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0019663MMANavigationpublic2024-06-27 16:02
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.2 
Summary0019663: Landscape view: little space is available to browse/view content
DescriptionOn phone devices, when the user rotates to landscape mode, there's almost no space available to view content because only about 1/3 of the view is available to display content:
- hamburger menu / breadcrumb / Search bar take up one row
- Tab navigation bar takes up another row
- MiniPlayer takes up another row

The remaining ~1/3 of the view isn't even enough to display an album in Grid view, and what can be displayed is partially obscured by the status bar!

Possible solutions would be:
1) Hide portions of the view when scrolling. i.e.
a) Collapse the first two rows when the user scrolls down / uncollapse when scrolling back up
b) Hide the status indicator once the user scrolls away from the top of the view

2) 'split' the view in a manner similar to the Playing view. e.g.
On the left (2/3):
- Hamburger menu & Tab navigation
- Content
On the right (1/3)
- View switcher & Search
- Miniplayer (would require an alternate layout)

The first solution seems simpler and better. Moreover it can be applied to the regular layout as well to provide more space for content.
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Fixed in build


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2023-01-02 22:29

developer   ~0070792

Another example on Android TV UI.
1672689604678.JPEG (133,542 bytes)   
1672689604678.JPEG (133,542 bytes)   
1672690648609.JPEG (220,943 bytes)   
1672690648609.JPEG (220,943 bytes)   
1672689993617.JPEG (181,994 bytes)   
1672689993617.JPEG (181,994 bytes)   


2023-01-03 00:50

administrator   ~0070797

Here's an example of what I meant. The issue is actually quite severe as it makes browsing in landscape mode near-impossible, and it's particularly bad problematic when it comes to video since video is normally watched in landscape mode.


2023-01-04 00:29

developer   ~0070818

Both solutions sound interesting and can be combined.
However, both solutions are time-consuming to debug, affect stability, and are prone to regression. So I definitely prefer to postpone it to 2.0.1.