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0012237MediaMonkey for AndroidDBpublic2020-07-23 20:49
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.7 
Target Version2.1.0 
Summary0012237: OTG Storage: Handling USB HDD Library
DescriptionMany devices now includes needed code to use OTG and Android "L" will make things even more easier for developer due the fact that they are finally solving number of storage access issues.

As proposed in the past saving Library file on External Storage would allow both MMA and MMW access its content much faster than scanning it each time HDD is connected.
Additional InformationONC-229-35922
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Fixed in build


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2015-07-16 10:09

developer   ~0042708

a) it will be fixed with our own storage scanner (0011794)
b) it works now but there are some issues when tracks are sometimes deleted from DB when storage is unmounted. I think that it is caused by specific path in stickmount where OTG storage is virtually subfolder of SD card.

I can test it on my Nexus Player where I use Stickmount with HDD.
c) we can implement it now but we will still need the storage scanner!

So I will fix b) and I think that a) and c) should be postponed till 0011794 is fixed


2015-07-20 18:12

developer   ~0042714

b) I am not able to test MMA on Nexus Player due to incompatibility with keyboard devices as Nexus Player (0012790)

I can connect external mouse but my USB hub is damaged and I have to buy a new one to be able connect both mouse and external HDD. I will test it probably tomorrow.


2015-08-03 20:49

developer   ~0042799

b) Processing of USB storages is quite specific. They are all added to common folder:

and it has subfolder for each previously connected (and also already disconnected) USB device.

The main issue is that USB storages are subfolders of main external storage so they are not recognized as separate folders. When user unmounts the storage, it looks like the folder is deleted (not that storage is unmounted). So all tracks are deleted from DB.

I will implement special recognition conditions for USB storages so it will be processed correctly.


2015-08-10 13:21

developer   ~0042812

b) Fixed in build 465

Refactored storage scanning to be more compatible with current APIs and to be able to parse storages mounted by Stickmount.

Refactored storage processing and DB queries to support storages that are hierarchically sub-folders of other storages.

Added tests for DB queries and parsers.


2015-08-11 15:54

administrator   ~0042818

I think that this can be considered mostly resolved for now, in that USB drives that appear as external cards (i.e. case b) as on many Samsung devices) are scanned into the library (still to be verified and tested re. how this functions when the device is disconnected).

However, with respect to case a) although isn't yet able to add content to the library from locations that aren't treated as SD cards due to limitations in the Android Media Scanner, would it make sense in the meantime (before we implement an MMA scanning engine) to:
i) allow MMA to play such content via apps such as ES Explorer that can browse such content? e.g. on the Nexus 5/Lollipop (which doesn't treat mounted USB drives as SD Cards, ESExplorer can browse the USB drive and play a Video, however, MMA doesn't appear as a supported device for playing that video)
ii) allw MMA to play such content by browsing to it via Folders/Files/USB drive...


2015-08-20 19:03

developer   ~0042835

Last edited: 2015-08-20 19:06

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I have tested it on Samsung galaxy S4 (Lollipop) and it works fine. Samsung drivers mounts USB flash disk as /storage/UsbDriveA.

This storage is visible in MMA in folders view (see attached screenshot) and tracks are playable. These tracks are also playable from ES file explorer.


2015-08-20 19:06


device-2015-08-20-210623.png (199,918 bytes)   
device-2015-08-20-210623.png (199,918 bytes)   


2015-09-04 17:04

administrator   ~0042902

To clarify: my experience is consistent with yours, that devices that 'see' external storage can represent the storage correctly in MM5.

The reason I'd left the bug open is because on devices such as the Nexus 5 running lollipop--which don't expose external storage as a drive, I was wondering whether we should:
i) allow MMA to play content from external storage via apps such as ES Explorer that can browse such content? e.g. ESExplorer can browse the USB drive and play a Video, however, MMA doesn't appear as a supported device for playing that video)
ii) allow MMA to play such content by browsing to it via Folders/Files/USB drive.


2015-09-30 13:20

administrator   ~0043011



2016-01-13 19:23

administrator   ~0043856

New report of crashes when attempting to use USB storage:


2016-04-06 08:42

developer   ~0044391

We can use SAF api to access USB storages. It will be much simpler. Total Commander use it too.

We have some possibilities how to detect that USB was connected and then we can show the Storage permission activity. To access the USB (even reading), user has to select the USB in the system dialog. The media won't be in MediaStore so we won't be able to add them to library (till our scanner is implemented). It will be accessible via Folders view for now.

But I think that it is a good solution. It is Android supported approach. It is available since Lollipop and it is much simpler than using libaums library. The library has some disadvantages too. When MMA mounts the USB via library, other apps won't be able to see the storage (used in ES file explorer).


2017-03-07 14:41

administrator   ~0047421

re. case b) even though it's fixed, users have indicated that the current approach is problematic in cars, since MMA appears to 'endlessly' do a mediastore sync each time the car is started (for an Android headunit running MMA).


2020-07-23 20:49

developer   ~0059095

Using approach from #14521 should also resolve this issue?