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0013091MMAUPnP / Castingpublic2023-02-05 22:22
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformCeleron 500OSWindows 2000OS Version2.1
Product Version1.1.3 
Target Version2.1.0 
Summary0013091: UPnP Search fails on the Qnap Media Streaming addon
DescriptionWhen MMA is used with the default UPnP server included with QNAP devices, search fails (Tracks: shows all tracks, Albums: displays albums beginnig with A, Artists: displays artists beginning with A).

In contrast, the search functionality _does_ work with MMW and TwonkyMedia.
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Fixed in build


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child of 0019795 newmartin UPnP Search fails with third-party UPnP/DLNA servers 



2016-11-04 02:12

administrator   ~0046098

Strangely, when UPnP search is used against the QNAP UPnP server, a search for 'Beaaeuatles' (which shouldn't return anything) shows all tracks from unknown albums (I think that's what was being shown), all unknown albums in the albums tab, and all artists in the artists tab.

Note: in testing bubbleUPnP against the same QNAP server, it works correctly. I believe it does this by downloading all content and then generating a local DB. This is an approach that could work MMA as well (worth discussing with Jiri as it relates to sync strategies for MM5).


2016-11-30 14:25

developer   ~0046327

I don't think that it is desirable to download all content. It could take really long time. That is why the search query is processed on server side.

I can have a look at BubbleUPnP query but do the search differently. They have separate query (separate list) for each element. They search for tracks: title and tracks: artists separately. They do not merge the lists as we do.

Our UI is different. We have 3 tabs and e.g. Tracks tab contains all tracks with 'beatles' as title and with 'beatles' as artists. This UPnP query is more complex (see 0013092:0046323) and probably might not work correctly with some servers.

We can use expandable list view that will be used in confirmation dialog in 1.4:

[ TRACKS ] [ Artists ] [ Albums ] 
 "Beatles" in title            ^
 Beatles track
 Some artist
 Other beatles track
 Some other artist
 "Beatles" in artists          v
 "Beatles" in albums           v


2016-11-30 14:52

developer   ~0046328

So I have checked BubbleUpnp and they really use multiple simpler queries like:

(upnp:class derivedfrom "object.item.audioItem" and (dc:creator contains "beatles" or upnp:artist contains "beatles"))

This way we cannot merge it to one list as it is now. But it can be displayed as expandable listview where multiple simpler queries can be used.


2017-01-06 16:36

administrator   ~0046870

The expandable listview doesn't seem to make sense here because it essentially duplicates the functionality of the tabs.

Couldn't we retain our existing UI and:
Tracks: would do 3 queries and merge them locally: 'beatles' in title + 'beatles' in artist + 'beatles' in album (sorted by title)
Artists: 'Beatles' in Artist
Albums: 'Beatles' in Album


2017-01-06 19:16

developer   ~0046872

Yes, I understand what you mean but this is impossible because the queries are listed and displayed "on demand", we cannot do 3 queries and merge them. We are not able to sort them correctly.

As I wrote in previous note: It would take long time to download whole list (and it is certainly not desirable) to be able to merge it locally to one list.


2017-01-20 17:14

administrator   ~0047026

Reducing priority of this bug, since the current build of the QNAP UPnP server seems to not be working correctly for search with other apps as well.