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0016738MMW v4DB/FileMonitorpublic2020-07-13 10:59
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version4.1.29 
Target Version4.1.29Fixed in Version4.1.29 
Summary0016738: Non Media Files should not be calculated as skipped (regression)
Description1. Scanning folder with no Media files that MM can play and manage still count them as skipped count.
Steps To ReproducePoint 1 steps:
1. Install Clean vanilla MM Portable
2. Scan folder with only non media files (jpg, txt, pdf,....)
3. Result dialog list all files as skipped.

Point 2:
1. Copy single TXT file into folder (folder will contain only TXT file)
2. Rename TXT file extension to MP3 so that MM see and assume to be scanned as MP3
3. Scan that folder
4. Result shows "Did not import 1" and "fail to Import 0" -> Expected Behavior would be that file is listed as Fail To Import so that User can easily send it to us for analyze as something is wrong with file itself. Current result imply that there is nothing wrong with File but "Did not import" due the failed import criteria, which make it non suspicious.
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Fixed in build1910


related to 0014943 closedLudek MMW 5 Scan results log: *.jpg, *.txt, *.sfv, *.nfo files are shown as skipped 
related to 0016754 closedmichal MMW 5 Clarify 'Failed to import' value in scan results dialog 



2020-06-21 19:24

developer   ~0058618

Skipped files should be calculated as skipped, the reason why they were not calculated past 6 years in MM4 was a regression introduced while fixing 0011799 (that also caused #16719 that is now fixed in 4.1.29).
This was not the issue in MM5 and thus MM5 always count the non-media files as skipped.

i.e. I don't see a bug here.


2020-06-21 21:13

developer   ~0058619

I agree with Ludek. and as I explained in Forum post maybe we can use some other wording to be more clear if possible for MM4.

If Not resolve.


2020-06-24 22:50

developer   ~0058649

2. As pointed offline Renamed TXT files to MP3 should be under failed with description "Fail to read file info" due the fact that MP3 file/format header is non existent.


2020-06-25 04:36

administrator   ~0058650

So if I understand this correctly, this boils down to 2 issues:
1) 'Did not import <x> files (did not match import criteria)' : should count media files that aren't imported (i.e. files match the types listed in 'File Types' but are unchecked) + Files whose File Types are enabled but are ignored (because they're too short). If I understand Peke correctly, x currently includes files that _don't_ match the listed file types (e.g. jpgs are included) even though they shouldn't be, along with files that match the import criteria but are corrupted (e.g. text files renamed to .mp3).

2) Failed to import <x> files: should count files that match the import criteria, but fail to scan correctly (e.g. text files that are of file type = MP3).

Note: it doesn't make sense to make changes for MM4 (unless there's been a regression), but the approach described would seem to make sense for MM5. Ludek is this what's already implemented for MM5?


2020-06-25 09:02

developer   ~0058651

I see that for MM5 this was fixed as 0014943 in the past.

I implemented the same for MM4, fixed in build
i.e. *.jpg, *.txt, *.sfv, *.nfo are no longer count as skipped


2020-06-25 23:49

developer   ~0058659

Last edited: 2020-06-26 00:07

Verified 1. in 1910 where Non Media files are not listed anymore

Reopen 2. is not fixed when Format plugin return Not Valid for a file it should be counted into "fail to Import" instead of "Did not import" due the fact that file extension is valid but file is either corrupted or not accessible by MM (Updated Steps to reproduce)


2020-06-26 13:33

developer   ~0058663

Last edited: 2020-06-26 13:38

I agree with Rusty that additioanl chages are not needed.
In fact considering TXT renamed to MP3 as "did not match import criteria" is fine as this really isn't MP3 file that should be imported.

In addition I don't think that anyone (or anything) would rename TXT to MP3, this is very non-standard, rare and rather hypotetical case.


2020-06-26 16:44

developer   ~0058667

I strongly disagree that it is non standard case, this fails also on Corrupted files, 0 Bytes MP3 files. eg. each time Format plugin return NOT Valid MP3 it fails and it is counted in Import criteria not actually fail to import. It was teh case with FLAC files with ID3, and many other ocasions. TXT -> MP3 was just easiest example of problem reproduction.


2020-06-26 17:28

developer   ~0058670

Moved to 0016754