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0015578MediaMonkey 5Playbackpublic2019-04-03 10:27
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Summary0015578: External video player: Some players do not accept multiple selection tracks
DescriptionSome players do not accept multiple selection tracks so it could be useful that MM5 create .M3U8 file instead of sending multiple tracks to an app, but instead send .M3U8 as plalist to an app.

This should be configurable assuming that not all apps support playlist playback.
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2019-04-02 12:03

developer   ~0053136

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I guess that the files should be played same way (not depending whether the player is internal or external) -- like in case of DLNA / Google casting

BTW: It seems that the choice
'[ ] Use default external video player' is missing entirely in MM5, probably related to: ?


2019-04-02 14:19

developer   ~0053139

It is not possible to play them the same way, because we can only pass file to the default application, we cannot communicate with it and e.g. detect time or end of the file.


2019-04-02 14:31

developer   ~0053140

External video player is for video only, but what if I have also audio files among selected files... I think we should use approach from MM4 (i.e. open in default app current file only).
Problem with using M3U8 also is, that default app for m3u8 extension could be different from video player (e.g. old Winamp)


2019-04-02 22:47

developer   ~0053141

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You are right MM4 approaches bit differently.

I would suggest that if we implement it we use approach like in MM4 using Winamp option where user can point to custom player executable eg. rename it to "[x] Use external Video Player [CONFIGURE]" and Configure dialog would contain:

[x] Use default video player
|____________________| [BROWSE]
[x] Send Selection as M3U playlist


2019-04-03 10:07

developer   ~0053143

"Use default external video player" option added to build 2168.


2019-04-03 10:26

developer   ~0053144

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Per offline discussion with Jiri, we will not implement other special handling now, priority decreased. Possible solution later could be special configurable "Send to..." option for sending selected files to external application.