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0017639MMW 5Tagging / organizing (properties / auto-tools)public2022-09-14 14:39
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.2 
Summary0017639: Add cover: artwork format is always saved as thm in cases where artwork is in the directory but not in MM
DescriptionIf there somehow exists folder.jpg or albumname.thm artwork in the folder but not in MM, then the format for the first linked artwork image is always .thm (i.e. the format for multiple images). This is confusing because the user has no idea why this is occurring since from the user's perspective there are no images other than the one being applied. e.g.
1 Delete all artwork from tracks in an album
2 Copy folder.jpg to the album directory
3 In Properties > Artwork, add a new linked image (folder.jpg since none exist)
--> AlbumName.thm is created instead of folder.jpg!

Note: , describes a rationale for applying the 'Format for multiple images', but it assumes that AA from the folder will match that displayed in MM. If it doesn't match, and MM doesn't have any artwork for an album, and all files are from the same album/series, it would seem that it should be saved to the configured format of the 'first image per album/series' .

EDIT: In general, MM should only be able to save to folder.jpg if the following hold true:
- all files in the album are selected
- all files in the directory containing the selected file(s) are selected
However, our current design doesn't allow for this since artwork format is chosen before MM 'knows' which tracks on an album/directory are selected to be tagged. A possible solution is to provide feedback within the Properties > Artwork panel. e.g. after the user clicks chooses artwork on the 'Add Cover' dialog, the Properties > Artwork image labels would be updated to show expected artwork status based on what tracks have been selected. e.g.:
Save to: folder.jpg
Save to: <album>.thm. 'folder.jpg can can only be used if applied to all files in a directory that belong to one album.
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Fixed in build


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