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0014021MMAPlaybackpublic2023-07-11 16:58
Reporterlowlander Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
Product Version1.3.0 
Target Version2.0.1Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0014021: Sleep with play last song fails (regression)
DescriptionIf the option to Play last song completely is enabled Sleep fails to stop playback.
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Fixed in build1079


related to 0014028 new Sleep time value show allow keyboard entry 
related to 0019989 newmartin Sleep: 'Cancel' button doesn't behave as expected 
related to 0019691 closedmartin Sleep timer 'fade-out' and 'play song completely' don't work correctly 
related to 0019879 closedmartin Increasing/Decreasing sleep duration yields non-sensical values when 'Play last song completely' is enabled 



2017-07-14 13:52

developer   ~0048365

It's working on my device, please send a debug log when it fails. Thanks.


2019-11-10 23:06

developer   ~0055288

Can you still reproduce it?


2023-01-04 23:16

administrator   ~0070828

In testing 0019691, the functionality worked for me (other than the issues documented there). Tagging as 'resolved'--martin, please re-open if it still doesn't work for you.


2023-03-16 02:02

administrator   ~0071364

Re-verified 1073. Closing.


2023-03-31 16:23

administrator   ~0071412

Retested with build 1073 following the report from ticket 4654 and it seems that when 'play last song compltely' is enabled, the sleep timer often fails to turn off music (I think that the timer gets close to expiring and then restarts in a manner similar to what is described at 0019879).

Debug log: 4P3TR1B5NE


2023-04-25 21:40

administrator   ~0071615

Last edited: 2023-04-25 21:46

According to the user at ticket 5654, the bug can occur even if 'Play last song completely' is disabled! I'm trying to replicate this but have been unsuccessful thus far. I've tried testing:
- with/without Shuffle enabled
- with tracks finishing at the beginning / end of the sleep timer termination time
- leaving the timer vs opening the timer while it's in progress


2023-04-28 22:33

developer   ~0071675

Fixed in build


2023-04-28 23:58

administrator   ~0071679

Tested 1079 and it still continues playing after the sleep timer has expired if both fading and play last song completely are enabled.


2023-04-29 07:02

developer   ~0071680

Yes it finishes the current track, switches to the next and stops. If it keeps going then I can't reproduce it. Please send a log and a video ideally.


2023-05-01 15:46

administrator   ~0071695

I can't replicate the problem, but I believe it's related to a different issue: if you edit the settings after initially configuring them, the revised settings don't kick in. I'll document that in a new lower-priority bug.


2023-05-01 16:37

administrator   ~0071696

Last edited: 2023-05-29 21:57

Verified 1079 (and confirmed by the user at ticket 5673).


2023-05-09 15:17

administrator   ~0071780

Last edited: 2023-05-09 15:28

I'm unable to replicate this (tested on 5 devices across Android 11, 12, 13), but it seems that in some cases sleep still fails when the 'play last song completely' option is enabled (if the device has gone to sleep).

Reported at
Debug log: AE4QQRM71X


2023-07-11 16:58

administrator   ~0072435

New log from build 1095: 6U16K1FYJ2