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0016026MediaMonkey (current)Synchronizationpublic2019-10-28 13:14
Status newResolutionopen 
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Target Version4.1.26Fixed in Version 
Summary0016026: Sync: User can't select what to sync in Library
DescriptionIn Some cases user can't select what to sync to device as options are missing
Steps To Reproduce1. Go to Tools -> Options -> Tree Nodes
2. Enable Entire Library and disable all other collections Including podcasts
3. Open Tools -> Options -> Devices -> Select Device -> Configure -> Library To device and all tree nodes except playlists are missing (so user can't select what to sync eg. Music, Podcasts or subtrees artist, genred,... except playlists)

Expected to have Entire Library shown and be able to select artist/albums/genre/...
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Fixed in build


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