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0016149MediaMonkey for AndroidSynchronizationpublic2019-11-27 21:21
Reportermartin Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformAndroidOS-OS Versionall
Product Version1.3.5 
Target Version2.0.1 
Summary0016149: Library folders keeps reseting
DescriptionIf a user has set "remote" paths(on MMW side) as parent folders of local paths(library folders), then library folders are also re-set to their parent to be the same as "remote" paths.
Steps To Reproduce1)Set in Device Profile on MMW File locations to:
 e.g for Video set to "\<Title> - <Year>" instead default "Video\<Title> - <Year>" - this will also set "Root" to "REMOTE_TARGET_FOLDERS"

2) if MMA connect to MMW Sync settings, then "REMOTE_TARGET_FOLDERS" are verified and all required paths are merged to "REMOTE_ACTUAL_FOLDERS"
Music Podcasts path is set on MMW is set to: "Music/Podcasts/..."
Music path is set on MMW set to: "Music/..."
Video path is set on MMW set to: "/..."
"REMOTE_TARGET_FOLDERS" will be "Music/Podcasts/...", "Music/...", "/..."
 "REMOTE_ACTUAL_FOLDERS" will be updated to "/..."

3)After "REMOTE_ACTUAL_FOLDERS" is updated, then it is merged with "LOCAL_INCLUDED_FOLDERS" in Library folders view
so "LOCAL_INCLUDED_FOLDERS" is set to "Music"
"REMOTE_ACTUAL_FOLDERS" is set to "/" (Root)
then merge is also "/" (Root)
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