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0016301MMW 5FileMonitor / Find Missingpublic2020-12-17 11:19
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.0Fixed in Version5.0 
Summary0016301: Scan: MM5 still fail to detect TV Series
DescriptionMM5 still fail to detect TV Series even set in Scan Dialog that Folder contain TV Series Video Files

LOG, Scan setting Images and MM5.DB are uploaded to FTP
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Fixed in build2228


related to 0012423 newrusty Improved per-Type behavior: Auto-tag from Filename masks should be per Type 



2020-01-28 19:19

developer   ~0056326

Petr, fixed fallback if TV is forced as Type.

1. Assigning back to Ludek to add additional metadata detection mask as if strict mask is not followed then Album/Series Name is not filled that result TV series is not listed in Sub Nodes

2. TV Series are Missing "Unknown" Tree Node so even they are tagged as TV type, as if missing Series name Name result that they are only Listed Last in Location and viewable only if List (By Series) and/or Sorted By path is selected.

Mask that fail in My test folder scan is "<Series>\Season <Season#>\<Series>.S<Season#:2>E<Episode#:2>.<Title>.<Skip>" and it tried to override Preferred Type 6 (TV) and assign Video Type, where instead it should Try to get Metadata using this Mask "<Series>\<Series>.S<Season#:2>E<Episode#:2>.<Title>.<Skip>" Or simply add Series Name by "<Series>\<Filename>" due the fact Type TV is forced.


2020-01-28 19:23

developer   ~0056327

Assigned to Ludek especially as this is needed till we decide if and how 0012423 will be implemented so taht users can expand our default masks per type easily to comply they folder/filename structure eg. there is several SCENE Strict naming along with commonly accepted Folder structure shared by many apps.


2020-01-29 11:09

developer   ~0056372

Last edited: 2020-01-29 11:32

Petr's fix is SVN revision 35015

So it seem that the original issue with assigning type 'TV' is resolved?

As for the mask issues, are you referring tag guessing for unknown TV series tags?
If yes, then please track exact full paths and example masks. Note that some of them were reverted because of too many false matches.
e.g. <series>\<title> ( for '\Documentary\BBC - Planet Earth\') was removed as it generated too many false series - 0014048:0054596


2020-01-31 01:08

developer   ~0056411

Last edited: 2020-01-31 01:37

Here is in depth explanation of Naming.

I can Confirm that Kodi, Sonarr, Radarr, and others follow these even PLEX comply to these rules. almost to the letter.

See more general naming

Regarding your example e.g. <series>\<title> ( for '\Documentary\BBC - Planet Earth\') taht is not TV Series it is documentary. That assumtion never worked on TV Series you were right to remove it It is Movies naming rather than TV Series. That is why 0012423 implementation is important as user can easily control this.

Global Detection OK, But Manual Setting of Detection should be more strictly ruled.

If You look at first link. Once user manually set TV series in SCAN in 99% of cases will correctly detect Series name.
"<Series>\Season <Season #>\<Series>.S <Season #>E <Episode #>.<SKIP>"/"<Series>\Season <Season #>\<Series> - S <Season #>E <Episode #> - <SKIP>"/"<Series>\Season <Season #>\<Series> (<Year>) - S <Season #>E <Episode #> - <SKIP>"/"<Series>\Season <Season #>\<Series> - <Season #>x<Episode #> - <SKIP>" Usually Multi Season Series
"<Series>\<Series>.S <Season #>E <Episode #>.<SKIP>"/"<Series>\<Series> - S <Season #>E <Episode #> - <SKIP>" Single Season series or mini series or documentary series

Specials/Webisodes/interviews where existed Always have Season 00 naming.

My current Naming is set to "Series.Title!,.The.(2010)/Season 01/The Series Title! - S01E01 - Episode Title HDTV-720p.EXT" in Sonarr, KODI, PLEX, EMBY, TWONKY, Raddar, TinyMediaManager, EmberMediaManager and usually a default settings for many others

NOTE "." Separator is used sometimes and usually on torrents in Direct naming to avoid space character in filenames (only exclusion is Title where existing).


2020-01-31 01:27

developer   ~0056413

The best approach on naming would be to install latest v3 from


2020-01-31 01:43

developer   ~0056414

If TV is set as Folder Preferred type
"<Series>.S <Season #>E <Episode #>.<SKIP>"/"<Series> - S <Season #>E <Episode #> - <SKIP>"/"<Series>\<Series> - <Season #>x<Episode #> - <SKIP>" Should work Folder in this case is used just to confirm that it is same as series name fetched from filename. I have not seen your example <series>\<title> for a long time and it is non scene compliant, then it Be set as Unknown and put to UNKNOWN TV series Tree node.


2020-02-13 16:40

developer   ~0056646



2020-12-17 11:19

developer   ~0060873

Verified 2286

Type detection works, with 95%+ accuracy, rest will be fixed in related TV Series bugs.