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0018582MMW 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2023-12-20 14:22
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Product Version5.0.2 
Target Version5.1.1Fixed in Version5.0.4 
Summary0018582: Auto-tag: Choose fields dialog doesn't save the field order correctly
DescriptionThe 'Choose fields' dialog within the auto-tag dialog appears to work, but the modified settings don't persist.

1 Select a track and right-click > Auto tag
2 Right click on the header and remove a field / change the order of the fieds and click OK.
--> The Auto-tag dialog displays the modified settings
3 Click 'Tag and Continue' to exit the dialog
4 Select a track and right-click > Auto tag
--> The headers display exactly as they were prior to step 2! i.e. the changes that were made at step 2 didn't get saved.
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Fixed in build2664


related to 0018492 closedpetr Choose fields in Auto-Tag incorrectly states Tags to look up 
related to 0018296 closedrusty Track Browser: Artwork and Summary columns are listed out of order 
related to 0018261 resolvedpetr Year and Date are available in Auto-Tag, but Year tags date 



2022-04-19 22:56

administrator   ~0067594

Note that this 'fix' is still not a fix as the user can still change the order of the colums, and the revised order doesn't persist.


2022-09-19 20:28

developer   ~0069378

Columns order is fixed, however album artist column is always after album column (because we have just album, but no album artist as field selection in Metadata lookup settings) ... we can improve that in 5.1


2022-09-22 01:20

developer   ~0069466

1 Users can move fields above Album summary in Choose fields, but Album summary can't be moved.
a) Album summary should not be shown in Choose fields, it can't be deselected or changed position, so it serves no purpose here
b) Album Artist should be separate option like Album for users to enable/disable, users may want to choose either Artist or Album Artist to be looked up and thus should be available as separate options

Verified that on 2664 changes to sort order in either Options or Auto-Tag are remembered and reflected in the other.


2023-11-07 21:34

administrator   ~0073343

Another case of this bug is described at 0018261.