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0019286MMW 5Playlistspublic2023-08-30 11:15
Reporterzvezdan Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0019286: playlist.addTracksAsync doesn't update displayed playlist always
DescriptionaddTracksAsync doesn't update displayed playlist always, but it updates Playlist Editor if it is displayed. Approx. one in 10-20 times it doesn't work.

Although, both (app, 'playlistchange') and (app.playlists.root, 'playlistChanged') are fired.

For example, I am using:
                    goQueueListPlaylist.clearTracksAsync().then(() => {
                        goQueueListPlaylist.addTracksAsync(oQueueLst).then(() => {

but, even options from your programs are problematic.
Steps To Reproduce1. put one track into Playing list;
2. select an empty playlist in the tree;
3. choose Save playlist from the Playing menu;
4. specify the displayed playlist and confirm -> sometimes playlist is not updated, i.e. it stays empty and you need to use Refresh.
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Fixed in build2814



2022-08-05 11:04

developer   ~0068968

I am unable to replicate, for me the selected playlist content is always updated.

The update is done via listening on the playlist 'change' event (in viewHandlers.tracklistBase.onShow)
The event is always fired with the 'tracklist' changeType and thus refreshed in __refreshTracklist there.

Could you please catch it in a small video so that I am sure that we are performing same steps on the same view/node etc. ?
e.g. add a link to the video to private note here.



2022-08-05 13:35

reporter   ~0068972

Here it is, I got it from the second attempt.
2022-08-05_15-31-54.gif (579,937 bytes)


2022-08-05 13:37

reporter   ~0068973

The test was performed without any add-on installed and with almost empty database.


2022-08-05 15:54

developer   ~0068980

Thanks for the video, now I can replicate this issue too.
It seems that key to replicate is testing just with single track and you need to remove it from the playlist at first.


2022-08-05 16:00

reporter   ~0068981

It happens with multiple tracks as well. I am not sure, but it seems that it happens only when the target playlist is empty.


2023-08-30 11:15

developer   ~0072713

Fixed in 2814