine
0012081: [Burning / Disc Handling] Accurate RIP: Enhanced CDs are not verified correctly
0012079: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion from OGG, MPC, APE fails (regression)
3 issues View Issues
Released 2014-03-26
0011671: [Skins] Glided skin is no longer included within installer and also is not available to download
0012041: [Player] WASAPI: Device Change Detection
0012017: [Framework: Tagging] Some M4A/MP4 tags written by WMP or Win7 Explorer are not read
0012026: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Rip: Tweak in secure rip
0008058: [Other] Make sure Temporary folder is usable
0012055: [Synchronization] Can't drag & drop folders on iOS sync
0012038: [Player] Online stream causes AV (possibly long URL causing problems)
0012062: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Get Info/Buy: Amazon searches do not work for amazon
0012072: [Codec] F_APE: MusicBee Corrupted metadata locks MMW
0012060: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] (SDBUICommon.fontbold = false) doesn't take effect
0012014: [Burning / Disc Handling] Update of playlists fails during USB sync to Android
0012059: [Synchronization] iOS5+ Sync: Soundcheck isn't synced
0012054: [Install/Config] Inaccessible folders: Settings should be reverted to defaults
0012049: [Other] Get Info/Buy: Additional Providers
0012040: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from Web: Only first line of lyrics is shown in tooltip
0012039: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from filename: Manual edit of album is lost on mask change
0011961: [Synchronization] Duplicate tracks are missing from playlists
0012034: [Player] MM can get to a state when player cannot be used
0012010: [Synchronization] Bi-di sync is still enabled for older iPod/iPhone profiles
0012033: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone sync: optimize sync time of playlists
0012031: [Conversion/Leveling] Make preview doesn't work
0012025: [Install/Config] Temp Folder: remove reference of MMW temp folder from MediaMonkey.ini
0012007: [Codec] Playback Sync: Switching Audio Stream in video make them out of sync
23 issues View Issues
Released 2014-01-31
0011892: [Conversion/Leveling] Converting video stream to MPEG4 (xvid) generates black image for some files.
0011799: [Other] Scanning: Full filename and path larger than 260 chars can result in MMW crash
0011991: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Artwork lookup stopped working
0011979: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Possible SQL error while auto-organizing during scans
0011965: [Main Panel] Art & Details view Album selection fails to select all files
0011774: [DLNA/UPnP] Intermittent failure to find MMW Server
0009931: [Player] Seek from the end of the playback does not work for some files.
0011954: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: Grouping Mask can result on devided by Zero
0011978: [Player] Seek bar refuses to work at the end of FLAC files
0011983: [DLNA/UPnP] Play to Denon AVR-2313 can result in AV when another control point is acting
0011844: [Synchronization] Visual bug when syncing random subset up to device capacity
0011925: [DLNA/UPnP] Media Server stopped after hibernation
0011898: [Tracklist] Show Art Browser: Albums with large number of tracks can crash MMW
0011902: [Synchronization] Some older iPhone/iPad models fail to sync (regression in 4.1)
0011881: [Podcasts] Some podcasts cannot subscribe (regression)
0005995: [Synchronization] Visual bug: Incomplete lyrics on iPods (just in MM interface)
0011939: [Synchronization] Adjust default video conversion rules / supported formats for default Android profile
0011943: [Synchronization] Multi-artists values fail to sync to MMA when SD card is read-only for MMA
0011946: [Codec] MPEG1 files don't play in MMW on Win8
0011947: [Conversion/Leveling] Win 8: Videos with AC3 auto-convert without sound
0008455: [Player] OGG streams Crashes MM
0011962: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Some files return non-lyrics for auto-lyrics lookup
0011955: [Player] MM freezes when video is paused and computer is waking up from sleep
0011923: [Synchronization] iOS7: For some users Playcount is synced incorrectly from iPhone to PC
0011924: [Synchronization] USB Sync: volume leveling fails after clean install
0011928: [Playlist / Search] Sorting: Suborder of PLAYED # doesn't work correctly for some users
0011899: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Labels on Equalizer buttons move on clicking Reset
0011792: [DLNA/UPnP] Make DLNA server custom sort capable
0011913: [Synchronization] Duplicate Titles fail to sync to Apple devices
0011912: [Main Panel] Tools windows show close option on single tab after close
0011858: [Main Panel] Exit while minimized to tray fails to show tray icon on start (regression in 4.1)
0011922: [Synchronization] Rating doesn't sync back from iPhone for some users
       0011956: [Synchronization] Sending non-library tracks to iPod fails with latest build (1697)
0010949: [Framework: Tagging] AV during FLAC tagging
0011870: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP Clients keep requesting access
0011872: [DB/FileMonitor] Upgrade creates phantom Genres
0011864: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP: Apostrophe in the collection name doesn't work
0011874: [DB/FileMonitor] After upgrade some users are getting SQL errors for custom collections
0006220: [Synchronization] iPod Nano: Episode description isn't shown in the iPod after sync
0011862: [Synchronization] Files can be synced with wrong extension
0011845: [Conversion/Leveling] OGG: Analyze Volume do not work
0011832: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey crashes shortly after starting for one user
0011800: [Framework: Tagging] Update libEBML and libMatroska
0011831: [Codec] MPEG2: With Multiple Audio streams Crashes MMW
0011821: [Burning / Disc Handling] Cannot add content stored to the Network to MMA-based auto-sync list
45 issues View Issues
Released 2012-11-11
0009248: [Codec] Update to latest version of Medialooks filter
0010769: [Other] Replace Glided skin with MetroMonkey
0011701: [Synchronization] USB sync without advanced metadata on some Android devices with custom ROM
0011694: [Synchronization] iPod Nano 7 sync fails with the latest firmware (1.0.3)
0011675: [Synchronization] Sync to iPod Classic can hang on "Preparing files" in some situations
0011667: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Skinned Label control is visualy same when disabled
0008342: [Synchronization] Autosync fails to initiate if no changes occur within MediaMonkey during a session
       0011360: [Synchronization] When device is connected via USB, content is not refreshed after WiFi sync
0011305: [Help / Docs / Localization] Updated strings and minor UI tweaks for 4.1
0007883: [Help / Docs / Localization] Untranslated strings / cleanup in MM 4.0
0008562: [DLNA/UPnP] Ability to bind DLNA server to a specific IP address
       0009889: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP playback doesn't work on some network interfaces (regression 4.1)
             0010040: [DLNA/UPnP] Artwork for albums no longer served via DLNA (regression in 1604)
0008615: [DLNA/UPnP] Option to disable DLNA playcounts
0005347: [Framework: Tagging] WAV metadata Track Number 'itrk' not supported on some devices
0010298: [DLNA/UPnP] Next has no effect when player is Samsung TV
0011397: [Podcasts] Some podcasts save without file extension
0010958: [Synchronization] Files copied from device -> PC are recopied when deleted in device
0011373: [Synchronization] iOS6/iOS7: All podcasts are synced with release date 01/01/2001
0009756: [Playlist / Search] Searching for ; semi colon in the Artist/Director field throws SQL error
0008542: [Synchronization] Device Sync: Auto-converted tracks shows incorrect bitrate in MM interface
       0009946: [Synchronization] Auto-converted tracks are always re-synced (regression in 4.1)
0010472: [Synchronization] Auto-Conversion fills drive
0011278: [Synchronization] Wifi Sync: Possible out of space issue when conversion is faster than copying
0011183: [Player] Video isn't tagged as played if the last 2 minutes aren't watched
       0011286: [Playlist / Search] Advanced search for Played# works only for integer values
0011531: [DLNA/UPnP] Server is not seen after resume from computer sleep for some users/client apps
0010803: [DLNA/UPnP] Playback of files that needs transcoding is broken in 1635 (regression)
0007348: [Conversion/Leveling] Volume Analysis / Levelling for Video
0011068: [Synchronization] Speed up playlist USB syncing for general MTP devices
0011006: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved/Missing Tracks automatically during scans
0007890: [Conversion/Leveling] Change conversion defaults
0006343: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey fails to auto-sync duplicate tracks
0010454: [DLNA/UPnP] Playcount is not increased for auto-converted tracks sometimes
0011034: [Burning / Disc Handling] UPnP playback fills the NP list incorrectly
0007780: [Podcasts] Images in podcast folders aren't assigned to Podcasts on download
0009311: [Framework: Tagging] MM sometimes cannot read ID3 tags for some specific files, whereas Winamp or WMP can.
0011530: [Synchronization] Device profiles default to Generate Device Playlists unnecessarily
0010538: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone auto-sync does not copy tracks with same title and artist
0008020: [Codec] f_video: MM is not importing/playing some MOV Files
       0010692: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MM 4.1 creates 8.3 filenames while tagging when running in VM on Max OS (regression in 4.1)
0008837: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mask: Auto Tag from Filename not fetching Info correctly in some cases
0011368: [DLNA/UPnP] Service Log on failures are not reported when installing service
0010864: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBDownloader - new scripting methods
0010860: [Podcasts] Pause/Resume doesn't continue downloading Podcast episode in same physical file
       0011611: [Podcasts] Podcasts erroneously downloaded for some users/podcasts
0011030: [Player] Some radio streams doesn't play and MediaMonkey cannot be closed
0011104: [DLNA/UPnP] Windows goes to sleep mode while playing to external DLNA renderer
0011043: [Burning / Disc Handling] When burning, the computer can fall to sleep -> resulting in failed burn
0008100: [DLNA/UPnP] Ability to add UPnP / DLNA server manually
0009221: [DB/FileMonitor] SQL error on full DB optimization with some specific (corrupted) databases
0009757: [Install/Config] MM Installation wizard can be confusing missleading in some case
0010779: [Synchronization] Add support for generation other playlist formats
0009306: [Other] MediaMonkey Elevation prompt appears repeatedly in some environments
0010137: [Synchronization] Sync to Windows Phone 8 fails
0011658: [Install/Config] Remove what's new from installer
0011754: [Burning / Disc Handling] Wi-Fi Sync: Some tracks sync repeatedly for no reason
       0011762: [Synchronization] Sync: Assertion failure "Devices.pas", line 7625
             0011828: [Synchronization] Sync: Duplicated songs in playlists can be out of order (regression)
       0011828: [Synchronization] Sync: Duplicated songs in playlists can be out of order (regression)
0011744: [DLNA/UPnP] Play to: On some renderers some tracks are sometimes skipped
0011772: [Synchronization] Some tracks that MM mistakenly considers as duplicates fail to sync
0011719: [Conversion/Leveling] Original Max Resolution not available on single file manual convert (MP4 Video)
0011801: [Synchronization] Playlists with space at the end of title are not synced to MMA
0011308: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update credits / license for 4.1
0011773: [Synchronization] Changes in MMA that affect tracks' autoplaylist membership don't trigger expected sync updates
0011681: [Other] Lyrics fetched from letras.terra.com.br are incomplete.
0011653: [Synchronization] Video files not supported by the device are sometimes copied to the device
0011764: [Help / Docs / Localization] Dutch: Misspelling
0011761: [Synchronization] Device config: Bottom graphical indicator can show incorrect values in some cases
0011765: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Guessing a movie year from filename fails for dates earlier than 1930
0011766: [Synchronization] Sync MMW->MMA USB sync can fail to transfer advanced metadata on occassion
0010979: [Synchronization] iOS7 compatibility
0011320: [Synchronization] iOS7: Large amount of playlists can fail to auto-sync
0011379: [Synchronization] iOS7: Playlists in MM can be emptied when deleting device tracks via MM interface
0011420: [Synchronization] iOS not supported error should check for upgrade
0011503: [Synchronization] iOS7: 'Scanning...' is never ending for some users
0011759: [Conversion/Leveling] USB: Converting tracks on USB Drives always eject Drive
0011756: [Synchronization] iOS5+ sync: Lyrics are not updated from PC to iPhone
0011755: [DB/FileMonitor] If J.River is installed and expired, then the J.River's "Trial Expired" dialog is shown after scan
0011714: [Burning / Disc Handling] Playlists synced prior to installation of MMA can't be updated via USB sync
0011738: [Other] Audio slightly out of sync with video, if equalizer is on.
0011718: [Conversion/Leveling] Can't manually add video bitrate in conversion settings (MP4 video)
0011720: [Conversion/Leveling] Auto-Conversion Framerate/Sample Rate setting don't have Original option (MP4 Video)
0011725: [DLNA/UPnP] Initiation of playback of some video streams can take more than 10 seconds
0011724: [Player] Playing video from some DLNA servers => title string is damaged sometimes
0011731: [Other] Portable: MMiPodExcept.log and MMWMDMExcept.log are created in ROOT of system drive
0011672: [Help / Docs / Localization] Small Typo in German Translation
0011678: [DLNA/UPnP] [Install as service...] shouldn't be available in Portable version
0011677: [DLNA/UPnP] Directory for caching DLNA content is empty for some users
0011680: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Persistent dockable panel issue with 4.1 (regression)
0011696: [DLNA/UPnP] Volume level of internal player is not restored when switched back from external player
0011702: [Synchronization] MM sometimes takes >30 seconds to terminate
0011670: [Synchronization] Right-click -> Properties on device track => LTP disappears
0011604: [Other] Shoutcast replacement
0011645: [Help / Docs / Localization] Deutsch (DE) language is not downloaded
0010462: [Other] Update year to 2014
0011220: [Synchronization] Sync: Delay on scaning devices with Multiple Storage
0011446: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Metadata: MMW ignores info from ID3v1 even if ID3v2 is missing info for same Tag field
0011563: [Codec] .m4p files fail to play and MediaMonkey freezes if Quicktime is missing (regression)
0011605: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging of some MP4 file leads to file damage
0011356: [Synchronization] [Reset device options...] resets also the WiFi access rights
0011623: [Synchronization] It is not clear that files are auto-converted only with Gold version
0011587: [Synchronization] Android device can't be browsed if it's unlocked while connected
0011523: [Synchronization] AV upon connecting/disconnecting device to USB
0011520: [DLNA/UPnP] Streaming to xBox 360 is broken (regression)
0001350: [Synchronization] Portable Device: Bidirectional Synchronization
0011511: [Action bar] When browsing Android device with MMA, MMW doesn't display play history correctly
0011564: [Synchronization] Hierarchical playlist sync is broken over USB
0005814: [Synchronization] Same-named playlist causes loss upon sync
0011571: [Main Panel] Multi-line lyrics shown as single line in Art & Details
0010230: [Framework: Tagging] Drag & Drop Artwork prompts 2 file tag operations (regression)
0011524: [Synchronization] Playlists sync from Android device (with MMA) unnecessarily (over USB)
0003879: [Other] Automatization Server is revoked too early
0011562: [Synchronization] Files sometimes auto-converted needlessly (when duplicated on PC)
0011432: [Synchronization] Nexus4 and Nexus7 profiles can be exchanged (because of same VID and PID)
0011535: [DLNA/UPnP] Defaults: LG Smart 2011+ TVs Support MKV by default
0011547: [Synchronization] Playlists already presented in MMA can result in duplicities in MMW
0011495: [DLNA/UPnP] On some systems it looks like if the service was not installed successfully
0011498: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkeyService is not a valid Win32 application
       0011533: [DLNA/UPnP] UAC dialog freezes when installing service for some users
0011452: [Synchronization] Freeze when removing file from full iPod Touch 4thgen
0010277: [Podcasts] Scanned in Podcast files are deleted by Podcast rules
0011534: [Player] Global Hotkeys don't work with MiniPlayer in specific case
0011536: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Playlists are not imported from WinAmp 5.66
0011537: [Now Playing] 'Delete' doesn't take effect in Now Playing (when in Mini Player mode)
0011541: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics lookup inserts Ad in front of lyrics
0011492: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Single thumbnail is generated for whole series sometimes
0011369: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MM can freeze after approving "Locate Moved or Missing files" dialog (on large databases)
0011478: [Main Panel] Double click a track in node Now Playing / Art with Details mode generates AV
0011475: [Properties/Auto-Tools] FLAC: Album Artist metadata is lost when file is tagged
0010761: [Synchronization] FLAC is not listed as supported format in Android device profile
       0011120: [Synchronization] Default device profile for iOS devices no longer includes MP3 as supported format (regression in 4.1)
0011447: [Synchronization] iOS7: Device scan can take too long when there are many tracks with updated play counts on the device
0011436: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Cancelling Properties dialog can throw AV
0011321: [Synchronization] Playlist contains duplicates when more tracks point to the same location on the device
0011457: [Synchronization] WiFi sync: When waiting for file to convert, the track with max. progress isn't shown
0011459: [DB/FileMonitor] Possible 'out of memory' when importing metadata from large iTunes library
       0008803: [DB/FileMonitor] Import Playlists from other applications
0011460: [Other] Options > Appearance: string is cut off
0011366: [DLNA/UPnP] When MM is allowed to run more instances, service fails to close properly
0011430: [Other] Possible AV when disconnecting device during scanning process
0011437: [Podcasts] Strange 'Node' error on attempt to download podcasts
0011425: [Player] 'Play Last' double-click action doesn't take effect in column browser
0011409: [Podcasts] User doesn't see Podcast subscription rules
0011429: [Podcasts] Huge podcast feeds are slow to update
0011406: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MM 4.1 does not work with d_itunes4 (iTunes MediaMonkey Plugin)
0011365: [DLNA/UPnP] Auto-conversion fails when MM is running as service (regression)
0011411: [Synchronization] WiFi sync uses the old workflow (regression in build 1666)
0011403: [Other] Some popup menus for some specific custom nodes are white on dark skins
0011371: [Podcasts] Change default Podcast settings to not delete any episodes
0011385: [Synchronization] Some metadata updates could be lost when WiFi sync is cancelled
0011393: [Framework: Tagging] When saving artwork to the folder, not tag, file link is written to the tag for FLAC and OGG anyway.
0011392: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Elevation on resuming podcast download
0009508: [Other] Additional routine When loading Plugins
0011398: [Codec] MP3 / OGG files don't play in build 1666 (regression)
0011396: [Podcasts] 'Downloads' node flashes continually when podcasts are being downloaded
0011238: [Other] Party Mode: User cannot edit double-click action when audio controls are disabled
0011367: [Install/Config] MediaMonkey fails to uninstall properly (regression)
0011244: [Codec] Some content that uses the quicktime codec fails to play
0010828: [Main Panel] 4.1 Upgrade opens twice the previous sessions tab
0011349: [Synchronization] WiFi sync: Files that are deleted in MMW are deleted also in MMA even when they should not
0011314: [Synchronization] iOS7: playlists are not bi-di synced and tracks are shown out of order in MM interface
0011361: [Synchronization] Synching playlists to the Server causes playlist to become empty on the device
0011132: [Synchronization] USB sync: Ratings can fail to sync
0011276: [DLNA/UPnP] MM allows update of rating for UPnP/DLNA tracks
0010607: [Synchronization] … not escaped on sync to Android
0011347: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn wizard fails to open for some users
0011246: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Wrong/missing ellipsis in some menus
0011317: [Synchronization] WiFi sync doesn't work when MM is running as service (regression)
0010596: [Player] Space/Left/Right trigger player actions while editing (in-place and Properties)
0011226: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBSongData::RenameByMask is moving file and changing Path property without UpdateDB
0011273: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Add SDB.RunningAsService property
0010922: [Synchronization] WiFi sync fails for very large sync lists
       0010954: [Synchronization] WiFi sync is broken in build 1640 (regression)
0011311: [Main Panel] Sometimes "Reading files..." still appears on the bottom bar for custom nodes
0011299: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBPlaylist::Delete doesn't remove node from the tree
0011304: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] F1 Help doesn't work for embedded tools
0011307: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update copyright notices / licenses for 4.1
0010616: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics lookup
0010378: [Other] Allow installing mmip extensions as ZIP files
0010495: [Burning / Disc Handling] After further writing to BD-RE DL, files that had been on BD-RE DL before further writing were gone
0010489: [DB/FileMonitor] Clean-up / rationalize post-scan workflow
       0008863: [DB/FileMonitor] FileMonitor: 'Remove missing items' deletes files if network tracks are inaccessible
       0010385: [DB/FileMonitor] 1511 Add/Rescan wrongly reports exclusions as errors
0010305: [DLNA/UPnP] Samsung TV cannot play MOV videos
0010278: [Synchronization] File tags are not updated when props are synced from MMA
0011029: [DB/FileMonitor] When scanning Duplicate location entries are created for some users
0011257: [Hotkeys] Changing Action for existing hotkey do not allow apply.
0011268: [DLNA/UPnP] Possible AV in UPnP.dll when closing MMW and server is scanned
0010534: [Synchronization] More tracks can be shown as synced to device than actually exists on the device
0011277: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Error -2147418113 with hidden Node_Library_InCollection, then Catastrophic failure
0011121: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBSongData::Path = ... is moving file and changing Path property without UpdateDB (reverted)
0011234: [Framework: Tagging] Multiple value imports incorrectly with WAV
0010450: [Other] Optimize startup time
0010464: [Main Panel] Possible AV or freeze on closing
0010811: [Other] Rip allows to rip to C:folder
0010970: [Synchronization] Sync logic problems MMA 139 / MMW 1642
0011233: [Synchronization] WiFi sync: Improve performance of "Analyzing sync list" phase
       0011302: [Install/Config] SQL error on portable installation
0011143: [Main Panel] Decades shouldn't contain apostrophe in Year node
0011247: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] "Options" option from Play menu should be renamed to Setup Player
0011248: [Player] Right-click should not activate options in player
0011250: [Player] Edit Album Art Properties from player popup should be renamed to Edit Artwork Properties
0011242: [Other] "Split multiple-value fileds" label in Options dialog shouldn't be indented
0011241: [Other] Wrong enabled state for Ignore prefixes text box in Options dialog
0008928: [Framework: Skinning] CheckBox font color in Options > Edit media Tree cannot be changed by skin
0011227: [Player] Player settings are not set on restart
0011218: [Framework: Tagging] COMMENT ITUNNORM can be read/modified as Comment
0011228: [Conversion/Leveling] Inacessible warning dialog shows for analyze volume
0009563: [Framework: Skinning] Some fonts / dropdowns always appear black
0011144: [Synchronization] Rating changed in MMW doesn't sync to iPhone 5 on next sync
0011153: [Player] Ability to easily restart playback of a bookmarked track
0011209: [Burning / Disc Handling] Some Devices when connected can leave Ghost CD drive entry in Tree
0011203: [Synchronization] MM 4.1 uses 50% CPU every 30 seconds for some users
0011188: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] PlaylistByID and RelatedObjectID should be 0 for Playlists node, but not -1
0011187: [Synchronization] 'Sync random subset up to device capacity' doesn't work well for auto-converted tracks
0011148: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Artist & Album Artist -> Artist subnode lists only albums of Album Artist (reverted)
0011170: [Main Panel] Party Mode: Showing Close button Tooltip hide Password Dialog
0008361: [DB/FileMonitor] Artist node fails to display Albums without an 'Album Artist'
0011172: [Framework: Tagging] FLAC with unknown number of total samples is not imported.
0011163: [Synchronization] Media Sharing config can be confusing users accessing it via the sync profile
0011115: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Strange behavior of ISDBSongData object
0011150: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn Wizard: Returing back to 'Edit CD/DVD/BD content' page is buggy (regression in 4.1)
0011127: [Synchronization] USB sync with MMA doesn't distinguish between storages when syncing new MMA playlists to MMW
0011105: [DLNA/UPnP] Volume control is too sensitive when streaming to some external players (like Denon AVR-2113)
0011106: [Synchronization] 'Integer overflow' when syncing to iPod Nano 6G (for some users) - regression in recent builds
0011088: [Synchronization] Sync troubles when device system time is different from PC system time
0011202: [Framework: Tagging] MP3Tag FLAC tags Composer and Album Artist not read
0008264: [Main Panel] Ctrl+Shift deselect fails
0011123: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP connection issues
0011139: [Main Panel] Party Mode: System menu is still Available
0011140: [Synchronization] Metadata fail to sync back for read-only files
0011070: [Other] Crash after return from Hibernate
0011116: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] INI file is not updated until program exit because of some scripts
0011091: [DLNA/UPnP] Small UPnP issue with Roku Soundbridge
0011098: [Synchronization] Sync config can eat too much CPU and can fail to save
0009960: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripts: Event OnNowPlayingModified is not consistently fired
0011122: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'Files to Edit' -> 'Inconsistent Artwork' is too slow
0011119: [Conversion/Leveling] Wrong aspect ratio and resolution after converting anamorphic video
0009543: [Main Panel] Ctrl+Shift+Click fails to include Ctrl+Click file
0011107: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Save missing artwork automatically can hang MM
0011103: [Reports/Scripts] ISDBPlayer::Set_isRepeat and similar cannot be called from a background thread
0009560: [Main Panel] Title Column gone from Column Browser on restart
0011092: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBPlaylist::AddTrack should not add tracks to auto-playlists
0011087: [Synchronization] Playlist files are listed between Music when Android device with MMA installed is connected over USB
0011086: [Synchronization] Add separate 'Playlists' node for Android devices connected via USB to MMW interface
0011065: [Synchronization] Device name chars are sometimes encoded incorrectly
0007678: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBApplicationEvents::OnPlaylistAdded and OnPlaylistRemoved events needed
0006712: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBApplicationEvents::OnPlaylistModified event needed
0010632: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBPlaylist::LastModified
0011056: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from Web does not highlight changes to disc #
0010818: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey shows incorrect Track# of files on device
0011012: [Synchronization] MMW prompts to reverse sync unchanged tracks and playlists over USB
0011062: [Synchronization] New playlists synced from MMA -> MMW are not added to sync-list
0011063: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Advanced metadata not downloaded
0011044: [Burning / Disc Handling] Disc tray can open when drive door is locked
0011042: [Properties/Auto-Tools] FileMapping: Conversion of remapped chars do not work
0011046: [Player] Pause mode is turned into replay mode for video played by Media Foundation
0010879: [Main Panel] Shortcuts in Media Tree block last node(s)
0010835: [Synchronization] Some devices disappears when its content is accessed
0010921: [Synchronization] Device profile is duplicated on each start for some USB devices / environments (like Motorola Rokr E8)
0010689: [Synchronization] Auto-sync (-->Library) doesn't work as expected for playlists
0010625: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBDevice cannot be controlled from VB/JS scripts
0010631: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBDevice: OnSynchComplete
0010527: [Synchronization] Log shows delphi expections on connection of Sansa Clip+
0010283: [Conversion/Leveling] AV while ripping CD
0011018: [Synchronization] List index out of bounds error up connecting MMA device
0011039: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping CD with 'Level Track Volume' fails in recent builds (regression in 1644)
0011036: [Synchronization] Wi-fi sync: Autoplaylists are always updated even when no changes occur
0011028: [Main Panel] MM suggests to download radio links in the Shoutcast Directory
0011004: [Properties/Auto-Tools] <Auto Number> mask do not work (Regression)
0010318: [Synchronization] List index out of bounds error upon synchronization with MMA
0011001: [Main Panel] Add Image fails in Art & Details window (regression)
0010943: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize Files loses position in History
0010924: [Burning / Disc Handling] Incorrect parsing from FreeDB when a track title contains a backslash " / "
0010857: [Now Playing] Get Info/Buy > Wikipedia fails on Summary/Now Playing column
0010805: [Main Panel] Tab fails while in-place editing in the Art & Details mode
0010694: [Other] Copy files fails if a file in selection is inaccesible
0010999: [Synchronization] WiFi sync omits '[x] Copy artwork to file tags' option
0009368: [Synchronization] Improved UI for bi-di sync
0010792: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] AA and Details: Layout still have artifacts
0010736: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Lyrics UI handling improvements
0008808: [Synchronization] Improved bi-di sync implementation
       0009106: [Synchronization] Track matching based on metadata
0007856: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update strings/installer .isl to string version
0010995: [Synchronization] Disconnecting device while syncing can lead to AV
0010991: [Synchronization] itunes sync causes incorrect play history
0010980: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Trying to look up artwork for multiple files via group properties => AV
0010971: [Synchronization] Clicking 'OK' on standalone device config dialog has no effect
0010978: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Identification of some cover types is mixed up
0010963: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Device profile dialog is incorrect in unskinned mode
0010973: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP indexes shouldn't group Ø and O
0010975: [Playlist / Search] Advanced searching for 'Extension' and 'Parental Rating' can be faster
0010755: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Art and Details panel should be editable
0010871: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics lookup fails on multi-Artist tracks
0010733: [Main Panel] Ctrl+Alt crashes fullscreen party mode (Windows 8 only)
0010948: [Synchronization] Auto-sync (-->Library) fails to copy files to PC sometimes
0010914: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add automatic artwork lookup
0010913: [Synchronization] Wifi Sync modifies timestamp
0010944: [Synchronization] USB sync from MMW to MMA may not proceed correctly for Motorola phones with more than one storage
0010950: [Codec] OGG input plugin is not loaded on some systems
0010960: [DLNA/UPnP] Even faster UPnP/DLNA browsing
0010959: [Synchronization] Browsing playlists on sync-list remotelly in MMA/MM8 can be slow
0010965: [Synchronization] Tracks are playable only from one device storage in MM interface when connected over MTP
0010964: [Synchronization] Possible MTP slowdown while scanning for Android phones with multiple storages
0010967: [Main Panel] Collection browser: in some cases browser can be incorrectly preset after run
0010968: [Main Panel] Clicking 'Maximize player' button on Mini player => crash
0010841: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics lookup cancels when switching track
0010840: [Main Panel] Disabling Art & Details window still tags Lyrics
0010838: [Main Panel] Artist field shows ampersand as double &&
0010829: [DLNA/UPnP] External player is not stopped when MM is closed
0010812: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics lookup in Properties only looks up lyrics for first track
0010932: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Filename misses Cancel button
0010355: [Properties/Auto-Tools] UI problems with in-panel tools (regression due to redesign)
       0009982: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burning wizard UI updates
       0010895: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tabs: Auto Tag from Filename do not return to parrent Tab
       0010900: [Other] Tab order is incorrect in various embedded dialogs
       0010729: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize Files doesn't return to last used tab
       0010501: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize Files and Auto-Tag from Filename lose file selection on use
0009564: [Framework: Skinning] Headers in option menus show 3-pixel white artifact
0010775: [DLNA/UPnP] Bitrate, SampleRate, BitsPerSample are served incorrecly over UPnP/DLNA for auto-converted tracks
0007240: [DLNA/UPnP] Allow users to run UPnP/DLNA as service
       0010873: [DLNA/UPnP] Re-install fails when MM is running as service
       0010937: [DLNA/UPnP] Some addons cannot be re-installed when MM service is running
       0010910: [Synchronization] Running both MediaMonkey and MediaMonkey service can lead to errors
             0011303: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP Service fails to start server for some users (regression)
0010885: [Framework: Tagging] ALBUMARTIST tag is not saved for OGG
0010909: [DLNA/UPnP] Some files doesn't play over UPnP/DLNA
0010911: [Synchronization] Playlists are not synced over WiFi when English is not set (regression in 1638)
0010839: [Main Panel] First multi-select fails with lyrics enabled in Art & Details window
0000564: [Other] Display Problems with non-standard Windows font size
       0010823: [Main Panel] Non-skinned mode doesn't look right (regression in
0010820: [Framework: Tagging] Some FLV files tagged by Yamdi 1.4 are not imported
0010824: [Codec] Some .mov files don't play
0010834: [DLNA/UPnP] Multiple devices with xx-xx MAC address fail to show
0010844: [Main Panel] Can't D&D Art on Art & Details window
0010845: [Main Panel] Choose Fields in Art & Details doesn't support Type to jump to
0010854: [Main Panel] Resizing of a dialog doesn't work well (regression)
0010856: [Player] Hitting 'Pause' button doesn't bookmark
0010858: [Main Panel] Cover overlay doesn't work right on skinless version
0010746: [Synchronization] Playlists: Ability to force output Playlist format
0010474: [Synchronization] Sync never terminates
0009867: [DLNA/UPnP] Changes to media server hierarchy / sorting
       0010563: [DLNA/UPnP] Title node shown over UPnP/DLNA when not enabled in Collection
0010405: [DLNA/UPnP] Browse 'Title' folder is sorted incorrectly
0010100: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey server doesn't serve lyrics
0010626: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MM sometimes creates files in 8.3 filename form (Windows 8)
0010798: [Other] Allow video playback in associated external player.
0010753: [Framework: Tagging] Wrong date parsing in Windows 8
0010770: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Equalizer is unusable with large fonts
0010768: [DLNA/UPnP] "Play to" can fail, because of IP address of another network interface
0010771: [DB/FileMonitor] Import data from iTunes gets stuck and can't be terminated
0010714: [DLNA/UPnP] Streaming from Synology NAS to MediaMonkey Player fails
0010788: [Synchronization] MMA Cannot establish connection to MMW server (regression)
0010545: [Synchronization] iPod_Control directory is shown during sync to iPod Nano
0010498: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Improve rating storage to ID3v2
0009384: [DB/FileMonitor] Prompt to upgrade DB can appear on clean install
0010641: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP search functionality doesn't work as expected (regression in 1626)
0008740: [DLNA/UPnP] Basic Collection sub-node customization
       0010590: [Synchronization] Remote sync list in MMA/MM8 uses indexes
0010657: [Burning / Disc Handling] WiFi sync can stuck and MMW cannot be closed
0010350: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] JScripts are not executed correctly
0009509: [Conversion/Leveling] Ability to downsample tracks
0010627: [Podcasts] File downloaded as PHP instead of actual file format
0010747: [Player] Video: No Video files can be played after Install Of latest MMW Codec Pack (Regression)
0010715: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP/DLNA download from itself can hang for multiple files that needs auto-convertion
0010762: [Other] Save thumb from current video frame gives only black frame
0010765: [Player] Player no longer displays rating (regression)
0010635: [Framework: Skinning] Context menu splitters can't be skinned
0010349: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Some scripts report not installed unless MMW is started as admin
0010719: [Install/Config] Crash on skin install
0010716: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP Volume Leveling converts files that shouldn't be converted (regression)
0010706: [Synchronization] "Portable/Audio Devices" string is no longer accurate
0010721: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: ShowLimit doesn't work well
0008732: [Framework: Skinning] Font color in the Art and Details window cannot be changed from black
0010502: [Other] Crashed while Drag and Drop selected tracks to Playlist
0010685: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Send To > Classification doesn't respect confirm modifications setting
0008925: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Playlists in Classification should be loaded in separate thread after Classification is loaded
0010658: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP search for track Title contains too many results
0010739: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Copy/Paste fails for large images from browser/other programs
0010699: [DLNA/UPnP] Genre > Artist shows all Artist Albums over UPnP/DLNA
0010710: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] OnPlay event is not triggered when 'Back' button returns to the beginning of the currently playing track
0010695: [Synchronization] MMW suggests to delete also files outside of configured File Locations
0010691: [DLNA/UPnP] Some UPnP search commands doesn't work correctly
0010693: [DLNA/UPnP] Albums served via UPnP doesn't show additional info like artist/genre
0010681: [Podcasts] iTunes formatted Podcast feeds fail
0010677: [Tracklist] Tracklist selection is broken in some cases
0010679: [Synchronization] Folders are doubled on second access to Device->Options->File locations
0010708: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBDeviceList::DeviceHandle doesn't work for devices with drive letter
0009642: [DLNA/UPnP] Using Download on Media Server files saves files UPnP Cache folder
       0010723: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Setting different Download location isn't remembered
0010696: [Synchronization] Not all file formats available in Supported Formats dialog
0010436: [Install/Config] Repeated / unnecessary elevation prompts
0010595: [DB/FileMonitor] Ability to save scan log into a file
0010610: [Synchronization] iOS5+ Sync removes files from Playlist in MediaMonkey
0010644: [Burning / Disc Handling] AutoPlay actions still shown despite disabled in options (regression in 4.0.3)
0010646: [Playlist / Search] Search bar no longer searches current collection (regression in 4.1)
0010649: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize on skinless version always results in AV (regression in 4.1)
0010524: [Synchronization] 'Galaxy Note' is recognized as 'Galaxy S3'
0010324: [Synchronization] USB Sync with MMA: Old playlist isn't deleted after device re-plug
0010584: [DLNA/UPnP] MM Prompts to give itself remote access
0010319: [Synchronization] "To Sync" value doesn't stay at zero after sync in some scenarios
0010521: [DLNA/UPnP] "Play to" should be able to show why the file cannot be played
0010591: [DLNA/UPnP] 'Play to' can play the wrong track over UPnP
0010594: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag From Filename: Crashes MMW in some cases
0010593: [Player] URL Metadata: Stream Metadata not URL decoded and not updated realtime
0010598: [Synchronization] Possible AV when copying to device
0010599: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Importing playlists from Winamp can fail
0010585: [Other] Maintain Library SQL Errors
0010560: [Synchronization] Tracks are re-copied on each sync to iOS devices (regression)
0010564: [Framework: Tagging] Album arts in MP4/M4A files are sometimes ignored
0010542: [Framework: Skinning] Properties dialog: Comments and Lyrics textboxes aren't skinned
0010569: [Install/Config] Changing Hotkey global/local or adding hotkey re-orders Hotkey list
0010609: [Install/Config] Installing MMIP files via D&D should trigger 'Install' instead of 'Copy'
0010580: [Install/Config] If old MM3 INI file exists then it is imported during portable install
0010373: [Synchronization] Subtitles (SRT) are not synced over WiFi
       0010481: [Synchronization] Subtitles are not synced via USB
0010496: [DLNA/UPnP] Crash in UPnP.dll
0010421: [Main Panel] Track # Sorting ignores Letters
0010308: [Synchronization] In case of Write errors Sync can't be canceled
0010304: [Main Panel] Possible AV after hybernation (regression 4.1)
0010191: [Synchronization] Wifi Sync fails to update tags
0009013: [Other] Option to use media server as sync server
0010179: [DLNA/UPnP] LG 42 LM 660S plays video as audio when selected as remote player
0009953: [Codec] Update OGG Vorbis to aoTuV B5.7
0002178: [Conversion/Leveling] Update to new OGG (beta) encoder
0010574: [Synchronization] Grant Remote Sync/Access Right to MediaMonkey Library tooltip wrong
0010575: [DLNA/UPnP] Rating of a track played to a remote player stops playback
0009423: [Install/Config] Portable isn't fully Portable
0010071: [Install/Config] File Associations don't function as expected in Windows 8
       0011615: [Install/Config] Associate File Types fails without warning on Portable Install
0010108: [Other] MediaMonkey doesn't show as Default Program for supported file types on Windows 8
0009264: [DLNA/UPnP] Media Sharing of custom nodes needed
       0010519: [DLNA/UPnP] Custom nodes shared via UPnP/DLNA are sorted incorrectly
       0010603: [DLNA/UPnP] Custom nodes are shared, but not as part of a collection
0010555: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA renderer cannot be changed back to internal player via Options->Player
       0010562: [Install/Config] Changing Options stops playback (regression 1625)
0010171: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ctrl+C fails in Auto-Organize Files mask dialog
0010535: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone auto-sync does not copy entire auto-sync list (regression)
0010394: [DLNA/UPnP] Column width for Devices not wide enough / not remembered
0010091: [DLNA/UPnP] List index out of bounds error on MMW related to art browser
0010440: [Playlist / Search] Search: Synchronization status: Is synced to: doesn't list profiles created over WiFi
0010465: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Device plugins from MM install folder should be preffered over Plugins from user folder.
0010468: [Synchronization] StorageInfo.xml.MMW created on all devices
0009001: [Codec] Add ability to select key encoders even when codec pack isn't installed
0010460: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Crash on MMIP install
0010484: [Synchronization] MM can freeze on startup when an inaccessible MTP device is plugged over USB
0010443: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web's Date column only shows Year
0010487: [Synchronization] Database disk malformed errors appear during USB sync with MMA (very occassionally)
0008645: [Collections (Filters)] Collection node configuration message for non-Gold users is inaccurate
0010473: [Other] Some MP4 files have wrong duration.
0010488: [Other] Reading format details (duration, streams) from MOVs with compressed headers does not work (regression)
0010380: [Collections (Filters)] 1511 Collection edit fails to refresh file list
0010325: [Properties/Auto-Tools] $First fails when split character is set to |
0009481: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey DLNA client shows only 36 items when browsing Panasonic PVR server
0010161: [Synchronization] iOS 6.0.1 sync can fail because of failed reading of purchases for some users
0009958: [Install/Config] On Win 8, MediaMonkey can launch without focus
0005087: [Other] Manual version check / check for upgrade
0010280: [Properties/Auto-Tools] After file edits MM adds duplicate database entries with 8.3 filenames
0010459: [DLNA/UPnP] Default server cannot be disabled when a device profile has granted remote access
0010448: [DLNA/UPnP] Subtitles are not shown over DLNA
       0011721: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA client: Subtitles not read from some servers
0009623: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: External subtitles associated with streamed Video
       0011487: [DLNA/UPnP] Served subtitles not read by Samsung TV
0009706: [DLNA/UPnP] Allow control of MediaMonkey player should be available in Player options
0008563: [DLNA/UPnP] Ability to change DLNA renderer name
0010449: [DLNA/UPnP] Support for Microsoft rating
0005642: [DB/FileMonitor] Deleting track from Library causes it to be removed from Now Playing list
0010446: [DLNA/UPnP] Multiple values are served with leading space
0010441: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Memory leak when analyzing volume of videos
0010442: [Player] MP4 (AAC/H264) is played with increased playback speed (regression)
0008735: [Other] Is it time to review the need for IgnoreDriveLetters?
0010435: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP notifications should be suppressed until install wizard is completed
0010125: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] AV on installing addon in 4.1 (regression, Win 8 only)
0010356: [Synchronization] Possible deadlock when USB syncing with MMA
0010393: [Synchronization] Initial WiFi sync can fail because of slow SQL
0010407: [Other] Wrong duration and video bitrate for some AVIs (>1GB) encoded by MediaCoder
0010343: [Synchronization] Not enough Space message shown when it shouldn't
0010322: [Other] Party mode is not secure (regression in 4.0.6)
0010323: [Synchronization] USB sync: files are always re-copied on target change in non-default config
0010306: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlist criteria can't be entered (regression)
0010315: [DLNA/UPnP] Stop occasionally fails on some external players
0010300: [Tracklist] Tooltips don't display correctly with increased font size
0010302: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey Player Volume doesn't reflect External Player volume on initiation
0010262: [DLNA/UPnP] Right click on file in Media Servers causes hang & AV
0010250: [Playlist / Search] Search Criteria dialog is too small in some cases. Should be sizable
0008112: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Parental Rating is missing from Auto-Tag from Filename and Auto-Organize (Files)
0008769: [Main Panel] Auto tools disabled in context menu of files in Publisher > Unknown
0010263: [Synchronization] Occasional AV upon initiation Podcasts update (regression)
0010260: [Synchronization] WiFi sync can fail when configured folders contain '&'
0009371: [Synchronization] iOS5+ Sync: updated tags fail to update on the device
0008767: [Other] Split podcast feed content parsing/updating to more threads
0010245: [DLNA/UPnP] Last song in the album/playlist is continually repeated when using an external player
0010243: [DLNA/UPnP] Matroska video format mime types are non standard (Regression)
0010242: [Synchronization] iOS5/iOS6: Syncing thousands of songs fails after 1 hour of syncing for some users
0010238: [Synchronization] When WiFi sync is terminated remotelly then MMW continues to auto-convert files
0010201: [Synchronization] Device Config: Folders fails to de-select in some scenarions
0010281: [Properties/Auto-Tools] M4A not complying ISO Standard can be corrupted apron Rating Tagging
0010127: [Install/Config] 4.0 -> 4.1 upgrade can fail for SQL triggers already created previously by scripters
0010126: [Player] Mouse Cursor disappears and will not come out in full-screen video replay
0009874: [Other] AV on closing MM 4.1 (regression)
0010011: [Install/Config] Silent installs fail 1/10 times
0010058: [Player] Minimize to MiniPlayer while playing video --> AV
0010060: [Player] MiniPlayer: restoring to normal mode during video playback --> endless errors
0010061: [Synchronization] Remote config of sync-list isn't propagated to MediaMonkey interface when device config is not embedded (regression)
0010024: [Burning / Disc Handling] MediaMonkey can freeze when moving entire window
0010022: [Burning / Disc Handling] Could not burn 6.3GB file to DVD+R DL or DVD-R DL.
0010019: [Burning / Disc Handling] When erasing data, even if you select Stop in the status bar, erase can not be stopped
0010016: [Burning / Disc Handling] After further writing to DVD+RW, files that had been on DVD+RW before further writing were gone
0010013: [Tracklist] music files and video files imported in wrong positions
0010012: [Burning / Disc Handling] Can not burn a file to DVD-RW after erasing DVD-RW (regression)
0009992: [Framework: Skinning] Mini Player and its playlist's width size should be the same
0009993: [Player] When pressing miniplayer ratings button, Video Windows sometimes moves by itself
0009944: [DB/FileMonitor] AV during scan (regression)
0009984: [Tracklist] Art and Details view: Delete last Album --> List index out of bounds error
0008272: [DLNA/UPnP] Support DLNA format conversion on a per-client basis (automated?)
0009506: [Tracklist] Drag and Drop from Explorer to device in MM has no effect
0009954: [Codec] Update to LAME 3.99.5
0009877: [Synchronization] Initial sync sometimes fails to trigger accept connection dialog on MMW
0009945: [Codec] Missing codec dialog does not appear in MM4.1 (regression)
0009943: [Synchronization] MM can freeze on device removal
0009937: [Synchronization] Show only one wi-fi sync prompt per device
       0010901: [Synchronization] Grant Remote Access problems
0009939: [Synchronization] Backward WiFi sync doesn't work (regression in 1604)
0009888: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Library update dialog is transparent (regression)
0009649: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] OnPartyModeEnabled event and InPartyMode property
0009898: [Synchronization] Tweak "Grant remote access / sync rights..." messaging for different types of devices
0008926: [Synchronization] Ability to pair USB and Wireless key of Android device
0009875: [Synchronization] Remote android client can browse MM sync server even if Sync rights are disabled
0007776: [Now Playing] Double click in empty space under tracks in Now Playing (re)starts playback
       0010111: [Now Playing] Most Context menu items disabled when multiple files selected in Now Playing (regression)
       0010259: [DLNA/UPnP] Play Now has no effect (regression)
0009822: [Podcasts] Saving podcast episodes from error dialog doesn't save metadata
0007948: [Podcasts] Error dialog shows only URL and not any info without any Podcast info
0009025: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] RefreshScriptItems doesn't update list of extensions in hotkey's Action list in Options dialog
0009789: [Podcasts] Password protected podcasts should fetch Info After Password is entered
0009759: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag From Filename do not work
0009773: [Synchronization] MM doesn't see m4a files on devices
0009735: [Synchronization] Disconnecting iPod can cause AV
0008648: [Conversion/Leveling] Accurate rip error condition workflow needs improvement
0009669: [Burning / Disc Handling] RIP: Secure Rip do not show correct info on current tracks ripping
0009620: [Framework: Tagging] Scanning of mp3s is often slower than it could be
0009403: [Other] Custom user agent for built-in browser
0009559: [Other] Downloads: if pending item cannot be paused then it disappears from download queue after restart
0009539: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBDatabase::GetAutoPlaylistQuery doesn't work correctly for limited auto-playlists
0009522: [Other] MM must be compiled using the /NXCOMPAT and /DYNAMICBASE flags
0003139: [Synchronization] Browsing iPod / iPhone in MediaMonkey: Album Artwork isn't shown
0009455: [Framework: Tagging] Some fields for several formats aren't cleared correctly
0009206: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Wrong device icon when iPod is plugged before MM start (skinless version only)
0009534: [Player] Seekbar: positioning is not precise
0009396: [Player] Can't seek intervals less than several seconds for audio.
0009367: [Conversion/Leveling] Volume analysis (gain.dll) does not work for more than 2 channels
0007058: [Player] Equalizer doesn't apply to video
0008487: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Last Modified timestamp fails to update on some NAS devices
0008571: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Renaming a paused file triggers playback (video) / disappearing seek bar (audio)
0008907: [Framework: Tagging] Support for tagging .isma files
0008461: [Player] Bookmarks aren't saved per Album/Series/Podcast
0009222: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Publisher is not multi-value capable
0009220: [Synchronization] Pressing Esc on Sync config screen results in Auto-sync
0009621: [Playlist / Search] Searching string doesn't find 'string' or "string"
0008834: [Other] Clear Library dialog mentions Filters instead of Collections
0009377: [Podcasts] kinopoisk.ru shows incorrect characters
0009685: [Framework: Tagging] Inconsistent D&D Artwork on Art & Details vs. Artwork tab
0009359: [Podcasts] Cancel Download doesn't cancel all selected downloads
0009962: [Synchronization] Setting Support Formats Playlist type fails
0010221: [Synchronization] Sync with MMA can fail because of MTP issues
0010233: [Synchronization] Incorrect file size written to MMA's DB for auto-converted files
0010202: [Synchronization] For some users all tracks are always re-copied to the device although they shouldn't
0010235: [Other] AV on startup of build 1613 (regression)
0010229: [Podcasts] Slow Podcast updates
0010231: [Synchronization] AV on wifi sync while performing 2 wifi syncs concurrently
0007090: [DLNA/UPnP] Ability to control remote players via UPnP/DLNA
       0010246: [DLNA/UPnP] Sometimes wrong song is played on double-click when using external player
       0010259: [DLNA/UPnP] Play Now has no effect (regression)
       0010261: [DLNA/UPnP] Artwork in MM Player blinking when external client not playing file
       0010258: [DLNA/UPnP] Select Player misses tags on client for some songs
       0010248: [DLNA/UPnP] Select Player fails to stop on stop in MediaMonkey
       0010247: [DLNA/UPnP] Select Player repeats same song
       0010249: [DLNA/UPnP] Turning off external player doesn't allow MediaMonkey to play on internal player
0010183: [Synchronization] Incorrect file size shown in MM for files after auto-sync to iPhone (regression)
0009167: [Player] f_video: Silently fail in case output Audio CLSID is missing/Changed
0010156: [Other] Web pages get 'stuck' while rendering (regression)
0009823: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP search library support
0010028: [Player] System Tray: playing track via NP context menu --> freeze
0010059: [Player] MiniPlayer --> Full Screen video playback: Minimize button causes miniplayer windows lose position
0010134: [Synchronization] Last Time Played is synced back as UTC from MediaMonkey for Android
0010090: [Player] MP4 files on some systems do not play and do not ask for codec download, only simply gets skipped.
0010085: [Burning / Disc Handling] Incorrect error message when no space is available on a disc
0010095: [DLNA/UPnP] Media Sharing: Options button enabled only if a device is focused
0010088: [Burning / Disc Handling] Multiple CPU cores not used for wifi sync
0010102: [Synchronization] WiFi sync can fail to copy auto-converted tracks in some cases
0010104: [Synchronization] Issues with device profiles created over WiFi subsequently connected via USB
0010092: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] MMW Crashes when deleting Device Profile
0010049: [Synchronization] WiFi sync: Random auto-playlists are not synced correctly
0009219: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys shouldn't work when modal dialogs are open
0009210: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Tracks with overly long filenames are not added to VirtualCD with no warning why
0009215: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Empty dockable panel remains after some addon's uninstall [1422+]
0007401: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Error -2147418113 with SDB.Tree.AddNode during startup and AV on exit [MM4]
0009217: [DLNA/UPnP] Improve 'Media Sharing' wording in Options
0009214: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Oddity when rating a playing preview
0009213: [Synchronization] Extended M3U is not generated during syncing
0008804: [Synchronization] Sync Selected can be confusing
0009009: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Involved People is missing from Auto-Tag from Filename and Auto-Organize (Files)
0007971: [Hotkeys] No way to hotkey to a Collection
0008436: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Sample rate not available in Advanced search, or masks
0008646: [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip CD Verification: doesn't work with concurrent rips
0009198: [Framework: Tagging] Wrong size of LIST INFO chunk after WAV tagging.
0008074: [Playlist / Search] Reordering sort order items in edit mode looses neighboring sort order item
0008572: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Deleting multiple images triggers too many prompts
0008104: [Collections (Filters)] Unite content of drop-downs
       0009193: [DB/FileMonitor] Speed up expanding of Artists, Genres nodes for default collections
0007778: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MMIP Files don't get installed when dropped onto MediaMonkey
0009189: [Main Panel] Add Type as available Column/Sort Order
0008148: [Synchronization] Sync fails when path exceeds FS capabilities
0009057: [Podcasts] Drag and drop to add Podcast subscription
       0007805: [Main Panel] Drag & Drop of Podcast URL enabled on Collection nodes
0007706: [Help / Docs / Localization] Tooltip wrong for Organize Playlists using
0009072: [Framework: Tagging] Autotag from web should filter some common acronyms in the title out.
0008640: [DLNA/UPnP] Full HDD should be handled better by DLNA transcoding
0008906: [Codec] Automated codec installation / purchase mechanism (Audio)
0008866: [Playlist / Search] Sort on Path in AutoPlaylists ignores drive letter
0008473: [Help / Docs / Localization] There is a typo in MM Codec Pack expiration dialog
0007626: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging QuickTime files (MOV)
0008610: [Synchronization] Wireless sync with android devices
       0008923: [Synchronization] Write/Read metadata from/to the database of 'MediaMonkey for Android' (when syncing via USB)
0009458: [Podcasts] HTTP Digest Authorization do not work
0009516: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Auto DJ Scripts issues
0009591: [Player] WMA: Some corrupted files hang MM
0009238: [Player] Output plugin: Playback device Fallback (Regression)
0009394: [DLNA/UPnP] Pictures over DLNA/uPnP are detected as Music
0009583: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Podcast: Subscription Dialog Shows Password in Clear text
0009672: [Properties/Auto-Tools] f_WAVE: Tagging sometimes do not correctly create Junk Chunks
0008891: [Main Panel] Review if Ctrl+A should shift focus to Filelistings
0008913: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Screenwriter is not multi-value capable
0007796: [Playlist / Search] Find More from Same shouldn't show values not in DB when in My Computer
0008814: [Synchronization] Usability improvements to sync dialog
0008373: [Synchronization] 'Discard' button to not accept sync changes
0008435: [Other] Frequency and Sample Rate terminology is inconsistent
0008650: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved Missing dialog can't be resized
0008056: [Install/Config] Confirmation dialog: Not enough space available to sync.
0008225: [Synchronization] Misleading error: Device in use by another application... even when MM is using the device
0007849: [DB/FileMonitor] New Error Message re. failed scans of Media Server transcoding cache
0009014: [Player] WASAPI: Advanced configuration labels are incorrect
0009016: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] When installing extensions ShowRestartPrompt should trigger restart warning
0009010: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Change UPnP class for containers according to its type
0009095: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP Unknown values passed as value Unknown
0008916: [Podcasts] casualstrolltomordor.com Podcast fails to download
0008896: [DB/FileMonitor] Blank tracks can be added to the library in some cases
647 issues View Issues
Released 2012-09-21
0006342: [Burning / Disc Handling] MediaMonkey fails to burn duplicate tracks to data CD/DVD (regression)
0008898: [Podcasts] Some podcast feeds don't work (regression)
0009752: [Synchronization] No easy way to transfer purchases from iPhone
0005981: [Synchronization] Tracks purchased directly to iPhone don't show up in MM interface
0009710: [Burning / Disc Handling] Failure to rip the last track of a CD (Secure Read mode)
       0009787: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping freezes or AV occurs for some users (regression in 4.0.7)
0009916: [Player] FLAC playback can fail or crash MediaMonkey
0009959: [Synchronization] Android devices aren't recognized in some cases (regression)
0009453: [Other] Windows 8 compatibility
0009961: [Synchronization] PLA playlist being sycned to Samsung Galaxy S2 instead of M3U
0009758: [Synchronization] iOS5/iOS6: Sync wheel remains spinning in the iPhone sometimes
0009740: [Synchronization] Compatibility with new iPod/iPhone devices
0009821: [Synchronization] Samsung Galaxy Note: Tracks show unknown Album Artist / Album (failed device detection)
0009397: [Synchronization] "Android Phone" shows up as device lablel even when the device is recognized correctly
0009902: [Synchronization] Synchronization with new iOS6 devices sometimes fails until iTunes sync is initiated
0009317: [Synchronization] iOS5: Playlists created in iPhone doesn't show in MediaMonkey interface
0009024: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] OnChangedSelection is not firing when user change selection in Now Playing panel since b1367
0009918: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web (Amazon ) fails to tag foreign characters correctly
0009895: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripts: Upgrade/Unistallation of Scripts doesn't work properly (Regression)
0009832: [Install/Config] In some cases MM can only run in XP compatibility mode
0009910: [Synchronization] iOS5/iOS6: In case of failed sync, dummy files can remain in iPhone and take up space
0009924: [Synchronization] iOS6 sync can crash at the end of sync for some users
0009373: [Synchronization] iOS Bidi playlist sync fails
       0009742: [Synchronization] iOS6: Auto-Sync can duplicate Playlists in MediaMonkey
0009529: [Synchronization] Bookmark doesn't sync into iOS5+ device
0009668: [Synchronization] Scanning of iPod can freeze in certain scenarios
0009842: [Synchronization] Issues when syncing an older iPod 3G model (regression in 4.0.5)
0009921: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Section headings in Options are cut off with DPI at or above 125%
0009841: [Burning / Disc Handling] On the fly burn: Audio tracks can 'pop' at the end (regression 4.0.0)
0009852: [Synchronization] Sync with iPod Nano 7th Gen doesn't work
0009763: [Synchronization] iOS: Syncing files with unknown Album syncs same Art for all files
0008902: [Framework: Tagging] Certain WAV files can have static pop after edits in MM
0009357: [Synchronization] iOS playlist sync problems
0009741: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone -> Podcasts node doesn't show tracks
0009476: [Synchronization] iOS6 sync
0009528: [Synchronization] Playlists missing on iPod
0009743: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Expanded property of custom nodes doesn't work in OnStartup
0007991: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Error -2147418113 with oNode = SDB.MainTree.ParentNode(oNode) in OnNodeDragDrop [MM4]
0009552: [Hotkeys] Media Keys: Do not work when Art and Details window is focuded
0009530: [Synchronization] iOS5 sync can crash because of an exception in iPhoneCalc.dll for some users
0009398: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone: Rating and Playcounts doesn't sync back until user restart MM or re-plug iPhone
0009479: [Synchronization] MM can freeze for a long time during startup and device scan
42 issues View Issues
Released 2012-06-06
0009431: [Synchronization] Successively syncing playlists manually corrupts previously synced playlists (MTP only)
0009360: [Synchronization] iOS: iTunes wants to restore device synced by MediaMonkey for iTouch 3rd gen
0009427: [Player] Radio stations fail to display track metadata (when playing by Media Foundation)
0009454: [Install/Config] Provide workaround to allow Portable mode to use plugins that rely on MM COM Server
0009456: [Main Panel] Art Browser can throw an Divizion by zero issue
0009485: [Codec] in_mfaudio plugin sometimes crashes on corrupted m4a files
0009443: [Framework: Tagging] MediaMonkey updates lyrics language to XXX
0009439: [Synchronization] Podcasts disappear upon second sync to iPod Classic 3G 160GB with firmware 2.0.4
0009383: [Synchronization] iPods (non-iOS) are incorrectly named in MM (regression)
0009415: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey crashes when unplugging iPhone in some cases
0011270: [Synchronization] Wifi Sync: sync fails when it involves deletion of certain files
0009450: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Flac: some fields aren't cleared correctly
0009416: [Synchronization] Played# increases for tracks synced to iOS5 device inaccordingly sometimes
0009255: [Documentation] Unable to Replace Image
0009401: [Synchronization] Prefixes are ignored during synchronization (iOS5)
0009442: [Main Panel] Problems adding/removing columns in the column browser
0008757: [Synchronization] Disable d_iPhone plug-in in case of problems
0009438: [DLNA/UPnP] FLAC playback fails from Serviio server
0009424: [Other] Full screen party mode can be exited just by dragging down the title bar
0009445: [Install/Config] Rip type combo box incorrectly aligned with the german translation
0009426: [Player] Playing previous track after scrolling --> crash (regression)
21 issues View Issues
Released 2012-04-20
0009341: [Synchronization] Disconnecting iPhone while scanning freezes UI for 20 seconds
0009316: [Synchronization] Playlists fail to delete in some cases from iOS5 device
       0009390: [Synchronization] Playlists can be shown twice on non-iOS devices like iPod Nano after upgrade from 4.0.3
0009295: [Synchronization] Manually deleting a playlist from an iOS device fails to remove tracks
0009290: [Synchronization] iPad 3 not recognized by MediaMonkey
0009314: [Synchronization] Remove iPhone sync dependencies on QuickTime
0008622: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web returns No result was found
0009228: [Podcasts] getConnected Radio Podcast fails
0009391: [DLNA/UPnP] PS3 playback is interrupted for low kbps tracks
0009216: [Synchronization] User should be able to check what type of playlist synced to device
0009305: [DLNA/UPnP] Samsung TV cannot play AVI served by MediaMonkey
0009338: [Synchronization] iOS5: Sync can freeze for minutes in the middle for some users
0009322: [Synchronization] iOS5 sync issues when iTunes Wi-Fi Sync is enabled
0009310: [Synchronization] iOS5: Tracks deleted in device still shown in MediaMonkey
0009308: [Synchronization] iOS5: Sync doesn't terminate when storage is full
0009337: [Synchronization] iOS5: Single album via "Send to.." -> device can fail to sync
0009293: [Synchronization] iOS5: Music videos and TV Shows are not synced
0009340: [Main Panel] Switching tabs from Portable Device can cause AV
0009399: [Synchronization] iOS5: Possible 30 seconds long freeze when deleting tracks from device
0009288: [DB/FileMonitor] Some tracks always show in unsync Tags (replay gain decimal issue)
0009375: [Synchronization] Playing track from iOS Device with iTunes removes all artwork
0009350: [Synchronization] iOS5 device with wi-fi sync enabled can cause iOS3 device to disappear from MediaMonkey
0009346: [Synchronization] iOS5 sync still doesn't work correctly for some users
0009326: [Other] MM Observes x86 2GB RAM usage limit
0009402: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Date can't be cleared for FLAC files
0009281: [Synchronization] iOS5 sync is slower than in iTunes
0009282: [Synchronization] iOS5 sync fails if copy process of one single file takes longer than 30 seconds
0009382: [Synchronization] MM fails to start because of d_iPhone.dll for some users
0009331: [Synchronization] iPod Touch Sync can crash MediaMonkey
0009286: [Synchronization] iPod Touch iOS5 sync fails for some tracks
0009276: [Synchronization] iOS5: Sometimes a random track doesn't play
0009348: [Synchronization] iOS: Starting from build 1489 dialog suggests to delete Playlist: Podcasts
0009370: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'Add image': incorrect workflow and tags wrong track
0009284: [Synchronization] MTP performance can be very slow in some cases
0009379: [Other] User can access options in Party Mode
0009374: [Tracklist] Art Browser view: high CPU utilization
0009328: [Synchronization] Disconnect iPod Touch can crash MediaMonkey
0009267: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tracks unassigned to albums get assigned arbitrary album art
0009354: [Synchronization] Playing files from devices connected over MTP doesn't work
0009365: [Podcasts] Incomplete download errors aren't reported (regression)
0008575: [Player] Some WAV files with longer path/filename do not play on some systems.
0009351: [Synchronization] Folders for MTP devices shown badly in MM interface (regression in 1490)
0009199: [Other] Files ripped with "Verify ripped tracks" option have some strange extra bytes apended to the data
0009218: [Install/Config] Autoplay actions don't work (regression)
0009226: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] AccurateRip verification result is not shown for tracks on Virtual CD
0009323: [Conversion/Leveling] Wrong aspect ratio after converting MPEG1/2 file (e.g. to AVI/XVid)
0009356: [Burning / Disc Handling] Another audio CD copy fails to burn if 'On-the-fly' burning is disabled
0009125: [Burning / Disc Handling] AccurateRip 2 support
0009315: [Framework: Tagging] Album art inserted by copy & paste of bitmap isn't recognized by some devices
0009336: [Reports/Scripts] Scripting: script cannot add a node under Web node (regression)
0009345: [Tracklist] Art & Details view: Albums are split in some cases of a very large tracklist
0009349: [Help / Docs / Localization] Wrong WebHelp Link (shouldn't include a '/')
0008444: [Now Playing] Deleting currently playing track --> Now Playing list halts playback completely
0009362: [Synchronization] Video Podcasts aren't shown in Video on iPod Touch
0009353: [Synchronization] iOS5 sync can freeze if Apple's ATC service fail to init
0009335: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP Playback can cause double play counts
0009339: [Synchronization] iOS5 Video Artwork incorrect
0009327: [Synchronization] Video conversion doesn't respect priority Performance setting
0009294: [Synchronization] iOS device can be identified incorrectly in the tree
0009229: [Synchronization] Device sync task doesn't terminate immediately
0009318: [Synchronization] iOS 5 devices disappear in some cases
0009321: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Copy & Paste of Art fails from Firefox 12
0009285: [Properties/Auto-Tools] <Added> auto-organize mask uses Today when files were added today
0004404: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Renaming Artist Node causes the node to disappear until a Refresh is triggered (regression)
0009302: [Synchronization] iOS Synchronization starts and then stops after one or two songs for some users
0009278: [Main Panel] Art Browser doesn't allow clicking on an Album on node refresh
0009195: [Playlist / Search] Search including OR throws SQL error in Quick Search
0009277: [Synchronization] iOS5 devices fail to show
0009301: [Synchronization] Newly synced tracks to iOS devices can't play in MediaMonkey until refresh
0009300: [Synchronization] Sync dialog corruption in exclusion folders list
0009007: [DLNA/UPnP] LG blu-ray players always show folders as Empty when served content via uPnP
0009297: [Synchronization] Memory leak during Sync to iOS 5 device
0009299: [Synchronization] Sync dialog displays incorrectly via Tools > Options (regression)
0009202: [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip verification fails when 'Jitter corrected read' is selected
0009207: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Running Auto-Tag from Web from Properties dialog scripts fail
0009147: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBTreeNode.Caption returns empty string for Unknown nodes in Publisher and Parental Rating branches
0009155: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] RelatedObjectID is incorrect for some folders
0009162: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Nodes with Script.RegisterEvent OnFillTracks don't display covers in Art Browser with Details, also problem with Column Browser
0009163: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] It is not possible to use both "old" and "new" methods for registering events for same node
0009289: [DB/FileMonitor] DB: Locations Delete in Entire Tree Node crashes MM
0005974: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Tag From WEB: Invalid Unicode Detection
0008845: [Player] MiniPlayer Always on Top setting should be available on MiniPlayer itself
0009031: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Alt hotkey doesn't work with Label controls
0009089: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] One duplicate section added to the Scripts.ini file with every installation of the program
0009205: [Main Panel] Tabs don't remember scroll position independently
0009227: [Podcasts] The Libertarian Solution Radio Program Podcast fails
0009240: [Podcasts] non-standard characters displayed incorrectly in Podcast
0009247: [Framework: Tagging] Auto-Tag from Filename sometimes does not work well for unicode filenames and artist field.
0009249: [Framework: Tagging] Saving MP3 tags corrupts embedded albumart for some files.
0009204: [Burning / Disc Handling] Update quicktime filter license
0005553: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Sleep volume doesn't fade properly
0009254: [Synchronization] iOS 5.1 support
0008977: [Main Panel] Increase the max. number of columns of Column Browser
0009168: [DLNA/UPnP] Right-click on 'Media Servers' node contains irrelevant options
0004961: [Player] 'Back' button should return to the beginning of the currently playing track
0008643: [Podcasts] Unavailable download path do not act accordingly to options
0009046: [Hotkeys] Ctrl+Space doesn't deselect already selected tracks
0009113: [Main Panel] After editing Properties files are grouped wrong in Art & Details view
0009114: [Now Playing] On startup MediaMonkey #. Track#. Artist - Title in taskbar
0009126: [Playlist / Search] Lose # column in playlists when changing column settings for parent collection
0009161: [Main Panel] Certain Tree nodes can't show child nodes
0009192: [Main Panel] Find More From Same doesn't work from My Computer node
102 issues View Issues
Released 2012-03-09
Bug fixes + PlayReady support (OEM only)
0008872: [Install/Config] Install framework: allow multiple branded versions to run simultaneously
0010925: [Player] mini player gets corrupted if it plays video and goes full screen and restored back to mini player
0010928: [Synchronization] Storage numbers are half hidden when a device is connected
0010891: [Other] Please remove a menu item "Acquire licenses for selected files" from the standard menu in Tools
0009187: [Framework: Tagging] Changes in tags are sometimes not written to DB
0009209: [Other] Some video doesn't play properly, other players play it ok.
0009190: [Main Panel] Double-clicks on the empty Art Browser -> list index out of bounds (0) AV error
0005207: [Install/Config] Add AppMutex to setup (to prevent installation/uninstallation while MM is running)
0009166: [Main Panel] Tooltips fail to show if only links in Filelisting obscures the field
0009188: [Main Panel] Album Art View with Details: albums can show up twice
10 issues View Issues
Released 2012-02-22
Bug fix release + initial Mambo release.
0009115: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Date format handling problem
0008967: [Framework: Tagging] Failure to import some MP4 tags
0007841: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP: Add Matroska video format as supported
0008878: [Synchronization] Cyrillic names are not listed in alphabetical order on iPod
0008680: [Synchronization] Automatic device configuration based on profiles
       0008938: [General] Device profiles should have priority over any other info
0009103: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP: 'Unknown' nodes show no tracks
0009128: [Podcasts] Subscribe to Podcast from Firefox fails
0009140: [Player] RadioTime URL fails/streaming issues
0009088: [Playlist / Search] Drag & Drop from/to Playlist and removal from original fails
0009108: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Bad mask in Auto-Organize Files can result in loss of files
0009030: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBUICommon::TabIndex property needed
0009084: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties is not accessible from art+details in a specific case
0008900: [Synchronization] Playlists containing / convert to -
0009146: [DLNA/UPnP] PS3 no longer works with MM (regression)
0009133: [Synchronization] Changing size of Remove images from tags larger than in Device Profile doesn't enable OK/Apply
0009156: [Other] Queued download items cannot be cancelled (regression)
0009149: [Install/Config] In some environments 'Data Error' occurs upon launching initial scan
0009122: [Burning / Disc Handling] Failure to rip some specific CDs when "verify" is enabled
0009134: [Synchronization] Deprecated controls can appear
0009129: [Codec] Some WAV files created by Logic Pro play only noise in MM.
0009123: [Main Panel] MM can throw an error when using search in Art & Details view
0009117: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Cannot install extensions via d&d: The server threw an exception
0009094: [Install/Config] UAC elevation doesn't work on Windows 7 x64 system
0009081: [Synchronization] Android sync fails silently if Music folder is read-only
0009092: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP Year > Unknown node shows all Year node values
0009066: [Synchronization] M3U playlists should be preferred over MTP
0008738: [Playlist / Search] Find More from Same fails if file not in Collection
0009110: [Conversion/Leveling] File can be lost silently if thread is terminated when file is about to be replaced
0008997: [Burning / Disc Handling] Localization of CD burning in Windows?Auto-Run Dialogue
0008884: [DLNA/UPnP] Genre node shows Entire Library's Artist subnodes over UPnP
0009005: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Controlling of MediaMonkey player can silently fail sometimes
0009006: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Media renderer plays only first track
0007187: [Player] Video Playback Quality: Low video playback quality (while Showing Subtitles)
0008657: [Main Panel] Improved search for Links in Filelist
0008969: [Player] File path starting with file:/// are not supported in MM
0009023: [Other] Language file can't be downloaded
0009028: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] The hotkeys are displayed in the tooltips immediatelly after the hints without any space in between
0009032: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBUI::AddPropertiesSheet displays wrong sheet with skinned modeless Properties (Ctrl+Alt+P )
0009034: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripts of type 0-1 are not correctly displayed in hotkey's Action list if some installed for current user
0009050: [Other] Improve media server artwork cache
0009068: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripts of type 0-1 are not correctly displayed in hotkey's Action list if some has 2 or more entries [1468]
0009069: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extension icons are totally messed up in the Extensions dialog box
0009078: [Main Panel] Portable device summary is cut off at increased font sizes
0009085: [Main Panel] Crash when using the download manager in the Net Radio > Shoutcast node
0009020: [Main Panel] Add View Full Size back to Artwork in Art and Art with Details views
0008951: [Main Panel] "Choose fields" in the "Art & Details" window when "Selected" tab is active shows Publisher twice
0009063: [Main Panel] Closing Tab triggers AV
0008945: [Main Panel] Summary column sort fails
0009062: [Framework: Tagging] Update copyright notices to 2012
0009021: [Main Panel] Switching to an empty node in Art+Details view results in non-empty tracklist
0008975: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extensions list reports each add-on twice (regression, Vista+ only)
0009022: [Main Panel] Art+Details view can almost freeze MM
0009003: [Install/Config] Task manager Description should use the branded product name
0008743: [Main Panel] Multiple tabs/Tagging can result in tracks listed several times
0008934: [Main Panel] Selecting Tab with webpage it reloads the page
0009017: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] When installing extensions ShowRestartPrompt should trigger a persistant restart warning
0004836: [Burning / Disc Handling] AAC / AAC+ Streaming (Win 7)
0008476: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Issues re. first run in Elevated mode (D&D problems, etc)
       0008943: [Install/Config] MM continually prompts for elevation on Standard user account / uses admin settings db (regression)
0008901: [Main Panel] MM crashes when another full-screen application (game) is run
0004931: [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio CD Burning: Error 30C07 for Audio Disc Burns
0009015: [Player] WASAPI, MMDS: Remove silence doesn't work well for 24 and 32 bit streams
0008828: [Main Panel] In-place editing of Author fails
0008946: [Main Panel] Art with Details Sorting
0009004: [Framework: Tagging] With Update Tags when editing properties disabled adding Art as file writes to file
0008929: [Main Panel] Sort order lost
0008843: [Framework: Tagging] Changing tag not written to file updates tags in files
0008848: [Main Panel] Remove/Re-add refresh issue
0008944: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Hotkey rating doesn't trigger 50+ file modification warning
0008599: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tracks with missing Album Artist show Album Artist as if it's been tagged
       0008958: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Changing Artist on multiple tracks changes Album Artist
0008961: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Changed Virtual CD and Previews folder not remembered
0008968: [Podcasts] Podcastle Podcast problems
0008971: [Synchronization] Memory leak on auto-sync
0008972: [Main Panel] Changing Column Order in Now Playing affects which Columns enabled/sorted in Filelisting
0008974: [Collections (Filters)] Default "Music" collection should include classical music
0008976: [Burning / Disc Handling] Some generic metadata should be added to ripped tracks that have no metadata
0008982: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] No way to get complete device settings via scripting interface
0008986: [Framework: Tagging] Files with multiple values in tags without space show unsynchronized
0008914: [Install/Config] On first run unskinned 4.0.2 ask to upgrade from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2
0008920: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging of some M4A files could corrupt the file.
0008927: [Main Panel] Main Window title is empty in Vista+ system
0008948: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Don't assign broken durations from podcast feeds
0008794: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging of some ALAC files could cause loud noise at the beginning of the file.
0008919: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Del Key on Add Artwork popup removes Art from Artwork tab of Properties dialog
0008924: [Podcasts] Some non downloaded Podcasts can't be played directly in MM
0008918: [Main Panel] Now Playing columns lost when switching views
0008885: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Apply all can fail for artwork
0008922: [Install/Config] Party Mode password can be edited when option not enabled
0008879: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] "Previews" feature is completely broken
0008888: [Install/Config] File Associations on install
0008909: [Main Panel] Main Window glitch
0008887: [Install/Config] Install unskinned doesn't allow to change to skinned
0008912: [Other] User Shell Folders values does not need to exist in Vista+
0008917: [Podcasts] Subscribed MM3 Podcasts beginning with feed:// don't update in MM4 (Regression)
0008899: [Main Panel] Art Browser displays & ampersand incorrectly
0008894: [Player] Balance is reversed
0008793: [Now Playing] Now Playing window sorting fails if Filelisting is in one of the Art views (regression)
0008874: [Install/Config] Party Mode password should not show in plain text
0008883: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Changing Path field to filename only deletes the file
0008876: [Podcasts] dafyomiyicc.org Podcast fails to download
102 issues View Issues
Released 2011-12-25
0008875: [DLNA/UPnP] On some DLNA clients the media server is shown as "Not authorized"
0008869: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey shouldn't show devices that cannot be accessed
0008795: [DLNA/UPnP] Make media server icon transparent
0008744: [Main Panel] Grouping can't be disabled in Entire Library Collection
0008895: [Install/Config] Settings from MM3 doesn't persist after upgrate to MM4
0008897: [Framework: Skinning] Font customization for the font browser
0008862: [Tracklist] Small art browser fonts render with artifacts
0008854: [Main Panel] Open icon isn't skinned in some places of MM
8 issues View Issues
Released 2011-12-17
0007837: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP: Play counter increases after a few seconds of playback
0008750: [Install/Config] Installer: Change default location for portable mode
0008708: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Media server description tweaks
0008749: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Problem playing WMA served by MediaMonkey server (regression)
0008765: [Synchronization] DEVICE_ModifyFilenames should only be called after DEVICE_ListContents
0008780: [Synchronization] Automated loading of device profile should not overwrite internal device USB ID
0008859: [Framework: Skinning] Some icons aren't used from the skin
0008815: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art disappears on tagging operation in some cases
0008713: [Synchronization] iPod sync hangs with the option "Automatically unmount device after auto-sync" (regression)
0008776: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Options are not available in Portable mode
0008678: [Tracklist] Column settings fail to persist for some users
0008755: [Synchronization] MM can freeze when working with devices
0008781: [Install/Config] Ensure that all helper apps / dlls are signed
0008763: [Main Panel] Art and Details view splits tracks when sorted on Track#
0008819: [Synchronization] Phantom Playlists are created in some circumstances
0008712: [Other] MediaMonkey should mention if Portable or Full install is used
0008807: [Playlist / Search] Search: Save as AutoPlaylist function is broken (regression)
0008841: [Synchronization] Send to > Device (Synchronization) shouldn't be presented for same device
0008773: [Install/Config] MM4 doesn't use MM3's custom DBNAME setting on upgrade
0008782: [DB/FileMonitor] SQL error when upgrading from version 3.0 to version 4.0
0008668: [Tracklist] Remove tree expansion indicator from Audio CDs
0008772: [Other] M4A/M4B with AAC audio not playable in Win7 by in_mfaudio.dll plugin - regression
0008694: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Japanese character encoding is lost in some cases (regression)
0008810: [Player] Volume leveling isn't applied in some cases
0008734: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Switching to Art Browser + Details sometimes fails
0008792: [Other] Increase default size of Visualization window
0008714: [Main Panel] Column browser setting doesn't persist
0008612: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Art Browser view is active for many nodes (and can't be changed)
0008770: [Synchronization] Auto-sync list shows collections that aren't used
0007307: [Tracklist] Large Art Browser fonts don't render clearly
0008756: [Player] Balance control
0008325: [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip CD/FreeDB Lookup only available in CD node
0008688: [Main Panel] TV > Series node slow to expand for custom TV collections (regression)
0008771: [Main Panel] Composer Properties window shows Artist tag
0008785: [Other] Play Next in OS Integration fails
0008711: [Playlist / Search] Autoplaylist sorted by Album Artist in Art+Details view is incorrect
0008718: [Tracklist] Some mp3 files show wrong track length
37 issues View Issues
Released 2011-11-15
0006493: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Automated codec installation/purchase mechanism
0007317: [Framework: Tagging] MPEG-PS, MPEG-TS (MPEG1/2) format plugin
0008661: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBDevice:TerminateThreads
0008535: [Synchronization] iPod Nano 6G: Count of episodes displayed incorrectly
0008492: [Synchronization] iPod Nano 6G no longer syncs correctly after FW upgrade to version 1.2
0006710: [Install/Config] Non-Admin users can't install plugins
0006467: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Error loading Album art properties when there lots of high res images
0004867: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Installation of extension can't be aborted
0006235: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] New scripting method to convert non-ascii characters
0006752: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Automatize process of MMIP installation in case of locked plugin DLL
0007303: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDB.RegisterIcon: Should support Global and user paths
0006320: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Framework: Retrieve URL data
0002242: [Burning / Disc Handling] Data CD Burning: Warnings when path / file length exceeds specified parameters
0004912: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Non-Admin users can't install scripts
0005704: [Conversion/Leveling] Use AAC codec in Windows 7
0006330: [Conversion/Leveling] WAVE: 32Bit PCM and FLOAT can't be converted to FLAC
0007146: [Player] Miscellaneous WASAPI plug-in problems
0006573: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass Edit of multiple Types of files
0006969: [Other] Update to the newest version of Platinum UPnP SDK
       0008132: [Other] UPnP: XMBC can't play/browse content (regression)
       0007106: [Other] UPnP media server doesn't work correctly with xBox 360 (regression)
0006318: [Synchronization] Imported playlists are not automatically checked in the auto-sync list when imported
0007438: [Install/Config] Automated download of localization files
       0007500: [Install/Config] Selected laguage in installer not shown in Options
0008210: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys: Ctrl+Space sometimes affect playback
0006469: [Player] Make WASAPI output plug-in default, with a fall-back to DS
0006984: [Player] Support for Video subtitles
0005442: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Better Multi-Monitor handling engine.
0008283: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Some files always remain in Unsynchronized Tags node
0008550: [Install/Config] MediaMonkey actions for folders reappears in context menu after each upgrade
0006979: [Synchronization] Incorrect defaults for MTP Device (Creative Vision)
0006217: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Some shortcuts are inactive while editing or typing into search bar (regression)
0007023: [Framework: Tagging] 1129 Infer track properties can give odd result
0006187: [Tracklist] Copy/Paste of thousands of tracks --> lethargic UI
0006314: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Edit 15,000 tracks fails
0008291: [Other] Faster image resizing
0006962: [Main Panel] Art View jumps around
0008109: [Synchronization] Synchronization can freeze
0006257: [Hotkeys] Pause/Break key can't be used as hotkey
0003360: [Other] Use single internet access library instead of TIE + Indy
0008273: [Main Panel] Album Artist column doesn't work correctly in the Art with Details view
0007489: [DLNA/UPnP] SonyTV UPnP problems
0006219: [Synchronization] Synchronization errors should be logged
       0005884: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning errors should be logged
0007485: [Other] UPnP server can't share tracks in the library accessed via UPnP client
0008559: [DLNA/UPnP] Some DLNA controllers can kill MediaMonkey
0006303: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tagging modifications much slower with m4a / apple lossless (ALAC) than MP3/FLAC
0008653: [Install/Config] Global .ini location not supported (regression)
0008536: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone: Episode number, Season number aren't synchronized
0007984: [Other] Gold keys don't work in some cases
0007377: [Framework: Skinning] Some Aero player buttons are flashing on mouse-over
0007667: [Other] UPnP/DLNA transcoding: WAVs fail to stream on-the-fly
0008469: [Codec] Trial codec pack upgrade workflow is confusing
0007830: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Artist not showing for EAC-ripped FLAC files
0002615: [Synchronization] MTP Synchronization is MUCH slower than it should be
0007921: [DB/FileMonitor] Thumbnails are re-generated on every re-scan
0008431: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Scanning / Thumbnail generation sometimes associates wrong album art
0008402: [Player] Video Mode (full screen) doesn't persist
0007674: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Folders become named to integers on PS3 sometimes
       0007566: [Podcasts] Windows Media Player cannot browse MM Server (regression)
0007807: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP missing fields
0008066: [DLNA/UPnP] uPnP/DLNA: Using WMP Push Playback track info is incorrect
0008191: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaConnections table isn't cleared
0008288: [DLNA/UPnP] Freeze on selection of video file over UPnP (regression)
0008363: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: default install converts all video formats to WMV despite settings
0008364: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: WMV streaming doesn't seem to work
0008369: [DLNA/UPnP] Closing MM while it is attempting to serve Video Content over DLNA --> AV
0008382: [DLNA/UPnP] Debug messages included in regular build
0008556: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA server: Minor sorting bug
0008560: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA renderer doesn't change volume visually
0008577: [DLNA/UPnP] Some m4a files can play in MM, but not via MM DLNA renderer
0008587: [DLNA/UPnP] On-the-fly transcoding over DLNA can sometimes silently fail in rare cases
0008593: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: On-the-fly transcoding is available only for some formats
0008595: [DLNA/UPnP] On each restart another MediaMonkey renderer device is generated
0006387: [Playlist / Search] Old "Send to" playlist history entries persist after deleting playlist
0008647: [Install/Config] MM3 --> MM4 upgrade: many config settings are lost
0008541: [Help / Docs / Localization] Dutch (Nederlands) localization is broken
       0008547: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Manual installation of language package for the language that is currently active fails
0002987: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add 'Length' to masks for Auto-organize / Rip etc.
0008702: [Install/Config] Customize startup wizard for OEM trial versions
0008397: [Player] WMV with AAC stream is unplayable.
0008308: [Framework: Tagging] Parsing of MPEG-PS (MPG/VOB) is quite slow.
0008183: [Other] DVD (IFO) playback fails silently without linking to codec
0007920: [Other] COM Events don't work external applications
0006382: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tagging of large MP4 files takes too long
0002701: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context toolbar + rationalize commands between menu and toolbar
0008193: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] 1306 When Disc # is 1/1, .DiscNumber is wrong [----]
0008662: [Framework: Skinning] Multi-Monitor Setups: resolution of MediaMonkey in second monitor is limited
0007926: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion failure: drm error dialog (even no DRM exists)
0008459: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Original Date' field is stored as Year only in FLAC and OGG
0007239: [Main Panel] 1345: Media Tree Bugs
0007847: [Help / Docs / Localization] Extraneous string in Source Strings: FAutoOrganizeRule
0008216: [Main Panel] Thumbnails are associated to tracks that have no Art
0008001: [Codec] F_video: Debug Assertion fail when generating video Thumbnails
0007689: [Other] Playback/decoding of some QuickTime movies never stops.
0008683: [Main Panel] Multi-monitor support: MediaMonkey doesn't maximize correctly on second monitor
0006317: [Synchronization] Better support various types of devices for synchronization
       0006378: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync for iPods is broken (regression)
       0006379: [Synchronization] Tracks don't play from external drives (regression)
       0006285: [Synchronization] Blackberry sync
             0006255: [Synchronization] Ability to change m3u format for portable devices
0008573: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Update file info from Tags' setting is ignored by File Monitor
0008537: [Framework: Tagging] Scanning encrypted ISML files (fragmented MP4) sometimes throws memory error.
0008511: [Install/Config] Portable mode: File access problems
0008649: [Player] ASIO output plugin fails in MM4
0008260: [Tracklist] Column Sort and Grouping settings/issues
       0008299: [Playlist / Search] Art with Details View doesn't doesn't display in correct order for randomized playlists (regression)
       0008463: [Tracklist] Video/Television sort order incorrect, and changes depending on last-visited node
0008664: [Player] WASAPI playback sometimes fails
0008555: [Help / Docs / Localization] CD Burning: untranslated status string
0008651: [Tracklist] Tree fails to update on Property edits (regression)
0008659: [Synchronization] Disconnecting device while sync is in progress ---> AV or freeze
0007843: [DB/FileMonitor] Performance: loading track list takes 20% longer than MM3
0008652: [Podcasts] feed:// protocol is not support in podcast subscribing
0008567: [Other] Duplicate Content: hash calculation can't be triggered in some cases
0008642: [Main Panel] MediaMonkey over remote desktop can throw an error
0008608: [Player] Glided skin: incorrect track length when longer than 100 mins
0008644: [Framework: Tagging] Out of memory when adding cover in FLAC file
0008639: [Main Panel] Crash when using Mini Player while playing Video
0008488: [Other] Build 1440+ fails to start for some users
0008592: [Main Panel] Media Tree: showing hint on interactive node can crash MM
0008584: [Main Panel] MicroPlayer: fails to respond / triggers freezes when run on startup (regression)
0008553: [Player] Some WAV files does not play - regression
0008554: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MediaMonkey can generate Artwork image deadlinks
0008576: [Other] Party Mode Toolbar is incorrect (regression)
0008566: [Other] AV on switching nodes while hash calculation is taking place
0008570: [Other] Large fonts: some dialogs don't render correctly
0008598: [Synchronization] Podcast sync options takes the oldest/newest episodes based on 'Added' instead of 'Date' value
0008617: [Tracklist] Auto Tag from Amazon triggers changes in file selection
0008600: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties > Artwork is very slow for large images (regression)
0008063: [Other] Reading of a specific JPEG file causes AV
       0008089: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Can't paste art into art & details or into properties panel (regression)
0008594: [Tracklist] Art Browser view: 100% CPU utilization and no message in status bar
0008623: [Other] Copy/Paste of file into another app doesn't preserve Unicode characters
0008624: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning certain files ---> 100% CPU utilization
0008621: [Main Panel] Auto Tag from Web can throw an error on closing
0008632: [Playlist / Search] Changing Sort Order of Pre-populated playlists causes all tracks to disappear --> Playlists not limited by Type
0008636: [Tracklist] Art View: Images disappear when resizing columns
0008638: [Install/Config] OGG File association changes don't save
0008620: [Tracklist] Art Browser sometimes represents now Playing file instead of the selected file
0008568: [Framework: Skinning] Vitreous: Stop after current button does not show state
0008597: [DB/FileMonitor] Possible SQL error when a collection no longer exists
0008596: [Tracklist] Art View: Sort indicator is missing in many cases
0008613: [Synchronization] Device Pane is cut off
0008614: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from Amazon: 'Various Artists' albums sometimes not found
0008616: [Playlist / Search] Playlist fails to update on D&D between tabs
0007655: [Help / Docs / Localization] Missing F1 help pages
0008579: [Other] MediaMonky Renderer often displays ratings as 'bomb'
0008590: [Other] ID3 Tags are not read correctly.
0006764: [Main Panel] Close to Tray fails with MicroPlayer enabled in Task Bar
0007928: [Tracklist] Switching nodes/views --> Cannot terminate an externally created thread error
0008583: [Main Panel] Album Art Views: switching nodes sometimes cause freeze
0008557: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context Toolbar unhides after Party Mode
0008585: [Other] UPnP: MediaMonkey fails to render from serviio server
0008582: [Player] Crossfading fails if no tracks are queue when playback is initiated (regression)
0008589: [Main Panel] Vitreous skin: art in mini player have artifacts
0008551: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Menu bar is cut off at increased font size
0008561: [Player] MM takes long time to exit when video is playing (regression)
0008416: [Main Panel] Art views: performance issues when Summary column visible
0001605: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Adding image to multiple files via Album Art window only updates the first one
0008544: [Install/Config] Wizard runs every time MediaMonkey is restarted (regression)
0008510: [Other] Script events handling can cause AV
0008519: [Main Panel] Glitch in main window when system DPI is changed
0008509: [Tracklist] Art Browser: First 'Album' contains no identifier
0008543: [Properties/Auto-Tools] M4A: Artwork in group track properties showing multiple times
0008515: [Main Panel] Font Size: wrong font size is set after upgrade (regression)
0008523: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Buttons not aligned correctly on Accompanying Files dialog
0008526: [Podcasts] Add Directory (OPML) file dialog allows selection of multiple files, but only imports one
0008525: [Podcasts] Add Directory OPML file dialog defaults to All Files
0008533: [Playlist / Search] AutoPlaylist Playlist criteria allows select self
0008538: [Hotkeys] Undocked now playing window with focus cannot be hidden with shortcut Ctrl+Alt+N
0008529: [Main Panel] Editing Properties in All node with All node expanded causes empty Filelisting
0008081: [Synchronization] Unpluging device before applying changes can result in AV
0007056: [Synchronization] Overfill iPod --> AV
0008517: [Synchronization] Deleting tracks from an iPod or just connecting iPod can freeze
0008336: [Synchronization] AV on deletion of track from iPod
0008271: [Synchronization] iPod content is modified when plugged in
0008530: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Filename window size not independent from Auto-Tag from Web
0005830: [Help / Docs / Localization] Improve documentation re. volume leveling
0007021: [Framework: Tagging] 1131 Name edits on Artist node can fail to stick
0008518: [Synchronization] 1445: Possible AV when scanning iPhone (iOS5)
0007319: [Help / Docs / Localization] WASAPI plugin outputs static when DFX plugin is enabled
0007881: [Help / Docs / Localization] Device profiles database
0008494: [Main Panel] Art + Details view: sorting by Album Artist is incorrect
0008522: [Main Panel] On clean install main menu is not aligned correctly
0008516: [Framework: Tagging] FLAC fails to write Encoder field to file tag
0008466: [Synchronization] Some m4a files make no sound on iPod/iPhone (regression)
0008505: [Other] Once MM font size is changed, it's difficult to reset back to normal
0008049: [Synchronization] iPod/iPhone DB isn't completely deleted when tracks are removed
0007742: [Synchronization] iOS device sync with Volume Leveling enabled --> Invalid Argument errror (regression)
0007938: [Synchronization] iOS devices don't show in MM after iTunes 10.5 installation
0008426: [Synchronization] Playback of tracks from iOS devices doesn't work until e.g. their Playlists node is expanded.
0008504: [Main Panel] Menu bar/Tabs fail to adjust to increase in font size
0008503: [Tracklist] 'My Computer' & Device nodes change properties on selection if tag doesn't match Library (regression)
0008490: [Main Panel] Small switching nodes inconsistency
0008437: [Player] Sleep function triggers 'privileged instruction' error if set to put machine into Standby mode
0008403: [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip CD: Metadata edits are lost (regression)
0001327: [DB/FileMonitor] Properties are inferred erroneously on rescan of tracks already in the library
0008514: [Main Panel] Rollup icon in main window in wrong position when system DPI is changed
0008513: [Conversion/Leveling] Artwork is lost on file conversion (regression)
0008507: [Synchronization] iPod Touch not recognized OR triggers MM crash
0008386: [Properties/Auto-Tools] <Type> causes next mask to fail in Auto-Organize Files
0008475: [DB/FileMonitor] MM Hangs on Maintain Library
0008495: [Synchronization] AV when browsing device and hitting F5 while synchronization begins (regression)
0008367: [Tracklist] Columns get mixed up on upgrade from MM4 (in some cases)
0008502: [Main Panel] Minor Tab title bug after startup
       0008370: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tab title incorrect for Network and Media Server nodes after startup
0006647: [Synchronization] Deletion of tracks that aren't on the sync list is broken (regression)
0008481: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Reading files...' displays indefinitely after MM is in use for some time
0008483: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Playlist: Send To email only sends First track
0008486: [Conversion/Leveling] Video settings dialog improvement - original size, bitrate
0008485: [Synchronization] AV on disconnect of USB MS device
0008474: [Other] MediaMonkey can freeze/crash when it acts as media renderer
0008472: [Other] UPnP renderer doesn't show song info on the Player while it shows it correctly in Now Playing
0008464: [Main Panel] Dialogs appear behind main window if MM is minimized, and break 'Minimize' button
0008467: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync list: Nodes are hidden by collection settings even if some subnodes are selected (regression)
0007871: [Synchronization] Incorrect caching of device content
0008454: [Main Panel] Choose Columns do not reflect Selected Collection.
0008412: [DB/FileMonitor] MediaJukebox data-import doesn't work well
0008280: [Other] Devices: incorrect main tree caption
0008489: [Main Panel] All file properties in tooltips not showing correctly
0008440: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Necessary changes due to upcoming Amazon API changes
0008512: [Player] Some WAV files will not play or convert to other formats with artifacts
0008477: [Framework: Skinning] New Tab / Close Tab icons aren't skinned (regression)
0008462: [Properties/Auto-Tools] View > Properties always appears in back of the application
0008480: [DB/FileMonitor] Files to Edit > Multiple Artist Albums contains Music Videos node
0008029: [Synchronization] Podcast sync options function globally instead of per podcast (regression)
0008394: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Drag and Drop Album Art appears to fail
0008468: [Main Panel] Switch to miniplayer/microplayer from icon in titlebar doesn't work on second monitor (regression)
0008465: [DB/FileMonitor] Trying to delete folder from library that no longer exists results in error message
0008375: [Other] Using $) in mask doesn't work as expected (regression)
0008453: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: constant AV when skin is removed
0008479: [Tracklist] Summary text should be hyperlinked
0008432: [Codec] Hi bitrate videos play with a lot of jitter over congested networks
0008471: [Tracklist] Art & Details view: tracks don't sort correctly
0008178: [Player] Playback sometimes stops or skips tracks
0008470: [Tracklist] Summary Hyperlinks don't match content (regression)
0008378: [Synchronization] Problem adding new auto-conversion rule for devices (regression)
0008345: [Synchronization] Auto-sync config panel freezes in response to custom collection icons
0008338: [Synchronization] Install missing codec workflow is unusable for sync operations
0008099: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Thread creation error: not enough storage space to process this command
0008438: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize moves accompanying .jpg files even when user explicitly excludes them
0008410: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Manual creation of a thumbnail fails with an AV (regression)
0008414: [Tracklist] Removing tracks from playlist triggers removal of albums in Art View
0006250: [Codec] Recompile latest version of lame
0008300: [Synchronization] MM fails to recognize video files as supported
0008189: [Main Panel] Device node: subnodes view mode and settings should be able configure
0008458: [Player] Auto-DJ can freeze MM
0008456: [Player] WASAPI: First FLAC playback set Volume to zero
0008452: [Main Panel] Some Dialogs aren't Modal
0008445: [Main Panel] Default sort for Art Browser not defined
0008429: [Tracklist] Scanning tracks with Art Browser view active, and expanding Artist & Album Artist node --> AV
0008425: [Main Panel] Art Browser: List Index Out Of Bounds error
0008409: [DB/FileMonitor] Scan/Thumbnail generation: 'Not enough timers' error
0008399: [Tracklist] Album Art fails to appear in some cases when Album Artist field is missing
0008395: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Pasting Art in Art/Details box doesn't reach all tracks (regression)
0008384: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Remove Art from all tracks on an Album --> AV
0007867: [Other] Error dialogs on MM startup have buttons without any text
0008171: [Synchronization] Disabled device syncs DB
0008276: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: toolbar buttons have different size
0008306: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties->Artwork: Newly created images aren't deleted when changes are not approved
0008457: [Conversion/Leveling] No way to cancel all file conversions when invalid path is entered
0008442: [Tracklist] Tree: drag and drop tree scrolling is broken (regression)
0008427: [Player] WASAPI: AV on clicking next
0008023: [Other] Wrong videostream bitrate for very large AVI.
0008026: [Other] Wrong duration and video bitrate for some AVIs.
0008408: [Player] WASAPI: Closing MM while paused --> crash
0007829: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Switching languages --> AV
0008441: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AV in album art handling
0008434: [Podcasts] Specific podcast fails to download
0008439: [Tracklist] Art & Details view: Saving thumbnail causes files to become highlighted yellow
0008374: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey hangs for 30s on connection of some iPod devices (regression)
0008357: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Deleting multiple tracks from now playing triggers endless warnings
0008321: [Tracklist] Keyboard navigation fails in artview for certain sorts
0008316: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: it could be nice to have tabs line color configurable
0008347: [Tracklist] Editing tracks in Art/A&D views --> groups expand, artwork lost
0008333: [Other] TCanvas.RequiredState error after pressing INSERT while in Music (Art View) active
0008314: [DB/FileMonitor] Some parts of SQL layer aren't thread safe therefore MM can randomly crash
0008285: [Main Panel] Sorting: sort by File Stamp, Date Added or Last Time Played is slower than other fields
0008199: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Some language files are broken
0008211: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: ListItemTextHot has no effect
0008034: [Synchronization] d_WMDM plug-in doesn't allow synchronization to PC
0008392: [Main Panel] Covers handling: saving of the cover into file fails
0008407: [DB/FileMonitor] Background auto-organization fails in some cases
0008404: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize to multiple folders deletes accompanying files
0008390: [Burning / Disc Handling] Freedb lookup triggers shift in node focus from CD node to My Computer > CD node
0007860: [Playlist / Search] On start AutoPlaylist/Collection with drive letter in Path criteria can show blank (regression)
0008324: [Help / Docs / Localization] Greek localization file is incorrect
0008351: [Main Panel] Floating Now Playing gets lost after playing a video in full screen mode
0008371: [Hotkeys] Hotkey settings don't save correctly / don't work in some cases (regression)
0008389: [Tracklist] Disabling Album Column fails
0008396: [Synchronization] AV on ejection of USB Device
0007985: [DB/FileMonitor] Performance: Location node and Find more from same are less responsive than MM3
       0008377: [DB/FileMonitor] Expansion of some tree nodes triggers 1-minute freeze
0008368: [Main Panel] Upgrade/Close Tab can cause column settings to be lost
0008393: [DB/FileMonitor] DB Error during fresh scan
0008355: [Podcasts] AV on deletion of Vodcast during playback
0008261: [Player] Strange visual behaviour of controls in non-skinned MM, when playing video.
0006120: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Some TrackNumber will always show as Unsynchronized Tracks
0008376: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to Edit > Unknown Artwork contains some tracks with artwork
0008082: [Synchronization] Auto-sync: playlists don't get removed
0008167: [Synchronization] iPhone sync: Artwork is corrupted (regression)
0008106: [Synchronization] Album art on iPods is corrupted (regression)
0007508: [Synchronization] Add support for iPad 2
0008366: [Player] Full Screen Video Playback: transparent square over player control (regression)
0007845: [Main Panel] Non-default DPI/font size fails to show scrollbar in Filelistings
0008311: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to Edit -> Unorganized Tracks can throw SQL error in particular cases
0008237: [Player] Playback during Copy of large files results in audio artifacts
0007982: [Install/Config] Music Video Collection default configuration should be improved
0006363: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Fields cut off on high DPI screens
0007827: [Collections (Filters)] Sharing of / Collection settings is broken
0008036: [Main Panel] Unsynchronized tracks show incorrect columns
0008000: [Tracklist] Performance: DB Updates are slow depending on the view
0007944: [Help / Docs / Localization] Some text is covered in translated version
0007966: [Install/Config] Links in Options dialog to get more plugins are missing (regression)
0008287: [Burning / Disc Handling] MM can freeze in some situations when trying to rip a CD
0008296: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: ability to disable line under tabs in Art & Details window
0008028: [Main Panel] Window Controls in MM title bar stop functioning in some cases
0008381: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tracks with empty albums get album artist assigned (regression)
0008243: [Now Playing] MiniPlayer: changing genre within Now Playing list --> crash
0008064: [Main Panel] Art with Details View not optimized for Videos
0007330: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from filename: Series, Director, Producer in mask doesn't work
0006897: [Framework: Tagging] 1304 Resizing Auto-tag dialog can lose Filename Format edit
       0008088: [Synchronization] Need to Apply when nothing has changed to USBmass plugin (skinless only)
0008200: [Player] Media Next/Previous hotkeys jumps two songs sometimes (regression)
0008234: [Synchronization] iPhone: Start of MM can freeze
0008348: [Synchronization] iPad 2 sync 'thread creation error - not enough storage to process this request'
0008231: [Tracklist] Art&Details View: Location > All node: Double-clicking --> freeze
0008079: [DB/FileMonitor] Failed DB updates from MM3 to MM4 in some cases
0008027: [Framework: Tagging] Year field isn't read from ID3 tags sometimes
0008011: [Synchronization] Reset device options doesn't work correctly in all cases
0007981: [Conversion/Leveling] Failed AVI --> WMV conversion / missing codec detection
0007868: [Synchronization] Whenever a device is being scanned, it can't be Ejected
0007020: [Help / Docs / Localization] 1304 Help error "The Now Playing window displays
0006996: [Synchronization] Allow to reserve / limit sync space on portable devices
0007872: [Synchronization] Clicking Playlists node in Auto-Sync list configuration => AV
0008335: [Main Panel] MM is locked 'On top' in some cases (regression)
0007445: [Tracklist] MediaTree: Arrows don't expand/collapse nodes (regression)
0006316: [Help / Docs / Localization] Auto-tag from web is incorrectly labelled as auto-tag from Amazon
0008385: [Framework: Skinning] Even with DockLock=1 the player is still able to be moved
0008372: [Other] Upnp can block UI
0008346: [Framework: Tagging] Certain files trigger endless audio repetition when tagged
0008353: [Collections (Filters)] "Add new Collection" doesn't do anything for non-Gold users
0008327: [Codec] User isn't prompted to install codec pack to display subtitles
0008313: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Thumbnails are often lost on edit of video files
0008203: [DB/FileMonitor] File monitor adds cover files also when 'Scan file directories for Artwork' is disabled (regression)
0006178: [Help / Docs / Localization] Search bar: sometimes not obvious how to type search for a specific attribute
0006889: [Help / Docs / Localization] 1177 <'Field':n> behaviour and docs fail to accord
0008150: [Main Panel] Clean up tab order in main panel
0008301: [Podcasts] Podcasts fail to download via a web browser
0008162: [Tracklist] My Computer (AA Views): Switching nodes --> AV
0008127: [Synchronization] USB Mass Storage Plug-in: fails to display amount of video content
0007506: [Player] Non-functional buttons display in player in Full-Window video mode
0007823: [Burning / Disc Handling] Freedb lookups fail for unicode content (regression)
0007975: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Selected tree node affects Now Playing window's context menus
0007876: [Playlist / Search] Focus problems in the quicksearch bar
0007880: [Other] UPnP: Unshared content is shared in WMP
0006498: [Player] Loading large auto-playlist sometimes take abnormally long (can interfere with playback?)
0008282: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AV on removal of AA from currently playing track
0008302: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Waiting message for Artwork reading is annoying
0008255: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MediaMonkey corrupts artwork colors when adding it as bitmap (regression)
0008307: [Burning / Disc Handling] Some freedb queries don't show right
0008142: [Install/Config] Installation via non-admin user --> failed OS integration
0008330: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Adding artwork by using D&D to Properties window doesn't work (regression)
0008344: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging FLAC with more than 1 cover leads to AV/crash/freeze.
0008352: [Other] Explorer integration: tracks are always added out of order (Windows 7 only)
       0008460: [Other] Play Next/Play Last in explorer context menu results in 'Play now' (regression)
0008362: [Main Panel] ' in Publisher causes SQL error in Publisher node
0008334: [DB/FileMonitor] Maintain DB (full optimization) --> AV (error re-inserting Cover into values...).
       0008540: [DB/FileMonitor] Optimize database (quick) rebuilds also full-text search index (regression)
0008248: [Other] AV on startup of UPnP nodes
0008359: [Main Panel] Sorting fails in Art Browser with Details view
0008339: [Now Playing] Using NP options in MicroPlayer blanks Now Playing
0008358: [DB/FileMonitor] Auto-Organize: tracks with fields in different cases incorrectly organized
0008290: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripts with Embedded IE cause MM to open in the background (Win7/IE9)
0008360: [Main Panel] Regressions in artwork handling
0008121: [Properties/Auto-Tools] File Monitor fails to pick up Art
0008320: [Player] Playback is delayed when Album Art is large
0008297: [Other] Few random AVs or freezes
       0008401: [Framework: Tagging] Artwork tagging problems (regression)
0008292: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics / Comments sometimes get truncated
0008322: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties->Artwork: 'Please wait...' message never gone
0008312: [Synchronization] Language issues in Sync dialog
0008176: [Playlist / Search] Playlist order problems
0008270: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Option to add artwork to both tag and file no longer works (regression)
0008269: [DB/FileMonitor] AV during library scan (regression)
0008257: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Improve default naming of secondary Album Art images
0007757: [Now Playing] Now Playing should display Summary by default (instead of Title)
0008233: [Other] Aspect ratio in properties has strange looking values sometimes, AR inconsistency.
0008096: [Install/Config] Custom fields aren't migrated in update from MM3 to MM4
0008253: [Framework: Tagging] MM stops responding on some FLAC files during reading file info.
0008256: [Properties/Auto-Tools] D&D artwork from explorer to Properties -> Artwork doesn't work
0008350: [Main Panel] Collection settings doesn't persist when running on Japanese Windows
0008220: [Main Panel] Title Bar context controls don't work
0006216: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Automatically accessing network nodes at startup can trigger freeze
       0008370: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tab title incorrect for Network and Media Server nodes after startup
0008185: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Unskinned is missing field list in Auto-Tag from Filename/Auto-Organize Files
0008284: [Tracklist] Sort order doesn't persist when switching between views
0008305: [Main Panel] Trying to delete publisher in media tree is broken
0008318: [Tracklist] Sort by date added is incorrect
0008315: [Install/Config] Preview, VCD and Download locations aren't editable in Portable mode
0008229: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Clear Database...' results in DB errors / AV (regression)
0008218: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tab bar position not remembered
0008236: [Conversion/Leveling] Auto-volume leveling fails to terminate correctly (regression)
0008235: [Player] MM running in background. Playback triggers AV
0008215: [Tracklist] Many thumbnails are lost on attempt to generate a thumbnail
0008208: [Framework: Skinning] Skining: Tracklist background not updated on skin change (Regression)
0008194: [Skins] Skinning: TextMargin isn't work for tabs
0008180: [Synchronization] Changing <Album> name unchecks the Album in the AutoSync list
0008149: [Synchronization] Synchronization can fail on specific BMP images
0008128: [Synchronization] USB MS and WMDM plugins get mixed up
0008122: [DB/FileMonitor] In rare case, upgrade to MM4 --> 100% CPU utilization
0008077: [DB/FileMonitor] Player initialization error on DB Upgrade
0008337: [Synchronization] iPod Sync: fails to retain start/stop time (device dependent)
0008267: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 1421: Auto-tag from web fails to add artwork with an AV (regression)
0008268: [Other] Extensions listed on OS integration Options sheet start scrolled to bottom
0008061: [Main Panel] Background incorrect on moving window
0008266: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1421: AV when navigating Music -> Files To Edit -> Inconsistent Artwork node (regression)
0008240: [Conversion/Leveling] Destination wizard shows wrong file extensions in some cases
0005808: [Framework: Tagging] Track numbers starting with X appear in unsynchronized tags node
0006674: [Framework: Skinning] Art and Details Window: tabs don't display correctly
0008047: [Tracklist] Column Browser columns can't be resized (regression)
0008328: [Player] Miniplayer Album Art shows white gridlines
0008303: [Player] Continuous Playback tooltip incorrect in Player
0008265: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 1421: AV when trying to add or delete cover (regression)
0008331: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'Unknown Artwork' and 'Inconsistent artwork' are nearly identical (regression)
0008343: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Start / Stop time representation doesn't match PC settings
0007782: [Install/Config] "Cache auto-converted content to:" has no default value (skinless)
0008246: [Player] WASAPI: Some Audio Books not playable using WASAPI output
0008139: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Artwork: Images Save As do not set Image extension in dialog
0008201: [Player] Some radio streams freezes MM (regression)
0007654: [Framework: Skinning] 'Color scheme has changed' error after screensaver has kicked in
0008119: [Main Panel] Various UI issues in unskinned mode
0008170: [Tracklist] Art views: memory utilization problems
0008169: [Tracklist] Art Browser performance: it takes > 10s for images to load
0008164: [Other] MM can freeze after restart in certain cases (regression)
0008138: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Thumbnails don't update in the Art & Details window automatically
0008140: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AA views: Changing artwork order for videos causes added artwork to disappear
0008143: [Framework: Tagging] ID3v1 tags are not read (regression)
0008118: [Tracklist] Summary column can only be enabled in some views
0008025: [Other] QuickTime videos from Panasonic camera have wrong duration and video bitrate
0008043: [Now Playing] Wrong track is edited in Now Playing when it is set to 'automatically retain x tracks'
0008041: [Player] Cover in Art & Details change from clear to blurry
0007998: [Tracklist] Sort order is mixed up in Art view
0006699: [DB/FileMonitor] DST change forces rescan of all files
0008019: [Player] Album Art: fails to update for "...all files in the Album/Series"
0007777: [Other] MediaMonkey Renderer issues
0007963: [Reports/Scripts] Script termination can result in an AV
       0008249: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Coverflow: Error executing script event
0007983: [Synchronization] Playlists resync to MTP device unnecessarily
0007992: [DB/FileMonitor] ANALYZE DB after major changes
0007979: [Synchronization] Column Browser shown in Device nodes (regression)
0005431: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Original Album Title usage is inconsistent
0007670: [Podcasts] Subscription, Download and playback Issues
0007729: [Other] Alignment of OK/Cancel buttons in the various dialogs
0007792: [Synchronization] WMDM: Copying track from device to PC --> O KB track
0007243: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right does not work when editing in-place
0008295: [Main Panel] Art View: incremental search doesn't work when sorted by Artist
0008258: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Artwork tab in Properties dialog is very slow (regression)
0008223: [Player] Images render incorrectly in in-player Art Window
0008151: [Synchronization] Sync halts when failing to copy a file
0008278: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: FullRowSelect doesn't work for all lists
0008263: [Now Playing] Double click on a track in Now Playing does not work in some cases.
0007977: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Save Thumbnail fails
       0008005: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Failed image deletion (regression)
0008227: [Main Panel] Column browser header: off by one pixel
0008091: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] No way to install addons in some cases
0007838: [Other] MMHelper.dll is Locked during installation
0008202: [Main Panel] Tree: Fast tree navigation do not worg on non Latin layouts
0008222: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys don't work when MM Dialogs are open
       0008332: [Properties/Auto-Tools] CTRL+Left / CTRL+Right doesn't work within Properties dialog
0008239: [Framework: Tagging] Wrong unicode handling in FLAC, if Current lang. for non-Unicode programs is set to Chinese
0007751: [Player] Clicking "Next track" in FullScreen videoplayback switches to full-windowed mode.
0008221: [Burning / Disc Handling] CDs not playable as CD metadata disappears (regression)
0008071: [Burning / Disc Handling] Data CD/DVD burning problems with some old drives
0008205: [Synchronization] M3U playlists for albums and artists aren't generated during sync (regression)
0008212: [Main Panel] Main Window: top left corner of main window cannot be user for resize
0008163: [Other] Unexpected DLNA behavior
0008192: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Find updates functionality is broken
0007583: [Main Panel] 1357: Now Playing node fails to update
0008179: [Tracklist] Sort order lost after clicking Device node (regression)
0008098: [Install/Config] Media Tree settings not remembered in some cases
0008075: [Codec] Wrong duration and bitrate for MPG files
0007375: [Playlist / Search] Advanced search / autoplaylists: ability to sort on timestamp
0008206: [Other] Some dialogs don't remember visibility of columns and columns order
0008175: [Other] DLNA: files always sorted by 'Date added'
0008204: [Other] DLNA: Album artist browsing problem
0007808: [Help / Docs / Localization] 'Find updates' results in 'No Update Server Available' for language packs
0007458: [Player] Thumbnails display instead of Video in some cases
0006609: [Conversion/Leveling] Bad handling of multichannel audio, especially in conversions
0006478: [Codec] OGG: Multichannel OGG file Crashes MM
0006477: [Codec] WMA: Multichannel WMA are decoded as Stereo
0003362: [Player] Support multichannel tracks
0007888: [Install/Config] Options not stored when launched from startup wizard
0007763: [DB/FileMonitor] First run wizard: drive letters following the CD are not listed
0007947: [Main Panel] Cannot open clipboard: Access is Denied error
0006500: [Now Playing] Mini-player usability issues (regressions)
0007909: [Player] Playing some radio stations triggers an AV.
0007903: [Player] Videos can't be played back after tagging sometimes
0007870: [Podcasts] Password protected podcasts no longer works (regression)
0006148: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Skin artifacts occur on Minimize / Maximize via Windows key
0007767: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Metadata isn't looked up in some cases, triggering CD reads every 15s
0006008: [Now Playing] Horizontal drag causes vertical scroll & select
0007768: [Burning / Disc Handling] Error: IDSong were previously 803 and now changed to -1 but track is hashed!
       0007833: [Main Panel] Now Playing doesn't show file details for My Computer files (regression)
0007429: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update translations to string version
0008186: [Now Playing] Now Playing: 'Index Out Of Bounds' when removing tracks from NP
0008160: [Help / Docs / Localization] "Project-Id-Version:" string in Auto-DJ settings
0008161: [Framework: Skinning] wrong background in AArt View (+with details)
0008086: [Codec] Seek bar is out of sync with audio for AAC and out_MMDS
0008172: [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio Disk burning: metadata is missing
0006680: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Introduce new masks for new fields
       0008184: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Organize Drops Leading Zero (regression)
0008145: [Tracklist] Performance: Album Art & Details View triggers high CPU utilization / fails to display in some cases
0007356: [Now Playing] Metadata is missing from Now Playing on restart for tracks shared from DLNA
0008168: [Other] AV as soon as build 1411 is run for the first time
0008014: [Properties/Auto-Tools] $First(<'Field'>,count,skip) option only works for default separator
0008073: [Help / Docs / Localization] DLNA: How to Accept external IP addresses
0007924: [Help / Docs / Localization] Welcome page in web node is missing localization for various languages
0008166: [Tracklist] Art Browser view: Some art fails to load & MM crashes
0008165: [Tracklist] Switching between nodes --> AV
0007916: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Privileged Instruction' error
0007910: [Other] DLNA: Improve auto-conversion defaults
0007905: [Player] AV on Stopping video playback
0007249: [Synchronization] Samsung Galaxy device is recognized as two devices with same drive letter
0004823: [Synchronization] Synch to Android phones
0007208: [Skins] Vitreous: various improvements to skin
0008085: [Main Panel] Tab maintain focus instead of content within the tab
0008045: [Main Panel] Producer/Publisher/Actor/Director/Year cannot be deleted from Media Tree
0008124: [Synchronization] AV on Synch (iphone)
0007744: [DB/FileMonitor] Inference of metadata fails (regression)
0007750: [Synchronization] Tweak when changing device name by renaming tree node
0006324: [Synchronization] Some devices don't show after connection in MM
0007690: [Synchronization] iPad doesn't show video file size
0007596: [Other] Portable mode: MediaMonkey crashes when running on clean Win Vista installation
0007507: [Synchronization] FW 4.3 doesn't work on pre-4G devices
0005227: [Help / Docs / Localization] Review string capitalization
0006974: [Help / Docs / Localization] Tooltips not Available/Wrong
0008135: [Synchronization] Some devices synchronize to the root folder only
0008129: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from Filename tags Year by itself (regression)
0008040: [Conversion/Leveling] Send to device: Auto-converted tracks are only deleted after whole copy process finishes
0006794: [Tracklist] Publisher Mask, Publisher Column and Tree Node are missing
0008126: [Synchronization] Portable Device Options > Auto-sync sheet misbehaves
0008093: [Main Panel] Double click on selected Album in Art Browser does nothing
0008083: [Synchronization] Sync via USB MS / WMDM: Playlists with '/' in title fail to sync
0008102: [Collections (Filters)] Performance: Switching tabs can take 2-3 seconds
0008092: [Other] Default Download Location changes not remembered
0008117: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Artwork image type not remembered if changed via properties
0007413: [Help / Docs / Localization] Localization/string errors in
       0007390: [Help / Docs / Localization] Upgrade to Gold message box still uses Filters as term instead of Collections
0006223: [Other] Corupted Quicktime-related crashes on certain systems
0007949: [Other] CDPlayer.ini isn't Portable mode ready
0007478: [Main Panel] Performance issues: scanning is very slow on large DB
0006989: [Synchronization] Some formats are reported incorrectly in auto-conversions
0007687: [Player] Do not load unneeded dlls for video playback
0007878: [Podcasts] Podcasts listed out of order
0007850: [Codec] AC3 playback fails silently without linking to codec
0007563: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Thumbnails override Artwork
0007340: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tabs in Title bar: UI artifacts when large number of tabs exist
0007679: [Main Panel] My Computer Node: Columns order and columns manage do not work
0008107: [Other] Some album art is pixelated (regression)
0008097: [Main Panel] Column Browser issues when closing Options
0008095: [Synchronization] Synchronization status bar is incorrect (regression)
0007347: [Other] UPnP nodes lack relevant context menus
0008101: [Collections (Filters)] Performance: Opening properties takes 2-3 seconds in large library
0008070: [Other] Deleting folder in My Computer removes History (regression)
0007915: [Other] MM can almost freeze on reading of album art from network
0008032: [DB/FileMonitor] Performance: Loading of audio images should be as fast as Video thumbnails
0008072: [Tracklist] 'Summary' column gets added to Playlist by itself
0008044: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Play Counter / Skip counter are editable, but aren't saved
0008062: [Synchronization] Synchronization can terminate silently
0008087: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Date Added in Art & Details not working
0007801: [Main Panel] When CD is ejected tab/navigation doesn't update
       0007874: [Main Panel] Tree navigation in Location nodes is broken (regression)
0008031: [Framework: Tagging] Album field incorrectly converts '/' to ';' (regression)
0008051: [Framework: Skinning] Album Art Disappears on skins that display artwork in Player
0007999: [Synchronization] Changing device name via media tree fails
0008078: [DB/FileMonitor] Your library is being upgraded status bar is misleading
0008080: [Now Playing] Pressing 'Previous' triggers playback (regression)
0007694: [Other] Some FLV files are not imported.
0008065: [Main Panel] Art with Details view shows no grouping when sorting on Title
0008069: [Player] Art + Details view: double click on already selected track doesn't work
0008068: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 4th column in Column Browser doesn't show tooltip for cutoff items
0008067: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Categorize toolbar buttons miss tooltips
0008053: [Tracklist] Art Views: Removal of a track from Now Playing triggers a refresh (regression)
0008010: [Synchronization] Crash on sync termination
0008050: [Burning / Disc Handling] Freedb Artist field isn't assigned (regression)
0008046: [Main Panel] Actors subnodes fail to expand
0008012: [Playlist / Search] Search window uses Search toolbar scope
0007789: [Main Panel] Auto-complete missing for Actor, Director and Producer in Filelisting
0008004: [Export] Export to M3U Playlist fails for networked files (regression)
0008009: [Main Panel] 1395: Expanding 'Producer' node shows no producers (regression)
0007989: [Main Panel] Column Browser Setting fails to persist for reduction to 2 columns
0008057: [Player] Crash on exit when closing MM from microplayer
0000628: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Configurable Toolbar for Shortcuts (favorites)
       0005831: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Shortcuts toolbar missing handle
0008033: [Player] MicroPlayer Error: Control has no parent Window
0008039: [Framework: Tagging] Performance: Image loading in Art&Details window is slower than MM3
0007994: [Other] Problem playing large MPG over DLNA
0007957: [Other] Win 7 aeropeek menu can't tag track as 'bomb'
0007993: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Focus problem: Scripts appear behind MM
0008002: [Skins] (regression) Can't change skin
0008003: [Player] WASAPI doesn't fail gracefully in case no sound card is present
0007986: [Main Panel] Media Tree loses focus with the Web node
0007988: [Now Playing] Scrollbar fails to draw / draws unnecessarily
0007987: [Main Panel] 1 Pixel Gap between MM and Taskbar on Maximize
0007976: [Synchronization] Android sync failure in some cases
0007967: [Main Panel] Magenta rectangle appears in titlebar
0007972: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ctrl+Shift+Tab not implemented in Properties window
0007974: [Install/Config] MM Portable: Extensions yield 'Cannot save dockable Position' error
0007402: [Main Panel] No tooltips in the tree panel for wider captions [1343+]
0007953: [Other] Auto-DJ can freeze MM (regression)
0007250: [Last.fm] Scrobbling to last.fm when music is played through MM's UPNP/DLNA server
0007962: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] A bug in SQLite 3.6.18 -> update to the latest version
0007956: [Hotkeys] Ctrl+F has focus on collection drop down instead of text field
0007954: [Main Panel] Media Tree: Focused node is hidden sometimes
0007951: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] [1349+] Out of memory AV error - Remote Desktop, skinned MM
0006640: [Synchronization] Save / Load Device Profiles
0007937: [Player] Paused video restarts, if user closes Art & Details panel
0007882: [Synchronization] Cannot play tracks on iOS devices from within MM (regression)
0007941: [Install/Config] Portable install uses non-Portable Extensions.ini
0007558: [Player] Party Mode: Graphical artifacts/issues (Win 7)
0006730: [Tracklist] AA + Details: Dragging track appears to drag entire album
0006541: [Framework: Skinning] Minimize/restore/close buttons don't function as expected when maximized
0007380: [Main Panel] Graphic artifact when clicking 'Menu'
0007863: [Tracklist] Screen redraws / flashing on node / view transitions
0007842: [Install/Config] Registration form says 'invalid code' BEFORE inserting the license key in first run wizard
0007866: [Synchronization] Useless SQLs on sync
0007899: [Install/Config] Options/Tags&Playlist settings lost
0007922: [Main Panel] Unplugging the focused device => AV (regression)
0007927: [Help / Docs / Localization] Languages are missing versioning
0007918: [DB/FileMonitor] Scan Results dialog is confusing re. 'Did not import x files'
0007898: [DB/FileMonitor] Trying to clear database freezes MM
0007139: [Main Panel] 1343: Sort Glyph alligned right in skins show left in MediaMonkey
0007766: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Cannot terminate an externally created thread
0007889: [Framework: Tagging] Adding Album Art Not working correctly when use web tag
0007705: [Synchronization] Playlists: Handling UTF8 Playlists
       0006255: [Synchronization] Ability to change m3u format for portable devices
0007939: [Other] UTF-8 encoded playlists are imported incorrectly sometimes
0007159: [Framework: Tagging] Comment Tag differs between MM and Windows
0007810: [DB/FileMonitor] 1374: Scanning doesn't add new tracks in some cases (regression)
0007945: [Player] Shoutcast AAC+ tracks lock up MediaMonkey
0007887: [Other] File Monitor icons can be confusing
0007946: [Other] Shoutcast web UI fails
0007925: [Install/Config] 'Portable' folder is created with regular MM installation
0007943: [DB/FileMonitor] DB Error on Upgrade to build 1386
0007749: [Main Panel] 1370: Art view fails to sort on Album Artist
0007070: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Adapt Album Art Tagging Dialogs to better support Video
0007712: [Synchronization] d_WMDM can freeze MM
0007720: [Synchronization] Terminating sync causes "Problem copying file" error to appear
0007464: [Player] Attempt to playback Video on XP --> AV
0006684: [Synchronization] Sync status fails to update after sync has completed
0006990: [Synchronization] Windows Media Audio V1 is not supported for auto-conversions
0007934: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Unregistering events during uninstallation of scripts doesn't work
0007802: [Main Panel] Scanning folder in Video Location with Music sub folders shows Music subfolders
0007906: [Playlist / Search] Cannot quicksearch some new fields
0007806: [Main Panel] Clicking around in Column Browser can result in blank
0007932: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn Wizard: CD label edit control clears itself every 5 seconds
0007933: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Find more from same Folder (Library) doesn't work in some specific cases
0007816: [Player] WASAPI sometimes doesn't play as expected
0007929: [Player] Fullscreen doesn't work on second display
0003636: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album Art Browser
       0007901: [Main Panel] Art Browser/Column Browser limits Media Tree node context menu to shown Album
0007913: [Framework: Skinning] Art Browser: background should be skinable
0007935: [Other] Tweaks when working with the Extensions dialog
0007844: [Burning / Disc Handling] Scripts that uses Toolbar is listed as 'TBStandard' instead of 'Standard'
0007852: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Toolbars: Scripters can't create/manipulate new toolbars
0007897: [Player] WASAPI: just a random noise after track transition sometimes
0004815: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 'Tooltips' for obscured track properties do not show in the Album art w/ details view
0007879: [Other] No way to browse 'all' collection content via UPnP
0007885: [Player] No Audio on Clean install to XP (directsound plugin fails)
0007911: [Tracklist] Columns get mixed up
0007840: [Other] Pop-up does not update when cycling through tracks quickly
0007812: [Player] Crackling sound in transition of some songs with MM4
0007421: [Synchronization] Some wav files don't auto-convert
0007418: [Synchronization] D&D files from device to MediaMonkey Library isn't represented correctly
0006632: [Synchronization] Aspect Ratio conversion configuration improvements
0006782: [Codec] Files with incorect extensions are not added to Library
0007217: [Synchronization] Size indicator doesn't work right (regression)
0006350: [Now Playing] Track Selection is wrong when using AA View (regression)
0007015: [Help / Docs / Localization] 1304 Documentation: <path>
0004962: [Help / Docs / Localization] Modify KB article re. Multimedia keyboard workarounds
0007912: [Collections (Filters)] "Actors" column appears by default for several Collections where it's not relevant
0007908: [Burning / Disc Handling] 'On the fly audio burning' checkbox is missing (regression)
0005429: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Top Border of Windows can't be used to resize
0007540: [Tracklist] UI responsiveness in MM4
0007613: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Problems when one script is installed twice (in both user locations)
0007846: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Cannot install last.fm extension
0007726: [Other] SamsungTV UPnP problems (regression)
0007900: [Other] UPnP/DLNA: Images are served per album/series
0007891: [Synchronization] Sync Selected setting doesn't persist
0007692: [Other] Space Play/Pause hotkey prevents space key in web/radio/device node
0007902: [Playlist / Search] AutoPlaylists are missing video specific Sort options
0007873: [Synchronization] Device image in device configuration should be right-side aligned
0007824: [Synchronization] Delete files and playlist doesn't remove Art
0007862: [Main Panel] Art Browser can show wrong Title
0006201: [Synchronization] Podcasts release date isn't shown on iPhone/Touch 3.x
0006491: [Synchronization] MTP Devices should use root folder for in-place configuration
0007703: [Other] Add/Rescan Folders defaults to selecting My Music
0007764: [Framework: Skinning] Button/Tab selection doesn't work (regression)
0007410: [Playlist / Search] Searches: Search execute delay (Regression)
0007818: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Sample in playback rules does not show ampersand
0007735: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to Edit > Unsynchronized tags not optimized for Video
0007839: [Framework: Tagging] Replay gain values written by foobar and/or dBpoweramp not read by MM
0007848: [Burning / Disc Handling] Freedb lookups via HTTP protocol fail (regression)
0007784: [Other] It's possible to scan the Media Server content cache
0007835: [Install/Config] Entering your Gold license in the Welcome Wizard after first start-up of MM does not allow Gold features
0007771: [DB/FileMonitor] PLS playlists aren't scanned and are listed as 'failed' after scanning
0007770: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning of playlists is slow
0007682: [Other] Support for other video extensions - f4v,3gp,3gpp,rmvb
0007547: [Other] Thumbnails: Error Code C8 - not enough storage to process this command
0007465: [Codec] .mov files from canon camera don't play
0007321: [Main Panel] MM breaks auto-hide taskbar
0007791: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] File Delete Confirmation has double space
0007646: [Framework: Skinning] Tab background height changes based on "Always show tabs" option
0006107: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] On Close, window gets bigger, and then smaller
0007736: [Main Panel] Art & Details window problems
0005560: [Other] Track Properties > Album Art Image Type: minor focus problem
0007582: [DB/FileMonitor] On Clean Install thumbnails aren't generated for many tracks (regression)
0007546: [Help / Docs / Localization] Localization issues in build 1355 / string v.1355
0007536: [DB/FileMonitor] AV when switching nodes during scanning process --> AV when switching nodes after clearing DB
0007535: [Main Panel] MM can throw an AV when closing
0007542: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update strings to v4.0.0.1355
0006411: [Player] Video Playback: screensaver interferes with playback
0007018: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1304 Library > Options > Show Tree Shortcuts...
0007299: [Player] Windows XP/Vista cannot stream common video formats
0007387: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Compatible formats Dialog: Few UI issues
0005520: [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor Performance drops depending on the number of tracks in view
0007614: [Install/Config] Explorer context menus don't function as expected (regression)
0006625: [Skins] MM4 Skin Updates
0007497: [Player] Playing video from Media Servers doesn't work in some cases
0007492: [Other] String corrections in build
0007100: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDB.UI.MainWindowFocus = 0 for main tracklist in Album Art and Album Art with Details view modes
0006579: [Main Panel] UI Simplification: Remove 'Views' from Collections Options
0005697: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging AVI files
0007869: [Other] Problem with decoding of some WMV files.
0002787: [Synchronization] Plugging in a second iPod when one is already plugged in causes iPod to register with WMDM plugin
0007836: [Main Panel] Selected playlist on startup does not show correct columns
0007616: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MoveFile: Moving to Short path filename should not prompt for Overwrite
0007681: [Other] OGG files with video track are played only as audio.
0007354: [Player] Some .mov files don't scan
0007226: [Synchronization] Devices using WMDM can't be ejected (aka General Format plugin is unstable)
0007521: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] FilePath: Get 8.3 formated ShortPath Filename
0006198: [Synchronization] Auto-conversion / Soundcheck leveling isn't perfectly accurate
0006973: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tagging: Non library files do not get tagged with Album Art
0007444: [Skins] Update or replace Glided for MM4
0007707: [Other] CDXA variant of MPEG-PS (from VCD) is not playing
0005365: [DB/FileMonitor] Improve performance of the Track Browser
0007205: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MM4: Missing Automatization Objects
0007708: [DB/FileMonitor] FileLength is saved to DB as integer, it should be integer64.
0005735: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album Art View: Shows 1 track selected instead of all tracks on the album
0007659: [Other] UPnP/DLNA: Album art is shown only for audio/video items, not for album items
0007748: [Synchronization] Useless dialog shown on selecting Device node
0007700: [Synchronization] Unwanted UI on MM startup or device connection
0007121: [Conversion/Leveling] Some file properties are reported incorrectly after autoconversion to iPod.
0006282: [Synchronization] iPhone/Touch: Unrated tracks do not sync back to MM
0007732: [Main Panel] 1369: Double click to edit in place fails in Art with Details view
0006482: [Collections (Filters)] Collections may be empty even when they shouldn't be
0007790: [Main Panel] Views enabled in Download node
0007408: [Main Panel] Some dialogs are cut off when font size is increased
0007753: [Main Panel] No way to switch tabs using keyboard.
       0007476: [Hotkeys] Add hotkey to open a new tab
0007851: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1376: New Tab in File menu missing icon
0006195: [Tracklist] Tracklist fonts increase in size as font size is set below 11
0007779: [Help / Docs / Localization] Localization issues in build
0007828: [Other] Autoconversion: Sometimes converts mkv files even if their marked as a supported filetype
0007821: [Tracklist] Art Browser: Selecting album fails to display the Album in the Art&Details window
0007831: [Tracklist] View for My Computer nodes is different than My Computer > All nodes
0007785: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Party Mode help/technical support available
0007800: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Ampersand is missing from Navigation bar menus
0007798: [Main Panel] Switch from Downloads node when OKing Options
0007804: [Main Panel] Files to Edit allows drag & drop of files from outside of MM
0007786: [Player] Bookmarked MP4 starts at beginning
0007788: [Main Panel] Editing Director changes Producer in Filelisting
0007815: [Conversion/Leveling] 1375: Flac compression level not saved in Auto-Conversion
0006785: [Hotkeys] Video: Fullscreen Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts not available
0007809: [Main Panel] 1374: Media Servers and Portable Device nodes keep showing Column Browser
0007552: [Playlist / Search] Playlist column settings unclear wrt which Collection settings are being used
       0007120: [Main Panel] # column settings forgotten
0007811: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Move 'New Tab' from View to File menu
0007832: [Other] Inconsistent input plug-in configuration, if there is nothing to configure
0007822: [Install/Config] Library > Appearance options dialog can be cut off
0007685: [Synchronization] iOS: mixed up album art upon synchronization to device synced by iTunes
0006850: [Synchronization] Synch to iPod touch / iPhone deletes iPod-created playlists
0005519: [Help / Docs / Localization] Auto-sync > Delete Tracks content is unclear about applicability to playlists
0006153: [Tracklist] Show Art view doesn't work in the My Computer node
0007595: [Synchronization] mp3 files are auto-converted on sync to device, even when non necessary (regression)
0007214: [Synchronization] Custom device subnodes sometimes doesn't appear
0007414: [Synchronization] Synchronization gets stuck on certain files
0007523: [Synchronization] Device profile: Device profile Names
0006622: [Synchronization] Synchronization configuration improvements
0006748: [Synchronization] iPhone/Touch: Synchronization can fail in specific cases
0007704: [Main Panel] Keyboard navigation fails in Art view
0006441: [Synchronization] High CPU utilization during playback off of iPhone
0006852: [Synchronization] iPod content is missing metadata in MM interface (regression)
0005886: [Synchronization] 'Del' key doesn't always force deletion of an artist when browsing iPod
0007701: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Custom toolbar creation bugs
0007622: [Main Panel] Column Browser is missing video specific columns
0007773: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Editing 1 file in a series causes all thumbnails to be lost (regression)
0006465: [Install/Config] File Associations configuration at install should be simpler / comprehensive
       0006864: [Install/Config] MMIP files are not correctly associated
0007422: [Framework: Skinning] Minor skinning problems in 1349
0007643: [Install/Config] UX: MM first run is not a pleasant experience
0006396: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize "Copy files..." always adds copied track to library from iPhone
0007501: [Main Panel] 1353: Unselecting video doesn't re-enable analyze/level volume
0006521: [Main Panel] Tooltips not enabled for the Track Browser
0007772: [Main Panel] Maximize by double-clicking doesn't work while a video is playing
0007624: [Player] Problems viewing / selecting / playing video files with image tags (wmv/mp4) on a network
0004053: [Player] Slow setting of album art of the playing track
0007570: [Podcasts] Scanning fails to add Podcast Subscriptions to Subscriptions node (regression)
0007572: [Other] UPnP / DLNA : playing some Networked files --> crash
0007630: [Install/Config] Languages can't be installed without direct internet connection
0007463: [Tracklist] Position of tracklist reverts to the just-completed video
0007634: [Help / Docs / Localization] Minor Script-specific Localization Issues
0002439: [Install/Config] Portable version of MediaMonkey
0007608: [Framework: Skinning] Allow text colors to be changed (lighter) so that dark skins can be created
0007695: [Main Panel] Last used node should be focused ASAP after restart
0007746: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update Web node content for MM4
0007338: [Framework: Skinning] Graphic artifact below minimize button
0007623: [Player] Some tracks fail to play (regression build 1160)
0007571: [Tracklist] Art views show a single thumbnail for all tracks in a folder (regression)
0007366: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context Menu: Tree context menu items added with scripts are lost in some cases
0007661: [Other] Wrong Length for very large AVI.
0007286: [Player] Playing .mov files crashes MM
0007346: [Main Panel] 1348: Editing Properties in Now Playing changes selection
       0007576: [Main Panel] 1357: AV after restart when switching from AA+Details view to Now Playing (regression)
0007733: [DB/FileMonitor] MM should not crash when DB is stored in a location that cannot be accessed
0006930: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Art and Details window often fails to show Album Art
0006778: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to edit isn't optimized for non-Music Collections
0007709: [Main Panel] Choose Fields in Art & Details window issues
0007664: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Skinned version: Clickable URL links aren't in blue
0007758: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Add 'Convert Format...' to 'Tools' button
0007754: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning: Tracks aren't added to Podcast collection (regression)
0007752: [Install/Config] AV during initial scan (related to switching skins)
0005314: [Help / Docs / Localization] WebHelp: Switch to web-based help
       0008418: [Help / Docs / Localization] MM3 CHM Help file still included with MM4 installer
0007745: [Main Panel] Removing all tabs triggers 15s UI freeze
0007741: [Synchronization] 'Do you want to save changes' appears even when no changes have been made (regression)
0006470: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update credits for MM4
0007645: [Synchronization] Artwork to file folders lists extension twice
0007723: [Main Panel] Podcast download context button lost
0007718: [Main Panel] Switching View changes horizontal scroll position
0007714: [Main Panel] Switch to node with different view briefly loads wrong
0007719: [Other] 1368: Podcast changes Type once downloaded
0007728: [Podcasts] Properties for video podcast episodes won't open (regression)
0007140: [Main Panel] 1343: Application icon context menu missing
0007138: [Main Panel] 1343: Auto-Organizing video with thumbnail loses thumbnail in Tracklisting
0006714: [Player] Using seek at start of songs skips song
0007722: [Synchronization] Switching tabs in Device Profile triggers save setting
0007730: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Locate Moved/Missing Files window title incorrect
0007710: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Send to / Tools buttons don't indicate that they contain submenus
0007734: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Adding album art to a file that is in a huge folder can freeze MM
0007702: [Codec] Some APE files are listed with the wrong bitrate and file length
0007713: [Other] MediaMonkey launches before install process finishes
0006555: [Now Playing] Info Popup: ability to show song length
0007526: [Install/Config] Tree selection is buggy in File Type / Selection Association dialogs
0006683: [Synchronization] Clicking Auto-sync should trigger dialog re. acceptance of auto-sync changes
0007452: [Synchronization] Scanning of some MSC devices can be slow
0007213: [Synchronization] Clicking Eject button to the right of USB MS device --> AV
0007179: [Synchronization] USBMass plugin doesn't work right
0007078: [Synchronization] Include profile for Zen Vision
0006994: [Synchronization] Some device don't have Eject button
0006983: [Synchronization] Improve speed of MSC devices working under d_WMDM plug-in
0006664: [Synchronization] Default auto-conversion settings for MTP devices are incorrect
0007673: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] AV when editing genre in the Media Tree
0006476: [Synchronization] Playing a track causes auto-sync to resend it to device
0007477: [Synchronization] Map constants for 'Profiles' and 'Levels' in Supported formats
0007524: [Synchronization] Editing device name (F2) for iPods shows only half of the name (regression)
0005599: [Player] Graphical artifact when hovering mouse over the seek bar (Win XP only)
0007620: [Player] 1359: player can't play more than one track
0005952: [Help / Docs / Localization] Update strings re. the fact that file monitor is included in free version
0007087: [Main Panel] Toolbars: Custom Toolbars are not updated to MM4
0005925: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Main Panel: Tabbed views
0007048: [Main Panel] User can't return to default sort in Album Art view in Genre node
0007696: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Skinless version: Switching track in Properties flashes first tab
0006494: [Main Panel] Skinless mode: various artifacts
0007606: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Toolbars: Categorize Toolbar can't be created in MM4
0001502: [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor/Manual Rescans fail to detect tag property deletions
0007698: [Main Panel] Wrong sort order for FileSize>2GB
0007699: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] COM errors with MM4 if MM3 wasn't installed before
0007180: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Second Web Browser control on form has serious problem with Common.Anchors property [4.x]
0007246: [Install/Config] Various Options panels have graphic artifacts (off by 2 pixels)
0007469: [Main Panel] Device Panel graphical / resizing issues (skinned)
0007461: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1351: Custom Toolbar position lost outside of main toolbar
0007619: [Main Panel] Sort order affecting Views
0007502: [Playlist / Search] 1352: New Playlist value no highlighted
0006639: [Synchronization] Fixes to auto-conversions
0006670: [Synchronization] Limitations for auto-conversions formats aren't applied correctly
0006631: [Synchronization] Auto-conversion configuration improvements
0006651: [Synchronization] Device content isn't scanned automatically after MM start
0006645: [Synchronization] MM crashes on termination due to connected devices
0006600: [Synchronization] Tracks synced to a WMDM device aren't shown while the device is connected (regression)
0006233: [Synchronization] Soundcheck support for Album Gain
0007544: [Synchronization] Remove old iPod options
0007600: [Main Panel] 1357: View Options enabled in Portable Device root node
0007577: [Main Panel] Some operations can lock DB without releasing it (regression)
0007484: [Main Panel] Context menus / commands for UPnP server nodes/tracks are incorrect
0006546: [Main Panel] Display of video content needs to be optimized in the Art view
0007527: [Tracklist] Arrow keys cannot navigate AA view (regression?)
0007564: [Tracklist] Cannot Edit 'Podcast' field in place
0007599: [Other] 1357: Huge error messages
0006784: [Player] MiniPlayer: Artifacts/Strange behavior for Video Playback
0007683: [Other] AAC plugin could throw stack failure, when scanning some kind of MP4/3GPP file.
0007320: [Main Panel] MM shows black screen in Full-Window after video completes and audio begins
0007633: [Framework: Skinning] Track length doesn't display correctly in Info Pop Up
0006489: [Other] IE9 causes crashes
0007283: [Main Panel] 1346: Selected node not remembered in tabs after restart
0007591: [Other] UPnP / DLNA: auto-conversion has MP4 option even though it's not supported
0007648: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Long Genre's not displayed correctly in Genre dropdown in Properties
0007446: [Other] 1350: UPnP MM Server doesn't respect node order set in Collection
0007472: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Arrows in Properties dialog move to the wrong tracks
0007248: [Playlist / Search] 1304 Quick search "Current selection" fails to accord...
0007632: [Install/Config] Art & Details: Field configuration should be accessible via Options panel
0007498: [Player] Move video dialog should have 'middle' position indicators
0007345: [Main Panel] Show Tooltips for obscured properties --> 100% CPU utilization
0007669: [Main Panel] Podcast: Subscription window pos is not remembered
0007677: [Other] Party Mode: Prevent switching to other application feature is broken (regression)
0007684: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Problems with 'Director' field
0007688: [Main Panel] AA View keyboard navigation can 'get lost'
0007657: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Column Browser: BPM is not Available
0007618: [Main Panel] Original Date Grouping not implemented
0007666: [Other] Aero: Aero Taskbar Preview is not constant size
0007649: [Install/Config] Installer: Selecting to not make Desktop Icon is not rememebered
0007629: [Now Playing] AutoDJ: Ability to maintain more files in the Now Playing list
0007637: [Synchronization] Tracks can't be copied from iPhones to PC (regression)
0005475: [DB/FileMonitor] Filters: Library node checkbox doesn't hide library node as expected
0007480: [Playlist / Search] Clicking search bar should highlight all text
0006118: [Other] AeroFlip: App doesn't appear (on Startup) & representation is too small
0006696: [Other] Aero Flip doesn't work
0007528: [Install/Config] Add rescan dialog configuration - circular logic
0006606: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Previous and Next track button group is moveable (via Drag & Drop) on the Properties panel
0006694: [Player] Mini-player can't be moved
0007539: [Tracklist] On scan, thumbnails don't appear in AA view
0007644: [Tracklist] Triple click on video file can cause "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" error.
0007612: [Other] Mouse cursor disappears when it is above some label controls in skinned version [1351+]
0007530: [Other] Mouse disappearing in Supported Formats dialog, Content drop-down disabled when editing.
0007258: [Other] Video metadata (Producer, Director, Publisher, Actors) aren't passed through UPnP/DLNA
       0007566: [Podcasts] Windows Media Player cannot browse MM Server (regression)
0007628: [Reports/Scripts] Useless Trash folder is often created
0007578: [Install/Config] Installer overwrites custom settings
0007609: [Player] Cover doesn't look well on the player when overlay is used
0007565: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Rationalize storage location for thumbnails
0007594: [Conversion/Leveling] AV on Supported Format Config dialog
0007538: [Other] Thumbnail generation status bar is 'jumpy'
0007279: [Tracklist] 1304 track drag to filtered playlist - 5 bugs
0007569: [Install/Config] 1356: cannot install/run in some environments
0007662: [Other] Ignore Prefixes not enabled for DLNA
0007231: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1345: Toolbar buttons doesn't depress when mouse over
0007454: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 1350: Properties window doesn't remember field when switching file (non-skinned)
0007642: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Toolbars placement doesn't persist
0007515: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Generate smaller thumbnails
0005007: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Reflected album art has "inverted" color
0007550: [Playlist / Search] Drag/drop between playlists should copy by default
0007549: [Playlist / Search] Song order when copying between playlists
0007311: [Main Panel] 1346: Show Art View in My Computer node fails to show all videos
0007473: [Main Panel] 1351: Unanalyzed Volume node missing Context items
0007675: [Other] FLAC playback fails with Onkyo TX-NR 807
0007504: [Main Panel] Menu commands in titlebar disappear in some cases
0006365: [Player] Ratings in listview don't match those in player
0007378: [Framework: Skinning] Tabs in Main titlebar often flash
0007611: [Main Panel] Parental Rating as available Tree node and column
0007574: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ctrl+A doesn't work in comments, lyrics, or art description fields
0007651: [Main Panel] Root node column sort order doesn't persist after restart
0007362: [Main Panel] Tabs in Title bar: difficult to drag window
0007562: [Podcasts] Podcast: error on subscription even when Podcast subscribes correctly
0007534: [Podcasts] AV on subscribing to a specific podcast
0007437: [Podcasts] Podcasts/Downloads problems
0007510: [Tracklist] Tooltips display for tracks that are unobscured (regression)
0007297: [DB/FileMonitor] Remove unnecessary/deprecated options
0007491: [Install/Config] Portable mode text is unclear
0007272: [Tracklist] Type column should be renamed to Format, Filename column should not contain extension
0007391: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Option "Do Not show Tabs unless multiple tabs are used" needed
0007280: [Main Panel] 1346: Played # column sort incorrect
0007426: [Other] 1350: ESC fails to close Options window for certain pages
0007516: [Tracklist] Tracks in My Computer node shown twice after scanning.
0006903: [Skins] Pulse is missing Tracklist background
0007639: [Synchronization] Copying track to device can crash MM
0007635: [Reports/Scripts] 'Filelist (Excel)' created in wrong menu
0006662: [Synchronization] No default video auto-conversion settings for iPhone/iPods
0006581: [Synchronization] Add default video auto-conversion rule
0007588: [Main Panel] Art & Details window: graphical artifacts around text
0007585: [Other] Hotkey conflict: CTRL-ALT-A
0007551: [Collections (Filters)] Editing 'Entire Library' will add new collection
0007579: [Synchronization] 'Entire Library' shows up blank in Sync List
0007560: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping with "on-the-fly" option unchecked fails (regression)
0007263: [Tracklist] Drag and Drop fails (selects tracks instead)
0006866: [Other] UPnP: AV and occanional crashes when navigating twonkeymedia server
0006737: [Other] UPnP: Scanning creates a lot of duplicates
0006735: [Other] UPnP browsing resulted in AV
0006761: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Device sub-nodes aren't removable
0006966: [Conversion/Leveling] Setting parameters of xvid encoding
0006968: [Conversion/Leveling] Resampling in videoconversions.
0006487: [Now Playing] Improved Album Art / Details dialog
0006615: [DB/FileMonitor] Add/Rescan dialog UI scans files even when configured not to
0006650: [Main Panel] MM crashes on termination
0007245: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 1345: Auto-Tag from Filename <Disc#> doesn't support non-numeric values
0007511: [Main Panel] Hiding main menu can throw an error after restart (regression)
0007495: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning network files using forward slash fails to import metadata
       0007711: [Other] Scanning of tVersity media files into MM library no longer works (regression)
0007434: [Codec] MM fails to recognize absence of codecs wrt thumbnail generation
0007234: [Tracklist] One column added when switching from AA w/ Details to Details [1343-1345]
0007455: [Help / Docs / Localization] Auto-Convert documentation re. Track Leveling vs Album leveling
0007457: [Main Panel] Skinning: vertical scroll bar in tracklist doesn't work well on huge library
0004282: [Other] Problems with downloading of specific podcasts
0007381: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tooltips fail to display for various menu items (regression)
0007189: [Player] Video Zoom functionality doesn't act in relation to Video resolution
0007407: [Install/Config] In some circumstances, MediaMonkey generates endless AVs on startup
0007490: [Main Panel] AV on MM4 startup
0007589: [Other] UPnP: auto-conversion to wmv
0007627: [Podcasts] Error download dialog problems
0007503: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 1352: director(s), producer(s) and actor(s) values incorrectly sorted
0007640: [Player] Video Playback: No way to double-click to switch between Art & Details and Full Window modes
0006937: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Any video file type should not have analyze/level volume menus
0007405: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Standard Toolbar Edit Function opens Playlist Properties dialog in some cases
0007518: [Main Panel] Navigating "Entire Library > Files To Edit > Duplicate Titles" node throws AV
0005561: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Track Properties: CTRL-Z (undo) fails in complex scenarios
0007386: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Compatible media formats dialog should be resizable
0007487: [Main Panel] # column arrow glyph too far left
0007471: [Main Panel] Column settings not remembered for playlists
0007399: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Length missing as field in Art & Details
0007285: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Single file Play Now doesn't work (regression)
0007308: [Main Panel] Multiple files selected when not intended
0007433: [Main Panel] Album Art with Details view: selecting tracks using keyboard can throw an AV
0007355: [Player] OGM, RM Video formats don't scan / indicate file length
0007512: [Install/Config] Name changes for language files/links
0007475: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Display basic video properties in Properties' details tab
0007460: [Podcasts] AV when podcast isn't found in its expected location
0007247: [Tracklist] Tracklist # sort leaves wrong disjoint selection (regression)
0007430: [Tracklist] Switch to Video node (Art View) --> AV
0007436: [Podcasts] Downloading to many Podcasts results in a crash
0007411: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 1349: Rating playing video changes aspect ratio
0000243: [Conversion/Leveling] 'Secure' Ripping and New CD/DVD Playback engine
0006982: [Burning / Disc Handling] Secure Read fails on some drives
0007631: [Other] Some dialogs are unreadable (regression)
0007580: [Synchronization] MTP Synchronization takes ~5-10s to initiate (regression)
0007625: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties -> Classification -> Playlists visual tweaks
0007593: [Skins] New Tools Icon
0007533: [Conversion/Leveling] Simultaneous conversion of WMV to MP4 results in errors
0007607: [Framework: Skinning] MM4 Skin Framework regressions
0007556: [Player] Party Mode: Users can edit artwork
0007567: [Install/Config] MediaMonkey exe file discriptions should be changed from 'Audio Library'
0007545: [Codec] Some 96kHz 24b WAV files are not playable
0007529: [Playlist / Search] Search fails for the last track in the Now Playing list
0005913: [Install/Config] Upgrade to InnoSetup 5.4
       0007520: [Install/Config] Portable mode: stores lots of data to the desktop (instead of the portable drive)
0007537: [Player] AV during thumbnail generation / playback for an MPG file
0007292: [Player] Playing Video: No input plugin used
0007467: [Framework: Skinning] Minimize to miniplayer / microplayer icon is too low on full-screen window
0007575: [Other] UPnP client: in-place editing should be disabled
0007584: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Create Reports missing entries
0007568: [Podcasts] Podcast directory: Delete function is missing
0007517: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] "Automatically analyze volume..." doesn't persist
0007543: [Install/Config] InnoSetup Custom Messages duplicates used in MM script.
0007432: [Other] 1350: Crash when media server is browsed (regression)
0007167: [Main Panel] Collections: changes to view assigned to playlist doesn't persist
0007573: [DB/FileMonitor] Add/Rescan dialog: Add folder functionality doesn't appear to work
0007586: [Collections (Filters)] On clean install, some nodes have no column settings (regression)
0007343: [Main Panel] 1348: Entire Library Collection Options empty
0007052: [Install/Config] Automatically generated/retrieved metadata shouldn't be stored to a temp folder
0007468: [Main Panel] Menu in titlebar is white / doesn't look good when selected
0007513: [Install/Config] Language installer should support versioning
0007352: [Tracklist] Pressing CTRL locks selection (regression)
0007450: [Player] Video: Audio Playback
0006775: [Collections (Filters)] Remove 'Show Tree Shortcuts' from Tree context menus
0007431: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Too large images cannot be stored into tag
0007190: [Main Panel] Resizing video causes artifacts in main panel
0007305: [Player] 1346: Video screen doesn't close after video finishes (regression)
0007300: [Other] 1346: UPnP crash when browsing AVI files (regression)
0007255: [Player] UPnP downloads entire file before playing video
0007209: [DB/FileMonitor] 1344: Error on DB Upgrade (regression)
0007496: [Main Panel] 1352: Album Art missing in My Computer node
0007479: [Main Panel] Sorting of fractional characters is incorrect (regression)
0007253: [Playlist / Search] 1345: Search issues
0007462: [Playlist / Search] 1351 Performing searches --> freeze
0007481: [Player] Double-click location subnodes --> AV
0007389: [Main Panel] Switch from full screen to mini player can throw an AV (regression)
0007164: [Help / Docs / Localization] Danish translation addon
0007388: [Main Panel] 1349 can throw AV in Windows XP
0007134: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping can cause AV when 'Verify ripped tracks' is selected
0007137: [Main Panel] 1343: Changing view in Playlist node isn't remembered
0007326: [DB/FileMonitor] Implement FLV format plug-in
0007371: [Main Panel] 1348: Keyboard navigation broken in Explorer Tree (Regression)
0007443: [Other] Update to 'file type' icons
0007474: [Install/Config] 256x256 Compressed OS icons don't display at high resolution
0007367: [Main Panel] Right-clicked tree node is not highlighted [MM4]
0007424: [Player] 1349: Switching between Art & Details and Video screen prompts subitle error again
0007091: [Skins] "Stop After Current" button on the player doesn't reflect state
0007451: [Other] No way to limit space for auto-converted media files
0007110: [Synchronization] USBMass device plugin Scans Device on each startup
0003587: [Other] Podcasts: Configure # of simultaneous downloads
0007403: [Collections (Filters)] Disabled Actor(s) node appears in Music Collection (regression)
0006742: [Podcasts] Podcast UI issues
0007428: [Other] 1350: UPnP MM Server Playlists open infinitely (Regression)
0007459: [Player] WASAPI: MM isn't correctly terminated if Now Playing is finished
0007427: [Hotkeys] Left and Right arrow keys don't work in the main tree
0007216: [Synchronization] No way to manually sync Playlists
0007233: [Player] 1345: Can't configure waveOut plugin
0007456: [Main Panel] Middle button can't be used for scrolling (regression)
0007442: [Other] Update to default icon set
       0006569: [Skins] New icons / images for various Collections / Tree nodes
0007412: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Script Installation Issues
0007435: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDBFileSystem: Tweaks
0007398: [Main Panel] Choose fields dialog: Black artifacts around buttons
0007144: [Main Panel] 1343: Dialogs have transparent borders
0007394: [Podcasts] Not all episodes detected of windows phone podcast
0007416: [Framework: Skinning] Tabs features
0007420: [Main Panel] Tabs Background in Windows XP
0007423: [Framework: Skinning] Device Capacity Indicator colors should be skinnable
0007242: [Other] Cannot delete track(s) from the tracklist of some custom node
0007176: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Modal Dialog: Showing Modal Dialogs from Options hides Options dialog (Regression)
0006965: [Conversion/Leveling] Framerate conversions
0007425: [Main Panel] Aero issues in Embedded DeviceConfig dialog (skinless mode)
0007027: [Player] Full screen Video Playback: Playing Issues
0007385: [Now Playing] Art View: Double-click Album with 1 track --> Nothing happens (regression)
0007415: [Tracklist] Sync button in tree doesn't work
0007349: [Other] Send to -> Folder (Copy) doesn't work for URLs
0007400: [Other] MPEG4 (XVID) codec is missing in autoconversion dialogs for MP4
0007075: [Tracklist] Focus on file in tracklist is lost after stopping Video
0006898: [Help / Docs / Localization] No Tooltip for + Menu button
0006899: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Change 'Collapse the tree' default behaviour
0007409: [Tracklist] Options > Edit Collection edits the wrong collection
0007194: [Other] Copyright notice needs to be updated to 2011
0007165: [Other] Hide self-defined media server(s)
0007382: [Codec] MediaMonkey fails to play videos with WM file extension
0006716: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBApplicationEvents::OnTracklistModified event needed
0006939: [Reports/Scripts] Scripting: Dialogs are resizable (regression)
0007173: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Error because VarType(SDBSongData.FileLength) = 20 while it should be = 3 as before
       0008493: [Synchronization] Bottom left corner shows 10.000 x too much iPod space
0006976: [Player] Video playback UI improvements
0007175: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Property SDB.MainTree.Node_XXX.Expanded = True/False doesn't work (regression)
0007334: [Tracklist] Art Browser: Display of Art is delayed
0007318: [Main Panel] 1346: Edit of Artist or Actor in Explorer Tree results in Jump to another node
0007339: [Other] Media Sharing settings: root Collections checkbox doesn't work
0007344: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanned Video Podcasts don't appear in the library as expected (regression)
0007361: [Other] Fix Auto-conversion settings in Disk Burning Wizard
0007363: [Other] Scanning .mkv file, that is not in Matroska format, leads to runtime error
0007002: [Main Panel] Video fields can't be edited in place
0007324: [Other] Subscriptions and Actors(s) nodes aren't available via UPnP/DLNA server
0006867: [Other] UPnP: all nodes are displayed with an expansion indicator
0007301: [Other] Media sharing: Fix Auto-convesion tab and default criteria
       0007581: [Other] 1357: Supported formats don't save for Media Server
0006865: [Playlist / Search] Find more from same switches Collections
0007109: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Main Menu: After Party Mode Main Menu is not shown correctly
0006595: [Main Panel] MM can look unresponsive after bringing up context menu
0007365: [Player] Playback stops in specific situation with hotkeys
0007360: [Main Panel] Closing of options dialog can crash
0007262: [Main Panel] 1345: Right click Column, Choose Columns opens first tab
0003138: [Help / Docs / Localization] Album Artist context help is grammatically incorrect
0005286: [Help / Docs / Localization] Context help: clarify UTF-16 tagging
0005285: [Help / Docs / Localization] Context Help: explain use of ',' to separate multiple entries
0007251: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging and playing of very large MP4 files does not work.
0007295: [Main Panel] Actors column can't be sorted
0007276: [Playlist / Search] Search on Actors, Producer fields fails
0007210: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Main menu placed incorrectly on XP installs
0007260: [Other] Media server doesn't work correctly for "Avox Indio Mini" and "X4-Tech IR-120"
0007288: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Incorrect placement of tabs bar
0007198: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Improve Main Menu / Tabs layout to preserve vertical space
0006690: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] OnTotalPlaybackEnd event needed
0007267: [Other] Media server doesn't work with WMP (regression)
0007221: [Reports/Scripts] Scripting: Add methods for modifying internal MM variables.
0005421: [Player] Player seek bar is out of sync with audio
0006705: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBPlaylist::RemoveTrackUnconditionally method needed
0006711: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] ISDBApplication::PlaylistByNode property needed
0006587: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Implement ISDBApplication::PlaylistByID
0007103: [Install/Config] File Types: Playable but not tagable file types are not Importable
0007108: [Other] UPnP streaming problems when auto-conversion is too slow
0007082: [Main Panel] Searching artist while scanning tracks can cause AV
0007055: [Tracklist] Art Browser doesn't display correct Artwork for Video files
0007049: [Main Panel] Pressing Play button can cause AV
0007254: [Other] "Favorites - 1 Audio CD Worth (74 Min)" playlist doesn't work over UPnP
0007296: [Main Panel] Click middle button should open new tab for the node that is currently hovered over
0007287: [Skins] Aero player text does not center correctly
0007224: [Player] Aero player docked to top does not look right
0007306: [Now Playing] Auto-DJ settings aren't saved
0007309: [Hotkeys] Cannot use certain keys (ie MM hotkeys) when using plugin or plugin interface
0007294: [Synchronization] Device config size counting tweak
0007329: [Tracklist] Delete tracks from Locations node --> List index out of bounds
0007261: [Other] Media server doesn't work with "Samsung LED-TV UE55-C7700" and "Samsung BluRay BD-C6900"
0007316: [DB/FileMonitor] DB maintenance: Optimize DB (complete) is too slow
0007277: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn wizard isn't updated for Collections
       0007370: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn Wizard: Disc Content Wizard step issues
0007289: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Toolbar Configurations UI issues
0007284: [Skins] AA w/ details background color incorrect
0007281: [Main Panel] Enabling Track Browser while Art Browser is active --> unintended consequences
0005295: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Now Playing: # column contents are hidden even when the column is wide enough to contain them
0007203: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1344: Custom toolbars aren't saved
0007278: [Main Panel] Subnodes of Entire Library configuration doesn't reflect in main tree (regression)
0007302: [Main Panel] 1346: Tooltip cut off for highlighted track
0007238: [Now Playing] 1345: Now Playing can't handle umlauts in filename
0007315: [DB/FileMonitor] DB maintenance: Move rebuilding of full-text search index to a separate checkbox
0007157: [Conversion/Leveling] Converting to XVID without MM codec pack and with other version of FFDShow installed leads to AV.
0007168: [Framework: Tagging] AVI tagging bugs
0007151: [DB/FileMonitor] Upgrade from version 2.5 -> 4.0 fails
0007177: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SDB.SelectedSongList.Count is not correct after SDBForm.ShowModal [b1343]
0007273: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] If a script is presented as both local and global then it is running twice
0006961: [Main Panel] Columns change order after switching views
0006490: [Synchronization] New Sync UI
       0006492: [Skins] Large icons for common devices
0007169: [Other] MediaMonkey UPnP renderer doesn't work right with some clients
0007117: [Other] On-the-fly auto-conversion fails for some UPnP/DLNA clients
0007068: [Other] On clean install UPnP server sometimes fails to start
0007047: [Synchronization] Error dialog hides the nature of the error
0006642: [Playlist / Search] Search Dialog needs to be updated to support Collections
0007178: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging non-MP4 file with MP4 extension destroys the file.
0007202: [Podcasts] Optimize database deletes episodes that haven't been downloaded yet
0007086: [Other] MM4: Played # increase When tracks are pplayed over DLNA/uPNP
0002937: [Synchronization] Auto-Sync: Isn't useful for selecting some types of Music (e.g. classical, unsubscribed podcasts)
0007081: [Main Panel] Possible AV when user changes toolbars
0007129: [Synchronization] Device Config: 'Hide selected items' doesn't work right (regression)
0007193: [Now Playing] Switching to Now Playing containing a video --> Freeze
0005727: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files to Edit > Unsynchronized tracks doesn't report some unsynced tracks (for non ID3v1 fields)
0005194: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] MM Unsynchronized Tags fails to show the difference highlight for the comment and composer field
0007135: [Main Panel] 1343: Track Browser Jump To typing fails to update Tracklisting
0007076: [Main Panel] 'List index out of bounds' on switch to Video node
0006449: [Synchronization] MTP Plugin uses .pla playlist files which aren't recognized by some devices
0007220: [Other] Limited Summary mask length
0007128: [Properties/Auto-Tools] File Deletion in My Computer node --> crash
0006471: [Player] Stop background threads in output plug-ins when they are not in use
0007232: [Tracklist] Albums remain hidden after switching from the Art Browser
0007218: [Synchronization] Device image isn't transparent (regression)
0007170: [Other] Media server doesn't work with PS3
0006611: [Now Playing] Access Violation: Art & Details Window
0006776: [Podcasts] Change 'Scenarist' to 'Screenwriter'
0005926: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Track Browser state doesn't persist
0007004: [Framework: Skinning] Compatibility of MM3 and MM4 skins
0007096: [Main Panel] Sorting using new video fields doesn't work well
0007124: [Synchronization] Device config is only partially converted from MM3 -> MM4
0006614: [Framework: Skinning] New graphic required for unknown video Art
0006507: [Framework: Skinning] Player modes don't support all contexts, yet buttons are not context-sensitive
0007195: [Playlist / Search] Video Adoption: Better Handling of Actor(s) in Video Collection
0007207: [Main Panel] 1344: Album Art Browser fails when new tab is opened
0006613: [Tracklist] AA View: Groups expand by themselves
0007264: [Other] Media server isn't detected by some Sony TVs
0007083: [Collections (Filters)] Filters from MM3 are not migrated to Collections in MM4
0007186: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] TVirtualTree not fully Fixed (Regression)
0007259: [Podcasts] Typing podcast feed URL into subscribe box leads to error
0007114: [Main Panel] Can not show/hide certain tree nodes
0006869: [Tracklist] Ampersand appears twice in Album Artist field (regression)
0007229: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Trying to create a new collection throws AV
0006977: [Framework: Skinning] Collection Options up/down button groups are move-able/misaligned
0006986: [Player] Player Pulse Skin: Context Menu Mising
0006567: [Tracklist] Option to disable grouping in album art view
0007227: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1345: Show Track Browser always disabled (regression)
0007230: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1345: View toolbar button doesn't work in NP node
0006619: [Framework: Skinning] Can't change font color in extensions window
0007200: [Other] Overuse of Glass effect in MM4
0007241: [Other] Last selected tab on application exit not displayed at start
0007228: [Main Panel] "Show tooltips for obscured track properties" doesn't work [1343-1345]
0007122: [Tracklist] MediaMonkey.m3u should always be written with BOM for Compatibility
0007265: [Other] Newly added media server isn't enabled by default
0007274: [Main Panel] Find more from same Folder (Library) doesn't affect media tree (regression)
0006987: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] My Computer tree: Find More from same behavior is wrong
0007266: [Main Panel] 1345: Mousover highlights wrong or no column header
0007225: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] StopTime Return Zero unless set. (Regression)
0007211: [Other] Some podcasts always use a single filename causing files to overwrite one another
0007174: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Ampersand (&) doesn't display in "Art & Details" on View menu
0007215: [Player] 1344: Stop after current state disconnect
0007154: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize rule dialog has wrong icons (regression)
0007199: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved/Missing tracks dialog is misformatted (regression)
0007197: [Main Panel] Art browser missing in View menu
0007196: [Player] Minimize to MicroPlayer is enabled in unskinned (Regression)
0005792: [Now Playing] Track Browser should be disabled when Now Playing node is active
0007192: [Main Panel] 1344: Hide this Column results in SQL error, MM crash (regression)
0007201: [Other] 1344: MediaMonkey is using the wrong file icons
0006495: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Combination Play button
0007172: [Main Panel] 1343: Horizontal resize hides right panel in Portable Device node
0007212: [DB/FileMonitor] 1344: Error when enabling/disabling columns (regression)
0006768: [Collections (Filters)] Custom collection icons don't show up in config UI
0007185: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1343: ALbum Art Browser and Track Browser enabled in Now Playing mode
0007206: [Main Panel] 1344: New Tab is missing collections name from tab title
0007064: [DB/FileMonitor] Improve usability of Add/Scan dialog
0007115: [Other] Title is lost when sending an UPnP track to a playlist
0007182: [Other] 1343: Podcast don't show Date over MediaMonkey Server UPnP
0007147: [Framework: Tagging] AVI & WAV (RIFF) UTF-8 and ASCII tagging Compatibility
0007127: [Install/Config] License keys not accepted when username contains non-latin characters (regression)
0007093: [Main Panel] Album Art view + details: sorting indicator doesn't appear (regression)
0007039: [Conversion/Leveling] Video Conversions: Send to -> Rip/Covert shows Audio Formats not Video
0007092: [Main Panel] Art View: sorting via Album and Album Artist doesn't work (regression)
0007152: [Playlist / Search] Confirm Playlist Duplicate dialog off the screen
0007153: [Main Panel] VirtualTree: node selection and background defined in skin doesn't work (regression)
0007143: [Skins] 1343: Expand/Collapse icons fail for msz compressed skins
0007155: [Main Panel] Mouse: Inline editing do not work
0007183: [Install/Config] Options -> OS integration panel hides some extensions
0007171: [Synchronization] Error messages on startup when device connected
0007133: [Main Panel] VirtualTree: horizontal scroll isn't visible until user use it
0007132: [Main Panel] VirtualTree border isn't shown correctly in skinned version (regression)
0007131: [Main Panel] Right-click on tracklist in Download node can cause an AV
0007158: [Main Panel] Song Properties dialog: Scrolling in Album Art tab will scroll just labels, but images/edits stay at their position (regression)
0007062: [DB/FileMonitor] INSERT to scan UPnP server fails to scan correct directory
0007149: [Other] 1343 Add/Rescan dialog is missing checkboxes (regression)
0007136: [Synchronization] 1343: Device Capacity area flickers when mousing over the player seek bar
0007142: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1343: Pressing Alt focusses Now Playing Controls toolbar
0006936: [Playlist / Search] Find more from same should be adapted to Video
0006522: [Main Panel] Item jumps when selecting in Track Browser
0007161: [Framework: Skinning] blank Header Background
0007160: [Main Panel] 1343: AA+D view is missing transparency on Album Art
0007095: [Main Panel] Player flickering when moving mouse hover player
0007098: [Tracklist] AV error with Ctrl+Space in Album Art with Detail view mode
0007166: [Main Panel] Art View: tooltips only display a subset of data
0006686: [Framework: Tagging] Tag field: Parental Rating
0006637: [Playlist / Search] Search triggers crash in some specific cases (regression)
0006905: [Podcasts] MM fails to download podcasts via browser (regression)
0007029: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning terminate sometimes doesn't work
0007044: [Main Panel] Right-click on Video title in AA view => AV
0006777: [Collections (Filters)] Collection Default settings
0006868: [Playlist / Search] Search 'Entire Library' node fails in some cases
0006975: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Track properties: Tab order is incorrect
0006505: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tabs
       0006557: [Playlist / Search] Search configuration settings don't take effect until restart (regression)
0007150: [Help / Docs / Localization] Language.po file cannot be edited in new versions of poedit
0007118: [Player] AVs on video play, when MM3 is installed too
0007119: [Other] There is COM objects collision, if MM3 and MM4 are running parallely
0007065: [Collections (Filters)] Collections: "Parental Rating" is not available as criteria
0007125: [Main Panel] Track tooltips for audio displays also video metadata and vice versa
0007088: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: <Producer> Mask is not used correctly (Regression)
0007061: [Tracklist] Scanned UPnP files don't display Thumbnails for linked images in Art View
0007089: [Player] Missing Audio codecs are not reported
0007077: [Player] Play corrupted video file --> AV
0006963: [Main Panel] Art Views sometimes fails to show Art (or show single image for multiple video files)
0007107: [Synchronization] Device options: device image doesn't get changed on skinless version
0006246: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add 'Skipped #' column
0007097: [Main Panel] 'Edit album properties' show even when it shouldn't
0007080: [DB/FileMonitor] MediaMonkey can't read tags for files on network shares/NAS 1342 (regression)
0007123: [Burning / Disc Handling] File converted to WAV always shows length 6:45:47
0007032: [Playlist / Search] Edit Playlist: Name field doesn't display well
0007066: [DB/FileMonitor] Pressing ENTER in add/rescan folders dialog always triggers scan
0007104: [Player] out_WASAPI output plugin is not always gapless
0007085: [Install/Config] INI: DBName from MM3 INI is included in MM4 INI instead of ignored due the Database path change
0007054: [Other] List index out of bounds on MM termination
0006940: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Video columns are missing for Auto-tag from filename
0006935: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Video metadata lookup
0006691: [Main Panel] Album Art + Details view: cells are sometimes with black border (Regression)
0006534: [Now Playing] Auto-DJ is always active - even when it shouldn't be
0007094: [Main Panel] Resizing of the Art Browser doesn't respect aspect ratio
0007126: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Ampersand (&) doesn't display in Tab titles
0006617: [Tracklist] Tracklist shows tracks as focused even when they aren't
0007071: [Reports/Scripts] Some scripts don't install correctly (regression)
0007079: [Tracklist] AA / AA+Details view: tracklist jumps during video scanning
0006964: [Main Panel] Playlist Views seem to change randomly
0006678: [Main Panel] Columns change when MM 3.2 is used together with MM 4.0
0006995: [Synchronization] Add detailed USB ID to Device Profile
0007059: [Other] Creation or deletion of UPnP server with 'Allow Control...' enabled --> AV
0007063: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion of AVI (MJPEG) to WMV crashes MM
0007060: [Tracklist] Thumbnail generation/display for Home Videos is problematic
0007069: [Main Panel] Now Playing Node causes Art Browser / Column Browser views to display incorrectly
0007057: [Tracklist] Scrolling in AA view can cause AV
0007072: [Codec] Thumbnail is not generated without codec pack for some video types.
0007073: [DB/FileMonitor] MM UI flashes when scanning files (regression)
0000513: [Player] Add Video support to MediaMonkey
0006394: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Automatic generation of video thumbnails
0006675: [Player] MicroPlayer doesn't appear in MM3
0006451: [Playlist / Search] Selection of tracks can change playlist order
       0007693: [Playlist / Search] Playlists: Can't move second track to first position (or last but one to last position)
0007036: [Other] Deleting UPnP server --> freeze
0006589: [Playlist / Search] Context commands missing on root nodes
0007030: [Other] AV on first-time run
0006997: [Main Panel] AV on switching Views
0000534: [Other] Ability to share / stream library to other machines
       0006548: [Other] UPnP server browsing is sometimes impossible because server list can't be refreshed
0006949: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 1155 Find more from Same > Year mislabelled
0006992: [Main Panel] Some keys don't work well in Device Config showed in the main window
0007038: [Install/Config] Unskinned mode: Clicking Tools > Options --> AV
0006981: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tagging changes do not persist (regression)
0006588: [Install/Config] Default Art & Details View Settings by Type
0006547: [Tracklist] Some View settings don't persist as expected
0006938: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] AA View doesn't offer useful context menus
0006941: [Player] Playback sometimes doesn't crossfade
0006621: [Framework: Skinning] Art and Details View displays black border for video collections
0007043: [Main Panel] Loading of album art can freeze MM for a long time
0006733: [Tracklist] Art&Details view: Sort by Artwork --> AV
0007035: [Synchronization] Double Click on Video file on MTP device --> AV
0007045: [Other] UPnP images scanned into library become inaccessible for routers with dynamic IP
0007046: [Collections (Filters)] Changing file Type doesn't show assigned Collection
0007050: [Main Panel] Initial scanning of Thumbnails is faulty
0007051: [Main Panel] Switch to Video Collection (Art view) --> List index out of bounds
0006512: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context-sensitive Toolbars
0006431: [Synchronization] Tracks from the sync list that didn't sync appear on device
0006671: [Install/Config] Access violation: on accepting configuration changes
0006608: [Podcasts] Updating podcast progress bar is no longer needed
0005953: [DB/FileMonitor] Combine Add/Rescan and File Monitor functionality
       0006656: [DB/FileMonitor] Add/Scan dialog: enabling/disabling checkbox doesn't change selection
0006300: [Synchronization] Occasional crash on exit when a device is connected (regression)
0006669: [Synchronization] 'Syncing...' message remains after deletion of a track from iPhone (regression)
0006486: [Player] MicroPlayer doesn't appear in Win XP (regression)
0006661: [Main Panel] AV when cancelling options dialog (regression)
0005868: [Main Panel] Useless track drop offered
0006649: [Synchronization] MTP Devices are not fully browsable (regression)
0006988: [Player] WASAPI: Playback Issues
0006704: [Framework: Skinning] Popup display issues
0007031: [Main Panel] 'Canvas' error on switching to Podcast node
0007034: [Conversion/Leveling] Video autoconverts to incorrect aspect ratio
0006627: [DB/FileMonitor] Video Thumbnail generation problems
0006005: [Burning / Disc Handling] AccurateRip for verification of disc rips
       0006972: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Configuration inacessible from the Rip CD dialog
0006668: [Other] Expanding UPnP server crashes MM (regression)
0006667: [DB/FileMonitor] Incaccesible UPnP tracks scanned into library can crash MM when playling
0006629: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning of UPnP servers doesn't work properly
0006635: [Codec] out_wave plugin cannot play multichannel audio in Windows 7
0006634: [Other] User cannot cancel/resume/pause multiple downloads
0006596: [Other] List index out of bounds and other AVs in Build 1318
0006633: [Other] Add/Rescan Folders tree cannot be controlled by using keyboard (regression)
0006591: [Main Panel] Art View and Art + Details view don't scroll smoothly
0002165: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'My Computer' node infers properties of tracks that are already in the DB
0006574: [Main Panel] Track Browser Configurability Per Collection
0006985: [Main Panel] AA View: Scrolling through Video tracklist crashes MM
0006536: [Framework: Skinning] Disabled icons display poorly
0006655: [Synchronization] MTP devices: Inability to remove tracks from MM interface
0006643: [Burning / Disc Handling] DVD / Audio CD Play menus are available only in Auto-Play
0006545: [Main Panel] Art View Performance / display issues
0003374: [Synchronization] Autosync List Filters don't actually filter tracks
0006509: [Playlist / Search] Playlists should display using appropriate view settings
0006999: [Synchronization] AV on connection of MTP Device (regression)
0007001: [Synchronization] Device icon isn't shown on skinless version
0006991: [Player] Internal Visualizer doesn't work well with WASAPI plug-in (Exclusive mode)
0006624: [Framework: Skinning] First 2 MM dialogs don't display correctly
0006626: [Player] Video fails to display in some cases
0006577: [Playlist / Search] New Settings / Improved search mode defaults
0006503: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Change Tree Shortcuts toolbar default settings
0006721: [Playlist / Search] Search dialog isn't video fields ready
0006565: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Genres list should only show Genres used within a Collection
0006568: [Other] Reduce number of background threads
0006366: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Support for "itunes:duration" metadata
0005404: [Synchronization] Configure prortable Device still takes too long and freezes MM (Optimization)
0001293: [Other] Download Manager
0004955: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ability to easily get rid of Non-Ascii characters when writing files
0005130: [Properties/Auto-Tools] The <Extension> mask evaluates to cda when ripping
0006960: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Clicking 'Collapse the tree' changes the view
0006762: [Synchronization] Unplugging iPhone while its content is being scanned => crash
0006808: [Player] WASAPI plugin crashes MM on playback of some files
0006932: [Player] Player text doesn't scroll (regression)
0006251: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging an image to FLAC files sometimes fails
0006970: [Main Panel] MM can get to state where it doesn't start
0006562: [Tracklist] Sorting/Grouping fails in Artwork views (regression)
0006511: [Collections (Filters)] New Collections UI
0006472: [Now Playing] Now Playing Window should be aligned with tracklist window
0004242: [Playlist / Search] Add support for .m3u8 (UTF-8 encoded playlists)
       0007825: [DB/FileMonitor] Playlists with non-standard characters don't import (regression)
0006409: [Player] Video Playback: mode rotation is confusing
0006452: [DB/FileMonitor] MM Crashes on start
0006022: [Playlist / Search] Advanced queries: Several Date fields can't search by specific date
0006552: [Player] NON-Skinned: Seek bar have space artifacts when used on high res
0004410: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tags (all attributes) are written even nothing is changed in Properties.
0004577: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Ability to set Played Values Manually within Scripts
0005817: [Other] Windows Media Audio Redirector .WAX file format support
0006738: [Other] Remove dependencies on UnZip32.dll
0006902: [Install/Config] Initial startup doesn't function correctly (regression)
0006929: [Codec] Audio Artifacts: static when playing FLAC / WAV files (regression)
0006702: [Player] WASAPI output plugin stutters
0006870: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from Web: Artwork is not getting tagged (regression)
0006787: [Player] WASAPI output plugin outputs to wrong device
0006851: [Framework: Skinning] Tracklist background from skin is ignored
0006789: [DB/FileMonitor] Failure to update DB from MM 3.2.2
0006739: [Framework: Tagging] Field Mapping Tweaks
0006743: [Main Panel] View toolbar can be partially hidden
0006736: [Other] UPnP: Tracks shared by Windows always show artists twice
0006446: [Other] Unskinned: PopUpInfoPanel does not show ampersand ( & ) character
0006663: [Synchronization] Device cannot be configured while 'updating' is in progress
0006772: [Synchronization] Clicking node of device that's being scanned -> AV
0006774: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties dialog: Buttons and field headers slightly misaligned
0006773: [Main Panel] Sometimes empty web page with download panel will show up at startup (regression)
0006781: [Main Panel] Re-Scanning <User>\Desktop Folder adds multiple user folders under Location
0006453: [DB/FileMonitor] Default video metadata is often missing / incorrect
0006779: [Other] UPnP auto-conversion isn't disabled for free version of MM
0006575: [Tracklist] Different content Types should have different Properties window layouts
       0006569: [Skins] New icons / images for various Collections / Tree nodes
       0006572: [Now Playing] Per Type Playback Rules for Auto-DJ & Track Addition
       0006571: [Now Playing] Title summary should vary dependent on content Type
0006788: [Collections (Filters)] Edit Collections context menu isn't disabled in Free version
0005788: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tagging WMV/ASF files
0006566: [Other] Update Splashscreen for MM4
0006605: [Framework: Skinning] Custom Collection Icons
0006601: [Framework: Skinning] Panel border behavior is inconsistent
0006603: [Framework: Skinning] Strange behavior for panels in main tracklist
0006718: [Player] Stop after Current Track doesn't work (regression)
0006703: [Player] Microplayer popup overlaps with regular popup
0006701: [Skins] Microplayer Popup: Now Playing doesn't display correctly (regression)
0006698: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass Edit of non-music file types is problematic
0006553: [Install/Config] out_WASAPI Not included in installation
0005464: [Other] No icons in "Rollup" menu (to change to mini/microplayer)
0006688: [Framework: Skinning] menu022 icon doesn't work correctly
0006681: [Other] MediaMonkey icon in titlebar isn't centered correctly
0006677: [Framework: Skinning] Tree isn't drawn based on skin settings in Add/Scan dialog and Auto-Sync list dialog
0006697: [Playlist / Search] Art Browser doesn't work (regression)
0006474: [Burning / Disc Handling] Regression: CD Insertion fails to import CD metadata
0006665: [Framework: Skinning] '-' Appears in Player
0006528: [Framework: Skinning] No obvious means of minimizing to the Mini/Micro player
0006657: [Framework: Skinning] Art & Details window: text background should match AA background
0006607: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: Player ratings should support transparency
0006275: [Synchronization] Playback fails for (some?) MTP devices
0006652: [Player] Clicking 'Next' or 'Previous' rapidly 2x triggers error (regression)
0005857: [Synchronization] MSC auto-sync fails to delete emptied folder
0006653: [Synchronization] Disconnection of MTP Device --> AV
0006620: [Synchronization] Device configuration should disappear when a device is disconnected
0006570: [Main Panel] Tracklist tooltips should display more content
0006623: [Tracklist] Art & Details View: fails to refresh sometimes
0006408: [Player] Video Playback - Full screen mode: UI artifacts
0006237: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties: Add new 'Start Time' and 'Stop Time' fields
0006527: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Performance: Screen redraws are visible in Tabs/context toolbar
0006610: [Playlist / Search] Search toolbar is missing UI elements on clean install
0006618: [Player] Player seek bar shows time in incorrect format
0006612: [Install/Config] Misc. Defaults for MM4
0005933: [Synchronization] Playlist Sync: Linux Folder separator
0006594: [Synchronization] Device Config: Some CheckBox UI Objects are transparent
0006602: [Framework: Skinning] First navigation toolbar icon should be changed
0006526: [Other] Splash screen hides confirmation dialogs
0006203: [Playlist / Search] Track paste can go to wrong position
0006549: [Install/Config] Video Files should be associated by default
0006245: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web: request is sometimes throttled
0006389: [Playlist / Search] MM can freeze when user tries to remove a playlist including hundreds of child playlists
0006554: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Net Radio: Double click on Shoutcast/Icecast open Web tree listing
0006435: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add video properties
0006544: [DB/FileMonitor] Pressing 'Insert' while on a Location > Samba node doesn't transfer correct path to Add/Scan Folders dialog
0006230: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Blue Glass skin: Selected text doesn't get highlighted in quick search
0006263: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Containg XML Formatting Unicode descriptions are not Imported correctly
0006325: [Other] Player initialization error and AV on close
0005641: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Time tooltip on Seekbar do not disappear
0003210: [Synchronization] Audio files are deleted when they shouldn't be deleted
0006502: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ability to modify Type
0005290: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Illegal characters explicitly entered for filenames aren't prevented
0006277: [Tracklist] Data type of the File Size field should be int64
0006383: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Custom date format does not display properly in MM
0006204: [Player] out_MMDS can fail to output audio in same cases
0006407: [Player] Video Playback - Full screen mode: mouse interaction problems
0006406: [Player] Video Playback Freezes
0006444: [Synchronization] Write only one album art file to a folder
0006550: [Player] Volume Control: Reversed on Non-Skinned Version
0005631: [DB/FileMonitor] It is not clear what "Clear Library" is going to do
0005710: [Other] MP3 files get classified as Podcasts
0005910: [Framework: Skinning] Dropdown object should be configurable/skinnable/resizable
0006563: [Help / Docs / Localization] Remove Tips at startup
0006532: [Player] Running MM for extended periods triggers AV / Crash
0006271: [Player] Winamp: IPC_GETRATING Compatibility issue with some plugins
0005472: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Navigation toolbar buttons sometimes expand subnodes and other times don't
0005978: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Unskinned version: cosmetic improvements for better integration with Win7
0006397: [Synchronization] No scrollbar in auto-sync list tab when using larger font size (skinned version)
0006561: [Main Panel] Mouse wheel isn't always active (regression)
0005880: [Framework: Skinning] Volume indicator stays highlighted in some cases
0000679: [Install/Config] Option to disable the splash screen
0006501: [Synchronization] UI tweaks to auto-conversion dialog
0006479: [Main Panel] Synchronization icon can get hidden
0006461: [Player] Video Playback - Full screen mode: 'Stop' should switch out of full screen mode
0005780: [Other] Edit Filter And View Options dialog inconsistencies
0002746: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Vista-like look of MM
0001320: [Playlist / Search] New default autoplaylist for 'Tracks added within 30 days'
0001334: [Properties/Auto-Tools] User should be able to reset Played/Last Played values
0006238: [Other] XSPF Import/Export
0005120: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Custom Icons for Toolbar Customization
0005114: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Properties of some tree nodes are available In Context Menu (Regression)
0003189: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] it is more convoluted then it needs to be to hide a column
0006176: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Web: Ability to tag Title without tagging Track#
0005584: [Player] Seekbar tooltip can persist over other windows
0006558: [Framework: Skinning] Allow "whole row" highlighting for the tree
0006556: [Framework: Skinning] Main tree plus/minus sign transparency
0006506: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tabs in main panel don't display correctly
0006497: [Main Panel] Tabs persists navigation bar/tracklist content incorrectly
0006327: [Playlist / Search] Incorrect case for AutoPlaylists criteria window
0006017: [Tracklist] Classification and sub-node fail to show tracks
0006091: [Synchronization] Converting track on sync do not update status bar and MM looks stalled
0006197: [Podcasts] Change default podcast directories
0005771: [Now Playing] Now Playing Copy Commands (Burn / Sync) don't apply to selection
0006269: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 'My Documents' folder more than once in Location node
0006307: [Player] MM hangs when trying to play network files that are blocked by firewall
0006240: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] MM adds unnecessary tag info via My Computer node
0006420: [Help / Docs / Localization] Default double-click action tooltip has typo
0006283: [Playlist / Search] Send to > Playlist doesn't work properly in certain instances
0006329: [Podcasts] Better handling of podcast feeds with temporary wrong links
0004791: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] New Playlist option Missing from sub Playlists in Send to...
0005619: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Underline shortcut char is missing from 'Open URL or File' menu (regression)
0006276: [Player] New sleep action: close program
0006488: [Framework: Skinning] Ability to superimpose text on the seekbar
0006524: [Main Panel] Skinning: Tabs in MainWindow and in Cover Window should use different theme background
0005970: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] "Focus tracklist on currently playing item" does not work in AA + details view
0006048: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Metadata tooltips appear in a single line of text (spanning multiple monitors) when very long
0006390: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Files To Edit -> Duplicate Content node is missing the expand sign (regression)
0006231: [Podcasts] OPML export script doesn't include initial XML tag
0006290: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Set Destination Wizard do not work correctly when used with specific complex Masks
0005275: [Help / Docs / Localization] Context tooltip: 'Show Album Art' string isn't clear
0005940: [Synchronization] Auto-Convert: CDA auto-convert rule should be added to the default rules
0006226: [Playlist / Search] Character "ü" not found by "u" in search
0005904: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tag guessing from filename fail when track# is three digits
0006291: [Player] Milkdrop causes MM crash while debugging
0006295: [Player] Online Radio playback: Player Events are not trigered when track name is changed For Radio Station stream
0006292: [Player] Spectrum for visualization plug-ins isn't correctly generated by MM
0006088: [Playlist / Search] Advanced search: no criteria for 'channels'
0005919: [Player] Equalizer doesn't work for 32 bit samples
0005458: [Player] Firewall blocked stream access makes Player unresponsive
0005276: [Help / Docs / Localization] Context help: 'Forward to previous view' is confusing
0005775: [Playlist / Search] Search nodes are sometimes created unnecessarily
0005791: [Help / Docs / Localization] Play Now context help is inaccurate
0005222: [Help / Docs / Localization] Context help for Download Podcasts to:
0005426: [Other] Name of Unleveled-Node is confusing.
0005691: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Send to > Export to .m3u Playlist text is clumsy
0005645: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] 'Unorganized tracks' should be 'Unorganized Tracks'
0005690: [DB/FileMonitor] Inconsistent terminology: Accessible vs Available
0001765: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Amazon: generates incorrect Artist info for Various Artist CDs
0002964: [Player] Add 'Stop after current' command
0006266: [Player] Spectum isn't shown properly for >44kHz tracks
0006170: [DB/FileMonitor] Searching for quoted strings via search bar no longer works after SQLite update (MM 4.0 only)
0006455: [Playlist / Search] [-22 as search query causes crash
0006299: [Other] Move C:\hpCDE.log to Local App data folder
0005040: [Install/Config] MM3's DB and INI location causes problems for roaming profiles
0006508: [Framework: Skinning] Spectrograph in Volume Bar
0006243: [Player] Some MP3 tracks show Length 0:00 although WMP shows the correct length
0006434: [Other] Pressing Esc key in Error dialog doesn't close the dialog
0006319: [Other] Optimization: Version Build should be Global apron MM startup
0006450: [Now Playing] Loading more than 10000 tracks to Now Playing can freeze UI for several seconds
0005867: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Multiple track drop at/near selection messes-up
0003279: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] back and forward mouse buttons should work for navigating
0006370: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Filters: Do not work correctly in some cases
0006015: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] CTRL Drag & Drop Mouse icon should indicate 'copy' rather than 'move'
0006042: [Install/Config] Improved options for OS integration: file types / AutoPlay / Context Menus
       0005854: [Other] 'Play in MediaMonkey...' explorer menus should be optional
0006137: [Install/Config] Empty HKCU\Software\Songs-DB key created by installer
0006373: [Install/Config] Installer: Add ASX extension to be checked by default
0006339: [Framework: Tagging] Failure to read m4b tags
0005885: [Framework: Tagging] Auto-tag from filename does not work with <Conductor>, though it is a provided option
0006385: [Framework: Tagging] Custom date formats not read and displayed
0006425: [Framework: Tagging] FLAC "Description" tag not read
0006228: [Framework: Skinning] Glided Skin: Media Properties do not Align correctly
0006222: [Framework: Skinning] Dark skins: set text to black for yellow/grey background (auto-organize)
0006337: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Setting SDBUILabel.Common.CursorType doesn't work if parent control is Form (skinned version only)
0006457: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] " escaped incorrectly in CVS export script
0006242: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Add new 'StartTime' and 'StopTime' GET/LET properties to ISDBSongData
0004492: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: OnChangedSelection event is called more than once
0006247: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Add/Remove image don't generate OnTrackProperties event
0006248: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Scripting: Ability to add a custom Page to the Track Properties Dialog
0005637: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MsgBox and CommonDialog from scripts are always modeless
0003702: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Extensions: Cleanup/Support for non-Admin installation of plugins
0005767: [DB/FileMonitor] File Monitor can show nonsense text in status bar
0006464: [DB/FileMonitor] "Remove Unavailable tracks ?" dialog appears unintenionally
0006058: [DB/FileMonitor] Maintain Library selections are not remembered
0006241: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Maintain Library' doesn't fix some DB inconsistencies
0006463: [Player] Playing audio directly after video --> Crash
0006510: [Install/Config] Playback Rules should be saved per file Type
0006210: [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio CD disc spanning cannot split one track accross multiple discs
0005786: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn: Provide option to choose 'Image type'
0006443: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burning Audio CD With Volume Leveling
0006468: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Auto-DJ button with Options
0005906: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping CD: Possible ripping slow-down after finishing of the first track
0006323: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD Playback: transition between 2 audio CD tracks isn't fluently on some systems
0006305: [Burning / Disc Handling] Freedb query automatically doesn't work sometimes in case of switching CD between 2 drives
0005869: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn settings: If a CD/DVD already contains disc label then it should be pre-filled
0003022: [Burning / Disc Handling] Blue Ray burning support
0005422: [Burning / Disc Handling] Cannot terminate burn that's in progress
0005689: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Play Menu accelerators are missing / overloaded
0005770: [Playlist / Search] Search for 'Any text field' should read 'Any text fields'
0006462: [Player] Audio Artifacts: clicks on startup and other sounds during playback
0006258: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] SpinEditEvent OnChange is not fired consistently (skinned)
0004578: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] PlaylistInsertTrack, PlalistInsertTracks and in SDBSongList Insert Method
1645 issues View Issues
Released 2011-03-30
0007532: [Synchronization] iPhone: Random errors on FW 4.3 synchronization
0007328: [Synchronization] Verizon iPhone not recognized
2 issues View Issues
0019790: [Codecs] Some MP3s with incorrect info fail to play
0019108: [Track Browser] Context menu contain features that can't be executed on non accessible tracks
0019773: [Playlists] MM5 playlist export can't be set to use Linux paths like device sync
0019729: [UPnP / DLNA] Manual Adding of MM5 Server accept only IP not URL
0019692: [Main Panel] "Edit Comment" menu option is broken if no seeding obtained from Wikipedia
0019754: [General] Add support for reading WebP images
0019743: [Codecs] Some FLAC files crash MM
0019736: [Now Playing] Dropping PLS file to Playing list throws errors
0019584: [Main Panel] Crash when ctrl+click on artwork in List (by Album) view (regression)
0019716: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Chromecast audio is not detected in some environments
0019216: [General] Old chrome causes issues on some sites / Update to latest version of chrome
0019279: [DB / Backup] Bit depth field doesn't show for users migrating from an earlier version of MediaMonkey
0019472: [Playback] Player do not indicate stop after setting when track not playing
0017640: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Deleting and then adding new artwork cause the new arwork to always be added as .thm
0019689: [Track Browser] Entire Library album Grid view extend show incorrect Artist
0019685: [Sync] iOS sync: Syncing of 30.000 tracks can result in "out of memory"
0019610: [Sync] Check if MM UPnP server is accessable over LAN
0019681: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Possible "Access Denied" error in MMA (when MM5 is terminated unexpectedly)
0019680: [DB / Backup] UPnP/DLNA: Accessing certain nodes is too slow on large databases
0019664: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] YouTube video fails to cast to Chromecast Audio devices
0019660: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Playback stops after the first video when casting YouTube videos to Chromecast
0019656: [Codecs] FLAC: FLAC Lib is outdated
0012161: [General] Rating zero stars incorrectly adds a non-standard tag property
0018766: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Scan results shows no info on imported Playlists
0019612: [Burning / Disc Handling] Destination Configuration shows wrong extension
0019601: [Sync] Default device name can be confusing when drive letter changes
0017235: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Fallback to internal player (when configured player is inaccessible) may be undesired
0019620: [DB / Backup] Improved DB repair mechanism
0019149: [Main Panel] Drag & Drop of Artwork to Playing in List by (Album) not enabled
0019600: [Main Panel] Clicking Artwork in List by Album does not give focus to selected files
0019264: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Casting to some players (like OPPO UDP-20) can result in skipping some tracks
0019186: [Main Panel] Track Summary: Ability to customize track Summary per Collection
0019124: [Playback] Ability to play nested playlist (m3u) files
0019510: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] My rating appears active for albums even though it's disabled
0019607: [Install/Config] persistent.json formatted in other apps can make it unreadable for MM5
0018210: [Main Panel] Allow users to customize which fields are displayed in the Summary column/Simplified List
0018342: [Extensions framework] Addons Dialog actions should be clearer
0017460: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Eliminate duplicate Type queries
0019101: [Extensions framework] saveTextToFileAsync needs an option for saving ANSI files and UTF-8 files without BOM
0019596: [Burning / Disc Handling] Trying to play tracks from disconnected external CD drive can result in AV
0019593: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Casting CD plays last CD instead
0019592: [General] Next & Previous buttons in Properties does not work in certain situations
0018601: [Install/Config] Config button non-functional if item not selected
0019446: [Now Playing] In Playing View full screen lyrics mode player do not gets hidden
0019567: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] List don't refresh when tracks are removed or deleted from filtered Playlists / Playing list
0017283: [Extensions framework] Addons: functionality is duplicated in 2 locations
0019131: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Add a warning preventing users to scan NAS location as DLNA server
0017093: [Now Playing] Comment tag not available for display in the Preview window
0019589: [Main Panel] Column filter columns don't resize correctly after 'Set same widths' is used
0019540: [Codecs] Multi Channel files do not play, convert, analyze or show waveform correctly
0019582: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Mask: Extend <Playlist> mask to support hierarchical playlist
0019576: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Tree Nodes are not updated till scan is completed
0019581: [Conversion/Leveling] ALAC converted to FLAC shows length one second shorter
0019569: [Now Playing] Filters: filtering the Playing list causes the track number to change
0019575: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Pressing Enter in the search bar should move focus to the resulted items
0018988: [Now Playing] Make Shuffle mode display track order (and related improvements)
0019534: [Main Panel] Playlist in inactive tab doesn't update status bar
0019435: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Improve error handling for Artwork lookup failures
0019508: [Now Playing] MiniPlayer: text should scroll in the direction of the language of the text
0019080: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Allow folders to be Scanned based on the currently selected track(s)
0019431: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Tag saving triggers Lyrics refresh
0019414: [Help / Docs / Localization] Disk should be 'Disc' in reference to CDs
0017996: [Main Panel] Users are not aware how to change visualization plugins
0017058: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Make contextual search less likely to be triggered automatically OR optional
0019448: [Now Playing] Playing view full screen Now playing list title is "Close Close"
0019449: [General] Crash: prepareWindowModeSwitching is not defined
0019451: [Extensions (bundled)] Update Refresh Skin Shortcut to use new "quick window reload" feature
0019447: [Now Playing] Playing view full screen Now playing list can't be closed
68 issues View Issues
0017748: [Other] Possible AV in UPnP.dll during casting to DLNA receiver
0019544: [Main Panel] iPhone playlists are shown disordered in MM interface
0018464: [Extensions (bundled)] Allow lyric sources to be updated independently of MM5
0019122: [Sync] Required changes on MM5 side (USB synchronization with Android 11)
0018684: [Main Panel] Multi-monitor: Window can become unresizeable
0015701: [Main Panel] Menu issues in multi-monitor environments / windowing problem
0019256: [Main Panel] UI issues when maximized window on non-primary display
0018683: [Main Panel] Multi-monitor: MediaMonkey always opens on the 'Main display' when maximized
0019564: [Main Panel] List by Album: Actions can be performed on tracks other than those that are selected
0017917: [Sync] Sync: Check connection type
0019573: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Contextual search causes tree navigation to open wrong node (regression)
0019259: [Main Panel] Clicking cancel in the inline search it should return to previous view
0019563: [Main Panel] List (by Album) views: Mouse-based drag-select (lasso) selects all tracks/no tracks (regression)
0019561: [Install/Config] Allow users to upgrade from x.x to lifetime licenses
0019535: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Chromecast: Some m4a files consistently fail to cast
0019494: [Conversion/Leveling] Silent failure of MP4 > WEBM auto-conversion when codec pack isn't installed
0019543: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: Manual edits get applied to multiple tracks
0019562: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Auto-tag: tooltips that show conflict details often obscure combo-boxes (regression)
0017763: [Main Panel] Mouse lasso selection fails when started below the list component
0019555: [Codecs] Some ALAC file can cause crash
0019413: [Help / Docs / Localization] Localization issues with certain strings
0019556: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Auto-tag: error messages are too technical and untranslated
0019549: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Users don't realize that they have to enable the Toolbar
0019554: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Auto-tag: 'Select all' checkbox doesn't work if horizontal scrollbar isn't all the way to the left
0019552: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: Clicking the the scrollbar in a combobox closes the combobox
0019285: [Now Playing] Playing list doesn't show selected info in the status bar when only one track is selected
0019539: [Install/Config] Firewall exception can silently fail on clean portable install
0019537: [Install/Config] Firewall prompt appears twice on Public network
0019547: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: doesn't find some albums (regression 5.0.4)
0017826: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Add the ability to add/configure custom items in the toolbar
0019541: [Main Panel] Menu remains black after using Export > Export Subscribed Podcast
0019546: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Multi-zone playback fails when there isn't any device added to the multi-zone
0019533: [Install/Config] Custom icons don't appear when importing data from an existing instance of MM
0019524: [Main Panel] Welcome page should be rendered after Closing First start Wizard.
0019313: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Tag: use lookup by album for albums with less than 3 tracks
0019427: [Sync] Sync to iPod Classic: Possible crash on files with specific image artwork
0018296: [Track Browser] Track Browser: Artwork and Summary columns are listed out of order
0019419: [Extensions (bundled)] Show Links: Library (Title) does not function
0019069: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Continuous monitoring of folders sometimes does not work right away
0019469: [Sync] Possible JS error when configuring sync-list
0019311: [Sync] Integrate Deezer service
0019418: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Artwork lookup fails
0019297: [DB / Backup] Date added is not imported from iTunes
0019519: [Main Panel] Scan completion dialog can appear blank / Optimize Elevation & Firewall prompts
0019532: [General] Laggy window management / cursor movement (Regression)
0019473: [Tracklist] Tracks sometimes appear invisible
0019513: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Chromecast: false chromecast unavailable / codec unsupported message
0019512: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Casting: Invalid pointer operation
0019497: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Switching tabs triggers auto-refresh of a playlist
0019262: [Main Panel] Playing image doesn't change
0019514: [Main Panel] Holding F5 in Genre's browser view results in multiple 'Getting data' progresses
0019518: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] In-place filename edits can result in tag writing error and DB deadlinks creation
0019516: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Tag stalls in some cases and enter loop
0019144: [General] "Add Windows firewall exception" should not be enabled by default on install
0019521: [Other] Crash during opening Options dialog
0019067: [Tracklist] Scrolling Tracklist doesn't render correctly / displays invisibly in some cases
0019347: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Masks: Add ability to get the POS and LAST position of String within String
0019031: [Extensions framework] The help button ("?") in the title bar should be customizable for addons
0018995: [Other] Consider adding HW acceleration switch to Options > Performance
0019511: [General] MM5 Crash on Close (Eureka)
0019499: [Main Panel] Pinned items are not showing (regression
0019506: [DB / Backup] Rebuild database action can stall on debug build (when file monitor is enabled)
0019483: [DB / Backup] 'DB / Tag mismatches' keeps showing some tracks with certain Extended tags
0019477: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: year field fails to update / can't be edited
0019492: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Using Send To from Toolbar causes AV when no file is selected
0019489: [Main Panel] Using 'gear' button in menus twice does not close the menu (regression 5.0.4)
0019490: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Shortcuts: Both toolbar and hotkeys assignment not consider multi-value fields
0019493: [DB / Backup] Backup database crashes when Properties has been opened before
0019487: [General] Auto-tag triggers playback on clean install
0019395: [General] MediaMonkey grabs focus from other apps on track transition
0019486: [General] MediaMonkey tray icon often remains after closing MM
0019467: [General] Crash 26D30000 after playback overnight and then shutting down
0019482: [Burning / Disc Handling] AV in hpCDBurn.dll when user tries to burn and there isn't any writeable drive
0019481: [Main Panel] Extra scrollbar is added after maximizing/minimizing window (regression 5.0.4)
0019480: [Main Panel] DB / Tag mismatches should show all compared columns by default
0019479: [Tracklist] Grid view: Sorting doesn't work (regression)
0019475: [Hotkeys] Contextual search shouldn't override hotkeys
0019464: [Help / Docs / Localization] Service plugins distributed with MM do not have dedicated help pages
0019038: [Burning / Disc Handling] Audio CD Burning functionality
0019476: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: configuration options (Metadata lookup fields) aren't saved if configured via the Auto-Tag dialog
0019167: [Install/Config] OS integration config: String change from MediaMonkey to MediaMonkey 5
0019346: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Masks: Add ability that n param can be string and not just numeric
0017599: [General] Clicking in empty space below tracklist does not cause it to be focused
0019397: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Organize Files sorts on Track# instead of selection order (Regression)
0019463: [Other] Mini Player do not work after upgrade from 2667 (regression)
0019396: [Tagging framework / input plugins] FLAC Comment/Description inconsistency with File Explorer
0019470: [Main Panel] Empty extra window shown after startup
0017180: [Tagging framework / input plugins] Tagging MP3 10s before the end leads to playback loop
0018545: [Main Panel] Add 'Artist only' node
0019466: [Main Panel] Switching between views --> crash A14A45D5
0019461: [General] Crashlog 0210000 on shutdown
0019468: [Playback] Auto-DJ do not respect Stop after setting
0019441: [Playback] File Monitor sometimes freezes (and MM then crashes after initiating playback)
0019460: [Main Panel] Contextual search causes artwork to disappear from root collection node
0019421: [Sync] Device Profile export doesn't include Auto-Conversion setting
0019458: [Now Playing] Popup doesn't appear for first x tracks
0019391: [Main Panel] Menus hide immediately sometimes
0019424: [Install/Config] 'Spanish' should be the default language for spanish users
0019436: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Quoted search do not work correctly.
0019380: [UPnP / DLNA] UPnP playback of certain track formats --> failure and/or crash C33DC74A
0019243: [Playback] Performance/Playback issue when playing m4a tracks (regression)
0018846: [Playback] Play audio --> crash 20E30000 (regression?)
0019374: [Now Playing] Performance regression in when selecting track in Playing panel
0019383: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Edits to read-only tracks appear to succeed if the track is playing (regression 2660)
0019315: [DB / Backup] Backup UI issues
0017537: [Now Playing] Visual issues with MicroPlayer
0019162: [Extensions framework] navigate methods of all navigationHandlers should notify when view switch finished
0019185: [Main Panel] Selection lost on use of Case Checker [Regression]
0019426: [General] MediaMonkey fails to restore after interaction with the tray icon
0018622: [General] MediaMonkey opens out of focus in some cases
0019429: [Main Panel] Crash when configuring columns (regression in 2667)
0015798: [FileMonitor / Find Missing] Rebuild Database can result in loss of AutoPlaylist Criteria
0019406: [Help / Docs / Localization] Overburn dialogue is not in localization mapping
0019420: [Playback] Opening an MMIP restarts song playback
0019393: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Filters are not restored correctly when MM is closed on the second tab
0019249: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Artwork search does not return results.
0019170: [Help / Docs / Localization] Auto-Tag: Auto-Tag Do not have dedicated Help Page
0019381: [Main Panel] Lyrics panel often flashes
0019410: [Install/Config] Spanish is missing from the installer
0019324: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] DLNA player can be falsely considered as inaccessible on some occasions
0019349: [Sync] Sync: Support sync with IOS 16 devices
0019344: [General] FMFS: Open In explorer To highlight specific File when opening
0019266: [Extensions framework] NowPlayingModified is not fired when track is removed or re-ordered
0019227: [Playback] Last bit of a song is cut, if bookmarking is enabled.
0019234: [Sync] Sync profile > File locations > Other locations re-includes folders from the Sync masks after sync
0019092: [Extensions framework] app.filesystem.getFolderFromString('C:').hasSubfolders is false, but that drive has subfolders
0019405: [Sync] Sync can crash due to extended tags parsing
0019401: [Burning / Disc Handling] Possible freeze on CD rip initialization when a very large tracklist is in view
0019404: [Sync] USB stick storage profile: Default album art filename is just '.jpg'
0018729: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Shift+Tab also executes on AutoPlaylist Criteria when criteria are visible
0019158: [Main Panel] Switching tabs doesn't maintain focus on last focused item
0018694: [Main Panel] Ability to hide Artwork from Preview
0019388: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-Organize: If empty folder is deleted MM do not refresh tree to reflect deletion
0019253: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Album art lookup is still executed on album nodes even it is disabled in Options
0018743: [Sync] Collection Selection in Sync List confuses users
0019392: [Now Playing] D&D of Folders from File Explorer on Playing/Player fails (regression 2660)
0019375: [Podcasts] Podcast: Tabbed view shows no content / switching views breaks the switcher (regression
0019143: [General] Caption of all buttons that open dialog boxes should end with "..."
0019377: [Sync] Clicking the ellipsis (overload menu) for a device opens the device configuration panel
0019376: [Main Panel] <Summary> can be added to Track summary causing MM crash
0019384: [Playback] Playback over the network: missing tracks stop playback (regression)
0019385: [Playback] Player shows inaccessible tracks as playing.
0019371: [Main Panel] ESC doesn't close the artwork window
0019246: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] MusicBrainz: Album Info is failed to show even it exists
0019251: [Install/Config] Custom fields settings panel not aligned properly
0019193: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Custom Tags are not correctly shown in Context Menu
0019103: [Extensions framework] renameFiles method should support moving any file or a list of any files, not only media files
0019300: [Extensions framework] playlist/player.setTracklist() method needed
0019369: [Extensions framework] Addons: There is no method to get auto-playlist's SQL
0019378: [Now Playing] Enabling the lyrics window --> crash A14AB83C
0019029: [General] Addons dialog box / Device configuration sizing issues
0019348: [Main Panel] Episode# shown in Title for Music in Browser View
0019180: [Main Panel: Toolbars & Menus] Context menu: Remove Volume leveling from Context menu
0018114: [Main Panel] F5 Refresh doesn't remember position after tag edit
0019287: [Extensions framework] PlaylistEntries removal methods doesn't update the player info
0019335: [Playback] Playback sometimes continues after pressing pause
0019339: [DB / Backup] Specifying non-existing DBPath in MediaMonkey.ini can result in stuck at splash screen
0019040: [Extensions (bundled)] Case Checker - Some tracks will highlight even if no changes are suggested
0019351: [General] Performance optimization: Reduce time it takes to open very large albums in Album Grid
0019350: [General] Performance optimization: ListViews sometimes draw twice when they only need to draw once
0019365: [Tracklist] Switching between context menus --> crash 8B580000
0019353: [Hotkeys] General: Focus tracklist hotkey fails on files in Playing added by Auto-DJ
0019352: [Main Panel] Mouse selection sorts when button released over Column Headers
0019089: [Main Panel] Label and tracks for audio CD not updated when the drive is selected under the Folders node (upon inserting)
0019100: [Extensions framework] Replacement for oFileObj.GetFile('x').ShortPath needed
0019023: [Extensions framework] playlistRenamed and playlistMoved events needed
0019230: [Extensions framework] app.listen(app.playlists.root, 'playlistChanged' and 'playlistAdded' should have a playlist object as argument
0019229: [Extensions framework] app.listen(app.playlists.root, 'playlistChanged' ... doesn't fire when track is removed from playlist
0019156: [Extensions framework] Changes made with executeQueryAsync are not reflected in the program
0019119: [Extensions framework] rollbackTransaction method needed
0019270: [Extensions framework] app.filesystem.getFolderOfPathAsync(...).path is sometimes wrong
0019292: [General] "Access violation at address 0190D751..." error when removing files from playlists/Playing list
0019041: [Extensions framework] data-maximalHeight, data-minimalHeight, data-maximalWidth and data-minimalWidth in body tag of dialogs needed
0019094: [Extensions framework] drivetype property of filesystem should return the same numeric values as they are in the Medias table
0019093: [Extensions framework] Method to get the list of files in a folder needed
0019091: [Extensions framework] getFileInfoAsync doesn't return the same Date Mod/Cre/Acc values as Windows Explorer
0019095: [Extensions framework] Methods to get/set the read-only file/folder attribute is needed
0019105: [Extensions framework] File copied with app.filesystem.copyFileAsync should have the same Date Modified attribute as original
0019104: [Extensions framework] app.filesystem.fileExists method doesn't exists and it is needed (synchronous)
0019269: [Extensions framework] There are methods that are working only from the main window
0019312: [Playback] Playback gets interrupted on analyze volume and tagging
0019319: [Extensions framework] app.player.playlistPos does not update in time for 'change' event
0019323: [Sync] MMW5 can't be terminated during sync process
0014486: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag fields selection
0019318: [General] Performance is available to be changed in Normal Version
0019320: [Sync] FLAC/ALAC with sample rate above 48kHz should be autoconverted during sync to iPods
0018399: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] No method to remove Auto-lookup (unsaved) Album Artwork
0019325: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] MM5 should not change file timestamp for files, which are tagged only to DB
0019278: [Casting (Google Cast / UPnP)] Better handling of Google cast groups
0016823: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Auto-tag: status displays inconsistently
0019203: [Extensions (bundled)] File List reports: Sorting should not be persistent
0018890: [Main Panel] Change in behaviour when changing main panel sort sequence; new behaviour is less good.
0019301: [Other] Crashing of MM5 dusring startup (Regression)
0017505: [Playback] Playback stutters when a large number of tracks change rating (WASAPI only?)
0019168: [Playlists (Auto) / Search / Filters] Newly added Playlist not created for Ripped files
0018304: [Main Panel] Grid View sorts inconsistently and has no custom sort for Videos
0019298: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] Unsaved Artwork lost when Apply to all selected enabled
0019307: [Sync] Sync list > Audiobooks config is missing nodes like Artists
0019033: [Track Browser] Clicking node in Rating [Grid view] doesn't open the node
0019157: [Extensions framework] Problems with deleteFolderAsync method
0019296: [Main Panel] Rating set through Context Menu fails in Playing panel [Regression 2658]
0019260: [General] Crash on MM Close if opennened more than 2 minutes
0019263: [DB / Backup] Possible "out of memory" crash during scanning
0019265: [Main Panel] Sorting a very large list in "List (by Album)" view can result in freeze
0019235: [Other] Crash on close after prolonged MM5 idle state
0019274: [Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)] MusicBrainz: Auto Downgrade to CDDB when MM fail to connect to MUzikBrainz server
0019177: [Main Panel] Access violation with Web node when Internet is inaccessible
0019261: [Playback] Multi Zone Playback: Pressing Pause on player do not pause Internal player only others in Multizone
0019291: [General] Option to have old look of tooltips for items of files in lists
0019273: [Main Panel] Tooltips should not disappear when mouse cursor moves within the item
0019288: [General] Tooltips are not displayed after drag&drop
0019248: [UPnP / DLNA] UPnP Client: MM5 do not play from some servers
0019252: [Track Browser] Inline edit Truncate values over 200 characters
0019239: [Extensions framework] Warning: Opening already o