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0014301MMAUPnP / Castingpublic2024-06-27 16:55
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Product Version1.4.4 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version2.0.1 
Summary0014301: Casting: Sonos Not seen as device
DescriptionSonos is not seen as cast device

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Fixed in build1074


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related to 0019861 feedbackmartin Denon Receivers not seen by MMA (DLNA) 



2017-12-18 19:45

developer   ~0049427

According logs, there is probably a firewall issue. All requests are refused.


2023-01-03 20:34

administrator   ~0070812

Based on more recent information it seems that Sonos (or at least many versions of their firmware) don't include DLNA renderer functionality, so playback from a DLNA Controller (MMA) direct to a DLNA renderer isn't a supported usecase.

Sonos does work with MMW5, though, since it can render content from a DLNA Server (MMW5).

So this usecase could be supported either by:
a) adding DLNA Server support to MMA
b) adding Airplay 2 support to MMA (since Sonos apparently does render Airplay 2 streams directly).


2023-01-10 17:51

developer   ~0070887

I don't have a device to test it, but I have added a listing of embedded devices.
Fixed in build


2023-01-11 02:21

administrator   ~0070891

Per user feedback, the Sonos device is still not visible.



2023-02-05 02:15

developer   ~0071085

New topic raised with same issue, MMA do not see Sonos.


2023-03-21 18:51

developer   ~0071384

I don't have a device to test it, but hopefully fixed in build


2023-04-18 14:24

administrator   ~0071542

The device is now seen, but:
- it doesn't work
- it lists the device 10+ times!

We should not showing the device if it doesn't work.


2023-04-19 01:48

updater   ~0071550

Rusty: "it lists the device 10+ times"

Rusty has misunderstood what I reported.
* it lists each Sonos device once
* but Sonos is a multi-room system. Each device for each room is a separate computer, and often it can be multiple computers.

What I meant was:
* MMA lists every Sonos unit; I have 10 of them
* it doesn't show the Device's location. It just shows IP address, so the list is not user friendly
* in the case of a left & right pair, it lists two units, as each have their own IP address
* in the case of a left & rights pair plus sub, it lists each component separately

So it is a bloated list, which would annoying, even if MMA could play to a Sonos zone .. which it can't.
Even if you could get this going, you would need to have a facility where we could specify which Sonos zones should be excluded from your list.


2023-04-20 05:36

updater   ~0071558

After discussion with Peke on he forum, I see that I am reporting upon something different to what you may be thinking.
My comments were about the MMA Media Servers tab.
Not the MMA Cast options.
The MMA cast list is improved upon the Media Servers' tab ... it shows device name|location, additional to IP addresses
It still shows the Left & Right units separately for Paired units ... and it still shows Subs separately .. MMW does this also
MMA cannot play to a Sonos unit (unless it is routed via a Chrome dongle). .. MM5 can play to a Sonos units directly OK
The following Open Source project is in Python, but it should show how to connect to Sonos and play, also how to recognise Sonos Paired units, rather than listing all the separate components.


2024-06-18 14:25

developer   ~0076042

Last edited: 2024-06-18 14:29

enabled embedded UPnP devices, improved.
I will create a new build probably by the end of the week, please try the Denon device with this build and let me know if it works, otherwise send new logs. Thanks.