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0018210MediaMonkey 5Main Panelpublic2022-04-19 18:41
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Product Version5.0.1 
Target Version5.0.4 
Summary0018210: Allow users to customize which fields are displayed in the Summary column/Simplified List
DescriptionIn MediaMonkey 4 users could customize which fields were displayed in the Summary column. This is no longer available in MediaMonkey 5.
Additional InformationTicket 3517
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2022-01-09 20:36

developer   ~0066591

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It's both a missing feature after upgrade from MediaMonkey 4 as well as expected behavior based on user feedback.

1) In Playing:
A) Simplified List should be user customizable in what it shows. This should be implemented per Type.
B) Artwork should be available as an option for Simplified List
Tools > Options > Playing list provides enough real estate for this

2) In Filelisting:
A) Summary should be user customizable in what it shows. This should be implemented per Type and independent of what's shown in the Player.
B) Track Summary (should be File Summary) should be implemented independent of what's shown in the Player.
Tools > Options > Playback rules provides enough real estate for this

3) In Player:
A) Track summary (should be Player (or Playing) Summary) should allow to accommodate 2 lines of user defined fields
B) Skin developer should have option to display those 2 lines or merge them into single line
C) Behavior when text is too large should be user definable (and/or Skin developer choice):
 - Bounce
 - Horizontal scroll
 - Vertical scroll
 - Cutoff (no movement)
Tools > Options > Playback rules provides enough real estate for this


2022-03-04 04:39

reporter   ~0067176

I would like to add the following item:
2) . C) ... ie. additional point into "In Filelisting"

Re-introduce the column sort action that was lost in the MM4->MM5 migration ... ie. a sort on the (Album) Summary column would re-sequence the display accounting to the tag hierarchy configured for display in the Summary column

On other comment ire section 3, is that the Track Summary format is used in the Status Bar and hover tooltip during sync operations ... a multi-line display is suitable in those places?


2022-04-19 18:41

administrator   ~0067589

1) Customization of the Playing list's Simplified list is tracked at 0017611

2) This bug is primarily about configuration of what appears in the 'Summary' column (as opposed to the 'Track Summary/Player' which is already configurable), as was possible in MM4 and no longer is in MM5. This should be relatively simple to implement once we decide:
a) Where to configure this. It's similar to other 'Playback rules', but it really has nothing to do with Playback. A possible approach is to have it configured separately just like per-Type settings in the Preview window are. This could be done via a [gear] icon next to the 'Summary' and 'Track summary' entries in the 'Choose columns' dialog.
b) As to how to configure it. It could be using a freeform mask-based approach (less friendly) OR by allowing the user to add masks in a manner similar to the criteria chooser OR as shown below e.g.
Configure: Summary
Type: _Music__v

_Album Artist_v
_Album rating_v

With this field configurable, users could again sort by this attribute. NOTE: this would not really solve the issues described at 2C (described in more detail at 0018314 ), but users probably do expect that sorting by this field should work.

3) TBD (much lower priority)