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0020939MMW 5Playbackpublic2024-06-04 19:17
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.1 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0020939: Playback looping for files played from network under network load
DescriptionWhen there is some network load it seems MediaMonkey struggles to play files from network. Note that the PC has a 2.5Gbs connection to a 10Gbs NAS, load tends to not exceed 500Mbs during these events.

Seen both with WASAPI and MediaMonkey DirectSound (logs from latter).
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Fixed in build3028


related to 0020693 closedmichal FLAC file can be played indefinitely without moving to the next track. 
related to 0020916 feedbacklowlander Playback loops after unpause of file that became unavailable 



2024-05-24 12:58

developer   ~0075540

Not sure what we can do. In case MM does not receive data from NAS, it cannot play them. The looping is caused by playing the same buffer again, which did not receive new data.


2024-05-24 15:10

developer   ~0075544

If it truly is an issue with not receiving data, MediaMonkey should:
1. Pause at end of buffer (not loop)
2. Display toast informing user file can't be read


2024-05-26 12:51

developer   ~0075547

lowlander: is the looping state temporary (i.e. when network load is lower, it continues to play file as it should), or is it looping sometimes forever? In case of the latter, there could be some processing deadlock, possibly related to 0020693. Then please use Help - Debug - Send Logs in this looping state and send me crash log, thanks.


2024-05-28 14:39

developer   ~0075597

It can be either, but the network load can be hours long too.

For background, I did a clean install with a backup import and it seems playback is more sensitive. However I also moved files to a new NAS and upgraded the network (which actually should've made things better) in the meanwhile. So there have been lots of changes.
Still MediaMonkey should not loop, it should either show buffering Toast or network to slow, buffering Toast.


2024-05-30 17:07

developer   ~0075644

Last edited: 2024-05-30 17:07

Fixed for WASAPI in build 3028. It pauses audio rendering instead of playing silence or looping, also track position should be now correct during this. Buffering toast displayed.

MMDS solution postponed, I could not find any working workaround, it is older framework and the looping in case of lack of data is inside this framework hardcoded and cannot be changed.


2024-06-04 15:47

developer   ~0075723

Resolved, so WASAPI fix can be tested in 3028.


2024-06-04 19:17

developer   ~0075735

Verified WASAPI on 3028.