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0016305MMW 5Now Playingpublic2022-09-14 14:31
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.2 
Summary0016305: Improved per-Type behavior: Now Playing queues should be per Type
DescriptionThis has been requested several times by users, and is something that I've found wanting myself:

If I start listening to Music, I want my audiobook queue to be retained.
If I start listening to Podcasts, I want my music queue to be retained.
If I start watching a movie, I want my Podcast queue to be retained.

In short, users in general want to be able to listen to the queue associated with the collection that they're in so that they don't have to 'find the right spot' again. MM5 does have undo/redo functionality for the queue,, but that isn't a real solution to this issue.

Possible approaches to meeting the need might be to :
1) Have a NP queue per Collection and:
a) upon switching to a Collection, show the NP associated with the Collection.
b) have the user switch queues manually via the NP header

2) Allow the user to define custom queues and always have the user switch queues manually via the NP header

In any of the above cases, Play/NP operations (e.g. Play Now, Play Next, etc.) apply to the currently active queue.

I expect that 1a) would probably be the most intuitive approach. The only downside is that:
i) it's not clear how to handle Playback from Playlists, Device & Services, Folders, Radio. This could be addressed via:
- Moving Playlists to Collections
- Having Global NP list that could be used for non-Collection playlists
- Make the last-used playlist active upon switching to these nodes

ii) it would be undesirable if a user wants to play items from multiple Collections/nodes. This could be addressed via:
- Global NP list
- Give the user the ability to manually switch playlists (and perhaps additionally to unlock them from the current Collection)
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2020-01-28 15:55

administrator   ~0056319

The proposed solutions seem to be too complex to be easily understandable for even above average user. I wonder whether we couldn't find something more user-friendly.

My idea is to give user a simple way to return to the previously played content of _different_ type, i.e. a kind of intelligent Undo. For example, if I play a Podcast and start watching a movie, there would a bar appear at the very top of Now Playing, like:

Continue watching ABC Podcast [x]

The [x] button would hide the bar.

We could also consider improvement of Undo to better communicate the state to which we'll return when selecting a particular item. E.g. instead of 'Add 13 tracks to Playing' show 'Add 13 tracks to Playing (replacing Seal - Greatest Hits)'. This would make it easier to return to a particular point in the NP history.