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0019170MMW 5Help / Docs / Localizationpublic2022-10-04 21:08
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Status closedResolutionreopened 
Target Version5.0.4Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0019170: Auto-Tag: Auto-Tag Do not have dedicated Help Page
Descriptioni) Auto-Tag Do not have dedicated Help Page.

1. Right click on track -> Auto-Tag
2. Press F1 ->
3. Click on Track listing
4. Press F1 ->
5. Click on Album art after find (related to 0019169) to show selection Original/New
6. Press F1 ->

ii) in Section should be last as initially user needs to have clear what Auto Tag do.

iii) Missing section on manipulating Album Art lookup eg. related to bug 0019169
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Fixed in build2668



2022-06-13 22:11

administrator   ~0068518

Re. i) Auto-tag not having a dedicated page:
I think that the current page is fine--it just needs to be slightly better organized so that:
- There's an intro to the different types of lookup functions in MM
- It's a bit more focused on usage rather than configuration (i.e. usage should be primary and configuration secondary--this is a general issue in parts of the MM help).

Re. Image Search / Lyrics lookup: There should be a section about manual lookup of metadata describing each of lyrics lookup, and image lookup (in addition to automated lookup which is already described). Clicking F1 should probably link to the lookup page.


2022-09-22 16:09

developer   ~0069484

Lyrics should link to:
Artwork should link to:


2022-09-22 18:26

developer   ~0069490

Last edited: 2022-09-22 18:27

I've added added link to Artwork lookup help ( )
from the "Image Search" dialog that is shown after clicking the looked up image.
=> Fixed in

But I don't understand where the Lyrics_lookup link should be used in the UI ? Am I missing something?


2022-09-22 19:47

developer   ~0069491

Lyrics from:
a Lyrics panel, when active
b Lyrics sources window (when opened from Options > Metadata lookup)


2022-09-23 17:09

developer   ~0069501

=> added in


2022-09-28 15:27

developer   ~0069541

Verified new added links in 2666

@Lowlander please answer @Ludek and close if no need for clarification.


2022-09-28 15:51

developer   ~0069547

On 2666 it's not available when clicking the Lyrics window titlebar, only when Lyrics window is in edit mode. This is different from Preview which takes you to the correct wiki page when just clicking on the Titlebar.


2022-10-03 15:34

developer   ~0069624

Fixed in 2668


2022-10-04 21:08

developer   ~0069645

Verified on 2668.