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0020003MMANow Playingpublic2024-01-16 15:11
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0020003: Small devices: Stars block album art in Playing > Art view (regression)
DescriptionIn MMA 2, the star ratings always display. On most devices, this isn't an issue, but on devices that have limited vertical space (e.g. 720p or smaller), the ratings are always superimposed on the artwork, and some users find this annoying.

The solution to a related issue of limited vertical space for Tracks in the Playing > Queue ( 0019724 ) is to hide the Tab headers in cases where there isn't enough space to render the full UI. That could solve this problem as well, though a solution to this might also require the Album Art image to be shrunk slightly.

Additional InformationTicket 6141
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Fixed in build1160


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2023-05-08 15:06

administrator   ~0071764

The suggested approach to dealing with this is not viable (since there's no scrolling in this view). The alternative would be to completely hide the Tab headers. Deferring to 2.0.1 for re-evaluation.


2023-08-16 16:35

administrator   ~0072596

Possible fix as discussed at 0020183, on devices in which the ratings are superimposed on the Artwork because the screen is small, tapping on the Artwork would cause the ratings to toggle (trash and settings would appear ephemerally as is currently the case).


2023-08-23 20:29

developer   ~0072694

Fixed in build


2023-08-31 21:44

administrator   ~0072722

Tested 1100 and although it mostly works, there's a problem with the current implementation:
If the user wants ratings to not display, then each time they attempt to look up artwork or edit/delete artwork, the star ratings appear and persist (even though the user doesn't want them to)!

- Tapping on the image should cause all the overlays to appear ephemerally
- In addition to the Edit/Settings overlay there should be a 'Star' toggle that causes the ratings overlay to persist or not persist?


2023-09-08 16:38

developer   ~0072748

Fixed in build


2023-09-14 20:24

administrator   ~0072773

Verified 1101


2024-01-11 20:31

administrator   ~0074041

It turns out that this functionality is incomplete. If the user unpins the ratings, and stays in the Playing view, then they remain unpinned. BUT as soon as the user switches to another view and then back to the Playing list, the ratings are no longer unpinned!

This can be replicated as follows:
1 Play playlistA
2 Unpin ratings
3 Tap NEXT --> ratings stay unpinned
4 Switch to Queue tab and then back to Art tab --> rating remains unpinned
5a Switch to Playlists > PlaylistB (or to any other view), and then tap the MiniPlayer to show the Playing view --> ratings reappear!!
5b Switch to Playlists > PlaylistB (or to any other view), and then play the tracks in the view --> Playing view opens with ratings displayed!


2024-01-16 15:11

developer   ~0074056

Fixed in build