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0019080MediaMonkey 5Now Playingpublic2022-05-18 11:01
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Status newResolutionopen 
Target Version5.0.4 
Summary0019080: Add tracks to library do not work on Now Playing
DescriptionAdd tracks to library do not work on Now Playing.

1. Play some tracks
2. Select playing Track
3. Press INS shortcut
4. Track path is not added to Scan List

Note using same from folders add track path to scan list eg. Right click on track FMFS -> Folder (Library) -> Select Track -> INS
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Fixed in build



2022-05-18 07:40

developer   ~0068153

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It works the same way as in MM4, INS does not add path from selected track(s) to Scan dialog in "ordinary" track lists or playing list. I think current behavior - i.e. load previous scan settings - is correct. Only in Folders node I would expect adding this folder to scan dialog.


2022-05-18 10:41

developer   ~0068157

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i) I agree with @michal , but user in remote session pointed me to behavior that is logical and not possible thus this bug is created.

1. Double click on track in Windows explorer -> MM play track
2. Select Track -> INS to scan rest of files in MM library
3. No tracks added as folder outside normal scan scope

ii) I would change that behavior only for Now Playing/Playing and for all other views I would introduce SHIFT+INS which is also common shortcut to execute Folder Behavior where Folder Behavior woudl execute same action on both INS and SHIFT+INS