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0019003Addons (external)Tagging / Organizingpublic2023-01-15 00:59
Reporterdrakinite Assigned To 
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Product Version5.0.3 
Target Version5.0.3 
Summary0019003: Undock Panels: Make album art open in a non-modal window; add Playing node to undockable controls
DescriptionRequest in PM:
What would be another awesome improvement would be to add the undock, to the artworkd in teh playing window. I would love to have my album artwork size to to the art correctly displaying what is playing on one of my secondary monitors. Do you think that would be easy to add? Again, willing to test or give more details if my description is vague... The current behavior in MM5 is weird in that I can double click on the artwork, and it will open in a separate undocked window I can move, but it stays in a modal mode. I can't do anything else with MM5, like click to select a different song, etc. I need to close the artwork window to continue which seems really weird. I am not sure why this would be, is that a bug or by design? Obviously if the opened artwork window was not modal and you continue interacting with MM5 then no need for unddock on the artwork in the playing window.
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has duplicate 0019726 resolveddrakinite Addons (external) Undock Panels - add artwork panel 
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