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0019643MMASynchronizationpublic2023-01-09 04:48
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Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1 
Summary0019643: Sync process fails to terminate when the connection is lost
DescriptionIf the connection to the sync server is lost, MMA doesn't terminate the sync process correctly:

1 Initiate Wi-Fi Sync for 30 tracks
2 Turn off MMW after 18 tracks have synced (and verify in the task manager)
---> the following 3 issues:
a) MMA continues to 'Sync' all of the remaining tracks for about 15 minutes (i.e. it shows Downloading 18/30, then 19/30, and so on even though the connection to MMW5 has long been lost)!
b) Then it proceeds with 'Updating playlists'!
c) And then the status bar keeps showing 'Connecting to server:null' every few minutes until the user exits the sync screen!
d) If the user tries to click the 'Cancel' button in MMA to terminate the already disconnected Sync process, MMA shows 'Terminating...' for about one minute before the error dialog finally appears

MMA should be able to detect that the connection to the server has been lost, present the correct error message, and terminate all sync processes. Moreover, manually cancelling the already disconnected sync process should just take a couple of seconds.
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Fixed in build


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2022-12-23 12:17

developer   ~0070743

I am not able to replicate it. Please send logs when it occurs.


2022-12-23 15:01

administrator   ~0070747

Last edited: 2023-01-09 04:47

In this test case I initiated the sync operation from the home screen and after terminating MMW, a) & b) occurred (i.e. it took 10 minutes for MMA to terminate the sync operation since it was halted at 22/34 tracks).

Note: strangely, although 22 tracks synced prior to cancelling, the tracklist only showed 17!
In this second test case, I terminated MMW as above, but pressed [cancel] in MMA after around 12/16 tracks, then when it failed to terminate (due to issues a) and b) occurring) I pressed 'Cancel' again
--> MM terminated after about a minute.
Log ID: ZSZ775MGM8

So the issue seems to be that MM doesn't properly detect the loss of the connection when MMW is closed--it only terminates when the user presses 'Cancel' the second time (and takes about a minute to do so).

Note: in both of the above test cases, issue c) didn't occur