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0017640MediaMonkey 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2022-09-19 18:53
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1 
Summary0017640: Deleting and then adding new artwork cause the new arwork to always be added as .thm
DescriptionIn cases where the user has first deleted all linked AA for track(s) (belonging to a single album and stored to a single directory), if the Add Cover > Options are configured to save the first image as a jpg, the Add Cover UI will force the image to be saved as a THM. (the workaround is to delete the image, click OK in the Properties dialog, and then add the new image).

0 Ensure MM has default tag settings of:
- Save image to file folder
- First image per album/series: folder.jpg
- Format for multiple images: $if(<Album>,<Album>,<Filename>).thm
1 For a set of tracks belonging to a single album within a single folder, Open Properties > Artwork
2 Delete existing linked images
3 Lookup image, and in the Add Cover dialog, Save image to file folder
--> The new image cannot be saved as folder.jpg even though it is the first and only image!

A solution is a bit complicated because the first image (e.g. folder.jpg) can be linked to multiple files. So if only a single file i the album/directory is selected, and the user deletes the artwork and then adds a replacement for only that single file, MM would in fact end up changing it (i.e. deleting it, and adding a replacement) for all of the files to which it links. Perhaps for such cases, MM could prompt the user something like:
'The change in artwork at path/albumart.jpg will apply to x other files on the album. Do you want to proceed?'

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Possible solution that was rejected:
a) Adding an 'Apply' button. Not great because it's really just an improvement on the current workaround. It doesn't solve the problem of unmet user expectations and it also adds an often-confusing button to the UI (confusing because of its implication that 'Previous'/'Next' buttons don't commit changes).
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Fixed in build


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