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0019605MediaMonkey for AndroidNow Playingpublic2022-12-21 06:09
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019605: 'Play Shuffled' always causes blank album art to flash (regression 1050)
Description1 Navigate to a playlist (in which all tracks have album art)
2 Click 'Play shuffled'
--> Playing [Album Art view] opens and briefly flashes blank album art before the correct art displays!

In contrast if the user initiates playback of an album/track this issue doesn't occur.

Tested on build 1050 on Android 13.
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Fixed in build1051



2022-12-05 16:26

administrator   ~0070498

Raised to 'immediate' since the issue occurs more often than originally thought, and has worse effects than originally described.

The issue occurs whenever the user initiates playback of a Playlist (not just which using 'Play shuffled').

In addition to the 'Blank artwork' flashing, the track metadata doesn't update to display the newly playing track until a couple of seconds of playback have elapsed.


2022-12-09 22:22

developer   ~0070514

On my devices, everything works fast, so it looks more like a memory problem and not a regression. Maybe a reboot app or device would help.
Every playback request takes some time to process. Until the request is processed the previous track is displayed, then blank album art may flash between old and new album art.
In MMA 2.0, there is an optimization for all views, containing tracks.
When a user clicks on a track to play, then this track is displayed in NowPlaying until "play" request will be processed.
Therefore displaying the required track in "Now playing" is super fast from these views.
This optimization is also added for playlist/items view to the next build 1051.

Fixed in build


2022-12-13 03:49

administrator   ~0070527

It's not a memory issue. I'm able to replicate the problem consistently as follows:

0 Set Options > UI > Show in notificatins bar to 0
1 Open Playlist A (with 300 tracks) and tap track 3 to initiate playback. And then STOP playback via the notifications bar.
2 Wait 1 minutes
--> MM stops running in the background
3 Open the device again, and in MMA, select playlist C (with 300 tracks) and tap track 4 to initiate playback
--> Playback starts but it takes a couple of seconds before the correct artwork displays

This happens consistently (but the bug doesn't usually occur if MM has not stopped running in the background after step 2).


2022-12-21 06:09

administrator   ~0070677

A possibly related issue is that one user indicated that when initiating playback on Android Auto, the first track is always missing album art.