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0020690MMW 5Hotkeyspublic2024-03-22 12:21
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.1 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020690: Entering Alt + NumPad number also enters alt+value character
Description1a) Entering a new hotkey using Alt+ a numeric value on the numpad, it also adds the character associated with that alt+number.
This is not the case with the regular number keys on the keyboard.
1b) Value then changes to HID Key (ID:71) for me.

2) I experience a windows bing when using regular alt+number/letter keys (but not with numpad).
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Fixed in build3006


related to 0015707 closedLudek Hotkeys: HID Hotkeys usually Sends two values 



2024-03-07 20:16

developer   ~0074526

Fixed in 3004


2024-03-13 16:46

developer   ~0074622

1) Windows bing still present on many Alt combinations (ex. Alt+S, Alt+9 (not on Numpad though)).

2) Alt turns to HID Key value is still a problem.


2024-03-14 19:09

developer   ~0074664

2) Fixed in 3006

As for the beep sound: This is because Alt+key is used for navigating menus and there is no menu in the dialog..
I haven't found an easy way how to supress this beep sounds, but it's rather minor issue, feel free to add as another Mantis entry with lower priority..


2024-03-21 00:21

developer   ~0074714

Verified 2) in 3006


2024-03-22 02:20

developer   ~0074736

Not sure if this is intentional, but Alt key on it's own no longer works. Alt in combination with other keys does. Close if this can't be addressed.


2024-03-22 12:21

developer   ~0074743

Yes, that's intentional, closing...