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0019425MMW 5Otherpublic2023-12-20 14:23
ReporterLudek Assigned To 
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1.1 
Summary0019425: Conflict with Adobe Acrobat
Description1) Download and install Adobe Acrobat Standard DC (64-bit)
2) Start Adobe Acrobat at first (it is important to start Acrobat before MM5 start)
3) Start MM5
4) Double-click PDF in Windows Explorer
=> PDF fails to open in Acrobat or it opens after a minute or so
5) Close MM5
=> PDF is opened in Acrobat

Note: The same issue happens even with Portable install
Additional Information[Ticket # 4780]
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Fixed in build


related to 0018622 closedpetr MediaMonkey opens out of focus in some cases 



2022-10-04 19:26

developer   ~0069640

Last edited: 2022-10-04 19:31

This issue is really curious, it happens also for portable version of MM5 and even if eveything about OS integration is unassociated/unregistered.

BUT: It never happens when MM5 is started from desktop shortcut.
i.e. starting from taskbar shortcut or Windows Explorer exhibits the issue, but starting from desktop shortcut never exhibits the issue.


2022-10-06 12:17

developer   ~0069665

Last edited: 2022-10-06 12:21

So far I haven't found what the cause could be, but my suspection is something inside Chromium because Acrobat DC is also using Chromium engine and for each PDF it runs new renderer process.
- if MM5 is already running then there is no issue and Acrobat immediatelly launches new Chromium's renderer process for each PDF that is double-clicked in Windows explorer
- if MM5 is started after the Acrobat then double-clicking PDF causes Acrobat's renderer process to start minute or so (or until MM5 is closed)
- if MM5 is started via desktop shortcut then there is no issue for Acrobat to open the PDF immediatelly

Reason unknown though..


2022-10-18 17:19

developer   ~0069839

Last edited: 2022-10-18 17:23

Hmm, further testing shown that it's a bit more strange / complicated:

1) Run Acrobat
2) Run MM from desktop shortcut
3) Run explorer and double-click PDF in explorer
=> no issue

1) Run Acrobat
2) Run MM from taskbar
3) Run explorer and double-click PDF in explorer
=> freeze

1) Run Acrobat
2) Run Explorer
3) Run MM from desktop shortcut
4) Select a PDF in explorer and double-click
=> freeze

1) Run MM5 (no matter how)
2) Run Acrobat
3) Run explorer and double-click PDF in explorer
=> no issue

1) Run MM
2) Run Explorer
3) Run Acrobat
4) Select a PDF in explorer and double-click
=> no issue

So whenever both Acrobat and Windows Explorer are run before MM5 then the freeze happens (no matter which way MM is started).
Whenever Acrobat is started after MM the freeze never happens.
When Acrobat is started before MM5 (but Windows Explorer is closed) then the freeze happens only when MM5 isn't started from Desktop shortcut


2023-05-12 13:27

developer   ~0071833

Last edited: 2023-05-12 13:28

This must be something deeper inside the Chromium engine, unfortunatelly recent Chromium update did not help here, assigned to our Chromium expert (Petr) ..


2023-10-18 21:26

administrator   ~0073168

Last edited: 2023-11-07 15:29

Here's what I'm seeing (build 2819):
1 Run Acrobat (installed)
2 Run MMW (portable) via shortcut
3 Launch a PDF from Explorer
--> Nothing happens!
4 Close MMW
--> The PDF opens in Acrobat (so MM seems to somehow be associated with the pdf, but not opening it)

5 Open MMW
6 Launch another PDF from Explorer and wait 5 minutes
--> System error: The code execution cannot proceed because HHA.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem. !!

Could it be that MMW is, for some reason, trying to use PDFs as help files (HHA.dll is used to render help files)?


2023-11-06 18:43

developer   ~0073312

Is it still relevant ? I've tried with current sources and work just fine.


2023-11-07 16:09

administrator   ~0073320

I just retested with build 2822 and the issue persists similarly to the description at 0019425:0073168 .
1 Run Acrobat (installed)
2 Launch a PDF from Explorer
--> Nothing happens!
3 Close Acrobat

4 Run Acrobat (installed)
5 Run MMW (portable) via shortcut
6 Launch a PDF from Explorer
--> Nothing happens! At this point 2 paths can be taken:

A Original approach: Close MMW
--> The PDF opens in Acrobat as soon as all MMW processes terminate (as observed in Task Manager)


B Wait 2 minutes
--> The PDF opens in Acrobat

Note: I'm no longer seeing the system error described at 0019425:0073168, that could be replicated by performing a few additional steps.


2023-11-14 11:25

developer   ~0073464

Can you confirm is it happening only in a first minute or so when MMW is running ? I've tried to wait ~2 minutes after MMW run and PDFs are opening immediatelly.


2023-12-13 19:25

administrator   ~0073791

Confirmed: if I run Acrobat, then run MMW, then wait 2m, then open a PDF in Acrobat via explorer --> it opens right away. So it would appear that MMW is doing something at startup that interferes with PDF's launching from explorer.