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0018241MMW 5Syncpublic2024-02-20 16:39
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0018241: Device sync: add auto-conversion for artwork files
DescriptionSome devices do not support Specific JPG formats.

Tested and confirmed issue on
- Ford Flex 2013 with Ford Sync 2 (User Car)
- Honda CR-V 2015 With HondaLink
- Suzuki Vitara 2015 with bosch infotainment

With all systems album art is not shown even it is embed and rest of Metadata is read normally.

Attaching both working and not working Album art image. Looks like problem is not directly related to MM and how it tags files as adding same JPGs by using other apps result is same eg. not showing the Album Art image.

NOTE: From what I have found both are 500x500 96DPI, but headers are bit different.
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Works.jpg (25,919 bytes)   
Works.jpg (25,919 bytes)   
Do not Work.jpg (32,036 bytes)   
Do not Work.jpg (32,036 bytes)   
Fixed in build2800


related to 0016246 assignedrusty Album Art: Basic Manipulation of Image 
related to 0003181 newmichal Automaticly resize/convert art when embedding/linking/synchronizing 
related to 0006221 closedLudek Ability to manipulate album art on-the-fly while syncing 
related to 0020181 closedLudek Convert Artwork problems with PNG files 



2021-09-02 00:10

developer   ~0064461

working img specs.jpg (47,842 bytes)   
working img specs.jpg (47,842 bytes)   
not working img specs.jpg (45,573 bytes)   
not working img specs.jpg (45,573 bytes)   


2021-09-02 06:41

developer   ~0064462

The non working version is in progressive JPEG, the working version is baseline (standard) JPEG. I guess the devices do not support progressive JPEGs, could you confirm this? The quickest way is searching "FF DA" in hexa (the next byte is usually 00), baseline images have it only near the beginning, progressive have several instances of this header (for each "detail iteration" of the image).


2021-09-02 09:40

developer   ~0064464

Did you test whether JPG created by MM5 is readable by the devices (e.g. with Sync Profile -> Tagging -> [x] Copy artwork to file tags)?
We could add kind of auto-convert config there then.


2021-09-02 10:40

developer   ~0064466

Original Image was not an external image, but extracted from File tag which was fetched using MM5 Auto Lookup Image and save option.

In remote session last night I compared alredy tagged one with first choice from lookup image and they were identical. After that i converted that JPG to various JPG formats including "JPEG TrueColor v1.2/v1.1", Progressive/Optimized/Standard/... and then we copied to number of files, each one tagged with different JPG file and then he went to insert USB to Ford Flex and play them.

Working one is result of these tests as one that works on all Cars I tested later with.

FYI If we decide to add Auto Correction we should consider to resize image to 500x500 or even 300x300 because he said that if image is larger there is delay on playback start.


2021-09-02 10:50

developer   ~0064467

Ok, so we could add another settings into Device > Sync Profile -> Tagging
[x] Convert all Artwork images to [JPG^], max. resolution: [500] px

to be placed probably below current
[..] Copy Artwork to file tags

Assigned to Rusty to review wording (with 5.1 target)


2022-09-13 20:06

administrator   ~0069234

[ ] Resize artwork:
 . . . . . Max. resolution: _500_px
 . . . . . Format: _[[jpg], png, any]_v_

- the only new string is 'Resize artwork'
- the reason for the suggested change in layout is so that it's clearer that it's primarily for changing the _size_ of the artwork and that artwork will be converted even if the format doesn't need to be changed.


2022-09-13 20:12

developer   ~0069235

OK, but isn't something like this more versatile ? :

[..] Convert all Artwork images to [JPG^]
-- [..] Max. resolution: [500] px

i.e. allowing the format convertion without degrading the resolution?


2022-09-13 20:26

administrator   ~0069237

OK I guess that's fine. I'd assumed that the issue would be thought of by most users as 'the images are too large' rather than 'they're in the wrong format. If it's really about format, then is this ok?

[..] Convert artwork to [JPG^]
-- [..] Max. resolution: [500] px

Or did you mention '...all artwork..' because every single image should be converted?


2022-09-20 15:08

developer   ~0069402

OK, looks good, changing target to 5.1 as this requires new strings and there are more severe issues to fix for 5.0.4 atm


2023-03-23 15:52

developer   ~0071390

Implemented in


2024-02-18 18:34

developer   ~0074289

Verified 2834