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0020273MMW 5Main Panelpublic2023-10-03 21:27
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.1 
Target Version5.1.1 
Summary0020273: Context Menu on multi-folder select in List/Grid (Folders) panel uses inconsistent selectection
DescriptionWhen using items in the Context Menu of multiple folders selected in the List (folders) or Grid (folders) view some actions will be on files in all selected folders, whereas others are on 1 of the folders in the selection,

For example Send to > Playlist will send all files from all selected folders to the Playlist. Auto-Tag also operates on all files.

1) However Cut and subsequent Paste elsewhere only moves the folder the right click was executed on (Add/Rescan Files as well).

2) Rename shouldn't be available in the Context Menu when multiple folders are selected as it always operates on a single item.
Steps To Reproduce1 Browse to Location node with multiple sub-folders
2 Enable List (folders) or Grid (folders) view
3 Ctrl+Click to select a folder
4 Ctrl+Click to select another folder
--> Multiple folders selected
5 Right click on first folder
6 Do a Cut & Paste
--> Only first folder is moved instead of all folders in selection
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