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0011794MediaMonkey for Android[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-08-02 17:01
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.7 
Target Version2.2.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0011794: Scanning engine / tag parser / tagging engine
DescriptionMMA should have it's own scanning engine/tag parser so that it can standalone as a full-fledged solution independent of MMW (currently MMA depends on MMW for reading tags that are unsupported by the Android Media Scanner).

Switching to our own scanning engine/tag parser should also have the effect of improving performance due to the numerous workarounds for the MediaStore. By the same token, the new parser should be a good android citizen--i.e. changes to fields/playlists in MMA that are supported in other apps should propagate to other apps and vice-versa.

This should support any formats that are supported by MMW and in Android 4.0 or later:
i.e. m4a, flac, mp3, ogg, wav, mp4, mkv

The scanning engine should support all configured storage locations. i.e. Internal storage, External storage (SD card, USB OTG), and Network storage (assuming samba support has been implemented).
Additional InformationPer Jiri's comment at ~35528, this may involve:
2. Scanning - we will improve scanning from MediaStore to support also audio files not directly supported by system (implementation of [^] is a prerequisite here). (Marek)
3. Tagging - (read only for FLAC and OGG, to be used for 2) to be implemented by Michal using Android NDK and our existing code from other platforms in C/C++. To be added to MMA by Martin.
4. Sync (wifi and usb) - probably not much needed - Marek.
5. UPnP playback - Should be pretty much fully covered by 1.

Per offline discussion with Jiri/Russell, once this is implemented, we may want to simplify WiFi Sync/USB sync by eliminating sync between MMA and the MediaStore if that results in complications, provided that:
a) the tag scanner allows users to scan tracks/metadata into MM from third party apps (e.g. podcatchers, google music, amazon music, bittorrent sync, etc.)
b) the tag scanner also allows users to import playlists (pla/m3u) into MMA (if users want to use playlists from other apps). Note that this may be problematic in cases where other apps don't save playlists as m3u / pla files.
c) allow for manual expert of playlists so that playlists constructed in MMA/MMW can be shared with other apps (e.g. 'Export Playlists to Android' or 'Share library with Android').
TBD with Marek.
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