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0016228MediaMonkey 5Playlist / Searchpublic2020-02-25 20:31
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016228: Auto-Playlists: Add Additional Limit to options to perfect listing and make it simpler for novice users
DescriptionCurrently Limits By contains Files, Megabytes, Minutes only.

We should expand that by adding that limit is directly related to Selected By selection. This would allow users to use more precise limitations for Random Selected by options.

Example from User request at and 0016161 in order not to make workarounds and make AutoPlaylist simpler for users.

eg. this would allow these kind of Auto Playlists:
Criteria: Album Artist -> Contains -> Queen
Limit By 1 -> Selection -> Selected By -> Random Album (Always)
Default sort would be as stated in 0016161 Track#

This is much Simpler than Ludek explanation/example at
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2020-01-02 16:51

developer   ~0055782

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I doubt that anyone would understand meaning of
[Limit By 1 -> Selection -> Selected By -> Random Album (Always)]

But seeing the forum topic user had a request to select one complete random album.

For that cases we could expand the 'Limit to' option to
Limit to X albums

And in the user's example the following would work:
[x] Limit to [1] albums Selected by Random album (refresh all)

Assigned to Rusty for review/feedback.


2020-02-24 17:12

administrator   ~0056845

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Ludek's suggestion sounds good.

But how to ensure that it only includes albums with > x tracks (i.e. to exclude Albums for which the user only has a single track) ?


2020-02-24 18:24

developer   ~0056847

I don't see why it should only includes albums with > x tracks ?


2020-02-25 01:37

administrator   ~0056858

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Many users have in their libraries a combination of Full albums and single tracks (e.g. a one-hit wonder). If a user wants to listen to full albums, then they probably want to _only_ listen to full albums and not to full albums separated by individual tracks. The ' > x tracks' is simply a means of weeding out albums that contain only 1 or 2 tracks out of 10.


2020-02-25 03:12

developer   ~0056861

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I agree with Ludek on this. Point of this feature is to be able to get Random Full Album no matter of track numbers.

As pointed in Description desired behavior is to get Random Full album by artist Queen or any full Jazz Album or even any full album by random if no criteria is used.

Example how I do it now even it is not fully random as last selection I need to make.
1. I created Auto Playlist (Pic Attached)
2. Right on track result -> FMFS -> Artist -> Right click on Random Album -> Play Now

Ludek am I right?

bug16228.jpg (37,024 bytes)
bug16228.jpg (37,024 bytes)


2020-02-25 13:14

developer   ~0056875

As for the limiting to X tracks, we already have "#Tracks in Album" criteria for this.
i.e. even with current criteria and limitations I can generate random album with 10 tracks like this:


2020-02-25 19:40

developer   ~0056880

Your Example do not list Albums with less than 10 tracks and cuts albums with more than 10 tracks, point is to get whole random album no matter of tracks. Or use criteria to limit it to genre.

Using your example there is no possibility to get one full album of genre Jazz eg. Criteria: Genre contain Jazz -> Selected by Random Album, Limit 1 Album and as result you get Jazz compilation album.


2020-02-25 20:25

developer   ~0056882

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Sure, it was just an example of how to use the "#Tracks in Album" criteria and was rather reaction on the Rusty's note 0016228:0056845.

So the full resultion is to use this:

Genre contain Jazz
#Tracks in Album > 2
[x] Limit to [1] albums Selected by Random album (refresh all)

... which gets random Jazz album with at least 3 tracks (weeding out albums that contain only 1 or 2 tracks out of 10)