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0017611MediaMonkey 5Now Playingpublic2022-09-14 14:57
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1 
Summary0017611: Improved customization of the Playing 'Simplified list'
DescriptionIn MM 5.0 the user has the ability to choose non-customizable 'Simplified list' or customizable 'List' formats for the Playing list. As suggested at 0016885, one of the points of the 'Simplified list' was to facilitate the display of content based on the type of content (e.g. so that Classical music displays with Composer vs contemporary music with Artist) and that it should be customizable based on the already implemented Playback rules.

With this in mind:
1) Change the mask from being hardcoded, to use masks configured in Playback rules. e.g.
Display format for 'Track Summary' (e.g. in Player)
Display format for individual tracks:
Player Summary: _$if(<Artist>,<Artist> - ,)<Title>_ [>>]
Playing Summary: _<#>. <title> | <rating> || $if(<Artist>,<Artist> - ,)<Album> | <time>_ [>>]

Note: the format used for the mask is just an example. Note:
- Right/Left justification-separation is indicated via '|' (only a single split is permitted)
- Line splits are symbolized via '||' (only a single split is permitted)
- There are no columns in this mode (i.e. if the user increases/shrinks the width of the Playing list, MM automatically adjusts content displayed)

b) The Playing list currently automatically switches from 2 rows to a single row if the user widens the Playing list beyond a certain threshhold. We may want to eliminate this functionality since it's not obvious at what point this should occur (it depends on what fields are displayed), and since the Playing list now has a 'list' mode.

Note: The Preview Window contains very similar Per-Type formatting. It could make sense to have per-Type display configuration items for the Preview window in the same location (or at least be accessible from the same location). TBD.

2)a) Change 'Simplified List' to 'Display by Type'
b) Add a [Gear icon] to link to 'Playback rules' (where the user would be able to configure the display format.
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2022-04-19 18:03

administrator   ~0067586

As pointed out by Lowlander at 0018210:0066591 : Artwork should be available as an option for the Simplified List