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0017917MediaMonkey 5Syncpublic2021-10-05 18:38
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Target Version5.0.3 
Summary0017917: Sync: Check connection type
DescriptionCurrently Sync will fail if PC Connection type is Public as MM can't announce itself to LAN due the restrictions implied by Public setting of internet connection.

Windows on first connected LAN/WiFi connection asks if connection is Private or public in order to let user share files and printers, but defaults to Public and even user clicks private default setting is that all other connections are considered as public. That means if you have for example multiple WiFi networks or rename/chage connection setting it will be considered as public and MM sync server will not be seen on network, resulting MMA is not being able to sync and any potential DLNA clients do not see MM Server.

In the past we suggested to user that do change manually or even reset adapter.

Based on my tests past few days it is possible to determine type of current connection and then warn user that connection is public an dit is very likely that WiFiSync will not function.
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Fixed in build


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2021-05-25 10:38

developer   ~0063453

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Peke, can you elaborate in a deeper detail?

Re: Windows on first connected LAN/WiFi connection asks if connection is Private or public
What do you mean by this? Do you mean the default Windows Firewall asking user to enable MM5 for private/public connections or do you mean something different?

What do you mean by "public" connection? What exactly you tested with exact steps?
Are you referring issue that MM5 server isn't seen by MMA? If that's the case then SSDP discovery fails (or is disabled), but if other servers are seen in MMA then most likely MM5 is blocked by Windows firewall.
Supposing you mean the Windows Firewall blocking private connetions then it is driven by the firewall rules, see the section 2.2.2 here:

Threfore MM5 creates own 'MediaMonkey auto-conf' rules that allows the private connetions even if the user did not accept it initially. The problem is that for the 'auto-conf' firewall rules MM5 needs admin access so user needs to accept our UAC prompt. If the prompt isn't accepted then the rules cannot be created. And also note that recently we disabled the 'auto-conf' firewall rules creation for portable installs -- details in 0017209

You can test this by installing MM5 to another foder -- which will result in creating firewall rules for the new install location and you can check the rules in the Windows Firewall, more the section 2.2.2 in the above KB article


2021-06-01 20:16

developer   ~0063672

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This bug do not have any relations to Windows Prompt of Public/Private when connecting.

Code I supplied Checks Current Windows setting if Connection is Public or Private as if it is public, per definition all incoming connections are blocked (See attached image).

So once this code detect that Current active user connection (be that WiFi or LAN) is Public, we can show Notification that MM5 can't share files over DLNA not will be available for WiFi sync.

Windows by default on WiFi connection set that first WiFi connection is Private (eg. normal WLAN) and that all rest connections can be treated as Public that isolate PC from other devices on network (There is also option to not ask anymore).

As a result of Public network setting, nor MMA nor any other Share Services are seen over network. SSDP and other packets are simply sent to black hole and not responded to avoid non needed notifications, ports appear to be open but they are unreachable.

That setting is not affected by firewall rules. Once this is implemented and MM can detect Public Connection Type, we can create new KB ARticle on how to allow MM thru firewall or in section 2.2.2 explain how to do that (most likely with similar picture to one attached).

ATM if Conection is set to PUBLIC MM5 can't determine if DLNA/Sync server is visible to other devices on network.

HINT: On routers it is called Guest Network, AP isolation or in some more advanced routers you can set option that WiFi devices can't access Intranet (LAN). If needed I can provide you with pictures.
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