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0010639MediaMonkey 4Main Panelpublic2016-12-12 00:13
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Target Version5.0.0 
Summary0010639: Album Art view: MMW should be able to cache all Album arts in library
DescriptionDue the fact that external drives and NAS drives are more available to public now, MMW should have ability to manually recreate/create cache of all Album Arts in Library, so that in case tracks gets offline MMW is capable to show them in Show Art/Art Browser Views.

I would Suggest to add this to "Maintain Library..." as "Recreate Album art Cache" and "Clear Album Art cache"

Additionally it would be nice to be able to handle Album Art cache behavior to be Static (Manually created)/Dynamic(current behavior)
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Fixed in build


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