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0012596MMASynchronizationpublic2019-11-07 10:30
Reporterrusty Assigned To 
Status feedbackResolutionreopened 
Product Version1.1.1 
Target Version2.1.0Fixed in Version1.1.3 
Summary0012596: Tracks downloaded via UPnP don't seem to match correctly
DescriptionWhen tracks are downloaded via the MMA UPnP Downloader from MMW, the user is prompted to Upload the track on the next sync operation (even though it already exists in MMW)!

1 Download a track from MMW via UPnP Downloader that isn't on the auto-sync list
2 Auto-sync (with deletion of tracks enabled)
--> The track is matched between MMA&MMW, but the user is prompted whether to Upload the track to the server. Why (I can understand being prompted to delete the track, but why prompt to upload the track if MMA 'knows' that it already exists on the server) ?
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Fixed in build


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related to 0012896 newmartin MMA Tracks downloaded via UPnP should be saved in the same format as tracks that are synced 
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2015-02-18 18:54

administrator   ~0042119

Note: MMA 1.0.7 behaves even more strangely. It completely fails to delete or prompt for deletion the track downloaded via UPnP. So I suppose we can leave this for 1.1.1.


2015-07-08 12:13

developer   ~0042695

Tested in current build 459

It behaves in the same way as described in summary.

1. Tracks are downloaded from UPnP - it is not sync so there is no matching. MMW as GENERAL UPnP server doesn't expose special sync tags that are used for our wifi sync.

2. During wifi sync, MMA sends the metadata about this unpaired track and MMW tries to find in it's database by metadata matching.

3. a) Track was found and showed for deletion
   b) Track was not found (metadata was not sufficient) - it is offered for upload too


2015-07-22 04:24

administrator   ~0042735

I suppose then that this would be a feature request--that when MMW downloads tracks to MMA, that enough metadata is shared so that sync operations recognize the track.

Is this possible?


2015-07-23 13:39

developer   ~0042747

Last edited: 2015-07-23 13:40

We could probably tweak it and share also track IDs when downloading via UPnP (i.e. when UserAgent is MMA), other related issue to improve is 0012805


2015-09-28 09:36

developer   ~0043002

Added track ID serving when UserAgent contains 'MediaMonkey', added in MMW build 1763