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0015774MediaMonkey 5Playlist / Searchpublic2020-02-03 13:03
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Target Version5.0.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0015774: Search: Limitations and Sort can't be added to Search
DescriptionIn MM5 Advanced Search there is no way to Set Limitations and Sort as criteria for search results.

Expected to be able to Limit and sort advanced search results like in MM4
Steps To ReproduceTry to search to 100 Genre POP and Limit results to 100 Random Tracks.
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2019-06-19 17:06



2019-06-19 17:32

administrator   ~0053896

OK. Leaving this for Ludek to decide. It's somewhat related to 0012371--if Advanced Search... is going to be independent of Filters then it could make sense to implement limits/sorts. BUT, given the lack of feedback on this to-date, I suspect that 'Advanced Search' is a very rarely used feature and that users normally create an advanced Playlist directly (in which case we can just eliminate this functionality and use standard filters as described at 0012371).


2019-06-20 10:04

developer   ~0053905

Last edited: 2019-06-20 10:10

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This is a trivial change for sure, but I am not keen of adding this for several reasons.

1) I am afraid that adding it we would break the UI consistency with the current "funnel filtering" functionality (new in MM5) -- .
i.e. users like Barry would ask: Why I can limit the search results here and not there.
That said we would probably need to implement the limitations anywhere (where the "funnel filtering" functionality is available)

2) The UI components for limitations/sorting would unnecessary takes the UI room (having less space for the search results)
In 99% of cases users don't need to use the limits and sorting when performing advanced search -- thus I see less search results than I could.

3) I don't believe that the Peke's example with random 10 random POP tracks is usable on Parties. It is still quite too many clicks for the DJs to create such a advanced search.
And even if one wants to use this then he still can by using 'New auto-playlist' instead of 'Advanced search' in the first step (with advantage of the search results being saved).
But I guess that in 99% the party DJs will want to have the "10 random POP tracks" auto-playlist already prepared before the party begins.

Leaving on Jiri to evaluate/decide.


2019-06-20 22:34

developer   ~0053917

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re 2): Exactly why I proposed #15778 approach, those that do not need it will never know it is there and those that need it they ill have full potential on disposal.


2020-01-27 23:09

administrator   ~0056283

Closing this since Global searches can be saved as autoplaylists which have the ability to set sorts/limits.

We'll see from users whether more than this is needed.


2020-01-28 01:33


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