Scheduled For Release 2017-02-01
0014040: [DB/FileMonitor] DB issues on some machines prevent MM from runniing (regression)
0013566: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Assigning custom icon to toolbar run script causes AV
0013523: [Synchronization] iOS 10: Star rating no longer available via the iPhone's Music app (treat the 'Loved' mark?)
0011490: [Documentation] Documentation for MMW 4.1 and MMA
0013552: [Hotkeys] Media Volume Keys: Volume keys are not recognized correctly in MMW
0013671: [Other] Startup: Command line for start in Mini/Micro player
0013888: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Option Sheet: Common Option Sheet values are not read correctly
0013785: [Properties/Auto-Tools] <filename> omits trailing . in Filename
0013583: [Main Panel] MM crashes when double click on Titlebar on secondary monitor
0013199: [Main Panel] Art with Details view: Artist column actually sorts by Album Artist
0013549: [DB/FileMonitor] Floppy Drives: MMW should ignore any device detected as Floppy drive
0013578: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Previews are not created (regression)
0014041: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties Dialog do not follow skin colors (Regression)
0013565: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics contain incorrect data
0013531: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved/Missing tracks fail on some files
0013882: [Synchronization] iOS10 sync can fail when there is already 15.000 tracks on the device
0013739: [Synchronization] Sync: USB Sync Still Fail on some devices
0013564: [Synchronization] Grouping and comments fields aren't synced to iPhone/iPod/iPad
0013588: [Codec] Some M4A files are not playable
0013664: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey fails to read iPhone purchases (regression)
0013926: [Main Panel] Large Font slows Lyrics display in Art & Details window
0013046: [Synchronization] MMW doesn't update lost artworks during sync
0013654: [Synchronization] iPods: MM automatically sets default action to "Sync with MM" even when user selected "Ask me everytime"
0013071: [Podcasts] Penny Arcade Podcast fails with SSL error
0013864: [Synchronization] Users often don't realize that iTunes needs to be installed for the iOS device sync to work
0014038: [Install/Config] MediaMonkey may lose config settings / fails to run (regression)
       0014037: [Player] Playback fails with Jammix enhancer plugin - permissions problem (regression)
0013968: [Synchronization] Sync can crash/stuck when auto-converting ALAC -> MP3
0013993: [Install/Config] Wrong windows version detected (skinless mode only)
       0014036: [Install/Config] Incorrect OS validation (regression)
0013954: [Hotkeys] 'Page Up' is shown as 'Num 9' in Options > Hotkeys
0013925: [Burning / Disc Handling] Trying to play video stream fails
0013927: [Codec] ALAC: MMW should detect ALAC extension as M4A and play it.
0013917: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics: Tracks with bad Line feed show wrongly in MMW and MMA
0013911: [Synchronization] Tracks including % char in device filename can fail to auto-sync
0013862: [Properties/Auto-Tools] FLAC: in case of File Properties --> Details missing bitrate Show verbose info
0013901: [Synchronization] Upload of synced content list from MMA to MMW can fail on timeout
0013551: [DB/FileMonitor] Device scan should be terminated once the device profile is set to hidden/disabled
0013886: [Conversion/Leveling] WMA encoding to CBR creates VBR file - regression
0013889: [Other] Popups: Sync Devices list popups looks like persistent without timeout
0013865: [DB/FileMonitor] Maintain DB: Crash with Freeze
0013883: [Synchronization] iOS sync cannot be terminated in some cases
0013874: [Other] Update year to 2017
0013860: [Properties/Auto-Tools] FLAC: Incorrect number of channels and/or bitrate in the File Properties --> Details
0013693: [DB/FileMonitor] Some users are experiencing crash after scan
0013682: [Framework: Tagging] Crash during FLAC tagging
0013677: [Synchronization] Iphone: MMW crashes if x86 Mobile device DLL files are removed
0013683: [Synchronization] Prefer loading iTunes x64 mobile device support (when also 32-bit version exists)
0013740: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tab text color is bold white [Regression in 1818]
0013713: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Error dialog: Save to Playlist button is too small
0013386: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Track on Non Connected HDDs can throw error on album art edit
0013712: [Podcasts] Podcast: Downloading trigger COM elevation
0013699: [Other] SSL Connections: We should update to latest OpenSSL libraries
       0013696: [Podcasts] Podcast: Incorrect URL representation in podcasts
0013709: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn Wizard: Burn dialog is not scaled correctly
0013684: [Codec] Video conversion to MKV or MP4 fails, if Haali splitter is installed.
0013653: [Framework: Tagging] Wrong handling of tag in MP4/MOV
0013638: [Synchronization] Playlists including apostrophe are deleted by MMA after USB sync
0013633: [Main Panel] Possible AV when editing track properties
0013632: [Main Panel] Edit Artwork Properties fails for single file Albums
0013626: [Synchronization] GUID of playlist is null on delete operation during USB sync
0013590: [Synchronization] WiFi sync incomplete may appear when an over-complex auto-playlist is on sync-list
0013475: [Codec] WMA and WMV encoding isn't working after Windows 10 Anniversary build 1607 upgrade
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Scheduled For Release 2017-07-25
0014294: [Playlist / Search] Can't only search NOT in quick search
0014375: [Other] MMW crashed on close (regression?)
0013261: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaServer: Some Components are still blocked by firewall
0014344: [DLNA/UPnP] Auto advancing to next track fails when playing to Onkyo renderer
0014306: [Synchronization] iPod Nano 7: Playlist deleted directly in iPod cannot be re-synced
0014350: [Synchronization] Artwork getting added to users photos
0014374: [Synchronization] WiFi-Sync: Incomplete/slow sync when some network files are inaccessible
0014251: [Other] Taskbar Thumbnail Distorted on Windows 10 Creators Update
0014433: [Other] Help Check for update detects wrong version (regression)
0014415: [Other] Crash log isn't generated during startup in some cases
0014357: [Player] Playing some MP3s from the network triggers a crash (regression?)
       0014414: [DB/FileMonitor] Crash when upgrading database to the newest version (regression)
0010725: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Network: Navigating, Network Shares is too slow, confusing and outdated
0007755: [DB/FileMonitor] Cannot easily access non-browsable networks
0008341: [Playlist / Search] Find more from same Computer fails for CIFS network using IP address
0014379: [Playlist / Search] Find more from same doesn't work for tracks on the network
0014367: [Synchronization] USB Browsing: multiple-attribute fields displays incorrectly for MMA devices
0014360: [Codec] WAV: Junk zero pad Byte on file end file breaks TAG reading
0014361: [Codec] WAV: MMW fail to read non Standard ID3v2.3 TAG
0014334: [DB/FileMonitor] SQLite Exported functions DLL is outdated
0014221: [Codec] AAC: Some AAC do not play in MMW
0014333: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: "Sync incomplete" error occurs in some environments
0014319: [Main Panel] Ghost DB folders remains and cannot be removed on some databases
0013109: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Download fails if feed has space before Episode URL
0014304: [Main Panel] Mouse click on player does not change focus
0014309: [Synchronization] USB sync doesn't work for readonly storages
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Scheduled For Release 2017-07-25
0014398: [Now Playing] On restart current track has no Artwork associated
0014281: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] UI: MMW Crashes while using Tree nodes
0014493: [Other] Reduce UI freeze timeout in Eureka from 300s to 30s
0014487: [Framework: Tagging] MP3 file may be deleted by tagging when locked (with the new id3lib)
0014490: [Other] CPU utilization at 50%
0014492: [Now Playing] Album Art sometimes fails to display in Art and Details window (when overlayed by lyrics)
0014466: [Player] MM Crashing on playback (regression)
0014472: [Codec] MM crashes while ripping (when accessing MP3 files being ripped via My Computer node)
0014485: [Framework: Tagging] CPU utilization jumps to 35% when tagging a track during playback
0014479: [Synchronization] USB sync: "ParentID is less than zero" assert in some specific scenarios
0012838: [Player] Play from Windows Explorer takes long time
0014454: [Codec] MP4: AC3 Audio Stream in MP4 fail to play
0014437: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Organize: File Not found dialog Tweak
0014432: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash on Tagging Playing tracks (regression)
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Scheduled For Release 2017-07-25
0014514: [Synchronization] Sync: If all sync plugin profiles are disabled no new device is detected
0014473: [Other] ReadMe needs OS support and Year update
0014617: [Other] Update Year to 2018
0014601: [Framework: Tagging] Date detection issues
0014535: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: If DLNA server is accessed on close MMW throw background task warning
0014539: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Rename folder with trailing dots in Location
0012849: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Allow Lyrics to be edited for multi-file selection
0014596: [Other] High CPU utilization during playback (regression)
0014621: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Search scripts: Ability to have multiple searches from one VBS
0014609: [Playlist / Search] OPML: OPML Export containg " Character do not export correctly due the format standard
0014613: [Codec] Video Bitrate: Alow Video Bitrate to be >100000
0014505: [Player] Network Playback: Non Accessible tracks block Playback
0014590: [Synchronization] Paths for synchronization with invalid characters
0014583: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Editing of multiple files can freeze UI
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Scheduled For Release 2017-12-19
0014695: [Player] Radio Station Metadata is not recognized correctly
0014661: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag from Filename fails for certain values
0014633: [Burning / Disc Handling] Quick Erase CD-RW always do a Normal Erase
0014883: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tree Node: Search Tree Node view settings is not persistent
0014597: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Drag and Drop: D&D do not work from MMW now playing to Skype chat Window
0014895: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Column Browser: Resize second column corrupts column browser
0014605: [Burning / Disc Handling] External CD-Rom Drives: RIP/BURN Engine unmounts Drive
0014715: [Playlist / Search] XSPF: Playlists with relative paths to files are not read corectly
0014714: [Framework: Tagging] FLAC Metadata: Original Artist inconsistancy across taggers
0014548: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Organize rules: Do not Trigger after manual Auto-Organize
0014643: [Player] WASAPI: Exclusive mode can trim playback at the end of track
0014603: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA Renderer: Marantz Melody Media MCR603 can't be controlled.
0014632: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tree Node: Some context menus are not available if Tree is undocked
0014884: [Synchronization] Sync: External HDD is detected as new device on each connection
0014865: [Synchronization] iOS12 Beta is not added into supported versions
0013784: [Synchronization] iOS10: Lyrics not shown in the Music app
0014808: [Synchronization] Sync: Timeout due the Auto Convert
0014711: [Synchronization] iPhone Sync: MMW created duplicate profiles
0014631: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] UI corruption can trew AV errors
0014820: [Other] Loading time is 60 seconds when Real time protection is active (Windows Defender)
0014927: [Conversion/Leveling] Conversion to FLAC 32khz is not possible
0014898: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Startup issues with some specific scripts/addons (regression 4.1.21)
0014915: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Service leaks MM.exe in processes whenever an addon prevents MM from closing
0014897: [Main Panel] "Art browser with Details" visibility isn't restored after restart (sometimes)
0014887: [Codec] FLAC: Header Data is corrupted and Info is not read correctly
0014879: [DLNA/UPnP] Artwork isn't served via UPnP (Wi-Fi sync) for tracks with inaccessible duplicates
0014867: [Synchronization] Sync: Failed or corrupted SDCard can throw errors on sync
0014599: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Track Properties: We should trim start/end TAB character from Metadata
0014875: [Properties/Auto-Tools] AutoTag From Filename: Fail completely on Some Masks
0011412: [DLNA/UPnP] 'Play to' feature: On some clients, only one track is played
0014842: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Context menu is gone from inline editing and Properties dialog (Windows 10 update)
0014859: [Now Playing] Randomize List looses files from Now Playing
0014824: [Synchronization] Album Art: Metadata update fail on some Album Art upload
0014709: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Some Images are incorectly presented
0013265: [DLNA/UPnP] MediaMonkey server is not browseable by some Samsung models (regression)
0014821: [DLNA/UPnP] Media server: sorting tweaks
0014651: [Other] Windows timer resolution
0014612: [Other] UAC and VirtualStore makes changes to MMW install folder unusable
0014797: [Synchronization] Sync: iPhone X fail to sync
0014827: [Playlist / Search] Track editing can corrupt auto-playlist criteria in some specificic cases
0014660: [DLNA/UPnP] Some TVs cannot open media items served by MediaMonkey server
0014704: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize Rule: Selecting All Collection as Auto-Organize Rule Fail Always
0014694: [DLNA/UPnP] Media server can stuck on serving content when there are image URL artwork deadlinks in library
0014687: [Synchronization] Sync: <Playlist> can't be used as Mask for Playlist destination path
0014619: [Framework: Tagging] Update libmatroska and libebml to the latest versions, leaks in MKV plugin
0014642: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging of some APE files lasts too long and bloats the file
0014628: [Install/Config] Virtual CD: Path issues
0014620: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Tracks on VCD/preview are skipped when playing to a DLNA/UPnP renderer
0014622: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] MMIP: https is not allowed for UpdateURL
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Scheduled For Release 2017-12-19
0015000: [Synchronization] Sync: Device scan do not find MMW server
0015038: [Codec] M4B: Missing codec reported
0014921: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Untrapable AV error with RegEx
0015375: [Synchronization] Syncing with iTunes causes music on iPhone X to disappear
0015153: [Install/Config] Manual update check fails if done subsequent to a previous update check
0015065: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: Crash MMW on the end of Auto-Organize (or saving properties sheet)
0014960: [Codec] Common Extension issues
0015172: [Install/Config] Fresh install of 4.1.22 => SQL errors
0015105: [Podcasts] MediaMonkey can freeze during extensive podcasts updating
0015018: [Main Panel] Playlist doesn't remember Columns on Startup (regression)
0015132: [Other] MP4 with video stream renamed to M4A does not play and is not decoded as audio.
0015126: [Other] Freeze when caching artwork files (when artwork cache is large enough)
0015037: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album art is wrong in Win Aero for some tracks
0014990: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Corrupted Ini can cause bad UI Views
0014772: [Other] Taskbar Preview shows wrong Artwork (back instead of front)
0014926: [Burning / Disc Handling] CDRip: MMW process is locked and can't be closed
0015102: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys: add Action or Find More Explorer and My computer
0015091: [Framework: Tagging] Rating track(s) in 'Show Art with details' or 'Show Art' views can lead to freeze
0015090: [Player] Auto-DJ can be slow and can cause freeze on some databases
0015053: [Codec] WAV: 48khz 32Bit files do not play correctly in MMW
0015069: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging does not work for some MP4 files purchased from Xtendamix
0015054: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Add .jfif as supported format
0015046: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Popup: Track Info Popup Value is Byte
0015041: [Playlist / Search] Can't sort with Random Album results
0014999: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP: Timeout and force close on Closing of application
0014931: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] "Media transfer process appears to be frozen" message while scanning large USB drive
0014951: [Player] Playing a network track can cause freeze (when auto-dj is enabled)
0014949: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging fails FLAC (regression)
28 of 28 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2017-12-19
0015143: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burning: Burn can random crash if CD-RW is used
0014962: [DLNA/UPnP] Playing to inaccessible DLNA client grey's out track
0013542: [Synchronization] Artwork isn't synced bidirectionally
0015066: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burning: MMW do not BURN CDs correctly
0015067: [Other] COM: MMW trigger UAC prompt each time it starts
0014791: [Player] Playback: Network tracks do not resume on wake up from sleep
0015545: [Codec] Conversion to AAC ABR is limited to Max of 152 kbps
0015120: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Shift+Select works inverted in Properties fields on selection
0015168: [DB/FileMonitor] Initiall Startup after Portable Install
0015167: [Playlist / Search] Search: Toolbar search miss results where search dialog return correct one
4 of 10 issue(s) resolved. Progress (40%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2017-12-20
0015768: [Other] Various UI improvements
0005931: [Synchronization] MM does not support chapter marks in m4b files (audiobooks)
0013894: [Synchronization] Portable Device list should show highlighted which device(s) are connected
0013799: [Main Panel] Some locations offers rename option although cannot be renamed
0010639: [Main Panel] Album Art view: MMW should be able to cache all Album arts in library
0012186: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] <Auto Number> listed as available in Virtual CD masks, but always yields 000
0013256: [Podcasts] Podcast Handling: Register ITMSS iTunes podcast protocol
0013186: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Classical Music: Searches use incorrect data which end in empty or invalid results
0013190: [DB/FileMonitor] Detection of Changed Madia: Moved Missing tracks detection
0013189: [Playlist / Search] No way to search for space or double-space in some fields
0013154: [Main Panel] Show Art Views: Ability to resize Rows in order to resize Art in Artwork
0013110: [Main Panel] Album Art View: Cycle thru Album Arts when viewing Albums in Album art mode
0012996: [Podcasts] Add more values to delete episodes older than
0012709: [Synchronization] USB track pairing based on metadata
0012704: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Muti Value field Editing when mass tagging
0012220: [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip: CD Metadata Wizard
0011896: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Properties: Album Properties Should show more info
0012618: [Synchronization] Sync: Delete On Sync from Device and Server
0012407: [Synchronization] No control over Subtitle sync
0012359: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Some Tree Nodes can be empty due the collection criteria
0012341: [Main Panel] Art & Details: Album art view show incorect fields
0012329: [Install/Config] Config on initial install should ask user about Infer File Properties
0012268: [Playlist / Search] Add Last Season, Newest Album/Book as criteria
0012265: [Collections (Filters)] Collections: Add Clone/Duplicate Collection Option
0012219: [Install/Config] No way to upgrade licenses prior to license expiration
0012198: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add support for animated GIF
0012129: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning Engine: Engine versions determine MMW Compatibility
0012171: [Properties/Auto-Tools] <Disc#>, <Track#>, <Episode#> and <Season#> discrepancies
0012137: [Playlist / Search] Filter Values of Criteria by chosen Search scope
0012136: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Interface elements can be lost
0012119: [Other] Visualization: Add Milkdrop 2 as default
0012056: [Framework: Tagging] Warn user first time tagging an unsupported format
0012051: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Removing large number of files from Virtual CD causes AV
0012016: [Player] Player buttons tooltips should reflect state (Shuffle & Continuous)
0011992: [Burning / Disc Handling] Add ability to map FreeDB ID to tag
0011977: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add first run warning to Auto-Tools
0011976: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Warn user when using Auto-Tag from Web and Auto-Tag from Filenames that Auto-Organize is enabled
0011975: [Synchronization] Add ability to sync Sync selection between Device Profiles
0011470: [DB/FileMonitor] Ability to configure what MM service should do
0011910: [Main Panel] Tracks unselected after auto-organize
0011909: [Main Panel] Expanded Album in Art with Details view collapses on edit in Properties
0011897: [Main Panel] Album Tree: Album Tree can't be grouped
0011879: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize (Files) should warn when moving files from different Albums to same folder including external files
0011838: [Hotkeys] Add Crossfade option to Hotkeys
0011837: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Add Crossfade option to Toolbar
0011836: [Hotkeys] Add Equalizer options to Hotkeys
0011835: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Add Equalizer options to Toolbar
0011732: [Framework: Tagging] Add Bit Depth field
0015781: [Player] Playback Stops
0005548: [DB/FileMonitor] Abandon handling Mapped Drives and force UNC Naming
0000023: [Now Playing] Configurable Shuffle functionality (current behavior vs randomize list)
0014708: [Player] Playback: Track always skip to next if ending is less then 10 seconds
0013111: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Play Menu: Now Playing controls
0013032: [Synchronization] Support for changing cover image format during sync.
0012965: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Albums are not shown correctly for Artist & Album Artist tree nodes
0011716: [DLNA/UPnP] Gapless playback when playing to an external UPNP renderer
0012757: [Synchronization] Delete content on Sync: Playlists are deleted even they are unselected on confirmation
0012745: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add art window does not show images with Danish language
0008580: [Player] Output plugin device settings don't apply to Video
0012238: [Player] Streaming AAC do not work and freezes player thread sometimes
0005845: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] My Computer Playlists All Send to device fails
0008478: [Synchronization] "Sync all artwork to file folders" option only syncs 1 image
0009366: [Other] Netflix: IO handler is not valid
0001444: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] MediaMonkey isn't well behaved for the visually impaired
0013910: [Synchronization] Ability to create and edit device playlists on the PC
0006184: [Burning / Disc Handling] Update Burning Engine to Primo 4.6
0002742: [Player] Add support for Audible books
0013591: [Burning / Disc Handling] Option to supress Windows sleep while playing
0012839: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA/UPnP Settings: We should add Subnet Mask as additional check for LAN access
0013417: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Advanced Search: Ignoring 'The' should be available for some Conditions
0013232: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Tag from Web: Fails in some cases
0012348: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tree Node: Disabling MediaTree lock track view to Welcome screen
0008279: [Player] MM cannot play WAVs with DTS/AC3 sound properly, even with AC3Filter installed.
0009987: [DLNA/UPnP] Add support for high resolution Artwork over DLNA/UPnP
0012836: [Other] Windows Tile: Merge Windows Tile icon into MMW
0012744: [DB/FileMonitor] Import dialog initially shows apps that don't exist on the PC
0012439: [Synchronization] Import/Export: Ability to migrate whole Sync Settings to another device profile
0012485: [Framework: Tagging] Artwork Search and Artwork management improvements
0004920: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Support for Total # Discs and Tracks
       0005878: [Framework: Tagging] MM hides the /n part (disc qty) of WM/PartOfSet and ID3 TPOS (discnumber)
0012405: [Synchronization] Enforce Mask doesn't move related files
0012266: [Synchronization] iOS5+ sync: Read device content rather from MediaLibrary.sqlitedb
0003024: [Other] Eurekalog update (7.1)
0012131: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Embed Artwork Option
0010745: [DB/FileMonitor] Warn user when scanning Media Server (UPnP/DLNA)
0011518: [DLNA/UPnP] Renderer: Preparing Playback when MMW is used as renderer
0011352: [Podcasts] Add ability to download/play from YouTube
0011453: [Player] Playback: No audio hardware is available
0011855: [Install/Config] Update checker doesn't work for beta builds
0015399: [Framework: Tagging] Read CONTENTGROUP and PUBLISHER
0011900: [Codec] Format: Better handling of Corrupted and Incorrect files
0014882: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tree Node: Add clear Search history button
0013421: [Synchronization] Synchronization: Single threaded copy
0012672: [Playlist / Search] Type to fails to jump in Artist field in AutoPlaylist sorted with Artist & Title
0013076: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Windows 10 optimization: Colored Title Bar support
0011593: [Synchronization] Sync process: Profile Creation, Initial sync can be better automated
0011072: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Album art assigned to podcast
0011695: [Playlist / Search] Advanced search/playlists: search by 'is not' classification
0002747: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Remove dependance on msscript.ocx
0014245: [Tracklist] Sorting: We should expand ignoring "The" to other fields
0011635: [Synchronization] SQL error when working with Device Profile (overcomplex SQL issues)
0013070: [DB/FileMonitor] SQLite parser stack overflow for overcomplex SQL created by complex (nested) auto-playlists
0013893: [Synchronization] Portable Device Sync should show last synced and last connected
0013410: [General] Installing: Ability that Installer force close MM Service and started processes
0012756: [Synchronization] Sync: device content is not refreshed after sync
0012488: [Other] LongFilenames: NFS/NTFS/SMB 3.0 Long Filenames support up to 32k path
0012726: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Too many open Tabs makes MMW unusable
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Scheduled For Release 2018-10-19
0015299: [Podcasts] Podcast: Include all podcasts in list even non downloaded
0015296: [Main Panel] Two tabs & Colum Browser, changes in 1 tab can cause changes in other tab
0015220: [DB/FileMonitor] Single child folder selects parent folder for scanning too
0015196: [Player] Changing volume in Windows Volume Mixer doesn't update volume display in Player
0015333: [Collections (Filters)] Neoclassical and Classical Rock are incorrectly set as Type = Classical Music
0015550: [Podcasts] Crash on startup due to podcast update problem (regression?)
0015277: [Other] MM4 fails to terminate
0015467: [Codec] Playback: Some MP3 Files are not played due the filename
0015314: [Synchronization] Sync: USB Sync calculate wrong sync size in some very specific cases
0015278: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Folder Browser: Clicking Browse in Auto Organize can freeze MMW
0015542: [Podcasts] Podcast: MMW crash on podcast download
0015385: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash on Updating properties
0015284: [Player] Playback: Some Files plays with artifacts
0015136: [Synchronization] Sync: Deleted tracks from MMW are not removed from device (Fiio X1)
0012205: [Synchronization] Two distinct SD cards are recognized as same device profile
0015280: [Synchronization] iTunes reports corrupted device after sync with MM (iPhone XR and XS)
0015637: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Episodes are missing tags after the download (sometimes)
0015499: [Codec] FLAC: Supported Sample rate missing in FLAC conversion
0015309: [Synchronization] Sync: M3U playlists for album/artist are not created on Android devices
0015388: [Burning / Disc Handling] Enter password dialog is not shown when NAS is accessed first time after install
0015262: [DB/FileMonitor] DB: Criteria Disk # can result in SQL error
0015323: [Virtual CD cache / Preview] Default VCD and preview directory cannot be set back to the default
0015352: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize Monitor: MMW reports unorganized tracks for thracks that ar e already organized
0015379: [Other] Update Year to 2019
0015404: [Framework: Tagging] MediaMonkey reads Title incorrectly
0015498: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: Mask <Track #> do not work
0015236: [Podcasts] Podcast updating is unnecessarily slow
0015315: [Synchronization] Sync: Sync setting "Hide unselected items" do not persist when changing collections
0013227: [Burning / Disc Handling] Burn: can fail due the media incompatibility
0015271: [Conversion/Leveling] Ripping more CDs simultaneously: some tracks are missing (in non-default config)
0015292: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Pioneer SC-71 renderer playback fail
0015303: [Synchronization] Files with duplicate album/artist/title not appearing on iPod (for non-library tracks)
0015229: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Tags Not saved: When BitLocker is used MMW do not save tags
23 of 33 issue(s) resolved. Progress (69%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-04-10
0015925: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Newer Samsung TV models don't show artwork served by MM
0015907: [Synchronization] WiFi Sync: Wifi Syncing is slowing overtime in some environments
0015904: [DB/FileMonitor] Composer: Full Text reindex do not fix issues with Composer Tag field
0015816: [Synchronization] Sync: I phone Sync Crashes MMW
0015752: [Export] Sync: Apple devices can freeze MMW on startup if device is connected prior to MMW start
0015894: [Synchronization] Sync: Changes in Sync target volume leveling do not trigger re sync
0015827: [Synchronization] Sync: USB Sync FAIL to transfer and playlists re missing on device
       0015828: [Synchronization] Sync: Volume leveling of tracks breaks Auto-Convert rules
0015780: [Synchronization] Album Art: When Browsing device Music Album art is not read
0015711: [Codec] WMA Losless: 32 bit WMA Lossless are detected as 24Bit
0015891: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties dialog open is Slow
0015665: [Synchronization] iPhone XR fails to sync at certain state
0015913: [Player] Playback: MM Player skips to next if playback set on seek bar in <10 seconds from end
0015743: [Synchronization] iOS13 Beta is not added into supported versions
0015871: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync can fail in some very specific scenarios
0015837: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync may not work correctly when another UPnP/DLNA client on the network is accessing MMW server at the same time
0015847: [Synchronization] Wi-Fi sync: Track pairing can silently fail for a batch when a track is 'application/octet-stream' type
0015839: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Volume Leveling: inline edit of Volume Level index do not work
0015714: [Framework: Tagging] When M4A/MP4 file contains multiple artists in multiple tags, only last is read, but first written.
0015632: [DB/FileMonitor] Clear database confirmation dialog fails on some translations
11 of 20 issue(s) resolved. Progress (55%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-01-01
0015972: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Nodes in the tracklist don't display Tooltips
0015971: [Playlists] PLaylist: Available Playlists are not listed in Folder browser
0015970: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Items in Read-only trees can be dragged
0015969: [Track Browser] Video grouping breaks [?regression? 2199]
0015966: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Poor recommendations are sometimes made (even when high confidence levels are required)
0015965: [Main Panel] Issues with configuring new collection order
0015951: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: include existing metadata as suggestions for Album Artist
0015963: [Track Browser] Clicking a node can result in the wrong node-view being activated because the nodes are rendered incorrectly
0015961: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: many tracks shown as having conflicts (regression 2198)
0015756: [Main Panel] 'Manage views' functionality seems broken / incomplete
       0015584: [Main Panel] Views: Subviews should persist on a per-view basis
0015920: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: new Genre tags should be additive
0015881: [Skins] Changing skin causes dialog to close
0015866: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Combo-boxes should open right-justified
0015825: [Framework: Skinning] Touch Mode: Layout Configure and customization is not available in Touch Mode
0015154: [Synchronization] Google Play Music: Album art is missing for many tracks uploaded by MM5
0015834: [UPnP / Casting] Ability to add casting device manually
0015782: [Burning / Disc Handling] Rip Track Pre-Selection lost
0015759: [Main Panel] Can't use mouse selection in Filelisting
0015724: [Main Panel] Addon for per node sort columns persistence like in MM4 (not per collection like in MM5)
0015410: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Improve auto-tagging granularity (albums vs singles and field selection)
0015716: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: artwork fails to look up for certain files
0015706: [DB/FileMonitor] Find Moved/Missing fails for some files
0015664: [Synchronization] Devices and Services tree: Right click to open context menu should not focus tree node
0015475: [Tracklist] Dynamic sorting issues
0015630: [Tracklist] Right side of tracklist scrollbar doesn't work when Right Panel is collapsed
0015494: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize masks work incorrectly for right-to-left languages
0015571: [Synchronization] Sync: Playlist hierarchy for non MMA devices
0015517: [UPnP / Casting] Support for Alexa Cast protocol
0015450: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Album Artist field should support auto-type
0015327: [Codecs] AV1 Video codec support
0015335: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Touch Mode: View -> Media Tree should show Icons instead of pop up menu
0015313: [Synchronization] Sync: USB Sync fetch Connected Device Icon if Possible
0015254: [UPnP / Casting] Fallback to auto-conversion when a file fails to cast
0014592: [General] Upgrade to the latest Chromium
0014860: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Ability to persistently preseve Album Art for Read Only Media
0014775: [Main Panel] Artwork Auto Tag: Refreash search for artwork from Main browser
0014654: [Playlist / Search] Path/Filename: "Start with" operator is missing
0014530: [General] Chromecast support in MM5 and MMA, including Video
0014370: [Track Browser] Improved display of Multiple Album Art images
0015958: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: many auto-tagged tracks are saved with tags that don't match the DB
0015948: [Track Browser] Tree: freezes and problematic behavior 'Devices & Services' / CD / Folders nodes (regression 2198)
0015900: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Create Multi-Artist Albums dialog doesn't show associated files & displays date incorrectly
0015927: [Tracklist] Issues with the Tree list control
0015910: [Playlist / Search] Advanced search does not give accurate results sometimes
0014293: [DB] Filtering fixes and improvements
0015812: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Deleted Comment remains on multi-file edit
0015762: [Main Panel] Context Menu seems to remove items after drawn
0015922: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Context menu commands not visible on smaller screens
0015884: [Track Browser] Pasting to an empty directory fails
0014650: [General] WMA: ID3 written in front to WMA header make WMA unplayable
0015842: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] DLNA plays not scrobbled
0015814: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Delete empty folders doesn't remain checked with Auto-Organize Files
0015464: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: dialog can't be used effectively while lookups are in progress
0014042: [Install/Config] Facilitate installation of popular extensions for certain functionality that isn't included by default
0015661: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: status updates all at once instead of incrementally (regression)
0015077: [Main Panel] Improve incremental search
0015698: [General] Crash on close: re. Func:_mousestatechangedHandler
0015663: [DB] Backup: Few tweaks to backup feature is needed
0015638: [Track Browser] Renaming a genre sometimes causes selection to be reset
0015626: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Location Node: Sort is incorrect
0015157: [Now Playing] Now Playing list view
0014755: [Playback] In windowed mode, videos don't play within the Windows size / player displays incorrectly
0014486: [Tagging] Auto-tag fields selection
0015400: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: ability to automatically restrict / more easily edit suggested genres
0015570: [DLNA/UPnP] MMS: MMS Settings can't be edited or Viewed or initiate manual check
0015541: [Synchronization] MMS: MM5 do not see MMS on QNAP
0015559: [Main Panel] Default tracklist columns sort and visibility is problematic
0015328: [Codecs] VP8/VP9 should be supported codecs for MKV container
0015048: [Playback] Video Playback: Enhancements
0015032: [Synchronization] MM5 - MMS metadata sync issues
0014647: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Path/Folder/Filename Masks: Tweaks to masks
0015026: [Synchronization] Syncing Google Drive fails to add tracks to the library
0014936: [Synchronization] Cloud scanning: Add scan results dialog
0014899: [DB] Cloud scanning: Feature to select which folders to scan
0014785: [Synchronization] New Sync Device: Add predefined Sunc settings based on device usage
0014741: [Synchronization] Devices And Services: Bugs and Tweaks
0015482: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Lyrics issues
0014048: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] TV Series: Browser View
0015926: [Tracklist] Improvements to navigation of Playlist/Folder hierarchy
0014429: [Main Panel] Drag and Drop to another app fails
0015681: [General] Provide user feedback in cases of failed tagging / playback
0015774: [Playlist / Search] Search: Limitations and Sort can't be added to Search
0015578: [Playback] External video player: Some players do not accept multiple selection tracks
0005418: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlist Criteria: Include all SubTree nodes
0015507: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag: In some Cases Auto Tag return completely wrong Result
0015343: [Playback] Playing View: Results are not shown for Artists Bio
0015293: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Mouse Selection: In most nodes Mouse selection do not work
0015142: [Playlist / Search] Search: Multi valued fields
0015070: [Framework: Tagging] Metadata: Custom Support of Metadata Fields
0015061: [General] App Icon: We should make MM5 App icon correctly shown in Start
0014904: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP: Search and whole library listing need optimization for large libraries
0013424: [Synchronization] Sorting: Ability to sort/resort Files on SDCard and USB Flash Drives formated in FAT
0014734: [Track Browser] Images in tracklist re-arrange unnecesarrily
0014518: [Synchronization] iPad doesn't sync Video thumbnails
0014416: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Some types of metadata support URL Tag
0014499: [Playlist / Search] Add 'Google Play Music' as online search source (for GPM subscibers)
0014303: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize / conversion: UI should better communication different errors
0015956: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Script "Show all nodes" sometimes does not show subnodes and tracks of Album Artist
0015942: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Several auto-tagging issues with foreign language tracks
0015936: [Track Browser] Video > All (Grid view) display issues
0015962: [Playlists] Send To -> M3U/XSPF playlist or Email does not work for whole playlists
0015964: [Synchronization] Crash when using "Safely remove device"
0014848: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: In Image search window there is no way to preview found images in larger window
0015957: [Synchronization] Possible crash during sync (when hundreds of items are selected on sync-list)
0015949: [Other] Lower default values in Options > Performance
0015133: [Synchronization] Downloading from cloud issues
0014983: [Synchronization] Cloud sync: further sync/scan sub-options
0014668: [Synchronization] Tweak Cloud profiles so that they're not so 'device' centric.
0015428: [UPnP / Casting] Chromecast: multizone issues
0015896: [Other] Error Sending freeze resulting logs not sent
0015712: [Main Panel] "Art View", "Browser View", "Grid View" - why different names for the same view
0015023: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Ability to show to which remote locations track is stored
0015875: [Synchronization] Deleting device folder silently fails (for MTP devices)
0015873: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Drag And Drop: Album art Only tag Focused track not whole selection
0015857: [Synchronization] Sync iPod Nano --> 'Not all close query events are finished'
0015849: [Synchronization] GPM sync: Split config for metadata syncing into two directions
0015850: [Synchronization] GPM sync crash when GPM library is cleared totally right before the first MM5 sync
0014132: [Track Browser] Add views for other Art collations
0015836: [Synchronization] iPod nano: Last played value is not synced back from the iPod (while Played# is)
0015832: [Synchronization] FLAC/M4A files uploaded into Google Play Music are not playable (non-gold users only)
0015820: [DB/FileMonitor] Folder browser is much slower in MM5 and Current view is refresshes without needs
0015777: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlists: 'Selected by' doesn't support all fields that users would expect
0015321: [Playback] End of songs getting cut off when streaming from Google Play Music
0015795: [Collections (Filters)] Custom collection with criteria for bitrate generates wrong SQL query for Multiple Artists Albums node
0015739: [Playback] Online Track Playback: Some Tracks can't be played
0015106: [Playlist / Search] Searching and filtering issues and crashes
0015735: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash on Mass Edit of Track Properties (build 2181)
0015742: [DB/FileMonitor] Add/Rescan from Folders scans incorrect folders
0015112: [Other] Missing features in some views
0014593: [Now Playing] Playing track isn't auto-scrolled into view when auto-dj is enabled
0015740: [Playlist / Search] MM occasionally freezes when filters are active (regression in 2181)
0015731: [Playlist / Search] Contextual search freezes / crashes on editing search term
0015730: [Playlist / Search] Contextual search auto-suggest UI issues
0015720: [Tracklist] Wrong column is selected when clicking too close to the line top or bottom border
0015539: [Main Panel] Folder management tweaks
0015692: [General] Context menu on player miss Properties item sometimes.
0015703: [Playlist / Search] Closing contextual search opens Genres view
0015185: [Playlist / Search] Scroll to match doesn't find all matches (and improvements)
0015592: [Tagging] Crash on close after tagging numerous tracks
0015700: [Main Panel] Filtering (funnel) does not work for multiple tabs (sometimes)
0015694: [General] Crash on close "Uncaught Error: ""Cannot read property 'createSharedList' of undefined "
0015693: [Synchronization] Error handling when syncing to unavailable could location (internet connection interrupted)
0015589: [General] Switchig to full window/full screen does not work correctly after moving art&detail panel to the left
0015609: [UPnP / Casting] Crash while MM5 is 'Synchronizing MediaMonkey Server'
0015536: [Podcasts] Duplicate podcasts
0015530: [Main Panel] Art & Detail window: Artwork should appear at the bottom
0015444: [Tracklist] Location folders: often flashes incorrect artwork
0015662: [Synchronization] Attempt to delete 24K of tracks from iPhone => crash
0015676: [Synchronization] Sync to GPM is broken until MM5 is restarted (in some environments)
0015673: [General] Occasional crash on startup (regression?)
0014918: [DB/FileMonitor] Slow scan of files with >1 covers
0015666: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging FLACs in long paths sometimes fails
0015621: [Tracklist] Tracklist status bar sometimes displays wrong info
0015625: [Synchronization] MMS: MM5 Asks for credentials on each access try
0015646: [General] Artworks are looked up even though automatic lookup is switched off - regression
0015029: [Synchronization] Deletion of library tracks stored also to the cloud
0015183: [Synchronization] MM5 > MMS migration wizard and issues
0015620: [Tracklist] Wrap text in Summary column in Album&Tracks view
0015579: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Update Tags on edit can make MM5 much Slower
0015580: [Synchronization] Sync: Manual MMS add and scanning results in slow adding and crash
0015360: [Synchronization] Show scan log after scanning a cloud service (like GPM)
0014935: [Main Panel] 'Source' column and other default columns for list views
0015504: [DB/FileMonitor] Adding files to the library triggers podcast scan
0015396: [Synchronization] Playlists synced to GPM are duplicated when synced back to local library
0015317: [Synchronization] GPM sync: Some specific playlists fails to sync and generates crash log
0015397: [Synchronization] Uploading to Google Play Music: possible MAX_LIMIT_REACHED error
0015291: [Playback] Playing view: Info and Background Image issues
0015288: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Search Info: Artist Bio search should not exclude THE in Artist name
0015340: [Synchronization] Possible SQL error when deleting cloud tracks from library
0015031: [Playback] Playback from MMS is paused whenever lyrics are looked up
0015294: [Synchronization] GPM sync: SendTo GPM/synchronize (Regression)
0015245: [Install/Config] Setup: Normal Install do not suggest Program Files Folder but Portable Folder
0015230: [Synchronization] Leaving device/storage sync config without clicking [Apply] does not show the warning (unlike MM4)
0014934: [Synchronization] Track pairing/matching tweaks
0014833: [Codecs] Attempt to install MM5 codec pack --> crash
0015249: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Crash on attempted install of Codec Pack (trial) - regression
0015252: [Framework: Tagging] Tagging and advancing the currently playing m4a file --> two tracks play at the same time
0015250: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Browsing: Crash while browsing library or editing properties
0015237: [Skins] Skin/Theme issue: disabled button appears enabled
0015058: [Playback] Playback: Ability to play Video files in "Now Playing" view
0015222: [UPnP / Casting] Issues with multi-zone playback
0015219: [Playback] Crash after skipping tracks played from GPM
0014587: [Playback] Chromecast fails to announce sometimes (housekeeping of old entries needed)
0015208: [Synchronization] Windows won't sleep after syncing
0014413: [Properties/Auto-Tools] TV Series Auto Tag still fail in some cases
0015161: [Now Playing] Now Playing: 'full list' has very high CPU utilization
0015134: [Podcasts] MM freezes when using it while podcasts are downloading
0015201: [Synchronization] Uploading to Google Play Music: possible MAX_PER_MACHINE_USERS_EXCEEDED error
0015011: [Synchronization] MM5 sometimes freezes when playing tracks stored in MMS
0015192: [General] Running MM5 as Windows service clears UI settings (persistent.json)
0015138: [Synchronization] Tracks with unknown rating fails to upload to Google Play Music (regression in 2126)
0014905: [Main Panel] Selecting node in media tree does nothing (on occassion)
0015173: [Playback] Fallback to other search result in case of Youtube playback failure does not work
0014853: [Now Playing] Very high CPU utilization during playback in Now Playing > 'Large Lyrics' layout
0015145: [Synchronization] Cloud tracks removed externally are not removed from MM library on re-scan
0015140: [Synchronization] Crash when syncing to 'Google Drive'
0015129: [Main Panel] Google Play Music > All tracks listing is getting slower with amount of tracks being shown
0015130: [Synchronization] Crash when reading GPM content (regression on Czech locale only)
0015088: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] UI: Location UI View and Wording tweaks
0015019: [Synchronization] Auto-conversion dialog doesn't initially display codec settings
0014972: [Tagging] Added broader support for tag fields
0015093: [Synchronization] Google Play Music: Duplicates are created (in some specific cases)
0015087: [DB/FileMonitor] Adding Google Drive Service --> uncaught error
0015079: [Main Panel] No way to rename album and genre
0015086: [Main Panel] Hiding and re-showing sub-view resets the sub-view to the default state
0015083: [Main Panel] Right-click of item in node grid nearly after app start doesn't show context menu
0014672: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Manage Database: While MM5 do Manage Database like rebuild main window can't be minimized
0015081: [Main Panel] Meterial design skins: editing node title in nodes grid is misaligned
0015078: [Main Panel] Never ending 'Getting album image' task
0015075: [General] Switching to tab with opened Folder view is slow
0014383: [Synchronization] Change text: Auto-sync new files and playlists from the device to the PC
0015073: [Main Panel] Context menu shown behind the main window when the window is dragged by title bar
0015063: [Playback] There is a lot of blinking when playing/pausing YT video
0015074: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Some toolbar buttons are positioned incorrectly (sometimes)
0015072: [Synchronization] Device profile / sync target cannot be renamed in the media tree
0014585: [Playback] Support playing of YouTube files to Chromecast
0015068: [Playback] YouTube playback fails whenever user switches to remote player and back
0014411: [Track Browser] Drag and drop within same track browser window throw error
0015062: [Main Panel] Artists view > Top tracks expanded to all tracks isn't persistent for artists with less than 10 tracks
0015027: [Main Panel] Switching nodes triggers crash
0015015: [Framework: Skinning] Volume slider isn't aligned with volume hash marks
0014980: [Synchronization] Cloud tracks are no longer presented under Location subnode once scanning of the cloud locations is disabled
0015050: [DLNA/UPnP] Browsing a media server is slow
0015002: [Synchronization] Review default auto-convert rules for synchronization
0015024: [Main Panel] Album+Tracks view is very slow to load in some location subnodes
0015006: [Tracklist] Double-click track in tracklist --> error/freeze
0015025: [Synchronization] Selecting a track from a cloud drive can trigger a crash
0015014: [Synchronization] After MMS sync, album art views aren't updated
0015010: [Synchronization] MM5 often freezes when attempting to sync DB with MMS
0014997: [General] Remember last selection of Wiki header language
0014896: [Other] Google Play Music scanning fails on tracks that were not uploaded by MediaMonkey
0014959: [Synchronization] GPM playlist sync is slow
0014922: [Tagging] Slow parsing of AIFF files.
0014880: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Sync Tags: Sync tags fail in some cases
0014554: [DB/FileMonitor] Issues while scanning picture folders
0014665: [Synchronization] Cloud storage metadata issues
0014881: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tree Node: Search Tree Node
0014831: [Synchronization] Sync with auto-conversion stalls if there's a missing codec
0014839: [Playback] Playback from 'Google Play Music' no longer works
0014841: [Playback] Playback isn't initiated until whole tracklist is loaded
0014836: [Synchronization] Crash (on Sync ?)
0014815: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Main panel border obstructs Properties dialog
0014812: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Deletion of files --> crash
0014828: [Synchronization] Crash during sync
0014564: [Playback] Visualization Performance issues
0014805: [Framework: Tagging] Implement setting unassigned/unknown rating.
0014806: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Metadata can obscure the player UI
0014768: [Main Panel] Borderless window cannot be moved
0014769: [Skins] Issues with skin borders
0014693: [Synchronization] Numerous commands fail for tracks stored to the Cloud
0014800: [Help / Docs / Localization] Move Online Help from http -> https
0014799: [Synchronization] Remote drive isn't scanned on 'Sync' if so configured
0014761: [Synchronization] Cloud tracks (not downloaded) cannot be directly synced to another device
0014737: [Synchronization] Memory utilization grows during sync (regression)
0014716: [General] Failing to send whole folder
0014697: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Art & Details panel can't toggle between selected and playing
0014696: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics Panel doesn't work
0014699: [General] Art & Details: "Side by side" layout doesn't show image sometimes (regression)
0014692: [General] Slow A&D window resizing
0014689: [Synchronization] Initiate scan of Google Drive --> Crash
0014690: [Synchronization] Failed Manual Sync to Google Drive / Uncaught error: "Cannot read property 'id' of undefined"
0014686: [Synchronization] Sync to Google drive --> crash
0014688: [Synchronization] Sync list config can fail silently
0014637: [Other] AV when playing track on startup
0014568: [Synchronization] Device sync crashes for some devices (regression in 2083)
0014527: [Tagging] Album Art tagging UI blocks other functionality
0014457: [General] Tabs naming
0014409: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Scan folder with Auto Tag do not update track view
       0014421: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Using properties option on Empty track list crashes MM
0014552: [Install/Config] Errors when first running build 2083
0012769: [General] OGG: Some OGG files are not supported
0014494: [General] Quick-filter problems
0014468: [General] Pinning improvements
0014498: [Playlist / Search] Crash when selecting online album in search results
0014475: [General] Image size configuration affects also font size
0014477: [Track Browser] TV Series: Simple View positions are wrong
0014464: [General] Home and Collection views need improvements
0014471: [General] Nested pop-ups result in an infinite high CPU utilization
0014463: [Playback] App crashes on close when YouTube playback was used
0014427: [Playlist / Search] Context search: 'v' button to the right doesn't seem to serve any purpose
0014461: [Main Panel] Search results view is auto-scrolled to first track item
0014460: [General] Album # mismatch
0014447: [Playlists] Simplify Send to Playlist... structure
0014394: [DB/FileMonitor] MM5 freezes when changing Type for large number of tracks
0014393: [Main Panel] Mass Edits cause the tracklist to move
0014325: [Main Panel] Scrolling is broken for Artists in online mode
0014351: [Track Browser] PlaylistName / Folder / Search results: list view only contains title
0014381: [Other] AddOn to mimic MM4 incremental search
0014343: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Option to focus curent track
0014335: [Playback] MM can crash sometimes when starting of remote file playback
0014320: [Main Panel] Navigation via folders sometimes fails
0014307: [Other] Rescan time is so slow
0015938: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag list refreshes by itself in some cases
0015941: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: recommends album artist from the next track for the current track
0015968: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag crashes (regression 2199)
0015878: [Synchronization] Device config clearness issues
0015226: [Synchronization] Synchronize tags feature is confusing with regard to cloud tracks in MM library
0015946: [Playlist / Search] Auto-playlist / Filters: Ratings selector doesn't close logical operator selector
0015959: [Playlist / Search] CTRL-F triggers a view switch before the search is initiated
0015960: [Collections (Filters)] Home view doesn't refresh on Collection changes
0015647: [Playback] Video playback: video is sometimes partially obscured by last-focused window in fullscreen mode
0015633: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag: Auto-Tag on larger number of files can result in Freeze
0015939: [Track Browser] Double-click of thumbnails in grid views opens pop-up
0014838: [General] Album Artists node does not work properly
0015518: [DB] Rebuild DB do not create complete DB location browsing is missing paths
0015943: [General] Double-clicking item in grid sometimes does not trigger double-click action.
0015944: [Playlist / Search] Enabling filter triggers crash on node switch
0015945: [Playlist / Search] Filter from MRU list fails
0015738: [Main Panel] Subview: Playlist tree doesn't work for the selected Playlist
0015918: [Track Browser] Album view can change by itself
0015928: [Track Browser] Breadcrumbs / History getting mixed up (regression 2195)
0015924: [Main Panel] Mask [Configure...] button does nothing when database has no tracks
0015680: [Burning / Disc Handling] CD ripping: Properties edited before ripping are lost
0015859: [Now Playing] Extra (unselected) tracks are removed from Now Playing
0015935: [Tracklist] Video node: thumbnail issues
0015921: [UPnP / Casting] Audiobooks fail to download over UPnP
0015531: [Main Panel] Enhance undo functionality
0015917: [Tracklist] Tracklist/view moves by itself (sometimes continuously) when playback is active
0015932: [DB/FileMonitor] Find Moved/Missing files --> crash (regression 2195)
0015885: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: gets stuck on certain files
0015937: [General] Play/Shuffle buttons in view headers and popups do not respect rule for Play now action
0015934: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] In view config overwrites the Player
0015933: [Framework: Skinning] MD skins do not display selected tracks properly in popups
0014496: [General] Video: Playback of some files play them as inverted ignoring rotate metadata
0015930: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: changing Album --> Album Artist isn't filled in in some cases
0015940: [Track Browser] Clicking back arrow and breadcrumbs bar --> crash
0015808: [Properties/Auto-Tools] After MM restart Custom 1-5 are duplicated in Custom 6-10
0015695: [DB/FileMonitor] Problems (including several path-related issues) migrating content/DB to a new disk
0015923: [Synchronization] Google 'Gallery Go' contains MM Album Art
0015897: [Synchronization] Sync: Deletion status is vague / inaccurate
0015874: [Now Playing] Preview Window: checking field in Advanced > Settings causes list to move
0015916: [Skins] Switching skin during playback --> crash (?regression 2193?)
0015912: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: In some cases, all tracks get auto-tagged with the same artwork
0015861: [Main Panel] Windows Handling: focus on Window is lost on track deletion
0015919: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Lyrics: get populated with 'unavailable' message
0015858: [DB] MM4 vs MM5 database compatibility issues
0015813: [Main Panel] Find More From Same: Slow Behavior
0015911: [Playlist / Search] Advanced search: Undesired auto-scrolling after changing a criteria
0015906: [Install/Config] Confirmation Settings: Confirmation settings is missing checkbox for results dialog
0015914: [DB/FileMonitor] Selection of tracks in Artist:AristName --> Not all close query events are finished
0014579: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Loading...' appears endlessly
0014574: [DB] Issues in Locations node: 'loading' endlessly, duplicate images, and errors
0015915: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag sometimes mis-identifies tracks that are missing all metadata
0015908: [Collections (Filters)] Collections: configuration doesn't list Video/TV fields correctly
0015909: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Column configuration: context menu gets stuck in certain dialogs
0015901: [Burning / Disc Handling] Disc Ripping dialog layout issues
0015902: [Conversion/Leveling] Ripping / Conversion doesn't work, possibly because masks are ignored (regression 2192)
0015761: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Improve access to Player and Panel layout config
0015905: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Organize: <Playlist> mask do not work
0015893: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Skin: on Groove Skin Now playing Track if selected text is non readable
0015841: [Now Playing] Preview window: switching to 'Selected' when video is playing has no effect
0015892: [Podcasts] Volume Analyze: Volume analyze sometimes fail when direct podcast stream is playing
0015880: [Skins] Player: some items rendered/positioned incorrectly
0015867: [Main Panel] Single-click sometimes initiates video playback unexpectedly
0015903: [Conversion/Leveling] Crash upon initiating conversion
0015799: [Burning / Disc Handling] Ripping CD: Issues with destination target path
0015484: [Tracklist] Youtube: adding track to the library causes the list to move
0015651: [Synchronization] Crash on sync
0015758: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Functionality of the Preview Window unclear (due to Title bar heading?)
0014459: [General] A&D menu missing toggle
0015886: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: fingerprint lookup initiates metadata search for a different file
0015862: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Album selection window appears high and then low
0015887: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: fields with recommended metadata don't always display tooltip
0015883: [Podcasts] Unsubscribing podcast does not work once user selects to not delete episodes
0015864: [Skins] Selection: CTRL-deselection isn't visible
0015860: [Now Playing] Now Playing Tracks aren't highlighted correctly when selected
0015879: [Playback] Player: rating tooltip persists
0015877: [Main Panel] FLAC files does not show file metadata over MTP under the Device > Folders subnodes
0015876: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass edit of date fails (updates just the year part)
0015865: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] ESC doesn't close context menu
0015872: [Tracklist] Composer suggestion linked incorrectly in inline edit
0015869: [Other] User cannot choose active layout in Options - Library - Layout.
0015687: [Install/Config] Import MM4 Settings: Some Settings should be changed on Import
0015771: [Now Playing] Preview window: advanced layout config field selection fails
0015830: [Now Playing] Editing in preview window can cause change in track selection
0015854: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Preview Window: if possible 'v' Arrow should be moved bit to left so that 'x' do not overlap
0015855: [Tracklist] Tracklist ('subviews') have title and controls that are misaligned
0015131: [General] Search whole words only when in double quotes
0015856: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: changing Title --> crash
0015451: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Context menu issues
0015737: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: some pre-existing entries appear as new suggestions
0015838: [General] Maximizing and closing dialogs causes various anomalies
0015704: [Synchronization] Plugging in iPod Nano causes 2 different devices to appear in the Devices & Services list
0014847: [Main Panel] Find more from same album/artist is terribly slow (regression)
0015848: [Track Browser] Column filter selection reset after double click
0015846: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Tree Node: Audio CD Info in Tree node is not updated
0015851: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass edit resets played values to zero
0015456: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties: Artwork. Support for cached images and other tweaks
0015823: [Playback] Plugging in/Removing a chromecast device that is part of a group --> crash
0014813: [Track Browser] Selection of multiple folders --> collapse of tree
0015840: [Main Panel] Pressing Ctrl+Down on a media tree node opens another tab
0015829: [Other] Crash after merging two artists or composers by renaming
0014572: [General] HTTPS Radio stations fail to play (regression)
0015807: [Synchronization] External Device Scanned in Library also create sync Device
0015792: [Main Panel] Regressions in Arts&Details panel
0015465: [General] Album Art Cache anomalies for tracks with no Album assigned
0015549: [Playlist / Search] Contextual Search (Filter): Collection nodes searches shouldn't appear in Global Search bar
0014300: [General] 'Reading files...' progress can stay forever
0015810: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Monitored folders can be deleted from scan dialog but they still execute on startup
0015707: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys: HID Hotkeys usually Sends two values
0015811: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Add/Rescan: Issues with manual input of network locations
0015805: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Location Node: Location Tree node is not updated on Change
0015650: [Framework: Skinning] Skinning: Waveform Progress Bar
0015728: [Track Browser] Can't delete unused file path
0015822: [Conversion/Leveling] Checkbox in header fails to uncheck all checkboxes (regression)
0015713: [Tagging] Add support for multivalue in multiple MP4 atoms
0015369: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning Album Art fails to refresh the Location directory
0015500: [DB/FileMonitor] Adding some network M4A files to library is slow
0015809: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] MM5 Crash if last tree node before close was root Artist
0015750: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Browsing MM4 server for video Files fail and crash MM5 on close
0015779: [Podcasts] Podcast update: 'Not all close query events are finished' freeze
0015786: [DLNA/UPnP] DLNA: Playing Non Accessible track from MM4 crash MM5
0015803: [Other] Popup in grid view auto-scrolls unintentionally after opening inner popup
0015798: [DB/FileMonitor] Rebuild Database results in loss of AutoPlaylist Criteria
0015718: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Shared Library: Using MM5 on multiple PCs
0015797: [Track Browser] Column filter height cannot be changed - regression
0015796: [General] Automatic search for artists images does not work - regression
0015793: [Conversion/Leveling] Nodes under Files to Edit node should be filtered based on collection
0015790: [General] Bugs in Entire library media tree node handling.
0015791: [Synchronization] Artwork is lost on sync when 'Level volume' sync option is enabled
0015788: [Codecs] Playback: MM5 Crash on Playback of some files
0015767: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add cover issues
0014982: [Synchronization] Issues with syncing to external HDDs
0015802: [Playlist / Search] Starting MM in search node --> freeze/crashlog
0015733: [Other] Wrong restored size of art window, when MM window is maximized and Windows scaling is 125%
0015772: [Track Browser] GenreName (grid view) sometimes goes blank
0015764: [Tracklist] Remove Year column, leave only Date.
0015746: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] FMFS: Find More From Same is missing Year if Date is available in track properties
0015766: [Main Panel] 'Configure Collections and nodes...' menu is missing from context-menu of some first level nodes
0015769: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] Make main menu customizeable by addons
0015765: [Main Panel] Orange screen when context menu for Podcasts node is shown
0015748: [Now Playing] AutoDJ: If AutoDJ is set to retain less num of tracks than all playback focus is lost
0015749: [Framework: Skinning] Skins: Status bar Should be wider
0015732: [Playlist / Search] Online search results are missing the (show X items) expanders
0015722: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Art and Details view doesn't refresh in response to Album Art Updates
0015776: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlist: Criteria Query order (Regression MM5)
0015734: [Main Panel] Contextual search does not work right when 'Column Browser' is opened after the search
0015736: [Main Panel] Auto-tag: moving dialog causes the dialog to flash non-stop and become non-responsive
0015741: [Now Playing] Deletion of currently playing track fails
0015744: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Albums Tree Node: Do not Show Album Artist Sufix in Tree nodes
0015745: [Main Panel] "Multiple Artist Albums" node doesn't list any albums in the grid view
0015689: [Track Browser] Renaming Genre repeatedly causes loss of thumbnail
0015717: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: change Album --> crash
0015685: [Podcasts] Podcast issues
0015669: [Main Panel] Art & Details panel resizes after minimizing into taskbar (in some layouts)
0015709: [Framework: Skinning] Player Context menu: Add Analyze Volume in Context menu
0015705: [DB/FileMonitor] Properties: can't manually edit paths of inaccessible files
0015702: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] List View: Rating Inline mouse Edit need additional click
0015719: [Main Panel] Monkey Groove skin opens up a white window which sits over the top of MM5 (regression)
0015715: [Other] Separate setting for automatic look up for artist images
0015725: [Main Panel] Context menu is gone after F5 (view refresh)
0015649: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Removal of images from album art cache has no effect
0015639: [Track Browser] In some cases, tiled album art images are missing component albums
0015671: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Metedata is modified for unchecked items
0015699: [DB/FileMonitor] Locate Moved/Missing Files dialog fails in some cases
0015697: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys for "media rewind" and "media forward" cannot be defined
0015696: [General] Locations node does not sometimes display tracks, when DB migrated from MM4
0015691: [Playback] Show time when hovering seekbar.
0015652: [Synchronization] Ability to eject USB attached devices
0015670: [Podcasts] Freeze on startup
0015615: [Main Panel] Clicking cancel in the search bar should return to previous view
0015672: [Playlist / Search] 'Reading files' / 'Loading' sometimes displays for awhile and at the same time
0015548: [Playlist / Search] Contextual Search (Filter): Clicking on search in the breadcrumb bar causes search results to ignore view settings
0014481: [Install/Config] Sorting: Ignoring "The" fail in some cases
0014476: [Other] Crash: Chash on Close
0014456: [Main Panel] Player keeps reappearing
0014378: [Playback] YouTube video playback keyboard issue
0015605: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Locate Moved/Missing tracks: Updating Located File path is slow
0015524: [Now Playing] Issues with 'Locate moved/missing files...'
0015336: [Tracklist] Dragging column headers doesn't work well
0015690: [Other] Contextual search: Failure to search for special characters
0015688: [Track Browser] Deletion of Album field causes track to temporarily disappear
0015677: [Other] Keyboard navigation: TAB Reset view
0015686: [Main Panel] Focus can be stolen by "invisible" components
0015386: [General] Eurekalog Send log dialog UI issues
0015372: [General] Attempts of generating thumbnails for audio files with video extension last too long
0015265: [Main Panel] Column browser: The second column isn't reset to "all" when value in the first column is changed (sometimes)
0015667: [Synchronization] Crash on sync when file is unsupported by the device
0015678: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Podcast Subscription context menu is incorrect
0015492: [General] Performance: dialog opening is slow
       0015611: [UPnP / Casting] Config of MM Server migration --> Uncaught Error: "setVisibility can be called only on element in DOM tree!"
0015564: [Tracklist] Renaming Genres can result in crash
0015223: [Podcasts] MediaMonkey crashes on startup / experiences performance issues
0015452: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Mass edit of 46 MP3 files --> freeze
0015446: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: playing tracks causes operations to take MUCH longer
0015619: [General] MM crashes on termination (not doing anything)
0015572: [Burning / Disc Handling] Possible EPathTooLongException when ripping CDs
0015476: [Framework: Tagging] Application can throw EPathTooLongException, when path long enough contains unicode characters
0015657: [DB/FileMonitor] Rescan: Remove Missing tracks do not return focus to main panel
0015660: [DB/FileMonitor] Add/Re-scan: Path changes when schedule is changed from 'Manual' to 'Continuous'
0015659: [Synchronization] Crash when adding new cloud profile (regression 2174)
0015658: [General] Lost artwork when path contains apostrophe
0015653: [Synchronization] "Requires MediaMonkey for Android" should highlight the full product name
0015449: [General] App/Dialogs appears partially after PC sleeps
0015641: [Main Panel] App can freeze on closing
0015642: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Possible crashes in Auto-tag dialog
0015643: [Playback] Cloud tracks in 'Now Playing' that are not part of library are not playable after MM restart
0015644: [Playback] Re-ordering of 'Now Playing' list isn't preserved after MM restart
0015636: [Burning / Disc Handling] AudioCD node does not appear in Media tree - regression
0015448: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Startup: Closing MM5 while Audio CD is inserted makes MM5 crash on start
0015645: [Playback] Video Playback: cursor on screen --> playback bar repeatedly fades in/out
0015648: [Track Browser] Track browser repositions on track transition
0015623: [Main Panel] Click Music > Genres > GenreName-Popup > Album --> crash
0015631: [Playback] Video playback: full screen mode windows fails after first time
0014747: [Synchronization] Selection fails for Artist & Album Artists (regression)
0015614: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Episodes not downloaded in correct format
0015455: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Choose Fields: Choose Fields Dialog should be more consistent as Modal Dialog
0015627: [Now Playing] Normal Install: Now Playing Undo do not work if MM5 is open from explorer
0015613: [Podcasts] Podcasts: No manual refresh of podcast info pulling after Credentials are entered
0015624: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Organize: Mask <AutoNumber> do not work
0015586: [Playback] Clicking 'Next' on a video locks the user out of the UI
0015616: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Trying to edit path in the Properties => crash (regression 2169)
0015610: [Playlist / Search] Filter: filtering video in Location mode --> crash
0015602: [UPnP / Casting] MM crash on startup (cast to chromecast enabled)
0015604: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Locate Moved/Missing tracks: Scan result do not select all tracks for update
0015608: [UPnP / Casting] MM5 crashes when playing from MMS 0.3.1
0015447: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album View: Few UI tweaks
0014802: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Editing multiple tracks in My Folders --> crash
0015339: [Synchronization] Tags like 'Album artist' and Track# are often lost after download from GPM
0015459: [Playback] Crash in in-player visualizer
0015515: [Main Panel] Improper view icon on the toolbar sometimes remains
0015534: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: changing album after lookup completes --> endless hourglass (regression 2165)
0015560: [Track Browser] Text tweak: re. collapsing albums
0015598: [] Problem with scrobbling of tracks with special characters in title
0015607: [Framework: Tagging] Parsing MP4 larger than 4GB fails
0015606: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Crash on album art from unavailable path
0015599: [Synchronization] MMS: Manual Adding of MMS do not trigger Migration wizard
0015600: [Synchronization] MMS: Manual Adding of MMS is not available under Storage and services
0015597: [Main Panel] Crash when searching in 'Art view' and 'Column browser' is enabled at the same time
0015596: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Scanning: Manual Type selection is overridden on scanning
0015590: [Other] Wikipedia Artist Metadata doesn't appear for some artists (caused by 'another artist' function)
0015601: [Playlists] Playlists display out of order on startup
0015521: [Main Panel] Confusing caption upon clicking [Browse] folder button (and redundant checkboxes)
0015319: [Main Panel] Party mode: Full screen mode shows title bar and task bar (regression)
0015529: [Main Panel] Holding down arrow on a tree node behaves strangely
0015528: [Main Panel] Paths from inaccessible media starts with '?'
0015527: [DB] MM4 > MM5 upgrade never finishes on some corrupted databases
0015503: [General] YouTube: Right click Copy Tracks do not do nothing
0015502: [General] YouTube: Properties Dialog do not work and not consistent with properties for normal tracks
0015519: [Main Panel] Ignoring "The" prefix is not applied in Column Browser
0015402: [Synchronization] Sync: tweak and changes to device sync behavior
0015477: [DLNA/UPnP] 'Unknown cast message type: DEVICE_UPDATED' exception when casting to Chromecast Audio
0015422: [Synchronization] USB sync issues
0015585: [Synchronization] Improve performance of synchronization
0015561: [Playlist / Search] Send to Playlist: tracks display out of order in Edit Playlist window
0015576: [General] Renaming title of artist/album after selecting it from Wrong artist/album menu should be optional
0015594: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize dialog fails to open / triggers crash (regression)
0015587: [Playback] Attempting to play videos that don't exist (dead links) causes MM to freeze
0015595: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Properties dialog sometimes fails to open and MM crashes (regression)
0015566: [General] Search results: Should not show AA like track is selected
0015582: [General] Crash on Close while MMS sync initialize is in progress
0015577: [General] File IO operation: MM5 Deletes files directly not thru Recycle Bin
0015574: [Framework: Tagging] MOV videos created by Olympus Tough TG-5 camera are not tagged
0015462: [General] Context menu can get orphaned
0015593: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Windows can appear offscreen (regression?)
0015588: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Find More from Same folder (Explorer) fails silently for deadlinks
0015591: [Tracklist] Scrolling causes tracks to appear in duplicate in the tracklist (regression)
0015568: [Playback] Seek bar is jumping during seek
0015563: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Prevent duplicates when renaming Genres
0015490: [Tracklist] In place editing results in wrong metadata being shown + subsequent freeze
0015565: [Synchronization] Crash while syncing MMS metadata
0015569: [Synchronization] Double backslashes in the configuration paths
0015562: [UPnP / Casting] UI shows casting as disabled even when enabled
0015330: [Synchronization] Server (UPnP or MMS) content not browseable in certain views
0015557: [DLNA/UPnP] MMS: Manually enter MMS address creates double MediaMonkey Server
0015532: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Directory configuration dialog optimization (auto-organize / convert )
0015546: [Main Panel] Collapsing node with thousands of children can freeze
0015354: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Drag & Drop: User can't D&D directly to Playlist from File explorer
0015558: [Synchronization] MediaMonkey attempts to sync to MMS even when disabled
0015553: [Install/Config] Database not imported from MM4 (regression)
0015547: [Playlist / Search] Column Browser configuration is missing (regression 2165?)
0015439: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: in a large list, checking a track --> it gets checked, unchecked, and then checked
0015537: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Unnecessary view buttons in some cases
0015540: [Synchronization] Scan 'MM Server' content to the local database --> crash
0015533: [Main Panel] Nodes in 'Home' can't be seen because they don't 'wrap'
0015535: [General] Columns settings under Folders node are lost sometimes.
0015442: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: issues with minimizing the dialog
0015373: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Multiple-artist tracks often get incorrect Album Artist (and consequently Album) recommendations
0015506: [Track Browser] Auto-tag: MM freezes if > 1 track is tagged (regression)
0015497: [Main Panel] Progress bar on bottom of main screen needs tweaking
0015520: [Main Panel] Window maximize/minimize buttons overlay tabs bar
0015493: [Tracklist] In-place editing: multiple attribute handling auto-completes the wrong attribute
0015525: [General] Crash on run (regression build 2164)
0015443: [Tracklist] Some Location subnodes show 'Loading' indefinitely (regression)
0015516: [Main Panel] Incorrect icons in [Music > Rating] sometimes
0015441: [General] Output Plugin: WaveOUT Plugin Ca'nt be configured
0015522: [Main Panel] New auto-playlist cannot be created without 'Info panel' sub-view shown
0015526: [Tracklist] Next/previous in the file propertes dialog should change selected track in related tracklist
0015274: [Install/Config] UI inconsistency due to MM4 license being imported even when user chooses not to import settings
0015505: [Main Panel] Tab Close button only visible on Active Tab
0015445: [Main Panel] Tab close button is visible only on hover
0015510: [Main Panel] Art view: "Sort by" attribute is not persistent
0015514: [Main Panel] Possible crash when adding new cover
0015513: [Main Panel] Using collection search limits the search results to a particular collection even for subsequent global search (regression)
0015512: [General] Rescan dialog: folder schedule change doesn't persist when dialog is canceled
0015509: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Network: System folders are not browsable in MM5
0015501: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto Tag: Multi Artist wrongly Suggested with including Feat.
0015463: [Playlist / Search] Global search results are sometimes incomplete
0015485: [Playlist / Search] Search (Online): if search term is too general, MM can crash
0015483: [General] Youtube: ability to copy url
0015496: [General] Invalid pointer error related to Podcast updates
0015495: [Synchronization] Build 2161: Cut off labels in device profile settings
0015481: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Remove 'Collapse' album functionality
0015489: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Video Playback Layer is not positioned correctly if MM5 Window is maximized
       0015488: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Right panel Resize is not possible if Video is playing
0015362: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Freeze in auto-tag dialog when changing recommended album
0015471: [General] Crash on startup: setVisibility can be called only on elements in DOM tree!
0015460: [Playlist / Search] Global Search online: causes multiple status bar entries
0015472: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: crash during lookup 'Uncaught error "Cannot read property 'id' of null"
0015030: [Playlist / Search] Find more from same folder (computer) and sometimes (library) fails
0015474: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Renaming Genres can lead to crash "All items must have persistentID unique"
0015353: [Synchronization] Sync: Add Local folder device creation while browsing folders (syncToFolder.mmip)
0015469: [Main Panel] Inaccessible tracks are not shown in grey (besides Now Playing list)
0014958: [Synchronization] Random UI freeze when scanning/syncing with GPM library
0014969: [Track Browser] Updating tracklist (F5) with column browser on adds duplicates to the tracklist
0014975: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys like 'Window: Switch for MiniPlayer \ Maximize' are missing
0014938: [Playlist / Search] Crash when searching while syncing
0014933: [General] Google play music tracks are shown under Location > YouTube
0014971: [Playback] Auto-update feature with combination of Now Playing Undo causes gaps between tracks to be played
0014973: [DB] Optimize full text search index rebuilding
0014981: [Synchronization] Local version of cloud track is always preferred for playback (even if inaccesible)
0014987: [DB] Failed termination of MediaMonkeyEngine.exe/MediaMonkey64Helper.exe --> errors on startup
0014986: [Install/Config] Crash on run after install (notifyReady timeout)
0014996: [General] Add "More from same composer" and related Composer view with Wiki header
0014998: [Main Panel] Dialogs size and position does not persist in some cases
0015344: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Dynamic Sorting makes it difficult to edit tracks
0015466: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Navigating using the Back/Forward buttons causes a dropdown menu to appear
0015351: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Combo box behaves strangely
0015301: [Main Panel] Back/forward navigation buttons tweaks
0015461: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Performance decreases disproportionately to the # of tracks
0015346: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag: Sometimes looks up incorrect Title
0015458: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties dialog is missing title
0015457: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: duplicate albums sometimes appear upon selecting an album
0014846: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash during auto-tag operation (tag/artwork-related)
0015417: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tagging certain tracks --> Uncaught RangeError
0015374: [Main Panel] Menu bar keyboard navigation is broken (regression)
0015345: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag will often not recommend the original Album
0015434: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Album Art recommendation is incorrect
0015401: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Issues Editing Album / Album Artist fields
0015419: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Issues with Artist image search
0015438: [Main Panel] Tab sequence ends on seekbar when playback is stopped
0015437: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash when trying to F2 edit the 'New Path' column in the 'Auto Organize' dialog (regression in 2153)
0015432: [DB/FileMonitor] UI is frozen when adding new tracks into library (regression)
0015424: [Playback] GPM tracks sometimes do not play till the end of the track
0015423: [Synchronization] GPM sync: upload fails for some specific filenames
0015430: [General] Maximized state is sometimes not restored after start
0015431: [Main Panel] Rating in A&D window opens image window
0015283: [Synchronization] Sync incomplete (due to locked DB)
0015084: [Main Panel] Pressing TAB while editing playlist title (in node grid or tree) throws error
0015433: [Playlist / Search] Navigation hierarchy is broken (regression 2155)
0015427: [General] Toast messages sometimes appear partway offscreen
0015416: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag: Clicking Album Name (next to artwork) triggers artwork lookup
0015440: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: editing a track's Album field can cause the wrong track to be edited
0015411: [Tracklist] Ctrl+Click in track list sometimes does not select the row
0015349: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag: album art often fails to get looked up
0015337: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Performing other operations during autotag --> freeze
0015382: [Tracklist] UI issues when TAB key is used in the tracklist and auto-tag dialog
0015418: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Clicking Album combo-box can trigger crash
0015347: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tag: Album Artist gets erroneously recommended
0015350: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Manual Art lookup fails in some cases
0015415: [General] Edit context menu is missing for texareas.
0006364: [General] Support for AIFF and AIFC audio formats
0015409: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tagging text tweaks to clarify usage
0015363: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Deleting the Date field changes the value of the Year field to -1
0015392: [Framework: Tagging] CPU Utilization is sometimes very high for very long for tagging operations
0015405: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Album combo box contains markup tags
0015426: [Track Browser] Navigating 'Back' to certain subnodes goes to the parent node instead
0015042: [Main Panel] Art & Details: Clicking artwork should bring artwork in separate window
0015412: [Main Panel] Searching on Music > Years results in crash
0015407: [Now Playing] Album Artwork is sometimes not changed in NP view for tracks not in DB
0015403: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Crash during auto-tag lookup: callstack dlgAutotag.js; Func undefined, Row 963 column 32
0015406: [Framework: Tagging] Some specific MP3 file corruption in ID3 tags can lead to crash during reading tags
0015398: [General] Initial scan does not scan all known extensions by default
0015376: [UPnP / Casting] Crash when discovering remote players out of LAN
0015358: [Main Panel] Files with a field longer than 30 characters appears in out-of-date tag node
0015361: [Burning / Disc Handling] Crash when any audio CD with CD-text is inserted (regression in 2149)
0015276: [Install/Config] Registration dialog layout should be improved
0015272: [Conversion/Leveling] CD ripping fails
0015267: [Main Panel] Optimize animations to be less CPU intensive
0015259: [DB] Add optimizing URL request cache to DB optimization task
0015253: [UPnP / Casting] Unicode chars in Chromecast name are incorrectly decoded (when Chromecast is found via mDNS)
0015247: [Synchronization] 'Failed conversion' for some tracks during sync
0014345: [DB/FileMonitor] Issues scanning network folders to the library
0015387: [Synchronization] Navigating 'back' to a deleted sync location --> crash
0015391: [Playback] Track notification appears in system tray even when track isn't playing
0015413: [Main Panel] Track disappears upon playing from [Music > Years > 1980s > 1982] tracklist
0015348: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Year fields appear to get mixed up
0015384: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Image search dialog: Pressing ENTER causes the dialog to close (focus issue)
0015390: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: image from clipboard is added to auto-tagged track (regression?)
0015394: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Empty fields fail to update if there's no change in Title/Artist/Album
0015389: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: when existing metadata doesn't match lookup, MM recommends incorrect Title/Artist tags
0015393: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: searched image doesn't appear immediately
0015365: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: some tracks fail to indicate a track number
0015370: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Alternate album suggestions sometimes make no sense
0015364: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: recommended changes aren't highlighted (regression)
0015383: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Choosing album art requires unnecessary steps
0015368: [Main Panel] Right-click folder > Add/Rescan does not pre-select correct folder (in node grid view)
0015367: [] Add possibility to logout from, to allow login with different username.
0015080: [Main Panel] Navigation: Focus is lost after using back button
0015381: [Synchronization] Terminating device sync task => progress on the player does not disappear (regression in 2149)
0015380: [Synchronization] 'Auto-Sync as soon as device is connected' option doesn't work
0015366: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag: Some fields fail to update in response to manually changing the Album
0015357: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag will often recommend track numbers in the form A4
0015318: [Burning / Disc Handling] No automatic pop-up windows when CD is inserted
0015334: [Main Panel] Party Mode: Exiting party mode Material Design (Non Dark) crashes MM5
0015341: [DB] Crash (this cannot be called from JS thread assert) when using funnel filter with "Genre equals" criteria
0015332: [Synchronization] 'The media transfer process on "(X)" appears to be frozen' message can appear for HDDs too
0014347: [Burning / Disc Handling] Shift+Ctrl+R starts filtering instead of launching Rip dialog
0015113: [DLNA/UPnP] Chromecast: MM5 2123 Fail on Nexus player
0015289: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Touch Mode: Material Design Skin Artifacts
0015312: [Main Panel] Freeze when pressing space while a track is selected in large tracklist
0015311: [Podcasts] Podcast title has redundant brackets suffix in the Info panel sub-view
0015310: [Other] Command line option to start in party mode does not work in MM5
0015308: [Framework: Tagging] Multiedit of Original Date and sorting by Original date does not work
0015307: [Track Browser] Column browser is not displayed, when it should (Regression)
0015306: [Framework: Tagging] Artwork is not saved to audio file sometimes, even if "Lookup missing artwork" and "Update tags" are checked
0015304: [Tracklist] Year subnodes open multiple status indicators
0015322: [Burning / Disc Handling] When CD is inserted, MM reads its content periodically (endlessly)
0015331: [Synchronization] Sync list: Scrolling to a sync item by typing does not work when "Filter matches" is selected in options
0015251: [Playlist / Search] Contextual search doesn't work on main nodes (home / music / etc) - when 'scroll to matches' choice is selected
0015182: [Playlist / Search] Contextual search should apply to the NP Window
0015255: [Main Panel] Renderer process crashes (white screen remains)
0015281: [Podcasts] Podcasts: sort by date fails
0015282: [General] Crash on startup
0015305: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-organize dialog is missing browse button (unlike MM4)
0015300: [Main Panel] No thumbs are visible once user defined custom temp directory to another drive
0014834: [Tagging] Thumbnails are re-generated for the same 150+ tracks every time MM5 is run
0015290: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Playing view: Background Image Animation
0015275: [Install/Config] On clean install of MM Portable, there's no prompt to import MM4 data/settings (regression 2144)
0015263: [Playlists] "Warn when duplicate files are added" does not work
0015260: [Main Panel] Loading of large tracklists is not canceled when switching views
0014720: [Playlist / Search] Various CPU intensive triggers --> Uncaught Error: "We haven't got lock for 3 seconds!"
0015268: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tagging progress bar disappears prematurely
0015258: [Main Panel] CPU Utilization sometimes stays at 50% on certain nodes
0014878: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag dialog often crashes when the user clicks 'Auto-tag'
0015174: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tagging takes huge or infinite amount of time
0014608: [Main Panel] Focus persistence issues when deleting tracks
0015197: [Playlist / Search] Searching / auto-playlists: Entering non-integer values to integer fields results in SQL errors
0015257: [Framework: Tagging] id3lib library returns success even in case tagging fails
0015248: [Synchronization] MM sometimes freezes when syncing
0015231: [Synchronization] Unplugging USB device while syncing can crash
0015243: [Synchronization] Sync config: Genres node has missing expand indicator (regression)
0015240: [Synchronization] WiFi-sync sometimes mistakenly deletes large auto-playlists (regression?)
0015238: [Synchronization] Media sync: USB sync issues and crashes
0015232: [Install/Config] Install: Installation of MM5 do not clean old Chromium Version
0015234: [Main Panel] Layout: hidden panel cannot be shown after skin change
0015057: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Now Playing: Label Inconsistency confuse functionality
0015224: [Synchronization] Media Sync: Metadata is not updated for newly uploaded tracks (regression)
0015194: [Synchronization] Device/cloud sync: Issues with 'Settings profile'
0015214: [UPnP / Casting] Cast menu should show items gradually
0015212: [UPnP / Casting] MediaMonkey no longer runs as service (regression in recent builds)
0015209: [Synchronization] Issues with device config
0015207: [Synchronization] iPod name is incorrect sometimes
0015181: [Now Playing] Repeated unnecessary lookups in Now Playing immersive mode
0014877: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag dialog prevents use of Main Panel even though focus can rest on the main panel
0015159: [Now Playing] Unsaved artwork fails to display in Now Playing 'full list' view
0014641: [Other] Aero preview of MM5 is Black rectangle
0015191: [Other] Mapped network drives can became inaccessible (resulting in freeze logs)
0015193: [Main Panel] 'Edit' is missing from context menu for auto-playlists
0015195: [Synchronization] Sync is initiated after clicking [Apply] even if sync schedule is set to 'Manual'
0015156: [Now Playing] Right column behaves strangely in Now Playing mode
0014517: [Tracklist] Progress circle saying "Reading files ..." could sometimes fail to end.
0015184: [Main Panel] Add 'List view' to collection nodes
0015160: [Now Playing] Change NP view names
0015177: [Main Panel] Playlist re-ordering issues
0015179: [Playlist / Search] Searching: Issues when switched to Online search
0015178: [Main Panel] When 'automatic column width' is enabled then there remains black area after closing playlist editor
0015176: [DLNA/UPnP] Playing from portable version to a renderer may fail (as portable version doesn't auto-conf firewall)
0015170: [Properties/Auto-Tools] MM crashes in auto-tag dialog
0015175: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tagging status doesn't indicate any progress
0015169: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag Album Art selector should indicate resolution
0015171: [Main Panel] Search bar looses focus when search is initiated from artist view
0014658: [DB] SQLite: Upgrade full-text search engine from FTS3 to FTS5
0015147: [Framework: Tagging] ID3 v1 tags containing international characters are read as Chinese
0015146: [Now Playing] NowPlaying: Wrong Album art can show sometimes
0015164: [Synchronization] Device sync: Option to remove artwork from file tags crashes synchronization
0015165: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Looked up image isn't saved to tag when 'Apply to all files in the Album/Series' is unchecked (regression)
0014823: [Playback] Crash on rating playing tracks
0015158: [Playback] Rating (tagging) the currently playing track while podcasts are downloading --> audio playbock repeats
0015117: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] NowPlaying: Removing Playing track from NowPlaying set current playing track wrongly
0014735: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Panel can't be disabled if video/visualization is playing
0015135: [Main Panel] View isn't restored correctly after startup (in certain cases)
0014984: [Main Panel] Crash when double-clicking album on some users databases
0015139: [Synchronization] Issues when changing skin or closing app during synchronization
0014652: [General] Windows timer resolution
0014669: [Main Panel] Media tree navigation: Node content isn't shown sometimes (when using arrows keys for navigation)
0015107: [Track Browser] F5 in view with column browser disrupts filtering
0015109: [Main Panel] 'Status Bar' is not showing when 'Column Browser' is enabled
0015119: [Main Panel] 'Column browser' state doesn't persist when switching between 'Grid View', 'ListView', 'Album & Tracks'
0015097: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album art: Looked Album art image is not shown in some cases
0015121: [DLNA/UPnP] Configuring media server changes IP config from 'Automatic' to the first available IP address
0015123: [Codecs] in_wav is stealing playback of AIFF files - regression
0015122: [Codecs] Encoding to 24bit and 32bit AIFF generates corrupted files
0015124: [Other] Automatic update of folder doesn't update the view correctly sometimes
0015116: [Framework: Skinning] Skin Change: Crash on Skin Change
0015125: [General] Problems with Search suggestions in the main Search bar
0015128: [Main Panel] Focus is moved to the menu bar when Alt+Shift is pressed during typing
0014412: [Track Browser] List view columns should be customized per type
0015100: [Main Panel] Main tab close button displayed on hover should not be displayed for the last and not closable tab.
0015101: [Track Browser] Column browser should be case insensitive
0015104: [Other] Deleting track while playing does not work as expected
0015111: [Tracklist] Sorting tracklist by rating does not sort correctly zero and empty values
0015076: [Main Panel] 'Include subfolders' toolbar button and 'Subfolders' sub-view options are confusing
0014955: [DB/FileMonitor] It is unclear what '[x] Lookup track information' checkbox in Add/Rescan dialog means
0015056: [Main Panel] Media tree: Genres node shouldn't have subnodes when showAllNodes script is not installed
0015114: [Main Panel] View remains filtered after using 'Column Browser' and switching view type (regression)
0015108: [Main Panel] F5 doesn't work as expected in some cases
0015115: [Playlist / Search] Filtering is broken in 2123 (regression?)
0015005: [Playlist / Search] Refreshing a contextual search yields partial search results
0014513: [General] Selection isn't shared among views
0014773: [Playlist / Search] Some functions fail when tracklist contains Google Drive content
0015095: [Skins] Add optional rating control to player control for default skins
0015094: [DB/FileMonitor] 'Remove Unavailable Files?' dialog always appears for some folders
0015092: [General] Add/Rescan: Clicking [View log] button on the 'Scan Results' dialog takes 10 or more seconds to bring the dialog
0015089: [DLNA/UPnP] MM5 enters sleep mode when streaming
0015096: [Synchronization] Device profile for Android devices has empty name
0015060: [DB] Rebuild: Rebuild Should skip Errors and continue rebuild
0015039: [General] Add option to switch smooth scrolling off.
0014861: [Main Panel] Lite version of doReload
0015045: [Synchronization] Sync profile: [Reset settings] button does nothing
0015047: [General] Context menu for LVs in some dialog is wrong
0015028: [Track Browser] Filtering by certain fields is inaccessible
0015035: [Synchronization] Send to > Device needs to be queued
0015049: [Other] Add/Rescan dialog sometimes does not keep last Media Type setting
0015008: [Main Panel] Send to > Playlist -- MRU list is missing
0015052: [Other] Moving file displayed in art&window sometimes leads to crash
0015004: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Preserve focus during navigating Prev/Next track in Properties dialog
0015003: [UPnP / Casting] Sharing: Wrong artwork is served for album items
0014978: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Make volume level values editable
0015007: [Main Panel] Change default view from 'Genre Categories' to 'Genres'
0014965: [Tracklist] F5 on tracklist filtered by contextual search leads to inconsistant state
0015012: [Conversion/Leveling] Remember last conversion format used in converison dialog
0015016: [Other] Find more from same artist/composer cannot handle multivalues correctly
0015017: [Conversion/Leveling] Convert file(s) replacing originals does not delete original files
0015020: [General] Secondary dialogs are hidden (focus issue)
0015009: [DB] Clean install of MM5 fails due to DB issues
0014968: [Main Panel] Object cannot be unpined in some views
0014966: [Main Panel] Enhance nodes that can be pinned
0014964: [Hotkeys] Hotkeys are not working, when focus is in edit controls
0014974: [Hotkeys] 'Ctrl+Q' and 'Ctrl+R' no longer work to bring corresponding dialogs
0014976: [Main Panel] Tab on the main panel should be closed by mouse middle button
0014985: [DLNA/UPnP] Media server: Tracks are shown duplicated when accessing them via Artists > Artist1 > Album1
0014946: [DLNA/UPnP] Media sharing: Every artist is shown twice in foobar2000
0014954: [Now Playing] Add Now Playing Track Properties action for use as hotkey
0014874: [Tracklist] Deletion of non-contiguous tracks leads to unexpected scrolling
0014948: [Playback] Crash after playing some MP3 files.
0014945: [Tracklist] Ability to restore default sorting
0014947: [DLNA/UPnP] Grant remote access can appear for clients form the same PC (when there is more network interfaces)
0014939: [Other] Crash when deleting files.
0014942: [DB/FileMonitor] Clicking [Locate moved/missing files] on 'Remove unavailable files ?' dialog has no effect
0014943: [DB/FileMonitor] Scan results log: *.jpg, *.txt, *.sfv, *.nfo files are shown as skipped
0014941: [DB/FileMonitor] [Save log] button is missing in 'Scan results' dialog
0014932: [Hotkeys] New default hotkeys and hotkeys added by scripts are not added once user manually modified hotkey list
0014770: [Framework: Skinning] Window doesn't behave like standard Windows vis a vis the OS
0014937: [Main Panel] Crash when dragging column
0014925: [Main Panel] Window cannot be resized by the top edge (top edge isn't draggable)
0014901: [DB/FileMonitor] Crash during scanning
0014907: [Synchronization] Clicking [Sync now] button in Add/Rescan > Add location > Cloud storage dialog crashes randomly
0014873: [DB] Starting in files to edit > duplicate titles ---> crash
0014900: [General] Crash on import settings from MM4
0014893: [Other] [Copy log ID] button gives incorrect ID value
0014891: [Conversion/Leveling] Convert files dialog: format chooser is truncated
0014909: [Playback] Playback stalls on unplayable files
0014908: [DLNA/UPnP] IP port extraction failure for:
0014917: [Other] Add/Rescan: All subfolders of selected parent folder are added
0014914: [Main Panel] Media tree can disappear suddenly
0014911: [Other] Can't Scroll Horizontally in Genre view - tracklist as List view
0014920: [Framework: Skinning] Navigation bar is unnecessarily wide
0014924: [DB/FileMonitor] Video collection isn't shown after initial scan of videos
0014923: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning: Media type config doesn't take effect for cloud and media server locations
0014748: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Monkey Groove: Tree node expand icon is too close to left edge
0014876: [Main Panel] Javascript error: called zoom out
0014871: [Now Playing] Now Playing shows the wrong track as playing
0014872: [DB] Deletion of 30 files can take several minutes (or stalls completely)
0014868: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Back/forward arrows are missing in the Properties dialog
0014856: [Codecs] Codec Install: UI Is restarted after Codec pack install
0014348: [General] MicroPlayer implementation
0014869: [Skins] Seek Bar overlaps horizontal scroll bar (when status bar is hidden)
0014864: [DLNA/UPnP] Lyrics are not shown for UPnP tracks
0014844: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Art and Details: Layout Album Art Only shows washed out image (regression)
0014857: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art Lookup: Some Images Can't be downloaded
0014810: [Track Browser] Selection changes / tracklist scrolls by itself in some cases
0014779: [Track Browser] Album mode: For certain artists albums don't initially display
0014840: [DB] Library scan Fail in some cases
0014849: [Tagging] Properties dialog saves wrong cover type when "Not specified" is selected
0014855: [Main Panel] Tooltips duplicate status indicator
0014850: [Track Browser] Folders fail to refresh on tag update
0014863: [Main Panel] Cloud and online YouTube tracks are listed between deadlinks
0014862: [Other] Changing found online artist by "Wrong artist" dropdown does not work
0014854: [Track Browser] Screen updates should be hidden during certain DB operations
0014851: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Library scan Throw error on Scan
0014852: [Playback] MPC files not playable
0014837: [Playback] Crossfade: Setting crossfade in Output plugin do not take effect
0014832: [General] Closing application during starting video playback leads to crash
0014428: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Some Artist Artwork fails to lookup
0014843: [Tracklist] Tracklist clears itself when track edits cause any track in the view to no longer match the view criteria
0014835: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Attempting to select (and edit) multiple items --> crash
0014645: [DLNA/UPnP] Chromecast audio not as streaming option
0014822: [Properties/Auto-Tools] TV Series: Listing do not show when switching views
0014826: [Other] MediaMonkey 'Welcome' always crashes
0014756: [Now Playing] Simplify Undo functionality in Now Playing
0014830: [Tracklist] Sorting on unknown attributes does not work correctly
0014751: [Playback] Switching from Chromecast playback to Internal player --> crash
0014814: [Tagging] Two tagging processes launch for mass tagging operations
0014750: [Skins] Monkey Groove: menu bar hover is 1-pixel off
0014816: [Playlists] Deletion of empty playlists --> crash
0014817: [Tagging] Tagging read-only tracks may result in a crash
0014818: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Uncaught error: when editing date in-place
0014819: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Properties of the currently playing track should be editable via the player
0014787: [General] Crash on first run after clean install
0014777: [General] Leaking *.tmp and *.xml files in the temp directory
0014804: [General] Configuring masks is broken (regression)
0008196: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add <Media> as Mask for Auto-Organize
0014803: [Track Browser] Uncaught error: upon navigating to TV series
0014280: [Properties/Auto-Tools] TV Series: My library TAB
0014781: [Main Panel] Large tooltips displaying badly
0014798: [Help / Docs / Localization] Typo error in some dialogs
0014739: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Toolbar: Clicking on back icon show error
0014392: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Editing properties that aren't saved to tags triggers tag update
0014758: [Tagging] Strange messaging re tagging status
0014346: [DB/FileMonitor] Press INS --> takes > 1s for the Add/Scan dialog to open
0014794: [Podcasts] Podacasts context menu has an empty menu item
0014792: [Track Browser] Uncaught error: Cnnot read property 'objectType' of undefined
0014793: [Podcasts] Uncaught error: when updating all podcasts in podcasts view
0014795: [Playback] Switch skins while video plays: video stops displaying
0014801: [DB/FileMonitor] Crash on initial run following DB import (was Crash during scans)
0014767: [Other] Crash On close: Crash if close MM5 when Thumbs are created
0014738: [Skins] Skin change crashes MM5
0014771: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Video Windowed mode: navigation/breadcrumb bar artifacts
0014776: [Main Panel] Borderless skins: Window cannot be moved by dragging the title bar
0014780: [Playlist / Search] Hovering over searchbar doesn't show search tip (legend) like in MM4
0014324: [DB] "Out of memory" error when rebuilding very large database
0014752: [Track Browser] Youtube: Clicking an album can result in an Uncought Error crash
0014765: [Main Panel] Crash in Google Drive > All tracks (regression in 2100)
0014754: [Playback] Videos aren't centered within the A&D window
0014728: [Tracklist] Tracklist contents can appear off the left margin
0014757: [Main Panel] Downloads node is visible only on the first tab
0014764: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Folder Browser: Crash on views that still loads
0014743: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Suggestion in Multi-File edit can trigger crash
0014759: [General] Crash on startup (regression build 2100)
0014746: [DB/FileMonitor] First scan on clean install stalls
0014718: [Playback] Instability when playing/navigating youtube tracks (regression)
0014744: [General] Play Album => 0. track in taskbar
0014703: [Now Playing] Show/Hide Now Playing actually is Right Panel Toggle
0014745: [Track Browser] CPU utilization is abnormally high when scrolling
0014731: [Main Panel] Make borderless as a default
0014742: [Synchronization] Auto-sync list: selecting all playlists fails
0014730: [Synchronization] Minor UI issues in Sync configuration panels
0014736: [General] Crash on termination
0014727: [General] Error: Last known Callstack: Script:file:///controls/popupmenu.js
0014723: [Tracklist] UI fails to respond to double-click in tracklist (youtube)
0014732: [Playback] Crash when switching skins and a track is playing
0014733: [Tagging] Editing properties of multiple files --> endless tagging files thread
0014721: [General] Rebuild database progress dialog is much too big (regression)
0014724: [Playback] Playback of youtube tracks sometimes gets "stuck"
0014722: [Playlist / Search] Contextual search fails when apostrophe is included
0014729: [Synchronization] 'Set formats' for Google Drive --> Uncaught error: Parameter types of function indexOf don't match
0014725: [General] Double-clicking title bar doesn't maximize/minimize as expected
0014702: [Framework: Skinning] View headers misaligned
0014488: [General] Main menu random reactions to mouse click
0014673: [Other] Incorrect initial popup window size
0014713: [Playback] Crash when closing app and YouTube track is playing
0014719: [Track Browser] Never-ending hourglass related to Google Drive (regression)
0014674: [Framework: Skinning] Issues when switching skins
0014685: [General] Slow NP rendering
0014678: [Playlists] Track ordering problems in 'Playlists Panel'
0014680: [Podcasts] Uncaught Error: "ListView.restoreState: dataSource unassigned !"
0014679: [Playlists] Wording change re. playlist editing
0014675: [Now Playing] 'Always show tray icon' doesn't work
0014664: [Synchronization] Crash on sync to Google Drive
0014667: [Skins] Tabs and Headers formatting
0014666: [General] Add tab --> crash
0014670: [General] Playlist title edit don't work well
0014671: [Track Browser] Uncaught Error: "ListView.restoreState: dataSource unassigned !"
0014639: [Tagging] AutoTag From Web: Flickers and shows invalid results Even Correct one are found
0014646: [General] Crash in Options > Hotkeys (for no longer existing actions)
0014648: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] EQ: UI is not complete
0013277: [UPnP / Casting] Add auto-conversion profile for Chromecast
0014469: [General] Album view doesn't reflect track changes
0014655: [Main Panel] Add popups to other persons (like Composer)
0014657: [Main Panel] Add Album & Tracks view into playlist
0014656: [General] Crash on filter by Playlist
0014610: [Podcasts] Editing podcast results in duplicate (regression)
0014591: [Main Panel] "Renderer is killed" exceptions when main window is closed while a (non-modal) dialog is opened
0014582: [DB/FileMonitor] Error during scan of network drive (videos)
0014578: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Navigation of paths in the breadcrumbs bar is cumbersome because it takes up so much space
0014588: [General] Sub-menus often fails to open
0014584: [General] Crash on startup
0014586: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning from Google Play Music no longer works (regression)
0014598: [General] Menu key is ignored
0014616: [General] Album view: tracks does not respect collection condition
0014511: [General] Repeated right-click doesn't work well
0014470: [General] Button alignment is wrong
0014516: [Main Panel] Art & Details window: Advancing to next playing track changes artwork also in the 'Selected' mode
0014573: [DB/FileMonitor] Scanning the active folder is very cumbersome
0014580: [Main Panel] Opening in Music --> 'Cannot read property of 'btn' of undefined error'
0014575: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Difficult to navigate 'up' a directory level (or node) when paths are truncated
0014577: [Track Browser] Media Tree settings are lost and errors occur
0014562: [General] App startup crash when using old persistent.JSON
0014561: [Playlists] Autoplaylist sort direction functionality can disappear
0014569: [Playback] MM crashes on close when video playback is near to end
0014565: [Install/Config] Scan options: missing text in 'Set Formats' settings
0014567: [Synchronization] Clicking [Apply] on another tab then Summary causes device name to disappear
0014566: [Playlist / Search] Default auto-playlists are outdated
0014560: [Playlist / Search] Changing auto-playlist sort rules causes endless 'reading files...' threads
0014559: [Main Panel] Visual tweak when editing auto-playlist
0014558: [Other] Errors when first running build 2084
0014546: [DB] Scanning for files has no effect (regression)
0014503: [Other] Thumbs are sometimes saved in full resolution (regression)
0014509: [Main Panel] Crash when switching to Touch mode
0014525: [General] Auto-Organize doesn't persist Copy/Move selection
0014524: [Track Browser] Selection fail to update the Art and Details dialog
0014522: [General] Random crash in Folders
0014526: [Tagging] Some tracks report incorrect length, bitrate and sample rate
0014523: [General] Find more from... crash
0014512: [Synchronization] Remove 'Grant Remove Access' where it doesn't make sense
0014533: [Codecs] OPUS codec
0014529: [General] Chromecast no longer works
0014541: [Main Panel] View selector disappears on tab close
0014542: [Conversion/Leveling] Convert files using replace originals results in crash and file lost!
0014528: [Tagging] Crash when tagging artwork during playback (of another track)
0014425: [Playback] Crashes/Freezes when tagging artwork while playing
0014497: [General] Dialogs positions
0014549: [Main Panel] Renaming a folder doesn't update file paths in listing
0014500: [General] Tree Configuration problems
0014446: [General] Artists view isn't updated
0014377: [Playlist / Search] Search results presentation
0014445: [Main Panel] Album+Tracks: artwork can get truncated
0014458: [General] Art&Details doesn't work well with multiple tabs.
0014453: [Playlist / Search] Search string should be cleared after use
0014423: [Track Browser] Browser: Playlist Header Bar displaying in middle of list
0014451: [Main Panel] Tracklist has sometimes empty lines
0014450: [General] Automatic Column Widths shouldn't be global
0014426: [Playback] Attempting to play track with dead links fails in unexpected ways
0014443: [Main Panel] Art & Details: "Side by side" layout shows artwork only for the first track of an album (regression)
0014441: [DB] Rebuild database cause crash
0014431: [Track Browser] Albums view: AlbumArtistName appears as AlbumName if Album Artist is unknown
0014439: [Framework: Scripts/Extensions] trackModified and artworkModified properties are not accessible from JS
0014424: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Contextual search can shift menu-breadcrumb bar making Home|Forward|Back inaccessible
0014430: [Main Panel] Uncaught error: "Cannot read property 'controlCLass' of undefined"
0014410: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto tag is not available on tree nodes
0014406: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Exiting properties UI can crash
0014407: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Changing Type Can cause crash
0014408: [Tagging] Auto tag Crashes if MediaMonkey is blocked by fiirewall
0014397: [Other] MediaMonkey 'restart' option often fails
0014405: [Tagging] Auto-tag can freeze in some cases
0014403: [Playback] Initiating of cloud playback takes long time
0014404: [Main Panel] MM can freeze when opening dialog
0014396: [Main Panel] Cannot read properties 'then 1' error on startup
0014376: [Playlists] Generate image doesn't work for auto-playlists
0014380: [Playback] Taskbar Thumbnail Distorted on Windows 10 Creators Update
0014356: [Synchronization] "Send to > Device" sends only tracks (not playlist)
0014371: [DB] Filtering persistence problem
0014368: [Other] Esc doesn't work in 'No Audio CD found' dialog
0014352: [Track Browser] Performance / stability issues when navigating Folders nodes
0014342: [Main Panel] Crash on switch between List and Browser view
0014341: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-tag from web isn't working
0014321: [Main Panel] In place editing fails / breaks selection
0014317: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Album View: MM Crashes when openning Album details if PC is offline
0014318: [Main Panel] Duplicate content view does not work
0014308: [Main Panel] Tracklist sort order not remembered in view history
0014302: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Scan continuously does not appear to work right
0014298: [Tracklist] Newly defined tracklist columns are not visible until deleting old persistent.json
967 of 1064 issue(s) resolved. Progress (90%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-02-01
0015721: [Main Panel] Show multiple image thumbnails if 3 images exist (rather than 4)
0015022: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Faster navigation to the previous/next year/decade in year/decade view.
0015021: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Add support for own Album description, display local genres in MyLibrary mode
0014478: [Install/Config] UI: Season, Episode, Disk, Track value presentation
0014297: [DB] PDF booklet support
0014501: [General] Unify image clicks
0009191: [General] TS video support
0014676: [Synchronization] Track Resync: Add ability to manually force track resync in device profiles
0014807: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Album Art: Resize Album art option
0012878: [General] YouTube full albums playback
0015622: [Install/Config] Install should terminate running copies of MM
0014444: [General] Album & Tracks view: support truncated tracklist per album
0015603: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Locate Moved/Missing tracks: Prepare track list takes too long
0015239: [Synchronization] Minor differences in device config (MM4 vs MM5)
0014365: [DB] Support more Custom fields
0014449: [Properties/Auto-Tools] BPM: BPM should be shown with Two decimals
6 of 16 issue(s) resolved. Progress (37%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2020-01-01
0015486: [General] Online browser tweaks and missing features
0015882: [Synchronization] Ability to select which metadata field to sync back from the device/target
0015835: [Framework: Tagging] Album Metadata: Additional Album Metadata to improve sorting
0015826: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Auto-Tools: Organize, AutoTag From Filename tweaks
0015729: [DB/FileMonitor] Improvements to facilitate migration to a new drive
0014448: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Warn user when deleting tracks that are part of a playlist
0015726: [Podcasts] Podcasts: Podcast properties missing Image information
0015710: [Framework: Skinning] Context Menu: Customization
0015674: [Synchronization] Devices and Services: Ability To hide Disconnected an disabled device
0015684: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Grid Views: Customization
0015955: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Files to edit: out-of-date tags / mismatched tags: usability issues
0015821: [DB/FileMonitor] Manual Add to Library can be much faster
0015815: [Main Panel] Editing Album value in Album node leaves Filelisting empty
0015773: [Playlist / Search] Auto-Playlists with multiple criteria limits are not supported or imported from MM4
0015051: [Playback] Native (DSP) plug-in support (e.g. Pitch/Tempo Control)
0015316: [Framework: Tagging] Album Art: Support more Album Art tag types
0014811: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Deleting the last track in a directory should also delete remnants
0002915: [Properties/Auto-Tools] 'Sort by' field for Artist / Album Artist / Album
0015342: [DLNA/UPnP] UPnP: There is no way to force specific Audio stream and enable subtitles
0014626: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Date Mask: Improve Date and Two Digit Year detection
0015668: [Playlist / Search] Search Criteria: no way to search for the existence of tracks with multiple-attribute fields
0015708: [Framework: Skinning] Waveform Seekbar: Ability to set Start/Stop Time from context menu
0014717: [Synchronization] Indicate account name for storage services
0015801: [Playlist / Search] Playlists: Grid View is not available
0010726: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Network: No ability to access Network Shares using different credentials
0015751: [Playback] Some https video streams fails to play
0015817: [Main Panel/Toolbars/Menus] Toolbar Player: After Windows 10 1903 update toolbar player disappear if use click Start
4 of 27 issue(s) resolved. Progress (14%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-04-10
0015967: [Playback] Chromecast Playback stops periodically
0015898: [General] Track Properties: Add album art Manual scan inside Track Properties
0015890: [UPnP / Casting] Switching to chromecast stops playback in some cases
0015723: [General] Widgets: Not all widgets are available, dynamically resizable and downsizable do not work
0015425: [Synchronization] Android media store does not contain all tracks
0015629: [Playback] Big tracklist causes delay in start of playback due to filling "QUEUE"
0015654: [General] 4x1 widget shows as 5x2 widget on certain devices
0015870: [Playback] MMA won't stop crashing
0015844: [Synchronization] Wifi-Sync - to much items in confirmation dialog cause crash
0015895: [Playback] Playback notification (type: System) displays incorrect metadata
0015831: [DB] Scanning: "preparing" notification after each reboot can last more than hour (library scan)
0015888: [UPnP / Casting] Chromecast: playing always triggers a crash (regression)
0015868: [UPnP / Casting] "Searching..." notification
0015635: [Synchronization] Sync: repeated re-downloading on wifi sync when hash is missing and remote_size was set to -1
0015727: [DB] Unknown artist can't be deleted
0015573: [UPnP / Casting] MM plays one song only when casting to some DLNA device
0015655: [General] The Android widget consumes two units of height on some devices
10 of 17 issue(s) resolved. Progress (58%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-05-01
0015889: [General] New tab in Options for all dialog/notification default preferences
0013350: [Synchronization] Implement sync progress and sync result activities using ORM and data binding
       0013107: [Synchronization] Sync status sometimes disappears
0015221: [Playback] Playback: Manual Advance mode (Stop after current)
0015205: [Playback] Replaygain: Add PreAmp and gain per album choice option
0014604: [General] Android Car MTCD/E Head Unit Support
0012204: [Playlists] Autoplaylist support (without synchronization)
0014691: [UPnP / Casting] MMA support for MMS
0014420: [Now Playing] Play all shuffle includes tracks that aren't in the view
0014417: [Track Browser] Delete a single track can lead to 'No media' screen
0014372: [Track Browser] Playlists are sometimes represented with 'Missing artwork' icon
0014353: [Track Browser] Option to limit metadata download over Wi-Fi only
0014349: [Track Browser] Make list metadata fields configurable
0014339: [Track Browser] Expand search criteria to all fields
0014338: [Playback] Improved/Continuous seeking
0014315: [Now Playing] Bookmarks don't reset on PREV if < 10% of the track has been played
0014241: [Track Browser] Memory leak in searched results
0012696: [General] Additional foreground features for in car use
0014151: [Synchronization] Expose sync functionality at startup
0014069: [UPnP / Casting] UPnP: Artist not listed
0013602: [General] Genre: MultiTrack edit UI Enhancement
0013335: [Now Playing] Now Playing list repositions itself away from the currently playing track
0013409: [Track Browser] Genre: tracks with unknown genre not shown
0012900: [Track Browser] 'Unknown' attribute nodes appear in different positions in different views
0011408: [Synchronization] User can't sync individual profile (storage location) on wifi sync
0012934: [Track Browser] Deleting all tracks from Search results triggers 'Empty Library' message
0012864: [Track Browser] Tracks associated with Album Artists not represented consistently with MMW
0009600: [Playlists] Include several default auto-playlists
0010169: [Track Browser] Display stats at the bottom of any browser list view
0011932: [Track Browser] Use swiping left to right to go 'back' (to match navigation cues)
0012464: [General] Implement Options activities with fragments
0009412: [Track Browser] Better Search bar UI
0009736: [General] Horizontal orientation of NP: Layout should be improved
0011293: [Track Browser] Add Sorting to views displaying tracks
0013014: [Synchronization] No error when tracks fail to delete
0011967: [General] Tracks & Album Art don't show for Albums purchased via Google Play
0011625: [Now Playing] Shuffle mode: play order isn't displayed or retained
0012200: [Track Browser] Visibility of classical music tracks
       0011339: [Track Browser] Support for other content to appear in 'Classical' / Post playlists to home screen
0011449: [Synchronization] Confirm updates & deletions issues
0012332: [General] Basic skinning
       0012227: [General] Add xxhdpi and xxxhdpi icons to prevent miniature / low-res icons on hi-res devices
0012002: [Track Browser] Classical Music views are overly limited
0009580: [General] Main menu: improved navigation
       0010738: [Track Browser] Tracklist header usage for hierarchy navigation
0012902: [Track Browser] Touch area for checkboxes is incorrect on some devices
0012199: [Track Browser] Scrollbar behaves inconsistently / doesn't work with certain character sets
0010138: [Action bar] NP > Album Art: Swipe Gestures
0011521: [General] Remove dialogs where are not necessary
0009712: [Action bar] Click-hold for context actions takes long / is complicated for some users
0009549: [Action bar] Adjust action bars to different screen sizes
0009664: [Track Browser] Reduce number of clicks for cases where only a single item is in a given category
0012272: [Playlists] Playlist workflow has extra unnecessary steps
0011937: [Synchronization] Selection of folders for bi-dir sync is not intuitive
0010738: [Track Browser] Tracklist header usage for hierarchy navigation
0009806: [General] Fast switch of MMA library views --> Switch to main menu via long press
0010912: [Synchronization] Delete tracks confirmation dialog is difficult to navigate for large sync lists
0013928: [Playlists] Playlists: Add Playlist Time length like desktop counterpart
0012790: [General] Implement keyboard and D-pad navigation
0014419: [Track Browser] Scrolling do not support non Latin chars
0012723: [Synchronization] Better management of connection errors
0012350: [Synchronization] Sync settings should indicate amount of space remaining
0011926: [Track Browser] Search should support all displayed attributes
0013548: [Synchronization] Genre changed in MMA isn't synced to MMW
0015273: [Now Playing] Can't delete file from device from Now Playing or Playlist
0014436: [Playback] Ability to play videos in background
0009595: [Now Playing] Player Bar should show seek position
0013428: [Track Browser] Missing album art for tracks that don't have the Album field populated
0012508: [Playback] Add Ability for playback of files with Start/Stop Times
0013052: [Synchronization] Corrupted Artwork doesn't update on sync
7 of 69 issue(s) resolved. Progress (10%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-06-01
0015947: [General] Properties: Total number of edited tracks not listed in multi edit properties
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-07-01
0011789: [Now Playing] Now Playing Album Art view fails to refresh with sync updates
0011506: [Track Browser] Subview should persist per node
0012888: [Track Browser] Editing 'Type' causes tracks to disappear from search results
0012403: [General] Improve processing of album artwork resolutions
0011529: [Synchronization] Video thumbnails are not synced
0014916: [Playlists] Playlists: Externally updated playlist do not import in MMA
0009802: [Playlists] Mechanism to avoid accidental initiation of playback
0009801: [Playlists] Track Swipe Gesture
0012890: [Synchronization] Sync list / sync confirmation dialog sometimes fails to display
0011015: [General] Add Comment field
0011358: [Playback] Support for Start / Stop time
0013209: [UPnP / Casting] Improve Chromecast (video) appearance via Styled Media Receiver
0012305: [Now Playing] 'Stop after current' function
0014706: [General] Android TV: Oreo Feature Set
0014373: [Playlists] Strange menus/options for deleting hierarchical playlists
0014386: [Track Browser] Android Auto: Add podcast and audiobooks
0014422: [Synchronization] Capitalization changes don't sync correctly
0014532: [Action bar] Ability to edit artwork
0013462: [General] Compatibility with Google Chrome
0014267: [Synchronization] Bi-Directional sync for CD# / Track #
0013181: [Track Browser] There is no Music Video Section
0012896: [UPnP / Casting] Tracks downloaded via UPnP should be saved in the same format as tracks that are synced
0014387: [Track Browser] Android Auto: large lists result in sluggish behavior freezes/crashes
0012937: [Synchronization] MediaStore sync doesn't initiate until user exits the WiFi sync status screen
0014385: [Track Browser] Play all shuffle behavior in Android Auto
0014502: [Synchronization] Wi-fi Sync can't be cancelled while deletion is in progress
0014340: [Synchronization] Play history is incomplete / not fully synced
0014726: [DB] M4B: Some Devices media Scanner do not scan M4B into library
0014043: [UPnP / Casting] DLNA Playback: Playing using DLNA from MMW double scrobble
0010362: [Synchronization] Initiate Auto Sync based on triggers
0012550: [Playback] Playback: Keep Screen on if lyrics are shown in Player
0011003: [Synchronization] Location playlists not created
0010894: [Now Playing] Change Random Play button to allow other playback options (e.g. clear queue)
0011982: [Synchronization] Simplify and improve wifi sync wizard
0013715: [General] Notification Widget: Ability to control Size of notification player
0012862: [Synchronization] Support for Type (music video)
0012596: [Synchronization] Tracks downloaded via UPnP don't seem to match correctly
0012402: [General] Samba / CIFS support
0014906: [UPnP / Casting] UPnP: Several Major tweaks Missing in UPnP browser
0012237: [DB] OTG Storage: Handling USB HDD Library
0011736: [UPnP / Casting] UPnP: Manual IP or hostname entering to access MMW outside LAN
0009941: [Synchronization] Sync with multiple MediaMonkey libraries (databases)
0010783: [Track Browser] Improve Disc# field support
0014684: [Playback] Remember Playback and Focused screen state
0011919: [General] Mixed up or Missing album art (Per-track Album Art)
0011418: [Playback] Bluetooth device 'repeat' function fails
0014607: [Playback] Album Art support via AVRCP 1.6
0010722: [General] Support Nuance's Dragon Mobile Assistant
3 of 48 issue(s) resolved. Progress (6%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-10-01
0015085: [Playback] Record a list of unplayable tracks
0010160: [Synchronization] Real PlayHistory synch
0011508: [General] Make MediaMonkey playlist shortcuts generic to handle any content
0011763: [Now Playing] Widgets; Add background Transparency and Font Color
0011768: [Now Playing] Full Screen (6x6) Widget for use on Tablets
0011794: [General] Scanning engine / tag parser / tagging engine
0010893: [UPnP / Casting] Enable context commands for UPnP subfolders
0010865: [Playback] Ability to control player when screen is off
0011908: [Playback] Custom fit / Automatic equalizer
0012391: [Now Playing] Make 'Now Playing' aware of source of its content
0012397: [General] MediaMonkey folder should be hidden
0010193: [Playback] Start/Resume playing when you plug in headphones
0010052: [UPnP / Casting] Implement UPnP cache
0011689: [Action bar] Ability to customize context menu commands
0011998: [Synchronization] Exclude list: Allow user to make exclude list for some tracks
0012921: [General] MMA not available for download to Nvidia Shield TV
0011594: [Synchronization] Better error message when sync server isn't found
0010180: [Playback] Gestures for Video Player
0010559: [Now Playing] Make Daydream feature support on JB 4.2+
0010817: [Track Browser] Add ability to sync MMW Auto-Playlists as Auto-Playlist to MMA
0011074: [General] Podcasts: Show Podcast Album Art per-episode
0011262: [Synchronization] Notification of confirmation doesn't dismiss when wifi signal is lost
0011363: [Playback] Streams: There is no way to play add Radio Streams to MMA
0011780: [Synchronization] WiFi Sync Settings: Each SSID should have own settings
0011907: [Playback] Replace equalizer with 10-band equalizer
       0011746: [Playback] (Bluetooth) playback is corrupted when equalizer is enabled on some devices
0011957: [Playback] Volume leveling is very limited for low-volume tracks
0010348: [General] UI Lock Functions
0009793: [General] 'Assign as' doesn't work when ringtone is assigned to a contact
0 of 29 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2017-12-20
0008742: [DLNA/UPnP] Customize Tag display over DLNA/UPnP
0009449: [Properties/Auto-Tools] Add lyrics language tag
0 of 2 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2012-04-13
0009124: [Codec] Converting some specific MP4/H264 files to MP4/H264 gives corrupted image.
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2012-06-14
0009687: [Codec] Support for encoding to HE-AAC+(v2)
0008731: [Codec] MM <---> MP4 (isma) audio codec stream encryption
0008921: [Codec] Automated codec installation / purchase mechanism (Audio)
0008855: [Codec] Wrong seek in AAC-HE files (when decoded by f_aac_codec)
0008310: [Codec] Optimize MP4 muxer, so it will generate files optimized for streaming
0010748: [Codec] Update LAV splitter in codec pack.
0010705: [Codec] Ability to downsample tracks during conversion to m4a
0011561: [Codec] 5.1 channel playback fails for AAC MP4 files
0010848: [Codec] Can't change MP4 conversion settings
0004797: [Codec] Alac encoder
9 of 10 issue(s) resolved. Progress (90%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2014-03-21
0013033: [Codec] Cannot play ALAC files tagged by MediaGo
1 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2011-09-08
0008275: [] includes mention of Filters
0009561: [Scrobbling] Long Artist tags are cut on scrobble
0005750: [] Last-fm plugin: MM crashes when run as another user
0005425: [] favorites functionality
0007671: [] Status of Scrobbling within MM Status Bar
0008154: [Scrobbling] Ability to disable scrobbling for DLNA devices
0008274: [Install/Config] Some strings aren't translated
0011693: [Scrobbling] Radio: Playback of Radio Station tracks is not scrobbled to
0013789: [] plugin for MM5
2 of 9 issue(s) resolved. Progress (22%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2014-04-25
0006345: [Install/Config] Few regressions regarding plugin configuration
0012217: [Scrobbling] Add Apply to INI file to be current with scrobbling
0012092: [] Service: Plugin Options should show service status and statistics
0012023: [Scrobbling] Scrobbling: Stopped scrobbling after invalid medata posting
0012208: [Install/Config] Scrobble Now Playing Setting is not persistent (Regression)
0012222: [Scrobbling] Caching doesn't work correctly
0012202: [Install/Config] Options: Show statistics
7 of 7 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2019-08-06
0015950: [General] Encoder: Optimization of Encoding processes to avoid non needed conversions
0 of 1 issue(s) resolved. Progress (0%). View Issues