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0017623MediaMonkey 5Tracklistpublic2021-03-03 16:52
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Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1 
Summary0017623: Info panel PLAY button play order should match the order in the view
DescriptionPer 0017582, clicking the PLAY button initiates playback according to the hardcoded sort of year, album, order and title. An improvement requested by users is to have the tracks play in the order displayed in the view. But this is complicated by the fact that:
- If there are multiple Elements in a view, then there are also multiple sorts (e.g. the Albums element may be sorted by Album name, and the Tracklist by date)
- The tracklist may be filtered to only show 'Top tracks' (vs 'All tracks') in which case they're sorted by Popularity

Possible approaches to dealing with this are:
a) In case multiple Elements appear, use the sort order of:
 - the displayed Tracks element if it exists
 - the displayed Album element if it exists
 - the displayed Artist element if it exists
This approach would, for most views, result in the sort order of the Tracks element being used. The downside is that the Tracks sort order may not be displayed, and it's not the first sort indicator that the user sees (e.g. if the Albums element is displayed above the Tracks element), and if Top Tracks is shown, then unrated tracks will all be lumped at the bottom.

b) based on the sort order of the first element beneath the info panel

It's not clear that either of these approaches is preferable to the current one, so leaving as TBD.
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