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0019639MMAPlaybackpublic2023-03-05 02:19
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
PriorityimmediateSeveritymajorReproducibilityunable to reproduce
Status closedResolutionreopened 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0019639: Silent playback / Playback stops by itself (regression)
DescriptionRecently, there have been several reports that if the user initiates playback, after a certain number (e.g. 10) of tracks, playback continues, but silently.

Ticket 5204 (MMA 1/2) Log ID: DTBGNWHGHZ, LOG ID for MMA 2: 3QWVNGA4Y2.
Ticket 5213 (MMA 1 & 2). Was using 'Shuffle' when this occurs.
Ticket 5207 (MMA 1)
Ticket 5177 (MMA 1) Log ID: CDIN84UZEU -- Setting Audio Transitions to 'None' solved the problem

It's not clear whether these all have the same root cause, though it's strange that there have recently been a cluster of such reports. I'm trying to get the users to test with MMA2 and get an MMA2 log, since as you can see, the issue still occurs with MMA 2 (at least at Ticket 5213).
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Fixed in build1070


related to 0019702 closedmartin Playback Resumes when other app is playing (regression) 
related to 0019751 newmartin Battery de-optimization doesn't work on some versions of Android 
related to 0019756 closedmartin Playback starts by itself for a couple of seconds after Pausing if 'Resume Play on Connection' is enabled (regression) 



2022-12-23 06:20

administrator   ~0070741

Last edited: 2022-12-23 13:36

I've just posted a log ID above replicated with MMA2 (build 1504 or 1505) - from the user at ticket 5204.


2022-12-23 13:37

administrator   ~0070745

Also, here's a debug log that I'd submitted in September (on a much earlier build) when I'd experienced something similar:
Log ID: N87ERX19UB
Description: playback stopped by itself


2023-01-03 07:40

administrator   ~0070801

Another user reporting random playback stoppages (and starts!!):


2023-01-03 20:21

administrator   ~0070809

User from ticket 5213 posted the following re. this issue:

Description: playing goes silent


2023-01-09 22:02

administrator   ~0070875

I experienced this issue:

Description: mm paused by itself after playback was initiated. 


2023-01-10 17:19

administrator   ~0070884

A user at Ticket 5317 describes a similar issue. Every time he initiates playback, the first track plays normally and subsequent tracks 'play' silently. Interestingly, he observed the problem on both MMA 1.x and 2.x (logs for both are in the ticket).



2023-01-10 17:26

administrator   ~0070886

Note: based on the various reports above, it seems that this bug is actually 2 different issues:

1) Playback sometimes pauses by itself. I suspect that this is related to the reports of playback initiating spontaneously (0019702).

2) Playback sometimes proceeds silently after 1 or more tracks. I wonder whether this second issue is related to the issue in which playback sometimes proceeds, but the Playing track that is displayed is stuck (0019632)


2023-01-17 17:13

developer   ~0070930

Fixed in build


2023-01-23 02:48

administrator   ~0070977

gordol reported this issue again in 1061 at (specific to bluetooth playback).

I haven't observed this with 1062. Hopefully the log shows something.


2023-01-24 22:55

administrator   ~0070998

Last edited: 2023-01-25 05:31

Gordol has confirmed that the bug occurred in 1061 with battery optimization disabled and Samsung's 'Power Saving' mode disabled. So this is indeed a bug.


2023-01-25 03:17

administrator   ~0071004

Another user at ticket 5317 also observed this issue with build 1061. He indicated that "Almost every next song played silently until I press "previous song" button." when listening over Bluetooth.

Log ID: M6XR977R5N


2023-01-25 05:30

administrator   ~0071005

Last edited: 2023-01-25 05:46

The user at ticket 5213 is still experiencing this issue with build 1061 (but didn't provide a new log; I've asked for another debug log with build 1063).

note: I've tested playback on a Pixel 7 (Android 13 fully updated), both with and without bluetooth and couldn't replicate.


2023-01-25 05:45

administrator   ~0071006

Another user has reported the silent playback problem with 1061 on a Pixel 6 Pro. He's provided a fair amount of detail that may provide a clue:

Key points in this case:
- Tracks are FLAC (in MMW) auto-converted to MP3 320kbsp CBR
- Metadata for the tracks is being updated in both MMW/MMA
? Tracks are being edited externally to MMW ?


2023-01-27 02:14

developer   ~0071024

Fixed in build


2023-02-04 16:51

developer   ~0071081

Last edited: 2023-02-06 02:56

User at Ticket # 5317 still have problems in 1066

EDIT by Rusty: here's the relevant information:
Log ID: DA3HXL9J42
Description: Silence Playback of following song with Gapless playback option.


2023-02-06 09:51

developer   ~0071094

The Log is from build 1065, the issue should be already fixed in build 1066.


2023-02-06 21:29

administrator   ~0071107

From ticket 5213
Description: silent playback


2023-02-07 20:07

developer   ~0071119

It should be fixed in build
Anyway, I was not able to replicate it. If the issue will still persists, a new log + (video or detailed description would be helpful)


2023-02-10 18:54

administrator   ~0071147

Both users have reported that the issue persists in 1067.

Ticket 5317: Sometimes it fails sometimes not. Failure Log ID: 1KTWYGMATT
Ticket 5213: Log id: WH3R71PS6N


2023-02-14 15:09

administrator   ~0071154

Last edited: 2023-02-14 15:41

Also another report of this at ticket 5460 on MMA 1.x on a Pixel 6 device only when playing over Bluetooth. User is going to try MMA 2.

This user indicated that as soon as a second track starts playing it's silent. Play/Pause has no effect, but using the seek bar or NEXT causes sound output to resume.


2023-02-15 03:29

administrator   ~0071159

I was finally able to replicate this on a Pixel 7.

As already reported, the issue only seems to occur when playing via Bluetooth. I'm not 100% certain (since the bug doesn't occur 100% of the time), but after 30 or so tests, it seems that:
-'gapless playback' needs to be enabled
- It's related to the 'Show in notifications bar' timer expiring during playback of the track prior to the silent track (the bug doesn't occur if this timer is set to Never or Always)

I was able to replicate this about 60% of the time as follows:
1 Set Gapless, Show in Notifications to 1 minute,
2 Create a playing list with Tracks that are about 2.5 minutes:
 . 2 Break on through
 . 3 Johnny B. Good
 . 4 Left Hand Free
3 In Playing > Queue, tap 'Break on Through' and slide the seekbar so that only 30 seconds are left in the track
--> Break on Through continues playing
--> Screen turns off
--> Jonny B. Good Plays
--> After Jonny B. Good completes, there's silence
4 Open the lock screen
--> Left hand free is 'Playing' silently (as shown in the lock screen player)
5 As already explained by other users (but not shown in the log), tapping Play/Pause has no effect, but moving the seekbar OR tapping NEXT causes audio output to start working again

Debug log with build 1068:
2SR3C3H76J (this is the best log since all 'Audio' and 'Notification & System sounds' options were disabled


2023-02-17 06:07

administrator   ~0071169

Last edited: 2023-02-17 06:08

Here's another log with build 1068 in which I've been able to replicate a variant of this bug on a Pixel 5a (most other reports were on Pixel 6/7 devices). In this case I was playing to a Taotronics bluetooth receiver (with volume and play/pause and back/next controls). On a couple of occasions, when I play The Outdoor Type (by the Lemonheads) followed by The Outside (Twenty one Pilots), volume cuts out partway through the second track and then resumes about 10s after. As I said, this only occurred a couple of times, so I'm just providing the log in case it gives you additional insight into the problem.

Description: silent playback resumes normally!


2023-02-22 11:38

developer   ~0071205

Fixed in build


2023-03-05 02:19

administrator   ~0071290

Confirmed as fixed by multiple users.