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0019082MMW 5Track Browserpublic2024-03-03 20:09
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version5.0.4 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version5.1 
Summary0019082: Column order: Changing column order is too difficult
Description1. Choose Columns do not present actual column order

2. Move Up/Down Buttons are missing from the 'Choose columns / Sort' dialog. This isn't a major issue, but is problematic in tablet mode in which it can be difficult to change column order via d&d.

3. Right click of the header and selection a new and new Selecting column to add to the list is problematic because:
a) The new column is added as the last column (rather than to the right of the current cursor location)
b) Dragging the newly added column to a position on the left is finicky especially when the widths of the columns exceeds the width of mm

This applies to numerous views including: List by album, List, Browser
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Fixed in build3002


related to 0018296 closedrusty Track Browser: Artwork and Summary columns are listed out of order 



2022-05-18 10:20

developer   ~0068155

Current design of this view does not allow to change order of first two special columns there, it will mean to significantly rework/redesign whole List by Album view.


2022-05-18 13:23

developer   ~0068159

1. If that is the case, then it is by design it I agree, then expected behavior would be to GRAY them, disallow D&D and position change and forced on TOP of list


2022-06-13 14:01

updater   ~0068499

I wanted to report the same things. The similar dialog in MM4 didn't have these issues.


2022-09-20 20:12

administrator   ~0069420

FYI: Issue 1. is already tracked at 0018296


2024-02-20 15:12

developer   ~0074322

2) fixed in build 3000.


2024-02-21 13:52

developer   ~0074330

Fixed in build 3001.


2024-02-28 23:25

developer   ~0074404

Reopen testing 3. causes crash in MM LOG ID A14AC7A9 when list is not fully loaded (eg. Like Entire library -> All tracks that should show 150k+ tracks)


2024-02-29 19:05

developer   ~0074442

Fixed in build 3002. It was not related to the length of list, crucial was open and close "Choose columns" dialog before adding new column like "Album Artist".


2024-03-03 20:09

developer   ~0074474

Verified 3002

Unable to replicate anymore.