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0011293MMANavigationpublic2024-03-09 16:18
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.4 
Target Version2.0.2 
Summary0011293: Add Sorting to views displaying tracks
DescriptionWhen MMA is managing a lot of content, it's a bit difficult to navigate to specific content. For example, if I navigate to Genre=Alternative > Tracks, it would be useful to be able to sort by any of the visible fields (e.g. Title, Artist, Album, Rating (future)).

This could be implemented as a combo-button that appears next to the Tracks filter. Note though: for Tracks view, NP list view, and Playlist views, this wouldn't work--the only space would be e.g. next to the Search button??

Edit: another thing to keep in mind is the lack of filtering by attributes other than those that are pre-defined (e.g. filter by rating).
Additional Information (request for ability to sort in UPnP views--this would be easier to implement if UPnP functionality would download and store a complete copy of the db of the UPnP server 0010052)

Sort by year:

Support for filtering of the current view. e.g. filter to only show Complete albums:

Albums by date:

Albums by artist/genre:

Ability to play all albums in track order consecutively (e.g. via Artists view):

Sort by date:

In folders view, view/sort by filename:
or by other attributes:

In both tracklists and NP list views, add ability to view Genre.
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Fixed in build


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2013-09-20 08:28

administrator   ~0037617

I think that one option for views that currently don't have that top selection element (like e.g. Genre view) is to add such a line containing something like MM8 has, i.e. 'view by __Rating__[v]' selection.

Alternatively, particularly for smaller screens it would probably be better to move this selection to a context menu.


2013-09-22 18:24

administrator   ~0037636

To clarify: you're saying that 'View by' should be at the same level of the Search button?

Re. smaller screens, yes--we may have to use the context menu for sorting...


2013-09-23 08:33

administrator   ~0037639

Last edited: 2013-09-23 08:35

What I meant was that currently the Genre view looks like

< Rock [Play] [Search]
Artists | Albums | Tracks

so one option would be to _replace_ it by

< Rock [Play] [Search]
view by __Rating_____ [v]

similarly to MM8. However, this would add one click to basic switching between Albums/Artist/Track views. On the other hand, if we add more views (like Rating, etc.), we couldn't fit it all to just one screen anyway (for phones, it would be ok for tablets). Another option would be to solve it by an overflow icon, i.e.:

< Rock [Play] [Search]
Artists | Albums | Tracks | ...


2022-02-11 11:09

developer   ~0066919

While testing classical tracks views I think that the easiest way would be to just keep
Toolbar scroller in sub views eg.:

< Classical Music [View mode] [Search]
Location | Tracks| Albums| Composers | Genres | Year

But on < Classical Music -> Years -> Unknown it is missing and hard to navigate where it actually means a lot to have Icons view and grouped tab bar filters


2022-02-11 11:11

developer   ~0066920

Moved to 2.0.0 for review as function already exist in previous views it just needs to be fixed instead of coded per listing.


2022-02-11 11:44

developer   ~0066921

Each view has its own optimized SQL query,
to have such tabs also in subnodes we have to define a filter and test it with each SQL query.
We have to have a stable MMA version first and then add new features like that. So this is why the sorting and new filters are postponed to 2.0.2.


2024-03-06 20:59

administrator   ~0074510

A related issue/feature is that Grouping is currently hardcoded. e.g. Genres > GenreName displays groupings by: Artists, Albums, Tracks (and there's no way, for example, to configure it to display groupings by Rating).

This could be addressed via Sorting (by rating) OR it could also be addressed by supporting custom groupings other than those that are pre-configured.

Raised at:


2024-03-09 16:18

developer   ~0074544

Reviewed and analyzed user requests at
They want changes so that [white eye] selections are available in all nodes eg. like Ratings should be Available under Artist, Albums like it is under tracks where SQL query should contain prefix of Current focused node as additional AND criteria.

More details in Forum post.
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