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0020589MMAUPnP / Castingpublic2024-02-06 22:46
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.0.0 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0020589: Chromecast playback breaks when next track is replaced (regression 1159?)
DescriptionIf casting (tested with a chromecast audio) and the next track in the Playing list is replaced with less than 10 seconds remaining in the currently playing track, then casting breaks by either stopping playback or endlessly repeating the currently playing track.

Once the issue is triggered, playing any track causes it to play repeatedly.
Steps To Reproduce1 Play tracks A, B, C via chromecast audio
2 When 10s remain in track A
 a) Change the order of tracks B and C in the Playing list
 b) Select track D and tap Play Next
--> when track A completes playback stops or track A plays again!
3 Tap track C in the playing list
--> it plays repeatedly (debug log: MJAQRBRSPZ)
Additional InformationReported at with additional debug logs, however this is easily replicable so I'm not even sure that the logs are required.
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Fixed in build1161


related to 0020592 closedmartin Google casting fails to update play count / history (regression) 



2024-01-30 19:02

administrator   ~0074170

Last edited: 2024-01-30 19:02

Some additional info that reveals where the bug might be, and that its severity is worse than originally thought. If I perform the following additional steps:

4 Disconnect from the Chromecast device
5 Connect to a new Chromecast device
6 Initiate playback of track C
--> it plays repeatedly/endlessly!!

In other words, given that the issue occurs even when switching from one chromecast device to another, it would imply that the issue is in MMA's Playing queue logic rather than a problem with the chromecast device getting stuck on the same track.

The way to 'reset' MMA so that the bug no longer occurs is to play several tracks with casting off.


2024-02-01 17:02

developer   ~0074180

Fixed in build


2024-02-06 16:00

developer   ~0074207

Verified 1161 Unable to replicate, but I was able to replicate 1/5 tries using 1160 Samsung TV (UPnP), Nexus Player(Chromecast), MM5 (UPnP) as casting destination.


2024-02-06 22:46

administrator   ~0074213

I'm no longer able to replicate this in 1161 (tested with Android 12 and Android 14 devices connecting to Chromecast Audio (individually and as CC audio groups).

Leaving this as resolved so that Peke can re-open with details of how to replicate / logs / etc.