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0012423MMW 5Tagging framework / input pluginspublic2022-09-14 14:33
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.2 
Summary0012423: Improved per-Type behavior: Auto-tag from Filename masks should be per Type
Description1. When User have multiple Types it is hard to quickly switch from one mask to others in order to acompany seleted tracks and keep current for global Masks

2. Like track properties AutoTag from Filename should contain Type selection

3. mask Help ">>>" should contain most common Mask per type

4. Type should be correctly set according to Default Tree Node Location and in case of Custom Collection than Global Masks are used

5. Add "[x] Update Track Types based on selected type" so that Auto Tag can correct incorrect detection like Video -> Music Video

NOTE: In case of custom collection last used mask for each type can be possibly used in order to better fill mising metadata
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Fixed in build


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2014-12-10 12:05

developer   ~0041403

Assigned to Rusty for evaluation


2017-05-20 01:29

developer   ~0047999

Confirmed in 0013756:0046996 point 2


2017-06-03 21:05

developer   ~0048060

TV Series Naming added in 0012481:0048059


2017-06-27 11:56

developer   ~0048280

Last edited: 2017-06-27 13:45

I agree that the default masks in 'Auto-tag from filename' and 'Auto-organize are useless for TVs and Videos.

We should either add also the video masks to the default set or save it separately per type which might be problematic once there are both video and audio in the listing. So probably just enhancing the default set would be enough for now?
=> Fixed as 0014285


2020-01-27 02:45

developer   ~0056248

I would suggest if Type is selected than Non Specific Files would be deselected eg. Type TV Series -> Music Is deselected, Type: Music -> Video Files Deselected, That also eliminate false tagging as new default masks will be used and User can easily manually checkmark files.


2020-05-05 17:22

developer   ~0057867

At minimum MediaMonkey should differentiate between Audio and Video here. If only Video files are selected than only show video related Masks. If files from both are selected show both sets of Masks.

Ideally MediaMonkey shows Mask belonging to Type as a Type = TV Series Mask doesn't require to be shown for Type = Movie.

The complicated part to implementing is the user created Masks. Perhaps the easiest is to always show them and only limit this filtering to the default Masks supplied by MediaMonkey.