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0019565MMW 5Main Panelpublic2023-11-19 21:58
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Product Version5.0.3 
Target Version5.2 
Summary0019565: List (by Album) views: Mouse-based drag-select (lasso) has various issues
DescriptionThis bug tracks various issues related to drag selection in Grouped tracklist views that were originally raised in 0019563 but were deferred beyond 5.0.4. Most of them are related to incorrect handling of the spaces between tracks/albums.

c) Dragging up and releasing the mouse button in the space above the first track in an album causes selection of all tracks to be lost:
1 Move the cursor to an empty space to the right of the last track on an album and click hold (it could be any track though, it seems more consistently replicable by clicking on an empty space adjacent to a track, rather than below the last track)
2 Drag the lasso to a space above the first track and release the cursor
--> no tracks selected!

d) This is very similar to c) above:
i) drag-selecting up or down and starting the lasso in the space below the Album Art / Album summary selects no tracks
ii) drag-selecting up or down and releasing the mouse button in the space below the Album Art / Album summary causes all selected tracks to get deselected.

e) In some cases, when moving the lasso up and down (without releasing the mouse button) in order to select and then reduce the selection, not all of the tracks get deselected as expected. This issue is easiest to replicate when drag-selecting up and the higher album only has a couple of tracks (so that there's plenty of blank space below those two tracks):
1 Drag select upwards to select both the bottom and top albums
2 Move the cursor down (shrink the lasso) to just below the two tracks of the top album ---> the second track fails to deselect!
3 Continue moving the cursor down to the first track of the lower album --> the second track of the top album deselects
What should happen is that the second track should deselect as soon as the top of the lasso moves below the track.

f) Every time a mouse selection is made the vertical scrollbar space reservation is toggled. This is with a screen that does not require vertical scrolling. The scrollbar itself isn't show, but the space for it toggles.

g) Drag selecting up or down often doesn't include all of the files enclosed within the lasso. Not entirely sure why this is the case.

Note that this issue only occurs when the drag starts in the blank space above or below an album (it doesn't occur if the drag starts in the blank space adjacent to a track).

h) When drag-selecting up multiple albums such that the tracklist scrolls, moving the mouse up and down to select/deselect more albums causes the point of selection to change. e.g.
1 Drag up from Album 10, and include Album9, Album8, Album7, Album6 (enough albums that the tracklist scrolls)
2 Drag down from album 6 to reduce the selection
3 Drag up to increase the selection
(repeat steps 2/3 if needed)
--> The 'selection point' changes from the bottom of album 10 to some other arbitrary location (e.g. the middle of Album 9)

Items c), e), g) are probably the highest priority.
Additional InformationVideos of some of the issues appear in the original bug 0019563
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