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0018318MediaMonkey for AndroidSynchronizationpublic2021-09-20 11:11
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0 
Summary0018318: Duplicate sync profile / problems with 2.0 (regression)
DescriptionUpon attempting to sync with 2.0, using an existing profile from 1.x, a duplicate profile was created.
New Profile: Google Pixel 2 XL - Internal shared storage
Old profile: was renamed to ""

The sync operation then:
- synced tracks from a playlist (Mix 3) that was checked on the auto-sync list
- did not delete unselected tracks !
- did not create the playlist on the device!

I suspect that the problem stems from the fact that a duplicate profile was created on the initial sync. This may be because the IP address of the MM5 machine changed.

Log ID (from a second sync operation--after a duplicate profile had already been created): EI89CL16AC
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Fixed in build



2021-09-19 16:09

administrator   ~0064751

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Further testing reveals that duplicate servers are created every time MMA attempts to authenticate ("An unknown portable device is attempting to sync with the MediaMonkey Library for the first time.... Do you want to grant it access?..."). This appears to be related to MM5 presenting the authentication dialog first when the MMA user clicks 'Select sync server' > <SyncServerName>, and then a second time when the MMA user attempts to choose which 'Server content' to sync.

What ends up happening is that some config settings (e.g. track deletion settings) are then saved with the initially created profile (Google Pixel 2 XL - Internal shared storage) and others (e.g. sync list) are associated with the second profile ("").

This bug makes it impossible to properly sync MMA 2.


2021-09-19 21:17

administrator   ~0064753

Retested on a clean install of MMA (after having deleted sync profiles in MM5) and the issue still occurs.

So it is currently not possible to set up and initiate synchronization with MMW5 from MMA.

The workaround is to:
1 Initiate configuration via MMA
2 In MMW5, delete the "" profile, and configure the server content to sync (this way the sync list is associated with the correct profile and a new one isn't created)
3 In MMA initiate the sync


2021-09-20 00:14

developer   ~0064755

I can't replicate.
I have 20+ devices in that test build and not a single issue with 1010.

Tested upgrade, Clean/New profile MM5.


2021-09-20 10:52

developer   ~0064762

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Note that the sync profile is stored within MM5.DB so if you deleted the profile in MM5 (or not used MM5.DB/settings previously used for the same device) then new profile creation is expected.

EDIT: Based on the Rusty's video there are by evidence two profiles created, so I think MMA erroneously sends two different sync keys (profile IDs).

The first one with key '9ec46b44-eee2-368c-8104-61ada296bf73.0.63d061ae-3381-48fe-bf9d-6fd9d637e2cb'
based on MMA's request:
/DeviceID=9ec46b44-eee2-368c-8104-61ada296bf73.0.63d061ae-3381-48fe-bf9d-6fd9d637e2cb_DeviceName=Google Pixel 2 XL - Internal shared storage_ItemID=DeviceConfig.xml

And the second (empty) profile with empty name based on MMA's request:

So the problem is in the request 'SyncItems:DeviceID:null' that should be 'SyncItems:DeviceID:9ec46b44-eee2-368c-8104-61ada296bf73.0.63d061ae-3381-48fe-bf9d-6fd9d637e2cb'