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0016399MediaMonkey 5Synchronizationpublic2020-02-26 22:37
Status resolvedResolutionwon't fix 
Product Version5.0 
Target Version5.1Fixed in Version 
Summary0016399: Sync: Resume sync in case last sync is interupted
DescriptionCurrently if sync is interrupted for any cause user needs to restart the sync manually.

It could be useful if MM could detect incomplete sync and apron device gets available again for a sync ask user if he wants to continue sync here it as left off.

Reasons for sync canceling can be various:
1. Sync Takes too long User terminated sync.
2. Device gets disconnected (user needs device or accidental disconnection)
3. Failed Sync some tracks are not accessible
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Fixed in build


related to 0016398 assignedLudek Sync: Time limit sync / graceful cancellation 



2020-02-25 01:44

administrator   ~0056859

This is a great idea for cases where a huge sync operation is interrupted. Leaving it with Ludek to triage.

e.g. user clicks sync -->
The last sync operation failed to complete. Would you like to continue the previous sync operation?
[Continue] [New Sync]

Note: this would have to be implemented on both MM and MMA.


2020-02-25 10:37

developer   ~0056868

Last edited: 2020-02-25 10:39

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I don't understand why we should show such a dialog at all?
If user clicks sync then it is rather expected that the sync is resumed/finished.
i.e. there is _no_ difference between [Continue] and [New sync] -- so this dialog would be just bothering and meaningless.

I would suggest just to close this as "won't fix"


2020-02-26 03:28

developer   ~0056888

If user as pointed by Ludek at 0016398:0056867 terminates sync then it is not presented with Continue.

Also in many cases MM do not prompts for continue sync as like in these steps:
1. Set device profile according to attached pic
2. connect device
3. select device in tree
4. Forcefully disconnect device (Pull the cable)
5. Connect phone again No prompt

bug16399.jpg (55,227 bytes)
bug16399.jpg (55,227 bytes)


2020-02-26 10:22

developer   ~0056892

Last edited: 2020-02-26 10:23

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My understanding is that Peke is suggesting to show the dialog automatically upon connecting the device (case B bellow) while Rusty is suggesting it upon clickng the [Sync] (case A bellow)

A) showing it upon clicking [Sync] is a nonsense as explained in my note 0016399:0056868
i.e. there is _no_ difference between [Continue] and [New sync]

B) as for the showing the resume dialog after forcefully disconnection of the device (pull the cable)
We already have the '[x] Auto-sync as soon as the device is connected' checkbox that can be used as workaround
So I would say that adding the dialog is not necessary (or a very low priority), but leaving on Rusty to decide.


2020-02-26 11:27

developer   ~0056894

Yes, I am suggesting Case B, but in case there is lot of files on device Auto-Sync on connection blocks unmount so users often disable it.


2020-02-26 22:37

administrator   ~0056900

A) Re. [Sync] vs [Continue] I was thinking about cases where the user has an auto-playlist that is different each time (e.g. 1000 random tracks that haven't played in the last wee). Supposing the Sync operation was interrupted after track 700, [Continue] would continue with the last sync operation and sync 300 more tracks, whereas [Sync] would initiate a new sync operation (deleting ~ 700 tracks and syncing ~ 1000 new ones).

But you're right--this is probably an edge case, not worth tackling.

B) Agreed-- this case is probably not worth spending time on either.