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0014419MMANavigationpublic2022-02-24 03:39
Reporterpeke Assigned To 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Target Version2.0.0Fixed in Version2.0.0 
Summary0014419: Scrolling do not support non Latin chars
DescriptionWhen there is Artist/Album Artist that have Unicode Char then fast scrolling is not usable /show letters after "Z" where if you surpass "Z" scroll bar is not shown after finger release.

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Screenshot_20170926-092320.jpg (199,110 bytes)   
Fixed in build1005



2020-03-01 17:27

developer   ~0056971

Fixed in build 2.0.1005


2022-02-24 03:39

developer   ~0067089

Verified 1015

Non Latin characters are shown.