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0020693MMW 5Playbackpublic2024-06-16 22:01
Reportermichal Assigned To 
PriorityurgentSeverityminorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status closedResolutionunable to reproduce 
Product Version5.1 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020693: FLAC file can be played indefinitely without moving to the next track.
DescriptionUser sporadically experiences problem, where flac file is played endlessly, it continues to play silence instead of skipping to the next track.
It is very hard to reproduce, could be related to the fact, that Auto-DJ is on and playing list is full and limited to last 100 tracks. It happens in situation, where new 101. track is added to Playing and first track is removed.
Additional InformationTicket 6896
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Fixed in build3021


related to 0018712 closedpeke Garbled playback / white noise in playback with WASAPI exclusive mode "Use format of original track" 
related to 0020939 closedmichal Playback looping for files played from network under network load 



2024-05-17 12:24

developer   ~0075441

Most probably fixed in build 3021. I have made several adjustments, which should help. Problem was related to WASAPI with exclusive mode and "Automatic choice of format", increased WASAPI minimal buffer size for exclusive mode to at least 150ms, and play FLAC files with different formats alternately (like 16bit and 24bit FLACs). I could not reproduce, as probably some other condition was needed and specific timing.


2024-05-19 13:17

developer   ~0075457

Seems not resolved, user reproduced it again, reason currently unknown.


2024-05-26 12:43

developer   ~0075546

Last edited: 2024-05-30 04:20

Resolving as unable to reproduce, as the user has (understandably) grown frustrated with attempts at finding the cause, and is no longer eager to help us do so.

Unless we figure out how to replicate this OR find another user experiencing the problem, we won't be able to make progress on this issue. Note, though, that it could be closely related to 0020939.


2024-06-16 22:01

developer   ~0076009

Verified 3031

It is not reproducible on sample files and also on Extreme FLAC sample files that are used for extreme test of FLAC decoder library,