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0015707MediaMonkey 5Hotkeyspublic2019-07-10 22:18
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Status closedResolutionreopened 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0015707: Hotkeys: HID Hotkeys usually Sends two values
DescriptionIn some cases due the driver or already handled flag, some keys are not recognized correctly as one Code is sent when key is pressed and one on release that can share common code for key release.

Expected to have small Delay before new code is detected (50-100ms) in order to avoid these cases.

Possibly INI adjusted.
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Fixed in build2186


related to 0014240 closedpetr Win 10' MediaTransferControls interface is supplying hotkeys (media keys) 
related to 0013989 closedLudek Some default hotkeys don't work with some keyboards (e.g. German) 



2019-06-03 12:52

developer   ~0053712

Please add a clearer description, example, debug log.


2019-06-05 10:55

developer   ~0053730

HID keyboards can be handled in few different ways.
1. RAW HID Data
2. System Key Event
3. LowLevelHook

When Key Event is already handled MM5 gets only HID information not keyboard event and detects all states of HID key resulting in wrong detection.

I created Video and accompany log file (uploaded to ftp) showing the behavior where Prev/Next/VolUp/VolDown are all detected as HID 343 (Key Released state).
I also added same keys logged using my Hid key logger where it is clearly seen that keys are both dected as HID and Global System event for media keys is registered.

Expected like in my key loger that HID event codes are paired with MediaKeys Event and handled as such.


2019-06-07 11:48

developer   ~0053772

Fixed in 2181


2019-06-07 21:28

developer   ~0053778

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Reopen, works for VOL UP/DOWN, but not for NEXT, PREV, Play/Pause and STOP media Buttons.

Steps to reproduce:
Edit action for Media Next button.

Test Note: I use Win 10 and Windows Media popup shows on pressing the key.

Also while Acting is Defined/Captured MM5 should not react on the key and it reacts for Media Next Key even that is the key which action is changed.


2019-06-10 10:37

developer   ~0053786

Fixed in 2182


2019-06-16 23:13

developer   ~0053829

Reopen NEXT, PREV, Play/Pause and STOP media Buttons are still detected as one code.

New video uploaded.


2019-06-18 10:56

developer   ~0053861

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Do they work in MM4? In the build pre 2182 there was a bug and APPCOMMAND messages were not catched at all.
After the fix they are catched correctly for me (and override HIDs) -- so NEXT/PREV works fine for me in 2182+.

Anyhow, I will need to see your debug log.


2019-06-19 10:51

developer   ~0053876

in 2182 For me They do not override HID and execute Key action even they should just update action like in MM4

Created New video with accompany Log files for both MM4 and MM5 (Sent Offline)


2019-06-19 13:14

developer   ~0053885

I probably finally see why I couldn't replicate, it is related to 0014240 (where MediaTransferControl on Win10 is involved)


2019-06-19 14:16

developer   ~0053886

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Fixed in 2183.

When MT is installed then media keys are ignored only when are assigned to actions 'play', 'pause', 'playPause', 'nextFile', 'previousFile', 'stop'.
i.e. Media keys can be configured in Hotkeys > Options for another action (+ the original issue with HID showing is fixed)


2019-06-22 15:46

developer   ~0053943

Detection is verified in 2183 all works OK now.

Reopen only to tweak it a little eg. While focus on Hotkey detection then Detected Media Key should not be executed. MM4 work, but MM5 detect correct Media key (Play Next) but it also execute it so it intrupts playback.


2019-06-25 08:56

developer   ~0053969

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MM5 does not execute the hotkeys when editing.
I guess that it is just the MT (MediaTransferControl in Win10) that executes the "Play Next" action when editing?

You can verify/confirm by removing the MediaMonkeyMT.dll ?
Once you confirm then I think that you can just close this ticket -- as further tweaking is not needed IMHO.
I guess that with the MT enabled the user will always want to use the 'Play next' media button for the "Play Next" action (and not another action)


2019-06-25 20:34

developer   ~0053976

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I would generally agree, I can confirm that removing MediaMonkeyMT.dll fix the problem.

I do not find that behavior correct as if I want to assign key and had edit assign key focused MT should be prevented to catch/execute Media key actions. eg. if that fields is in focus MT should be disabled till focus is lost.

It interrupts playback.
1. Pause Playback
2. Options -> Hotkeys -> Assign Key -> Media Next
3. Playback starts from next track

NOTE: Using Same steps in MM4 Nothing happen.


2019-06-26 09:50

developer   ~0053981

Ignoring MediaTransferControl messages when editing hotkeys added in 2184


2019-07-01 19:13

developer   ~0054048

Reopen it still fail for "Play/Pause"/Next/Stop/Previous eg. MM5 is not Playing -> Tools -> Options -> Hotkeys -> Play/Pause -> Click on Action -> Press "Q" -> Press Play/Pause MM5 starts playback and it should just Add "Media Play/Pause" in key action.


2019-07-07 20:09

developer   ~0054094

Fixed in 2186


2019-07-10 22:18

developer   ~0054128

Verified 2186

All key behave as expected, thx.