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0016029MediaMonkey for AndroidPlaybackpublic2019-11-11 14:21
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
Product Version1.3.5 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016029: "'Play Now ' preserves list" doesn't work correctly
DescriptionIt seems that this option doesn't seem to be working in some cases:
Play Playlist A. Tap track in playlist B --> Playlist B overwrites the NP list!

Note: the following case works as expected:
Play Playlist A. Select 3 tracks in playlist B and 'Play Now' --> The tracks are treated with 'Play next' as expected

Not sure if this is a regression in 1.3.5.

Do you want to create a new 1.3.5 build or include this in 1.3.6? I think it can wait.
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Fixed in build


related to 0011933 closedmartin It's easy to accidentally overwrite the current ad-hoc playlist 



2019-10-10 08:22

developer   ~0054998

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It's not regression, it was implemented for "Play now" action only.

How it should work when a user taps a track.

A) All collection tracks will be added to the end of now playing list. The tapped track starts to play.
N2 - original current track
C2 - starts to play (new current track)

B) All collection tracks will be added after the current track.
The tapped track starts to play.
N2 - original current track
C2 - starts to play (new current track)

I think for normal tap action A) is more clear, do you agree?


2019-10-10 12:54

administrator   ~0055001

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A) Is probably better.

btw, what do you think about an undo/redo function? I'd originally suggested that it was less preferable, but now I wonder whether it would be a cleaner approach since the current approach requires that the user enable this feature and many wouldn't want to because it 'breaks' the Play Now function.

Aside: another issue to consider is a way of preserving NP in different modes of operation. e.g.
1 User plays music
2 User switches to audiobook / podcast
3 User wants to resume music playback from stop 1--but currently there's no way to do this


2019-11-11 14:21

developer   ~0055305

I think this issue is not so urgent and need to be well tested, it's good be do it with testing new 2.0.0 so I would like to postpone it to 2.0.1.