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0019901MMAPlaylistspublic2023-04-25 21:20
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.1 
Summary0019901: Add to Playlist contains extra steps
DescriptionThe current workflow for adding a track to a playlist is:
Select track > Add to playlist > Tap PlaylistX
--> Prompt to Add to: Playlist X ?
Tap Add

Two improvements would be:
1) In the list of playlists, highlight recently-used playlists so that the user doesn't have to hunt around for the playlist
2) Get rid of the Prompt to 'Add to: Playlist X ?

Note: the second suggestion should be trivial to implement which is why I've tagged this as 'urgent'. If the first is non-trivial, we can push it.

EDIT (@Peke): 3) Maybe if possible due the fact we already introduced left side menu that on Select track > Add to playlist we show simple right side menu with list of playlists so that use simply tap on playlist he wants to add track too? (guess we can push it then for 2.1)
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2023-04-05 02:52

updater   ~0071456

My point in the original request, linked to above, was as follows:
• if I am in MMA and am editing a specific playlist
• and I press the magnifying glass icon and search|navigate, and make a track(s) selection from outside of that playlist
• and I select the Add To Playlist option for that selection, it can be assumed that I want the selection to be added to the playlist that I am editing

Instead I have to scroll through the list of all my playlists, select the one I am already in, and then confirm the action.

This adds some scrolling & two clicks for every selection that I want to add to the playlist via this route. ... Why?


2023-04-14 16:49

administrator   ~0071508

The reason for not including Barry's suggestion is because it's not necessarily the case that when editing a particular playlist that the user would want tracks sent to _that_ playlist. e.g.
- User edits Party 2, then seeaches for a track to send to Part 2

But a possible feature that would partially meet this suggestion would be to always show the currently active Playlist as the first item in the MRU list.